Stonehewer Giant


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Morningtide Rare

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Stonehewer Giant

Creature — Giant Warrior


(1)(White), Tap: Search your library for an Equipment card and put it into play. Attach it to a creature you control. Then shuffle your library.

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Stonehewer Giant Discussion

Kafkaesque_ on Good White Stuff

1 week ago

Thanks, benettnash. I really appreciate the help. I do want to add Gauntlet of Power, Skullclamp, and Stonehewer Giant to the deck. Any cards that immediately stick out to you as cuts for them? Maybe for the lands too?

benettnash on Good White Stuff

1 week ago

Hello Kafkaesque_, here are some of my suggestions: Add more lands, exactly as lilgiantrobot suggested, 37 - 38 would be better. Gauntlet of Power is just too powerful not to include. In addition you obviously try to go wide with tokens, so the +1/+1 bonus is relevant. Stonehewer Giant can take over the game on its own if remains unanswered in equipment-based deck. I would also add more cards for card draw - just Mind's Eye is not enough. Please consider some of the following: Skullclamp, Loreseeker's Stone, Staff of Nin. Also Strata Scythe and Expedition Map would be great additions.

maximum on Attack of the Clones

3 weeks ago

Draw can be a problem in every deck. I get more issues with getting enough mana to play Kemba for the 5th time because she got killed or countered before I had priority. If I do have spare mana I can use it to move equipment around to other creatures because I don't like killing with commander damage. That being said there 4 cards that allow for draw ( Howling Mine, Sword of Fire and Ice, Puresteel Paladin, and Sram, Senior Edificer). There are also 4 tutors Enlightened Tutor, Stoneforge Mystic, Steelshaper's Gift, and Stonehewer Giant.

Skyf0x on Paws & Claws

4 weeks ago

Hey! I found your deck because you're one of the few Kemba EDH Decks that runs Throne of the God-Pharaoh. I've also been working on a Kemba deck for a few months now and it's really interesting seeing the similarities and differences. If you're interested, take a look:

Maybe we could help each other out?I notice you run Kusari-Gama. How does it work for you? I was reluctant to run it because I was worried it might be slow. My boyfriend runs a Skullbriar, the Walking Grave Voltron deck, which I think has influenced the speed of my deck a great deal. I'm always trying to tune it to be faster, perhaps to the detriment of my deck's performance. I don't see you running Fireshrieker which I think is a HUGE mistake. Did you know double strike will trigger equipment abilities like Sword of Fire and Ice twice? If Kemba has Fireshrieker and Umezawa's Jitte equipped, you can get four counters from a single attack instead of just two.It's cool how you're running tron lands like Urza's Tower ect. Does it work? If so, you may want to add Vesuva. One of the ways I'm getting extra mana is to run Extraplanar Lens and Snow-Covered Plains so that I get double mana from each "plains" but nobody else does. Does Hour of Reckoning pay off for you? How come you don't run Cathars' Crusade? Aren't you worried about Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite killing your 2/2 cats? Does Serra Ascendant pay off? Does Stonehewer Giant ever feel like a waste for you? Doesn't he get removed before you get to use him? Maybe look into Strionic Resonator it doubles the number of cats Kemba gives you! Have you considered Land Tax?

Post a response in the comments of my decklist! I'd love to "compare notes."

miracleHat on DarkLaw

1 month ago

Seems fun!

Oh, I still feel as though Cat Dragon is still bad, though I am biased because I think cat-dragon hybrid is &()&%&$&$#*%$&%#%$@%$#%$@%$#&#&. Edict effects run into the problem of "okay, i will sacrifice a Noble Hierarch instead of my rafiq", or "okay... I will sacrifice a 2/2 zombie token". Against green decks (ramp, tokens, big creatures), the edict does not matter. Against blue decks, creatures are not the main focus of the game. Against black decks, they will be reanimated. Against red decks, sacrificing a small creature is not that big a deal. Against white decks, read red. (these are all generalizations for the colors) Not going into multicolored. Sacrificing 1 creature is not that huge in edh. It only poses a problem to the voltron strategies (most common are rafiq, uril, and bruna?) and few of them run only their general (thinks of Stonehewer Giant and other ramp creatures and utility).

A 3/3 cat dragon token (fine then, with doubling season, 2 3/3's) are not game changing. I will bring this up again: consider Grave Titan instead. Deathtouch instead of flying, not needed to actually hit the player instead of trample, total of 10 power immediately instead of eight(without doubling season), and almost literally a garauntee of both of wasitora's abilities in one (a dead creature via deathtouch, and tokens via entering the battlefield and/or attacking).

Xenephrim on

2 months ago

KALE434 Can't say I'm a big fan of O-Naginata. The power buff isn't bad but without increasing Zurgo's toughness it falls short when compared to Tenza, Godo's Maul. That's just my opinion. Sunforger isn't a bad idea. I've got one lying around, I might be able to find enough of a use for it. Mask of Memory feels like another Infiltration Lens. The draw on damage seems less useful than the card draw on block that the lens provides, given that Zurgo may very well end a game in the turn he isn't blocked.

Stoneforge Mystic would be awesome, but it's a bit too expensive for my taste. Stonehewer Giant on the other hand would fit perfectly in here. Steelshaper's Gift is really good too. I'm mixed on Steelshaper Apprentice. Four mana for a 1/3 that requires another mana to activate his ability seems a bit too costly.

Rusty_Shackleford on

2 months ago

General observations:

Playing the entire game at sorcery-speed in a blue-white deck just seems wrong. Total logjam at the 3-mana point on your mana curve. Creature selection could be trimmed down and optimized; if it doesn't fit either of your two plans--locking your opponent down with mana taxing effects and/or alpha striking with Geist--don't run it. Stuff like Jin Gitaxias probably won't even hit the board before your opponent is already dead, so cut it. If you're looking to win via commander damage, tutors for your Voltron pieces (equipment) would be ideal. Stoneforge Mystic, Stonehewer Giant, Enlightened Tutor, Open the Armory, Steelshaper's Gift, Fabricate, Relic Seeker etc. Fireshrieker and Silverblade Paladin make Geist kill twice as fast. Mother of Runes and Rogue's Passage make him unlockable. Run some countermagic--at least hard counters Counterspell, Disallow, Cryptic Command, etc. to ensure your plans don't get blown up by wrath effects and/or your opponent doesn't combo off. The Vows are substandard, and would be much better as Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares. If you want to lock your opponents out with taxing effects like Ghostly Prison, Armageddon seems like an obvious include. Some cheap cantrips like Impulse,Ponder, Preordain will make your game plan much more consistent.

Oh--and I can never stress this enough--a typical EDH deck needs to have at least 42-44 mana sources, so try adding some more lands and a few mana rocks.

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