Spawnsire of Ulamog


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Rare

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Spawnsire of Ulamog

Creature — Eldrazi

Annihilator 1 (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices a permanent.)

: Put two 0/1 Eldrazi Spawn creature tokens onto the battlefield. They have "Sacrifice this creature: Add {{1}} to your mana pool."

: Cast any number of Eldrazi cards you own from outside the game without paying their mana costs.

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Spawnsire of Ulamog Discussion

ChrisKB on Vela, Eldrazi Enchantress

1 week ago

Hey there,

Absolutely love this build and definitely going to purchase! One card I'll be adding that doesn't seem to have been mentioned is Spawnsire of Ulamog as it's ability to create the eldrazi spawn seems great for this deck!

Cheers for the great deck!

Avulth on Rakdos Spaghetti Riot

2 weeks ago

I'm surprised not to see some of the cheaper bombs, It That Betrays, Spawnsire of Ulamog, or Void Winnower. Painful Quandary is also a total house in this deck.

Saint1129 on Surprise Eldrazi

2 weeks ago

AWESOME deck! Eldrazi has always been my favorite tribe, and Im so glad to see a new deck! My only suggestion is one my Spawnsire of Ulamog so youre more likely to hit it by that turn five. Once again, awesome deck!

Catalog9000 on Let's discuss: Battle of Wits

1 month ago

I was going to ask this in the Rules thread, but I felt it might divulge into more of a "history of" conversation, so General felt more appropriate.

Pertaining to the card Battle of Wits, when it was in the meta (That is to say; When it was in a relevant and newly printed set), was there ANY way to win with this thing? And what format was it even printed for?

The way I see it, even if you baselined a 200-card library and got lucky enough to topdeck Battle of Wits in your opening hand, your library is now down to 193. Even if you went first and played a land, you'd need four more turns of top-decking lands to cast it (Assuming no ramp is involved). That puts you at 189.

You'd need like 220 - 300 cards to ensure you could win with Wits, and that just makes drawing into it even harder for your opening hands.

Were there any cards that let you add cards to your library? Not just shuffling your graveyard into it, but physically increasing the amount of it?

The only way I can see this working is if you cast a Spawnsire of Ulamog and activated his ability to bring out like, idk... 200 Eldrazi, but than for SOME REASON do some janky crap like returning them all to your hand and shuffling your hand into your library. All of that work... just to alt-win with Wits.

So why was this card even printed? Was there ANY combo that worked to win with it? It can't even win in EDH since you're at a 100 card limit. And hell, since you all have different libraries, you can't even arguably win in a Two-Headed Giant / EDH mashup.

So... what gives?

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

nowis2000 I guess what I meant is, make a deck that actually somehow lets you win with it.

If you baseline a library with 200 cards, your library immediately drops to 193 with a starting hand of seven. Even if you manage to get it in your opening hand (Odds are staggeringly low) and go first, AND manage to play a land every single turn for five turns, you're down to what... 188 cards left?

You're looking at requiring a library of 230 - 300 cards, which just makes it all the harder to win with Battle of Wits. I have no idea how you're supposed to win short of paying into Spawnsire of Ulamog and for some reason shuffling them all into your library just to cast Wits. That's just a stupid amount of work for a win you've already got lol.

But alright, Ass. Worker it is ;)

Reinforced Welder

Artifact Creature - Assembly Worker (Uncommon)

You may choose for an Assembly Worker to enter the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it. If you do, that card enters the battlefield tapped.

"Given these tying times, thicker hulls are required." - Dovin Baan

Make an Oath card for a "good-aligned" Planeswalker. Sorry, no Oath of Nicol Bolas.

Oath of Vraska is acceptable since she joined Jace, just had her memories replaced temporarily. We'll probably get one anyway when we return to Rav for the third time.

Lost_Ascendant on A Spark Awakens

1 month ago

Has nothing to do with Wizards. EDH is regulated by the EDH Rules Committee and all "Outside of the game cards" such as Wishes, Mastermind's Acquisition, and Spawnsire of Ulamog can only target one of, legal cards in one's sideboard.

(13) Abilities which refer to other cards owned outside the game (Wishes, Spawnsire, Research, Ring of Ma'ruf) do not function in Commander without prior agreement on their scope from the playgroup.

Reference- Search in the Play section

cdkime on Casual Dirty combo

2 months ago

There are some fun, unusual win conditions out there that are fun to pilot and build. At my kitchen table, we have some, Door to Nothingness, Spawnsire of Ulamog, Coalition Victory, and Donateing (or its adorable clone, Harmless Offering), a lose condition decks, all of which are decidedly entertaining.

yenithia on Colorless Eldrazi EDH

2 months ago

Hey, I like the idea for the deck!

I can't think of too many additional ways of cheating things in, but there's some ramp and cost reduction that could be added to the deck!

These could help you either get more mana to cast your cards earlier, or just get your creatures out earlier! I'm not sure if all of them could fit into the deck, but maybe there's something that you missed.

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