Razia's Purification


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Razia's Purification


Each player chooses three permanents he or she controls, then sacrifices the rest.

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Razia's Purification Discussion

TheBlueTitan on Make Mirrodin Pure Again

4 weeks ago

Razia's Purification is good, and I can think of many times that it'd be a nice card to draw. The only concern I have is that that's a lot of mana for something that is incredibly symmetrical. If I was playing Voltron, it'd be great, as I wouldn't lose my army. But I want to keep my creatures around. Every 1/1 Soldier is a potential 4/1 - a non-neglibile amount of damage, and a quick win condition.

Value the feedback, thanks!

JaysomeDecks on Make Mirrodin Pure Again

4 weeks ago

Avacyn, Angel of Destruction It has a little more land restriction in it now.

Have you looked into Razia's Purification? One of my favorite Boros wipes. You really have to time it right, but it can be a game winner.

Daedalus19876 on Take me to Church

1 month ago

Hello again!

I tried playtesting this deck and it felt...weird. It didn't output much offensive pressure, and it seemed to have too few proper stax cards to survive as a control deck.

(Obviously you just built it so it needs some tuning, of course.)

RW's best strength in control is land destruction. Thus, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Ruination, Razia's Purification etc could help you secure your victory once you drop a win-con.

Stax cards I would include: Static Orb, Winter Orb, Storage Matrix, Tangle Wire, Ghirapur AEther Grid, etc. And don't forget Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast: the best anti-control counterspells!

Smoke and Meekstone are good ways to lock down creature-based board states.

Have you taken a look at some of the Gisela stax/control decks on this site? They might help you find some more cards.

Leonin Shikari seems strange here. Might be a cuttable card.

What's your meta like? It's easier to tailor a hate package once you know your opponents' decks :)

Happy deckbuilding!

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

4 months ago

onua1: Thanks! :) To be honest, the sideboard is much less tuned than the rest of the deck, simply because it's harder to test. I've found that my worst enemies in 1v1 are fast combo decks and strong control decks, so I included many cards to stop them.

From my sideboard, I've been boarding in Winter Orb and Cataclysm more and more. They're just SO good in the deck that they may become main-deck additions. The rest are basically silver bullets. I don't have too much time to type this response, sorry, but here's a brief overview:

Academy Rector and Eldrazi Conscription come in for slower games where I have time to set up without interference, but I really need something big to push through the damage near the end of the game. They usually replace Argentum Armor and Loxodon Warhammer.

Armageddon, Blood Moon, Razia's Purification, Ruination, Cataclysm, and to a lesser extent Winter Orb are my land/mana denial cards. They're amazing (doubly so when the control player taps out or I'm playing against a ramp deck), but I try not to play them because they are rude.

(On a sidenote, NEVER miracle a Reforge the Soul on a whim after a Cataclysm. That lost me a game recently, dammit.)

Boil, Pyroblast, and Red Elemental Blast are my specifically anti-blue cards. I don't like having my commander countered. Fuck blue. I've been thinking of putting in Stranglehold for this purpose too.

Rule of Law is anti-combo and particularly anti-Storm. Ruination and Blood Moon also hit hard in that matchup.

Faith's Reward comes in to accompany my MLD, or in a matchup where I think my artifacts will be destroyed frequently.

And finally, Containment Priest and Rest in Peace are my anti-reanimator tech. Containment Priest also shuts down a nasty Brago deck in my meta.

I hope that gives you a little insight into my choices! :)

dlamars on Brushai

4 months ago

Hey I'd consider both Flickering Ward and Daybreak Coronet to replace Whispersilk Cloak and Mother of Runes. I'd also replace Lightning Greaves with Champion's Helm if possible, you really don't want too much shroud since you need to target your creatures to equip/use Bruse. Hexproof is the way to go in voltron and red has access to Fervor and Hammer of Purphoros might as well take advantage of it.

Anyways, you were asking about Boros cards. I'd definitely suggest taking advantage of Aurelia, the Warleader, Waves of Aggression and Iroas, God of Victory. As part of your Sunforger package I'd get a Enlightened Tutor just because and Order as a wincon. Also Razia's Purification could potentially win a game if you have both commanders out.

landofMordor on Most Hated Commanders

5 months ago

I second Talrand, Sky Summoner. Actually, any deck full of counterspells is bad.

Voltron is really annoying. Especially Narset, Enlightened Master.

I've seen a few Borborygmos Enraged lists that can win in a single turn. Like, 40 to 0 in one turn.

Lastly, I feel like RW land destruction would be terrible. Armageddon, Razia's Purification, that R spirit who has a divinity counter, etc. Nobody likes land destruction. And with Anax and Cymede at the helm you could go for a painfully slow Voltron win, and just destroy everybody's lands from T3 onwards.

teamtopdeck on Kaalia, Mother of Dragons (also angels & demons)

5 months ago

I really like my draw 3 spells Ancient Craving, Ambition's Cost and Syphon Mind in 4 player pods. Probably will be adding Painful Truths next. Phyrexian Arena type cards are very slow and in many cases are not likely to net more draws.

Basandra, Battle Seraph has been ok as it is easy to cast. Typically cast it before an attack bringing in Balefire Dragon, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Master of Cruelties or Steel Hellkite

fyi u should run Stoneforge Mystic over Stonehewer Giant

Skyline Despot has been interesting so far. Ill try to explain the best I can. Obviously I draw a card at the end of my turn so thats nice. If no one can answer it or deal damage to me before my next turn the game will get out of hand. However where the monarch effect shines is keeping my opponents from all ganging up on me. In a 4 player pod the person after me will immediatly try to become monarch and then the next person will try to take it from them. Effectively eliminating the usual 3 against 1 scenario that happens in typical games. Opponents often make terrible choices just to gain the monarch effect lol

Scourge of Kher Ridges is only terrible when u have to kill your own flyers. Earnest Fellowship has actually been amazing here lol

Sometimes I really do wish i had some spot removal but its not a big deal. Lots of cards I would like to add in but I just dont have the spots. Cataclysm and Razia's Purification are by far my favorite spells in this deck. Almost an autowin if they resolve with kaalia on the board swinging.

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