Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
Apocalypse (APC) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Rare

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Destroy target permanent.

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Vindicate Discussion

Silverdrake on Rule #2: The Double Tap v2.0

5 days ago

No Laboratory Maniac? Between Varina and Graveborn Muse it seems like you might need it!
On a more serious note, this is obviously very meta-dependent but it seems to me you're light on non-creature removal. If we reach a little bit and count your counterspells and cyc rift as noncreature removal, then you have 6, which is way lower than I'd be comfortable with. Return to Dust is great to fill that gap, as is Vindicate.
Whatever you decide to do, good luck and have fun!

ChaosClaws on Edgar Markov

1 week ago

JoeBob21, your suggestions are welcomed, and I have gone over each card in your list. For Door of Destinies: It's a great card and could easily fit into the deck, but around turn 4 I can play most of my vamps or I'm getting ready to play Edgar. More of a preference than anything. Aetherflux Reservoir doesn't really fit into the deck at all besides some vampires having lifelink, so I'm personally not interested. Teferi's Protection is a solid card, and can definitely go in the deck, I just haven't found room for it. Vindicate is great removal, I'm just more fond of Anguished Unmaking. Way better card. Anointed Procession is great, but by the time I've played it, I've already made 2 or 3 tokens, and I'll only make one more before playing Edgar. New Blood is a fun and flavorful card, so I would recommend it to anyone trying to fit into the vampire theme. However, my list cares more about aggressively beating my opponent in with a wide board that slowly gets tall, and adding a random theft card doesn't fit. Sangromancer has always been something I'm not too fond of, as it just sits there and occasionally gains you a few life, which doesn't really help me win, unless you're playing a reservoir deck. While Forerunner of the Legion is a strong card that gives you a token AND a tutor, I'd rather play a Vampiric Tutor turn one and get what I need, rather than just a vamp. Solid budget card either way. I have no clue how I missed Bloodghast, especially after I make so many reanimator decks. He fit in well and will be a solid aggro piece by getting himself out with a token on turn two. Thank you for your input and more is always welcome! Feel free to check out my other commander decks. Some of them like Breya I put a lot of time and effort into.

0megaShinryu on Lich Queen's Coup D'etat

1 week ago

Thanks beakedbard, I will switch out Soulless One for Geralf's Messenger as I own a copy of both. As for Anguished Unmaking and Vindicate I don't own copies of these cards and they are pricey for a simple removal spell so I will pass atm. They are great cards without a doubt I just can't really dump any money into MTG atm. I will keep them in mind for the future when more funds become available. Anointed Procession is in the deck already as well as Endless Ranks of the Dead being side/maybe boarded. I don't particularly like Graveborn Muse and Viscera Seer's scry 1 seems unnecessary with Varina on the field filtering for me. Attrition is very interesting but still pose the question, what would I remove for it? Any thoughts beakedbard, multimedia or FLATSO99?

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast on Potential from Guilds of Ravnica

1 week ago

Hey guys,

As usual, I'm curious to see what the T/O Modern community thinks of this new set coming up and what cards could make waves in our beloved format.

I'm a bit shocked by Assassin's Trophy I must say. I love the card, don't get me wrong. But to me, the ramp aspect doesn't make up for the instant speed 'destroy target permanent' part. It's just a cheaper Vindicate at this point, which seems nuts!

So far, that's the only card that stands out for me. Did you guys see something I didn't? :) What are your thoughts on Assassin's Trophy?

beakedbard on Lich Queen's Coup D'etat

2 weeks ago

Seems like you really need some tutors in here even maybe some of the cheaper higher cmc ones just so you can combo off a bit easier if you can't find one of the pieces seeing as that seems to be your main strat here. Personally i'd replace Soulless One with Geralf's Messenger because the latter goes infinite with Solemnity and a sac outlet unless i'm missing some combo. Its also probably worth making room for Anguished Unmaking i'd say Vindicate as well but i'm guessing that's out of the price range. Graveborn Muse, Viscera Seer, Anointed Procession, Attrition and Endless Ranks of the Dead are all worth consideration as well. Lastly you might want to consider counterspells if simply just to stop people from stopping your combos. I like what you've got with this so far seems like it could be good.

BMHKain on

2 weeks ago

Both are good, yes. In fact, I was trying to fit both in. Problem? I have an empty slot to replace Silent Arbiter, though I guess I could find another unless life gain seems necessary, although, Vindicate is strictly worse, & that 7 drop is already filled for Karn Liberated...

I'll have to find a decent Walker for GRN for now before my decision... Nothing good so far though...

JoeBob21 on Edgar Markov

2 weeks ago

I have an Edgar deck as well and I saw yours and thought up a couple of cards for it. And I apologize for any and all bad jokes a make in this comment. Door of Destinies is a great vamp buff. Aetherflux Reservoir adds lifegain to a one-shot kill! What's not to like? Teferi's Protection is a great wipe protector. Vindicate is a great kill spell even if its not instant speed. Anointed Procession doubles your tokens! Doubles! New Blood was my personal favorite out of the C17 decks. Sangromancer is a good lifegain source. Forerunner of the Legion is a semi-quick vamp that gets you another vamp. Sweet right? And last but not least... Bloodghast!! a two drop that keeps coming back! Again and again! All in all great job building this deck!

DrunkManSquakin666 on I'm just healing man leave me alone

3 weeks ago

Vindicate and Anguished Unmaking are actually rather cheap. I'd recommend them.

For critters, Falkenrath Noble is a good third copy of Artist and Cutthroat. Disciple of Bolas is a good staple. Finally, Serra Ascendant is not terribly overpriced. I'd recommend that one, too.

Finally, in terms of lands, there's actually quite a few duals you can get on the cheap. Off the top of my head, you've got Caves of Koilos, Isolated Chapel, and Shambling Vent. Those oughtta help you out if you need more consistency or just better duals.

Nice deck, though. I'll be taking notes on it.

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