Selvala, Explorer Returned


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare

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Selvala, Explorer Returned

Legendary Creature — Elf Scout

Parley: Each player reveals the top card of his or her library. For each nonland card revealed this way, add to your mana pool and you gain 1 life. Then each player draws a card.

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Selvala, Explorer Returned Discussion

SamsWrath on Captain Sisay - Legendary Combo

6 days ago

Syrathia I worked in both Tithe and Mikaeus, the Lunarch . I took out Selvala, Explorer Returned and Dosan the Falling Leaf as I just couldn't get enough value from them in my pods. I've had to deal with a LOT of Gaddock Teeg s lately so I also replaced Oblation with Mangara of Corondor so that I have at least one piece of removal searchable with Captain Sisay .

SynergyBuild on Varolz Hulk

1 week ago

What do you think of Mox Amber, not the best mox by any means, but with your abundance of dorks to turn 2 a Varolz, dropping this right after makes it a 2 color mox, and can start casting spells pretty reliably by then, acting as, at worst case once Varolz hits, another land. It has worked well for me in my Selvala, Explorer Returned, Animar, Soul of Elements, and Thrasios, Triton Hero/Tymna the Weaver lists, but didn't do well in Najeela, the Blade-Blossom. Always is a card I want to try out in any deck where the commander costs less than or equal to three mana.

DAabean on Taps Wand: "Avada Kedavra!!!" (Wizard Tribal)

2 weeks ago

While not wizards, Bloom Tender and Selvala, Explorer Returned are bonkers with Derevi and untap triggers in general. Aphetto Alchemist and Illusionist's Bracers can also benefit the deck with providing ulimited untaps if you're looking for another wizard-centric combo to add.

Patron Wizard has been a particularly powerful card in my experience. Pairing it with a way to untap it during your opponents' turns a la Seedborn Muse or the lesser used Murkfiend Liege can be potentially game ending, especially with a Winter Orb esque effect out.

I enjoy Derevi Wizard tribal, but my build has gotten a bit too staxy as of late, and I've been questioning why I'm even running Wizards. This is a refreshing take on the archetype and has given me my own ideas on what to change. Keep up the good work!

canyonrp on First prototype

3 weeks ago

It would be annoying to advise huge changes to your deck, so here are a few nice cards that you may or may not know about that could replace some of the cards in your deck:

Remove Cancel for a better counterspell, like Dissolve or maybe Swan Song.

Lifelink, Fog and Spirit Link are kind of inefficient for commander. You can sort of think of commander as a 3 on 1 game, so you should have cards that do more than just one little thing, even if they cost more mana. Some examples would be Brave the Sands and Teferi's Protection. (Giant Growth is also kinda bad for commander.)

EDH is a much slower format than all the others. Games consistently go on to turn 15 for more casual players. If you run out of gas early, that's a lot more time with no hand than in a 1v1 match. So a lot of commander decks dedicate close to 10 of their cards to card draw and around 10 more for mana ramp. You have some, but I'd recommend adding a little more. Some good mana ramp and card draw cards that generally work with any deck are Rhystic Study, Future Sight Sylvan Library, Skullclamp (though that one might not be so good with your deck), Cultivate, Kodama's Reach,Beast Whisperer, and Selvala, Explorer Returned. A more specialized card draw cards I can think of off the top of my head are Soul's Majesty, Hunter's Insight, and Hunter's Prowess (To put on your unblockables).

Your strategy's cool though! +1 Upvote from me!

griffstick on Wow so this is the ...

4 weeks ago

Video from mtg muddstah (user name MagicalMuddie) where the video was filmed at PlatinumStarGames in Howell nj

Please Like comment and subscribe to my friends channel.

Video with my pride and joy my second ever built cmdr deck.

So click that link if you want to see the video. Click this link if you want to see the deck

Selvala, Explorer Returned.

At first it was a White and Green token deck that didn't have a cmdr of choice when I was building it. I built it in response to a strong Thraximundar zombie tribal and zombie mill control deck. Thraximundar was kicking ass because we all didn't have enough sac fodder to Thraximundar's attack trigger. And the fucking thing has haste too lol. So when I was done building my token deck I saw a selvala for less then a dollar and thought easy I'll just use this. Turns out selvala is the perfect token deck for what I needed. Today's version of the deck is a token deck that uses board wipes to its advantage. It's my baby. Lol. So I started to foil it out as I started to not find any better upgrades for it. I started fooling it out 2 yrs ago. But with the release of the most recent sets I've had to make changes. It's a burst token generation surprise I win deck that like I said before use board wipes to its advantage. Please check it out. Also check out my deck and many other decks on my profile as they are the ones I have physical cards of.

Additionally I'm gonna make it a regular thing. Every time I'm in a new video with muddstah or in a video at all I'm gonna share it here. So keep an eye out for more in the future.

SynergyBuild on GW Hatebears Commander

1 month ago

IMMG54 or Captain Sisay... to fetch Selvala, Explorer Returned.

Sisay can even win with Selvala lines faster than selvala can.

SynergyBuild on GW Hatebears Commander

1 month ago

Captain Sisay, commonly the best hatebear deck in the format, being tier 1 in cEDH for good reason. Sisay can fetch hate of all kinds, and is a better combo enabler with Paradox Engine lines too.

Here is a list of good, fetchable hatebear targets with Sisay:




Card draw engines


All of the above is just what I remember off the top of my head, you can find tons of cool things to fetch!

SynergyBuild on Sisay has the answers | cEDH | Primer v2.0

1 month ago

Fetch Paradox Engine then follow the line below:

Mox Amber, Mox Opal, Seton, Krosan Protector, Dosan the Falling Leaf, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Inventors' Fair to fetch Thousand-Year Elixir, Selvala, Explorer Returned, use Selvala and Sisay to draw your deck with Thousand-Year Elixir and Paradox Engine, using Bow of Nylea or Green Sun's Zenith to shuffle cards in your deck the whole while, winning through mill.

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