Pull from Tomorrow


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Pull from Tomorrow


Draw X cards, then discard a card.

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Pull from Tomorrow Discussion

NV_1980 on Me, Myself and I

2 hours ago


Your deck includes a lot of ways to get infinite mana, but only 3, maybe 4, ways to use that infinite mana. We'd add some spells that would allow you to draw your deck with that kind of mana. Spells that come to mind are:

That brings us to the deck's ability to draw cards in general. It literally has no cards that allow for extra draw. To us, this seems a rather bad thing, considering that you're playing blue and you're relying on combo's (and the cards to tutor for them) to win. Then again, the deck does contain about twelve tutor cards, so maybe it works like this. Let's just say we would at the least recommend adding something like Rhystic Study, Sensei's Divining Top or Scroll Rack and maybe add some cheap instants/sorceries for draw like Ponder, Preordain or Brainstorm.

The final main problem; countering/removal. The deck doesn't have any, and you do need at least some. Not having any of it can be bad for a number of reasons. Just as examples, opposing players can steal Sen Triplets or cast a card like Stranglehold to prevent you from tutoring. There's many more creative ways to screw around with combo decks. Therefore, we would advise you to include at least some forms of removal/countering like Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Swan Song, Counterspell, etc.

Well, we hope all this is useful to you and that we weren't being too preachy :) Good luck with the deck!

With kind regards,

Mr. and Mrs. NV_1980

Zimmers_0 on Smug Bastard (Niv-Mizzet, Parun)

3 days ago

Asder Yep agreed, I miss read Cerebral Vortex. Thought it worked like a reverse Fateful Showdown. Thanks for point that out! Replaced it with Tandem Lookout. Kinda iffy on Omniscience though. Might rethink it later.

SandwichMan007 Nah, not for this deck. Great card though.

Poly_raptor Both are great but I was looking for the same thing at instant speed. So thats why Pull from Tomorrow, Blue Sun's Zenith, and Stroke of Genius are in here.

Katscratch Yes, thats a great addition. Any suggestion on cuts?

the__odysseus Also a great addition, but I would like a suggestion for a cut as well.

Jimmy_Chinchila It does need a bit more ramp, ill work on that. What should I cut for Hypersonic Dragon? Not really interested in the planeswalkers though.

SenseiRamen Super great idea, just not sure how often it will go off. One card a turn for 5 is a bit iffy.

Thanks everyone!

KALE434 on Plagiarism: An Intellectual Theft

1 week ago

Love the deck, but whats your opinion on Pull from Tomorrow even in this control style deck?

Cereal_Killer on Everyone Loves Ice Breakers, V2

1 week ago

I really like the deck, but, since you are basically a control, why isn't there Cryptic Command?

I understand that Chart a Course lets you draw 2 cards, but it's a sorcery and it makes you discard a card. Why not Pull from Tomorrow or Telling Time (or even Search for Azcanta  Flip, or Ancestral Vision)?

Snapcaster Mage seems also a good card you could add.

As someone suggested before, I'd add 1 or 2 Stubborn Denial, for the reasons already mentioned and for another reason: in late game Mana Leak, Supreme Will, Spell Pierce and sometimes also Remand are usefull.

FladhHulk on FC Tazri

2 weeks ago

Hello SynergyBuild! Well, yeah, Dark Tutelage and Phyrexian Arena aren't the best cards in this deck, but i decided to add them - along with Dark Confidant as soon as I'll find one - just to get better chances of finding important pieces the sooner possible in games that become too long. Maybe it's something meta-dependent, but if I play against let's say other combos and controls/stax it kinda often take a lot of time to combo off, and without continued extra draw effects it would just take too much time! Maybe i cold try running Pull from Tomorrow, even if i don't really generate tons of mana, that could easily give me 4-5 cards by turn 5 or 6 and would so be somewhere between normal cantrips and things like Arena!

SynergyBuild on Aminatou, the FateThrifer

2 weeks ago

+1! I'd imagine that Pull from Tomorrow would be more powerful than Read the Runes though.

cdkime on My First Deck

3 weeks ago

First off, welcome to Magic!

I am going to second Poly_raptor with regards to lands. Glacial Fortress is well worth the investment. It's the best UW (U means Blue in Magic, since B was taken by Black) land in Standard, quite viable in Modern, and works well at casual, kitchen table games. So long as you are playing decks with Blue/White, having a playset of Glacial Fortresses is not a bad thing.

I also agree that your deck needs a bit more focus. To expand on that some, it's best to start by picking how you want to win--let's say it's Tezzeret, Cruel Machinist making creatures 5/5s, and using them as powerful beaters. All your cards should support that plan. You'll want 3-4 copies of your easy-to-cast cards, and 2 copies of your expensive-to-cast finishers. You're in Blue, so you have good access to card draw, ensuring you can find the cards you need.

So, without going into too much depth, here would be my thought process for Tezzeret:

  • He is expensive to cast, so I need to ensure I survive long enough to play him. Some counterspells will help with that.
  • I'd want some easy-to-cast aftifacts, preferably with low mana costs. If rotation was not occurring soon, I'd say vehicles were a good choice--they often have low costs but great abilities, making them highly efficient to animate with Tezzeret.
  • I'd want some card draw. Opt is a fantastic choice.
  • I'd want other cards that have synergies with artifacts - Sai, Master Thopterist seems a good choice, particularly if you have a lot of low-costed artifacts.
  • Finally, I'd consider the other decks I would expect to play against, and make adjustments and a sideboard based upon those.

That's sort of some basic deckbuilding advice. To provide some more deck-specific analysis, neither Tezzeret, Cruel Machinist or Ajani, Wise Counselor are great cards. Their casting costs are far too high for what you receive. As a general rule, anything that costs 5+ mana should win you the game on the spot, cripple your opponent, put you vastly far ahead, or have a built-in method of surviving to the next round. I do not think the effects provided by either card justify the costs required to cast them.

Also, just for your reference, here are the cards Poly_raptor suggested that are not Standard-legal:

Pull from Tomorrow is currently in Standard, but will no longer be in Standard starting October 10, 2018.

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