Chain Reaction


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
MTG: Commander Rare
Worldwake Rare

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Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of creatures on the battlefield.

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Chain Reaction Discussion

Peanut3181 on Melek, C15 Deckbox Transformation

1 week ago

Here's the issue. Storm is not a color that goes "smoothly". It's izzet. It's not suppose to. Sometimes I do an epic experiment and I blank. Sometimes I just win. It happens.

Izzet can't really go off on turn 3 or 4. It's a different style. But it utilizes cards like AEtherspouts AEtherize Cyclonic Rift Evacuation Blasphemous Act and Chain Reaction as board whipes. Then good spot removal like Rapid Hybridization and Pongify. I mainly use Young Pyromancer and Talrand, Sky Summoner as defense as well till I hit a board wipe.

Commander is about multiplayer. And storm is amazing when it comes to it. It strikes quick but not really early.

If you want card manipulation like the top Brainstorm does similar things and is good in the early game, Mystical Tutor is the nuts, along with Crystal Ball that not many people know about.

For early card draw I would include all the cheap blue spells like Brainstorm and even Faithless Looting to get you going. Discard your expensive stuff that isn't of use to you yet and get it back with Mizzix's Mastery or Past in Flames

For massive card draw Stroke of Genius is great and can mill in the late game. Mystic Confluence is very versatile, Thought Reflection gets scary real quick. But my favorite is by far Unexpectedly Absent (in multiplayer settings. I tutor for it many many times. And Time Spiral if you have one.

High Tide and Turnabout can net you an absurd amount of mana if you copy either and add the leftover mana to your mana pool in response. Inner Fire is absurd with massive card draw plus any copy effect like Increasing Vengeance. And of course Mana Geyser. Utilize artifacts like Worn Powerstone and Izzet Signet and Mind Stone for early ramp

If you want to be mean you could do Volcanic Awakening, and Volcanic Offering is crazy in multiplayer.

Gut Shot is too weak for me, but Mind's Desire to me is like another epic experiment. You can always hit your X spells and cast them for 0 to increase your storm count. Plus it synergizes with Guttersnipe and Sphinx-Bone Wand.

darleen on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

3 weeks ago

golgariizzet, thanks for the suggestions. Nevinyrral's Disk and Chain Reaction will be added to the deck. As for the other sweepers, I am a bit wary to add mass land destruction to the deck because I am not sure how it will effect my ability to win and also because I don't want to draw out more hate from my opponents.

Wasadia123 on Riku of Two Reflections Altered

3 weeks ago

Take out Chain Reaction. You'll never play it, I'll bet you.

Wasadia123 on Riku of Two Reflections Altered

3 weeks ago

I have Ugin's Insight, Chain Reaction, Disaster Radius, Sylvan Caryatid, Simic Sky Swallower. Replace Into the Wilds with Courser of Kruphix to benefit off Riku of Two Reflections. You might want to run some counter magic, because Riku's going to paste a target on your back. I'd recommend ones that give you a draw or a scry, because those you could coppy with Riku for added stupidity. Try Rewind, Arcane Denial, and of course, Counterspell.

Draw_Wurm on Pattern Recognition #13 - Board ...

1 month ago

Hey berryjon great article as always. I'm a big fan of Blasphemous Act, Chain Reaction and other wipes that scale to the board in mono .

Firebones675 on My budget mono red burn deck, share your opinions!

1 month ago

It looks pretty good! If you wanted to splash in a second color you get a few more options but provided you want to keep it monored budget deck I don't have much to add.

Chain Reaction oftentimes isnt needed in burn as you want to deal damage to players and ignore their creatures for the most part. In this case it would kill your creatures too so this isnt ideal. Searing Blood is generally better because you can also do damage to your opponent.

Magma Jet scry is nice but that's about all this card has going for it. I might swamp this out for another searing blood.

Entrei on Goblin Onslaught!

2 months ago

Warstorm Surge. You will also probably need some ways to deal with stuff like...Rakdos Charm,Lightmine Field, AEther Snap,Chain Reaction,Meishin, the Mind Cage and various other anti token cards. Oh, and dont forget Leyline of Singularity

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