Chain Reaction


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
MTG: Commander Rare
Worldwake Rare

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Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of creatures on the battlefield.

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Chain Reaction Discussion

Firebones675 on My budget mono red burn deck, share your opinions!

2 weeks ago

It looks pretty good! If you wanted to splash in a second color you get a few more options but provided you want to keep it monored budget deck I don't have much to add.

Chain Reaction oftentimes isnt needed in burn as you want to deal damage to players and ignore their creatures for the most part. In this case it would kill your creatures too so this isnt ideal. Searing Blood is generally better because you can also do damage to your opponent.

Magma Jet scry is nice but that's about all this card has going for it. I might swamp this out for another searing blood.

Entrei on Goblin Onslaught!

3 weeks ago

Warstorm Surge. You will also probably need some ways to deal with stuff like...Rakdos Charm,Lightmine Field, AEther Snap,Chain Reaction,Meishin, the Mind Cage and various other anti token cards. Oh, and dont forget Leyline of Singularity

DarkRequiem on Tazri's Champs

1 month ago

I haven't had much time to make any major changes to the deck yet. That's why there's no update. It should happen somewhere in the near future though.

Right now I feel like adding:

Chain Reaction and Wave of Reckoning for mass removal

Cauldron of Souls and Twilight's Call for recursion

Aura Shards to deal with those pesky enchantments and artifacts

Cryptic Gateway and Intruder Alarm for shenanigans

Flickerform to enchant Tazri with

8 cards to go in, 8 to come out. Ah! Already added Grand Coliseum, removing a plains.

Suggestions are, of course, welcome!

DarkRequiem on Tazri's Champs

1 month ago

Devastation Tide is there until I get my hands on a Cyclonic Rift (it doesn't show but it's on my to acquire list since I first drew the deck). More of a place holder right now.

No City of Brass and no Mana Confluence available right now. Buuuut... Now that I think of it I have Grand Coliseum available. And this being a budget deck, I'll add it tomorrow. At least until I get another City of Brass.

Cryptic Gateway is a nice suggestion. I'm already using it on my Azami deck to great effect. I love the way it plays with Intruder Alarm.

I don't have a Supreme Verdict available. I've been thinking about In Garruk's Wake and Chain Reaction. The first has a very high CMC though. Chain would be cool in my meta since it would get rid of most stuff. Lots of aggro decks there.

Aura Shards was tested last weekend. Nice card and once I've been thinking of right from the start. I decided to cut it down for Maelstrom Nexus since I needed the card advantage it grants me. But yes, I do agree that it is one important card.

I've been thinking about mass reanimation but I'm almost sure that the only one I have available right now is Twilight's Call. Which might not be that bad in an ally deck, now that I think of it...

Tomorrow, with a clearer head, I'll check everything and try to sort things out.

Thanks for the input and if you think of something else that might go well in this deck, don't shy away from speaking up.

GobboE on Goblin Mob EDH

1 month ago

Krenko is a eared commander: and righfully so. He can end games by turn 5, not kidding. So other players tend to be wary of Krenko decks. You have a casual build, if you want to keep it like that : I recommend telling the other players so in advance so you won't be their prime target. For acsual play, I would recommend more wheel effects, to redraw cards : Wheel of Fate isn't that expensive and still fun to use, or Reforge the Soul.

If your deck aims to be competitive you should have more tools to untap Krenko (Sword of the Paruns is a great tool and not expensive), and (indeed) less red-wipe spells such as Chain Reaction. In this case I would like to invite you to have a look at my krenko deck, which is close to a primer deck and competitive: My Own Private Mob

tester75 on Wheel of Death

1 month ago

-Rapid Hybridization



-No Mercy

-Whelming Wave

-Wheel of Fate

-Trinket Mage

-Master of the Feast

-Notion Thief

-Price of Knowledge

-Chain Reaction

If you want to run infect cards like Tainted Strike, Grafted Exoskeleton, Phyresis and/or instant/sorcery recursion like Mizzix's Mastery overloaded, then you can take these out too.

-Talisman of Indulgence

-Rakdos Signet

-Phyrexian Arena

-Goblin Dark-Dwellers

I hope that this helps. From one Nekusar player to another, good luck and God bless.

Emzed on It's Not Easy Being Green

1 month ago

Can you honestly expect that Platinum Angel does not get removed for a turn or two? Being both an artifact and a creature makes it vulnerable to the vast majority of removal spells. Sure, sometimes nobody cares about you anyway and they let you have your angel for a while because there are bigger fish to fry. But if one or more opponents really have the intention of knocking you out, i don't think the chances of Platinum Angel saving the day are all that high. Even your own mono-green (!) deck has >10 ways to remove it, if we count all the tutor effects that can find Acidic Slime or Silklash Spider. However, i obviously don't know your playgroup, so maybe i am just biased by my own experiences.
That said, isn't Elderscale Wurm better than the angel anyway? It gives 3 devotion, doesn't die to artifact removal or your own Silklash Spider, can be found via Green Sun's Zenith, and having a little more power can mean a big deal in combination with cards like Greater Good or Pathbreaker Ibex. The protection it offers is certainly a little worse than Platinum Angel's, but in my eyes that's a decent trade off.
Vigor is another card that i was wondering about. It's good against red sweepers like Blasphemous Act or Chain Reaction, but those can't always threaten Omnath anyway. It also has some nice synergy with Ulvenwald Tracker, but other than that, it gives you a couple of counters when your opponents chump block and prevents deathtouch (still very risky if opponents have instant speed removal for Vigor). Personally, i would prefer something that prevents blocking altogether, like Bellowing Tanglewurm (which isn't great if you face a lot of green and/or artifact blockers obviously, so that's a metagame call), Champion of Lambholt or Crop Rotation/Sylvan Scrying (to find Rogue's Passage).

DarkRequiem on Tazri's Champs

2 months ago

Nice call on those. I have none of them although those might be traded in my playgroup. I need to check the people out. Added to my to acquire list.

I also need to check what other forms of mass removal do I have (Chain Reaction for sure and maybe a couple of black mass removal spells).

As for allies, well, I do agree with you. I have too many creatures and will have to check them out one by one to see what to remove. And since I do have to remove something, Brigand's out.

Thanks for the insight.

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