Mystic Snake


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rare
Apocalypse Rare

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Mystic Snake

Creature — Snake

Flash (You may cast this spell at any time you could cast an instant.)

When Mystic Snake enters the battlefield, counter target spell.

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Mystic Snake Discussion

Jakers13 on SSSSSSSSSSnakee Tribal EDH

2 days ago

Feel free to cut some creatures, and play around with it. The main focus for me was to not throw in to many Snakes, but Mystic Snake would work very well in this deck.

CoryDean on Blinked Forge

1 week ago

Oh right, Felidar is immediate return. Well, I'll just let you know that Ghostly Flicker is a gamechanger for me. If you use it on Eternal Witness, she can put Ghostly Flicker right back into your hand, so you can reuse it. Paired with Mystic Snake, you'll be hard to stop unless someone has a counter.

Tappedoutman on Maelstrom is FABULOUS

2 weeks ago

Nice deck thanks for your suggest. I ve only one suggest for you, take away Mystic Snake because if you turn it with Maelstrom's Cascade without target his target will become Maelstrom.Anyway look for my Kinayos and Tiro EDH maybe you could have some suggestions about it.

DVLuca on Scry About It (Planeswalker EDH)

2 weeks ago

fragarach97 you are my hero....I love Pygmy Hippo!!! You need (I think) to make him hit Seedborn Muse + Opposition. The one and only problem is that in we can't tutor enchantment or transmute for CMC. But trust me when you see Opposition in game it makes a significant difference. For the rest you have a good build, maybe Fauna Shaman to tutor more easily Magus of the Future so you can replace Future Sight. For some counterwar Mystic Snake is excellent with Momir Vig, Simic Visionary to tutor Draining Whelk and/or Venser, Shaper Savant, you can simply cast it, see if you can draw a creature and rebounce him back to your hand. If you go infinite mana with Deadeye Navigator Brutalizer Exarch to remove all but creature and/or tutor any creature is a good out-win! Last suggestion.....Cloudstone Curio to make all more repetable can fit well.

Toun25 on Prime Speaker's Hydras

3 weeks ago

I would switch turn to frog with either Pongify or Imprisoned in the Moon. I would also add Alhammarret's Archive, Prowling Serpopard, Lorescale Coatl , Vorel of the Hull Clade , Deepglow Skate , Genesis Wave , Simic Signet , Mystic Snake, Beast Within , Reclamation Sage , Chasm Skulker , Master Biomancer. Maybe not all of those, but they would all be solid cards in a deck like this.

StoryArcher on Welcome Back

3 weeks ago


I've really leaned on making this as budget-friendly as possible - the intent is for casual play but able to jump into competition in a pinch. Apart from some of the lands, nothing is really over $5 and the vast majority of the cards are less than a dollar. Since I'm blowing my wad on a mono-black Backer in Blacker, this is very much meant to be my more 'playful' effort.

Looking at some of your advice I decided to replace Momir Vig with Eternal Witness and tweaking it a tiny bit - I generally prefer to be able to pull what I need from my graveyard than get another draw that might or might not help. I'd like to think that three Mystic Snake and four Familiar's Ruse would be enough to give me the key counter-spelling that I need, given the possibility of recursion.

Thanks for the advice - any additional ideas will continue to be appreciated.

Icbrgr on I seek help making a ...

1 month ago

Mystic Snake and Whelming Wave are other tools to consider as well... And Simic Sky Swallower is another bomb you could play

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