Hedron Archive


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Uncommon
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Uncommon

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Hedron Archive


: Gain .

, , Sacrifice Hedron Archive: Draw two cards.

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Hedron Archive Discussion

wisegreenbean on DOG MOM

6 days ago

anything that 'stores a draw' seems like a good inclusion. The Mind Stone and Commander's Sphere life sounds gud, but maybe even Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star might be worth your time to get your hand artificially empty quickly, and be able to sippy cup your cards back to hand at your leisure. Those might be extreme examples, but certainly anything with utility like Cranial Archive or Relic of Progenitus seems aces. Hedron Archive , Magnifying Glass , Pyrite Spellbomb , Scrabbling Claws , Silent Gravestone are a few other reasonable effects in that style.

SharpRaptor on Brion Stoutarm (Giants)

1 week ago

Recommended Cards to Add

This of course does not take into accountmana curve considerations or anything similar. It is merely cards to consider


Captivating Crew - Repeated steal effect to have ammunition to throw at people

Evra, Halcyon Witness - Large creature that can be as big as your lifetotal when thrown if wanted.

Serra Avatar - Large creature that is as big as your life total to potentially one shot someone and double your lifetotal

Zealous Conscripts - Can steal an opposing creature to throw, opposing walker to ult or any other problematic permenent. Also incidentaly goes infinite with Kiki Jiki.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Can tap to make copies of your big creatures to throw. Goes infinite with Zealous conscripts.

Malignus - Large creature that scales with life total of opponent

Molten Primordial - Mass threaten on a stick

Feldon of the Third Path - makes copies of your already dead creatures

Emeria Shepherd - Recursion that can also be reanimation

Hoarding Dragon - A way to search out our game winning artifacts. Easy enough to throw at someone to get our artifact.

Karmic Guide - Reanimation

Neheb, the Eternal - lots of mana if you throw things pre combat

Yosei, the Morning Star - Very good thing to be able to recur. Can lock people out of the game with enough setup.

War Elemental - Scales as we throw things

Bloodshot Cyclops - Backup Brion?

Bearer of the Heavens - Dont make me do this!

Godo, Bandit Warlord - Can tutor up our powerful equipment. Would prefer Stoneforge Mystic but one is a lot more money than the other.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight - Double our damage, half theirs? Yes please


The usual goes here of making sure that we have interaction for people trying to stop us or making sure we can stop people. Though of specific mention

Faith's Reward - Recover from a wrath or just rebuy a couple of good creatures after a combat and throw.

Orim's Thunder - Hadn't actually seen this before but it seems to be a good potential 2 for 1 while also being a good answer to artifacts and enchantments.


Here there are a lot of potential threaten effects that i could recommend. But we know that we need them so i won't list them all. Other effects we could need do include one or two wraths as even though we are the creature deck, sometimes they just have more or better creatures. However other things to note.

Open the Armory - Tutors equipment or Auras.

Chandra's Ignition - Targetting some of our big creatures might just end the game with this.

Insurrection - You usually just win if this resolves on a decent board state.


Usual list of mana ramp. Sol Ring Boros Signet Commander's Sphere Mind Stone Boros Cluestone Hedron Archive Gilded Lotus Thran Dynamo etc

Other than that, the fun things include

Phyrexian Processor - Yeh this card is rather good. Just Make big tokens and start throwing them

Well of Lost Dreams - With the triggers from Brion we should be able to restock our hand quite easily with this

Illusionist's Bracers - Copy the fling. As sacrificing a creature is part of the cost it will effectively be two triggers from flinging the same creature.

Thornbite Staff - Untaps brion when a creature dies. This includes sacrificing the creature to brion, so effectively tapping him causes him to untap....

Thousand-Year Elixir - Gives Brion haste and an untap.

Aetherflux Reservoir - 50cal Sniper Rifle to the face anyone?


Damage doublers can be recommended but i usually avoid the symettrical ones from personal preference. One or two effects that give Haste might be good too. Other effects however

Flameshadow Conjuring - Copy up our faties for good ETB triggers, effective haste or extra copies to throw with Brion.

Sigil of the New Dawn - Recur everything!

Marshal's Anthem - Decent mass resurrect in white. Though a little mana intensive

Angelic Renewal - One time use recursion of a creature

Goblin Bombardment - Backup sacrifice effects for all our threatens. WE don't want to have to give their toys back do we?

ChaoticGnat on List of all infinite combos 2.0

1 week ago

Infinite planeswalker stuff??

  1. Teferi, Temporal Archmage + Sol Ring + Hedron Archive + The Chain Veil (any mana stones will do i suppose though but basically this goes infinite according to a playgroup. Tezzeret the Seeker Can be replaced with Teferi and that still would go infinite apperently)
  2. Paradox Engine + The Chain Veil + Sol Ring + Hedron Archive + casting spells and having Planeswalkers (also triggered some backfire complaining about it going infinite)

Farycane on ArtiFacts of Life and Death

1 week ago

I tried a similar version of this Deck a few times now.

I really miss some kind of ramp, and either protection for Glissa to keep the recursion/card advantage going, or card draw. Mind Stone Hedron Archive and maybe Dreamstone Hedron can fill both ramp and draw slot each.

Playing something like Pilgrim's Eye over green ramp seems reasonable for a deck like this, but it technically isn't ramp. Try Wayfarer's Bauble instead.

Golden Guardian  Flip can fight your Commander without harming it, giving you a 2 colored mana Land.

I also recommend Unstable Obelisk if you kill creatures with it, you can recure it, and also fills a ramp slot. And it can solve other problems than creatures, too.

Glaring Spotlight opens your opponents creatures for removal. Also can finish/protect yours.

Vedalken Orrery Shimmer Myr really worth it!

Acorn Catapult seems bad, but once you get an opponent a Squirrel, you will have a target every turn for "free" recursion (just hit the squirrels if there are no other targets to kill)

Sorcerer's Wand Viridian Longbow with deathtouch on Glissa it's very efficient creature removal.

Cranial Plating Just try it. You can eqiup this at instant speed. Giving sometime +10 power or more :)

Lightning Greaves Swiftfoot Boots as said, protection is something really needed (in my meta)#

Hope of Ghirapur done lot's of work in every deck where I was able to get it back!

Verdurous Gearhulk Artifact, +1/+1 Counters. 5 Mana 8/8 Trample if nothing better to do.

Marionette Master I nearly always choose to put counters on him (fits your theme) making him a 4/6. So every artifact that "dies" sucks 4 life out of an opponent. Can semi-protect from artifact boardwipes, because it sometimes can kill an opponent.

Disciple of the Vault Little brother.

Of course Sol Ring etc. would work with that many artifacts, too. Maybe you can explain why you play few ramp spells and Draw stuff

Ancient Tomb

And I really don't know why people play Terramorphic Expanse Evolving Wilds in a two colored deck. Getting 2 cards out of 90+ others...not worth in my opinion. They are fixing but technically Mono Colored Taplands. Try Guildgates/Shocks/Normal Tapduals instead

Some games are hard with too much topdecking cause of missing draw/Glissa died too often But nontheless Great Deck and really a lot of fun to play :)

eliakimras on Life Gain with a dash of salt

2 weeks ago

You might consider putting some more ramp pieces to cast your 7+ mana spells: Hedron Archive and Gilded Lotus . // Caves of Koilos , Prairie Stream , Sunken Hollow , Underground River and Darkwater Catacombs are some cheap lands that fit Oloro.

Chandra585 on Hydra ramp

3 weeks ago

Add more artifact ramp like Dreamstone Hedron and Hedron Archive , and more ways to draw cards like Rishkar's Expertise

Lanzo493 on Simic Ramp

3 weeks ago

I will suggest only one expensive card: Doubling Cube .

Untap effects go great with Kruphix. These include cards like Seedborn Muse , Victory Chimes , Quest for Renewal , and Murkfiend Liege . Prophet of Kruphix is banned in EDH (for good reason) so you can't have him.

You said it's a ramp deck. You can never underestimate the power of mana dorks. Here's a few: Llanowar Elves , Elvish Mystic , Fyndhorn Elves , Arbor Elf , Birds of Paradise , Gyre Engineer , and Weaver of Currents . I also like Karametra's Acolyte and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . Having lots of creatures tap for mana synergizes well with cards like Quest for Renewal .

There's also your artifact ramp. Thran Dynamo , Worn Powerstone , Sol Ring , Everflowing Chalice (please use this), Gilded Lotus , Dreamstone Hedron , Simic Signet , and Hedron Archive all tap for or more. And randomly you have Frontier Siege which works well in the deck. So does Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip. Speaking of lands, I like Mosswort Bridge .

Mana sinks. I would consider Planar Bridge , Genesis Wave , Omniscience , Archetype of Endurance , Endbringer , Avenger of Zendikar , Rite of Replication , and Arcanis the Omnipotent to name a few. Draw X cards are great effects, with Stroke of Genius and Pull from Tomorrow involving the fewest symbols.

I love ramp decks. I hope yours goes well.

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Hedron Archive occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.1%

Red: 0.48%

White: 0.45%

Blue: 0.52%

Black: 0.22%

U/R (Izzet): 0.62%

Rakdos: 0.3%