Thrashing Brontodon


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Thrashing Brontodon

Creature — Dinosaur

1, Sacrifice Thrashing Brontodon: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Thrashing Brontodon Discussion

trey12321 on B/G Explore

1 day ago

Looks really solid! I personally have always found Shadowed Caravel underwhelming, but that may just be me. You might consider at least sideboarding Golden Demise; hardly any of your creatures will die to it without the City's Blessing, and it's a solid counter to almost every white deck out there. You could possibly drop your copy of Naturalize, as you already have X2 Thrashing Brontodon in your sideboard.

If you need better card draw Arguel's Blood Fast becomes much more viable when you consider the lifegain from your Wildgrowth Walker.

Feel free to check out my version! It doesn't have as much money put into it yet, unfortunately, but the base of the deck is there! Explore This!!! 'Cabra party~!

awfulitis on Raiders of the Immortal Sun

1 day ago

trey12321: Thanks for the suggestions! I've considered both Chupa-thingy's we have available pretty extensively (who doesn't love that we have freakin' chupacabras around?) but was mainly concerned with adding more four drops to what is admittedly a pretty small mana base. Of the two I think Lurking Chupacabra would have the most potential as its not unreasonable for the deck to be able to explore twice and kill a Hazoret the Fervent with it. I'm looking to take the current iteration I have to my LGS for the upcoming weekend and seeing how it performs.

Panharmonicon definitely has my vote for the most fun Magic card, and exploiting it is probably one of the more enjoyable times to be had in Standard. My reason for excluding it in my initial list are threefold: 1) to keep my curve as low as possible to keep the mana base functional, 2) because I feel like it competes with Path of Discovery when it comes to generating explore triggers, and 3) I currently only have the one copy. It's definitely a card I love to see, and I need to get my hands on a few more copies so I can give it for a spin.

Thrashing Brontodon is probably one of my favorite dinosaurs currently in standard due to how much value it represents. A 3 / 4 Qasali Pridemage is always worth taking a look at, and I'd love to experiment with it. Unfortunately that would mean attempting to tear them away from the girlfriend who currently runs all of our copies in her dinosaur deck. Maybe she'll allow me the privilege of borrowing one or two to experiment with sometime, though I'm not counting on it.

I agree that Shadowed Caravel is probably the weakest payoff currently in the list, and is likely to be the first on the chopping block. At the same time, it has managed to steal me a game or two following a board wipe. In the end its one of the cards I'm most aggressively looking at for changes and may be where I find room for a Chupacabra or two. Enter the Unknown on the other hand has actually been pretty impressive. Having this in a hand that would otherwise be flooded with payoffs is a godsend (especially when targeting a Wildgrowth Walker) and its pretty aggressively costed for just . But I totally understand that it can also be a dead draw or something that immediately gets binned to an explore trigger at times.

Your deck looks super fun to play, Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip definitely looks a lot better when you're gaining life off Wildgrowth Walker! I'll take a closer look and leave a few thoughts on it for sure!

trey12321 on Raiders of the Immortal Sun

1 day ago

I'd consider running some Ravenous Chupacabra, Lurking Chupacabra and Panharmonicon. They all synergize really well with the rest of the deck, and you can pick and choose which 'cabra works better for your opponent. I mainboard X3 Ravenous and X2 Lurking, with the rest in the sideboard.

You could also run Thrashing Brontodon instead of Naturalize for the Path triggers, as well as another target for Liliana.

I personally have been underwhelmed by both Shadowed Caravel and Enter the Unknown, even though they look good on paper. That may just be personal preference.

My version is here: Explore This!!! 'Cabra party~!

It's still under construction and I have yet to acquire the more expensive cards, but feel free to take a look!

trey12321 on G/B Constrictor Explore

1 day ago

I've made a similar deck and have been scrolling through the lists to see what other people do and how I can improve my own, and I think you've got some pretty obvious cards to throw in.

For removal Ravenous Chupacabra is an extremely solid option, not to mention Panharmonicon synergizes really well with it. Lurking Chupacabra is also an option based on the explore mechanic itself. I personally run X3 Ravenous and X2 Lurking, and I sideboard in and out the X4 sets of them based on the nature of my opponent's creatures.

Another really solid one-time removal is Golden Demise. I have X1 in my main board with X3 sideboarded for white-weenie decks, and the reason it works so well is that most of your big/important creatures are out of range for it if you don't have the cities blessing.

Your card draw can be run by Arguel's Blood Fast, which you can afford because of the lifegain you get from Wildgrowth Walker and it provides a good mana dump for the late-game.

You're also missing out on Path of Discovery. I know it doesn't seem to do much since it doesn't actually change anything the turn it's played, but it makes Walker trigger off of itself, gives your Chupacabra's explore and works perfectly with Panharmonicon. It's worth the turn for the set-up, and you can afford to go somewhat low early on because of your lifegain potential. Quite a few of the games I win I go low enough to even trigger Arguel's, but end up with 30+ life.

Throwing some Duress and Kitesail Freebooters into your sideboard would help if you have problems with counterspells/mass removal, and Thrashing Brontodon is one more to cast then Naturalize, but also triggers path and is a really solid sideboard card as well.

Animation Module has been recommended to me several times, and it gives a lot of value with Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Path of Discovery. I'll test it out and let you know how it goes, but it's a thought. If you wanted to try it I'd recommend dropping Enter the Unknown; it's a 1 cost that can never be cast on turn 1 and gives needless ramp as you've got nothing that costs more than 4 in the deck. If it drew as well then maybe, but as it is it's severely underpowered.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Kamahl, Fist of Krosa EDH

3 days ago

How's Worldly Tutor working out for you? I find Beast Within to be invaluable removal for monogreen, unless I'm in an extremely spells-heavy meta. Which I'm not.

For new cards in RIX, the only ones I can think of that could be useful are Thrashing Brontodon (good, but probably not necessary with Rec Sage), Wayward Swordtooth, and Azor's Gateway  Flip (because looting is awesome and the thought of Deserted Temple with the flip side is making Kamahl's Overrun button twitchy).

How is Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip working for you? I find that I'm constantly whiffing on the ETB and hoping to flip ASAP to make up for it.

hungry000 on CoCo Bloodbraid Ball Breaker

6 days ago

I'd play more creature sb cards such as Fulminator Mage for Tron and Reclamation Sage/Thrashing Brontodon for artifact/enchantment removal (Brontodon is probably better since it's bigger and if you flip it randomly with Bloodbraid you won't be sad if your opponent doesn't have any artifacts on the battlefield). Also Scavenging Ooze is GY hate as well as life gain against other aggro decks.

imo, they're better than spells like Abrade and Back to Nature since you can get them with Coco and they help you beat down if needed, so you won't lose any consistency with your aggro plan. just makes the deck more focused overall.

also, is there a reason you have Young Wolf in the sb? I don't really see its purpose.

Cragon18 on Temur Dinosaurs

6 days ago

Nice deck! I run an straight RG dino list that does decently well, but is fun to play so that is the important part. I like the idea of the blue splash for counters out of the board. I play tested a few times and either had all my green sources or all my blue sources. Tappedout also never wanted to give me any of the turn 2 ramp no matter how much I mulliganed so that didn't help much... That said I'd consider going up to 24 lands. I tried my deck with 22 lands and Commune with Dinosaurs and 23 lands and the same ramp package. I found that in both iterations I'd have opening hands with 2 lands and some ramp and a 4 drop and then never get my 4th land. I also only run a single Thrashing Brontodon in the main with some in the board I like having it as a silver bullet against tokens to get Hidden Stockpile but otherwise the card was pretty medium for me. I also tried just running Naturalize in the board which is much faster and instant speed which is really nice, so that comes down to preference. I like running Abrade in the main to help deal with fast aggro, like Red and Mardu Vehicles. It's good for those hands that don't happen to get any ramp and don't give you anything to do until turn 3/4. Hope this helps and good luck with the deck!

rob_shifflett on Exploring High and Low

1 week ago

You could drop 3xForests and 1xSwamp for 2xField of Ruin and 1xEvolving Wilds. Gives you more control over your Revolt. Cut 1xDeadeye Tracker and 1xLurking Chupacabra to add Tetzimoc, Primal Death and 1xThrashing Brontodon and 1xMoment of Craving.

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