Time of Need


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Uncommon

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Time of Need


Search your library for a legendary creature card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Time of Need Discussion

Nutron on Angels/Green

5 days ago

3 Time of Need for both angels and Verdant Haven and Khalni Heart Expedition with Harrow would help get that land out

appsles on Haste to the Face

2 weeks ago

If you use legendary creatures as fatties (i.e. the kamigawa dragons Ryusei, the Falling Star, Jugan, the Rising Star...) you can use Time of Need as a pretty cheap tutor.

Redace878 on Budget Toolbox?

4 weeks ago

Prophet93 Although that looks like a very fun EDH deck, I'm building a modern deck. However, I have heard of people doing a creature toolbox with Time of Need...

Shane Yes, that deck is defintely expensive, but it will help me as a shell. Thanks!

filthyc4sual on Podium of Brothers

1 month ago

Good idea to use 1- and 2-ofs alongside Time of Need, I wouldn't have thought of that!

CaptSillva on legendary toolbox

1 month ago

There is a lot of work that could be done here to improve this deck. What Captain does very well is setting up a board state that is next to impossible for your opponents to deal with and overwhelming them with brute force.

However your current build is missing a few important tools first Heroes' Podium and Time of Need for more tutoring. Saffi Eriksdotter is a good combo card with things like Karmic Guide, Sun Titan, and Reveillark which are all good cards on their own.

Then for the real meat of the deck you want Gaddock Teeg to shut out most board clear effects. Sigarda, Host of Herons to protect against sacrifice effects and then her sisters Bruna, the Fading Light and Gisela, the Broken Blade because they form Brisela, Voice of Nightmares which shuts out everything Gaddock Teeg doesn't.

Lastly this is a super heavy mana cost deck and the average land count of commander decks is about 35. You are at 34 and you have very little ramp. Here are a few good options to aid you there Selesnya Signet, Solemn Simulacrum, Kodama's Reach, and Cultivate.

Justin_Bop on Collected Brothers

1 month ago

Typically, when playing a Collected Company deck, you would add more creatures to your deck to increase your chance of hitting two creatures. With only 10 "collectable' creatures in your deck currently, you have well below a 50% chance to hit two creatures, as shown by the graph below.

Collected Company Graph Show

Before going any further with the deck, you should really decide where you want to go with it. You could shape to fit a traditional tribal shell (see Slivers or Elves). Another option could be for you to focus your deck on a few, powerful Samurai with some equipment, removal, and protection without Collected Company.

Normal tribal decks tend to play Aether Vial, a powerful card if played on turn one, as it allows your deck to maintain speed and momentum in the early to mid game. Playing two creatures a turn as opposed to one creates many more explosive lines of play in a tribal deck. Moving into white with this strategy, Bushi Tenderfoot, Kentaro, the Smiling Cat, Hand of Honor, and Konda's Hatamoto seem like proper additions to the deck.

One problem that I see with running Samurai is it's lack of lords (creatures that buff all your same-tribe creatures, such as Lord of Atlantis in Merfolk) and offensive presence, as Bushido is a defensive mechanic. You will have trouble finishing off games quickly with this deck compared to all other tribal decks in modern. Some extraneous lords that you could include that aren't necessarily Samurai include Metallic Mimic and Adaptive Automaton.

If you decide to go with the less creature-centric deck, Time of Need is a fantastic card to go with your Legendary creature toolbox. Lightning Bolt is an efficient removal card, check out the Sword cycle for great equipment to go with your Samurai.

Hope this deck works out for you and can become more competitive, good luck and hope I could help :)

Vaan on Naya Elvish Piper

2 months ago

If you're gonna focus on Elvish Piper to cheat big creatures into play you should streamline your deck a bit. I would cut the 4 Woolly Thoctar and 2 Wild Nacatl for +2 Elvish Piper, +2 Elvish Harbinger and +2 Llanowar Elves. Knotvine Mystic is too color restrictive to your current mana base, so i would cut it for +3 Fyndhorn Elves or +3 Birds of Paradise.

I would also cut 1 Plains and 1 Mountain, since most of the cards we want to cast are green and we have A LOT of ramp, 20 lands is just fine.

You only have 3 big creatures and 4 fetchable cards for your 4 Time of Need, so i would either cut Time of Need for +4 big creatures or for +4 Fierce Empath.

Try cutting Growth Spasm and Lightning Helix for +3 Beast Within, Might of the Nephilim is a very subpar card, cutting it (and the 2 lands) for +3 big creatures or Natural Order would give the deck a good boost.

Protean Hulk and Craterhoof Behemoth are good additions, if you can find space on the deck and the budget allows it.

For the sideboard you can add Summoning Trap, Obstinate Baloth and Nature's Claim.

Brolamog_the_Infinite_Higher on Sisay's Spirit convoy

2 months ago

This feels like a deck that would want Time of Need

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