Angel of Serenity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Mythic Rare

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Angel of Serenity

Creature — Angel


When Angel of Serenity enters the battlefield, you may exile up to three other target creatures from the battlefield and/or creature cards from graveyards.

When Angel of Serenity leaves the battlefield, return the exiled cards to their owners' hands.

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Angel of Serenity Discussion

Wel5 on Mono-white Legends

1 week ago

Angel of Serenity maybe ? I like her a lot in the end game too

chadsansing on Cherubim and Seraphim

1 week ago

I like this theme a lot.

Angel of Finality might give you some graveyard hate. Angel of Glory's Rise might help you recur your humans and even include a few more utility humans like Mangara of Corondor or Mageta the Lion. Angel of Serenity is often a spicy surprise. Bruna, the Fading Light, + Gisela, the Broken Blade, + Thalia's Lancers can be fun. Exquisite Archangel is kind of like a cheaper Platinum Angel or a back-up Resolute Archangel.

Since you are running a mono-colored deck, you might also be able to play fewer lands, which would free up some slots for more creatures, protection (e.g. Lapse of Certainty or Mana Tithe), or removal (e.g. Hallowed Moonlight or Rout). Banishing Light is another good O-Ring effect. Path to Exile might help. A few more rocks and some more card-draw (e.g. Inheritance) might help, too.

I hope some of these suggestions are useful.

Have fun!

Spacebeest on Teneb-EDH

3 weeks ago

Helljunction, Thanx for ur ideas

My discard outlets are Survival of the Fittest and Liliana of the Veil and to Some extent Greater Good. Also i run garu lands and can skipp a land drop to discard if needed. Ill probably get my hands on a Fauna Shaman at Some point though. I dont like the anvil, it gives all my (blue) opponents unlimited handsize and additionel cards, but it does work as a decent discart outlet.

Ive kind of ignored Traverse the Ulvenwald untill now because getting a basic in ur hand seems mediocre. However the second mode is really really Nice. Still i probably would not play it over Worldly Tutor but you Did convince me and ill the the card out at Some point.

I see GSZ as a ramp spell with utility in late game. As a tutor its probably my worst one but as ramp spell its decent. Having Dryad Arbor in opening hand sucks Though although it does provide me with a target for Pattern of Rebirth sometimes. If i cut it it probably has to be replaced by a ramp spell Though.

Regarding Angel of Serenity, I tried to keep up a good pod Chain by having 3 creatures at each mana slot (which might be a bit overdone). It recently replaced Resolute Archangel who has been very good to me but could help me in all cases. Ive not tested the angel yet but in the past it served me Well, it returns to hand instead of play and can return creatures from my graveyard to my hand in addition. Since the inclution of Greater Good i think in theory it is even beter allowing me to permanently exile all the creatures and, hopefully, Greater good draws me into a reanimation spell and i can exile more creatures. Having Said all that i still like your suggestion and Will Try to get my hands on a coppy, Maybe to replace Terastodon?

Eldritch Evolution is on my wants list for Some time but ive had other priorities. Its like a beter but one shot Birthing Pod. I think most of my other tutors are beter Though So making room for it Will be hard.

Lastly Crypt Ghast and Also Cabal Coffers used to be great in the past when my deck revolved around casting Tooth and Nail a bunch of times. Recently since my deck became more reanimation focust i feel they have become less good and they might be cut at Some point. Still they are one of the few ways to get greatly ahead on mana of my oponents. When i cast crypt ghast i have mostly 1-2 swamps in play and thats ussualy fine, cabal coffers is only good with 3+ swamps So its sometimes dead in hand, however the things they allow me to do when urborg Is play make them still worthwille. Im still looking to pick up a coppy of Oracle of Mul Daya who can Maybe replace the crypt ghast. Id try to fit in a coppy of Ramunap Excavator then aswell.

This has been quite Some writing work and i only talked about my deck. Ill try to take another look at yours later today if i can find Some more tips for u

Helljunction on Teneb-EDH

3 weeks ago

Spacebeest Hey man,Thanks for the comment. I've been playing EDH for years and this is the first deck I made. It changed a lot since then and usually performs really well in most casual metas. I have ~10 decks in my roster right now and while this deck is one of my favorite, it's not my most competitive so it has some budget constraints. I don't have the budget for most of the good green or black tutors and I recently cut cards like Ancient Tomb, Mana Crypt and Sylvan Library in favor of other, more cutthroat decks. My land base could also benefit from a good upgrade.

I strongly recommend Traverse the Ulvenwald: it's basically a land early game and turns into a better Worldly Tutor late game. Burgeoning is a tough call: I keep it because it's so explosive early, but it's a dead draw late game unless you have a ton of card draw.

Is you meta super creature heavy? 99% of the time, I would suggest running Ashen Rider over Angel of Serenity. I also get the Green Sun's Zenith + Dryad Arbor synergy, but other than that, the Zenith does not seem to have a ton of high value targets (mostly removal and recursion targets). I would suggest running Eldritch Evolution instead: it's been an over-performer for me. I was also wondering if Crypt Ghast had been doing a lot of work for you: you don't have a ton of Swamps (maybe only a quarter of you lands if you include fetches). Most be a dead draw every time you don't have Urborg?

I also recently realized that early discard outlets were a must, turning early dead draws into juicy reanimation targets (9 of your 25 creatures are 6 CMC and up). I ended up adding Fauna Shaman and Anvil of Bogardan to that end.

When I built the deck, Skullclamp and Birthing Pod were not a good fit and I never really thought about it recently. Now it seems like such an obvious inclusion I'm a bit ashamed. I will include the Clamp right away and will have to get my hands on another Pod. I personally am not a huge fan of Tooth and Nail, unless you're going for an infinite combo win. In this deck, I try for most of my expensive spells to be creatures, so I can reanimate if they're countered (my meta runs a good number of control decks). I also don't own one right now.

luther on Meriekes Rise to Power

1 month ago

Thornbite Staff and sac engines like Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, or Viscera Seer makes it so you can machine gun their squad. It also goes inf with your Adarkar Valkyrie

If you are looking for creatures that are control, I suggest Fiend Hunter, Angel of Serenity, Faceless Butcher, Leonin Relic-Warder, Mesmeric Fiend, and Tidehollow Sculler. These are all decent control on their own, but pull double duty when paired with a sac outlet (which i feel you should have). Using the stack correctly, you play fiend hunter and target their ulamog with the first part of fh ability. While the ability is on the stack sacrifice fh and the second part of fh ability goes off and since the first part hasnt triggered yet, nothing is returned. Finally your opponent loses their ulamog.

I also think you could use some more recursion, such as Sheoldred, Whispering One, Hell's Caretaker Karmic Guide, and Reveillark. The last two are part of a group of infinite combos that get called either karmic guide and friends or reveillark and friends that you could add in.

Looks like you have a pretty solid deck as is, so I totally understand if you completely ignore my suggestions.


Wel5 on Pact with the Dead

1 month ago

@Aleboth93 Thx for your reply and suggestions ! Indeed, i will include Angel of Serenity instead of the sphinx, i missreaded her drawback Galepowder Mage is a bit an annoying 4 drop without etb effect, but yea when he stays he is a great flicker support. I need more playtesting.

Aleboth93 on Pact with the Dead

1 month ago

Great deck! What about Angel of Serenity? In place of the sphinx, maybe?

And you could add something like Galepowder Mage to bounce your ETB creature ;)

+1 from me

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