Hanweir Garrison


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Hanweir Garrison

Creature — Human Soldier

Whenever Hanweir Garrison attacks, put two 1/1 red Human creature tokens onto the battlefield tapped and attacking.

(Melds with Hanweir Battlements)

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Hanweir Garrison Discussion

ramuzzini on Thanks, I Think I'll Take That

1 day ago

Deck looks great. I'd suggest removing Hanweir Garrison and adding in more Defiant Salvager or Voracious Null. You could even drop a Gonti since he's legendary. You want to be consistent and stay true to the strategy.

Aftertherevolution on What removal can take out ...

3 days ago

lots of nice stuff in that thread, and have been looking at a few of those mentioned. def love silverfur, and do ok with a Hanweir Garrison/Slip Through Space deck. Also was looking at a Otherworldly Outburst, Strength of Arms, Fumigate combo :) ... when I get a chance I'll dig deeper on the thread and post some something if I can add anything new.

frig on The Revolting Fog

6 days ago

All right I have tuned it a bit more. You are right that the consul is the key to Mardu (I dont think the match up can be won unless that hits the board early), so I upped it to 4. Otherwise I just mulligan till I have one in hand. But this deck does not like mulligan'n. The added benefit of this is that it greatly helps vs copycat.

I upped the fumigates to 4 to handle the BG. And I added Metallurgic Summonings as a win con. However, I think that has been underwhelming and it just gives a target for Mardu's Unlicensed Disintegration which is just packing his hand by that time.

This meant I cut glimmer and anticipate and Dovin. I believe that I will move the summoning to the board, I think it will be key against more typical control. I like Consulate Surveillance for some of the same reasons I like Dovin Baan, it saves a fog early and right after a sweeper and forces them to commit more resources into a sweeper.

I have a single copy Wildest Dreams as a late game sealer. I tried Seasons Past but there was too much repetitive cmc in the deck. I also like 1 or even 2 Geier Reach Sanitarium as an end of opponents turn mana sink. If ever there was a deck that did not mind giving the opponent a card it is this one.

So in the end I am going to be testing this going forward, with a similiar deck list to you (more Fumigate's) less anticipate, adding Dovin and Glimmer x2 each.

I really can't play a deck thate veryone else is playing and anythin I have brewed to be good against Mardu and BG has gotten smoked by Copy cat. This is the first one that has game against both main deck and this even has answers to Aetherflux Reservoir .

I think the main issue is Temur Tower. I played Fog in the old days (though I only played for a few months before getting back into it now) and counters were the nemesis. Being situated in blue gives some answers but I would really like a card like Hanweir Garrison against control. Perhaps Mechanized Production to give an auto win clock when put on a tower or construct token.

landstalker10 on Spell slingin' soul sisters

1 week ago

I have ideas, but let me first clear up a few matters. I think I see this deck as a spell deck. You cast instant and sorcery's with permanents on the field that generate tokens and damage to the player and later swarm the opponent.

Keeping that in mind I see cards like Hanweir Garrison as a break in the deck or rather making it clunky. So with that in mind here are some other cards I would replace: Path of Bravery, Faithless Looting, Burn at the Stake.

Removal is a key part of this deck, as well as damage prevention. Shining Shoal. Consider it, and Consider Spectral Procession. 6 CMC, not 3 CMC read the rules on it. There are more options like this. Now you have the ability to card remove, have higher CMC in a lower CMC deck and fill your token needs: Sorcery/instant needs.

IF you do the above, then consider Flame Javelin. Higher removal, low casting with high CMC. Staying budget without dropping money on lands comes into play now. Guess what. Thats modern, that is standard, that is magic. Buy one awesome land from time to time when you can and be satisfied that modern lands do not lose value on the norm.

:::::Now to your question:::::

White Sun's Zenith,

(40 cents) Budget: Check.

Its an instant or socery: Check

Reusable, well it recycles so: Check

Helps against or with: Board wipes/sweeps

Lastly Terminus See all the above and think for about a budget potention 1 drop board wipe. not super budget.

Side Note: Buy Sea Gate Wreckage running one of these in modern decks will be a staple. Anyone that does not see well they do not see the value it offers decks like yours.

Thatcardartist7 on Spell slingin' soul sisters

1 week ago

If you wouldn't mind landstalker10, my number one problem as of this minute is finding Young Pyromancer like creatures to pump out tokens. I added Hanweir Garrison for repeated creature generation, but I'd like something closer to Young Pyromancer or Monastery Mentor though of course being within the budget. Do you know of any?

RumAndCoke on Keeping Vigil

1 week ago

I'd recommend running more humans. Trusty Companion and Narnam Renegade are both pretty average creatures.

To replace them I'd recommend Lone Rider  Flip and Hanweir Garrison. You could also consider Inventor's Apprentice and Kari Zev, Skyship Raider.

As far as replacements for Nature's Way, I'd suggest Shock, Authority of the Consuls or Declaration in Stone. You don't have very much hard removal which is really important to have in the current meta.

I really think splashing more red in your deck will make it better overall. Hopefully some of these ideas help. +1 from me

Sherring92 on Naya Angels/Aggro/Burn

1 week ago

AiryNeon Thank you very much for your support :D

My initial idea was to not play Hanweir Battlements, even if I meld it to Hanweir Garrison it is easily removable from the battlefield for the actual Standard format. I think I could put 2 Thalia removing 2 Sigarda.Energy production it is not mandatory, Servant of the Conduit is useful just on the first moments of the game.Sylvan Advocate is a very good suggestion, like the Dragonmaster Outcast and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.

Hope to hear news from you again!

AiryNeon on Naya Angels/Aggro/Burn

1 week ago

I really like this deck idea. However, I have a few suggestions.

Don't run Hanweir Garrison without Hanweir Battlements. It just really doesn't work. And, with your current mana base, you can't afford to run Hanweir Battlements. Thalia, Heretic Cathar is an amazing card. I think that with your energy production, you could consider Aether Hub. Put Authority of the Consuls in the sideboard, and also think about Verdurous Gearhulk. Also, Fumigate is necessary. Sigarda, Heron's Grace is a great sideboard card. Also, think about Dragonmaster Outcast. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is another amazing card. Sylvan Advocate is also great. Right now, I'm honestly just throwing cards out there. I'm a tad busy right now (I found a slight free moment to comment on a few decks during my busy day), so I can't make any real suggestions currently. If you want my help, please mention me right here. See ya!

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