Bastion Protector


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare

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Bastion Protector

Creature — Human Soldier

Commander creatures you control get +2/+2 and have indestructible.

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Bastion Protector Discussion

CaptSillva on Kaalia Lose Friends

1 week ago

Here is a few more fatties you could consider for this deck Scourge of the Throne, Balefire Dragon, Karmic Guide, Baneslayer Angel, Lyra Dawnbringer, Shadowborn Demon, Demonlord Belzenlok, and Overseer of the Damned.

These are some support cards that can help keep your commander in the fight Whip of Erebos, Bastion Protector, Bloodsworn Steward, Command Beacon, Flamekin Village, and Hanweir Battlements.

Coward_Token on Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign Mild Stax

2 weeks ago

Kambal, Consul of Allocation & Painful Quandary seem on-theme for you

Bastion Protector? can obviously only help Yennet survive one Wrath

Authority of the Consuls is an odd, cheaper alternative to Blind Obedience you've probably already considered

Palladium Myr & Worn Powerstone are odd alternatives to the Signets; obviously depends on how little color fixing you're comfortable with

Osbert on Shalai Tokens

2 weeks ago

I'm a huge advocate for Lightning Greaves to protect Shalai and have a full lock out on creatures. Bastion Protector does a similar job but only in a meta where destroy is more common than tuck/exile.

Card draw seems important. I would suggest Huatli, Radiant Champion and Skullclamp.

With natural hexproof I would run some valuable hate cards like Aven Mindcensor, Containment Priest, Hushwing Gryff, etc.

If you play in a spicy meta Carpet of Flowers creates absurd amounts of mana for a single because someone will be playing blue.

I highly suggest getting a Teferi's Protection as it is the only preventative card that can avoid Toxic Deluge and Cyclonic Rift.

I heard time walk was a good card, good thing green has a copy: Seedtime. After the blue players learn it's in your deck they second guess countering your spells or sometimes walk right into an extra turn lethal. It is also the only other spell in game that can semi counter an EoT cyclonic rift.

Mirri's Guile does not seem to cooperate with the deck strategy and I would suggest Sensei's Divining Top over it thanks to its ability to draw you one of the cards you looked at.

Ruffigan on Defender of the Faith: Bastion Protector PDH

3 weeks ago

@Joker207755: As a Pauper EDH player of four years, a staff member of PDH Homebase, the creator of the most popular Pauper EDH Primer on the internet, and the admin of the Pauper EDH subreddit I am telling you with authority they are legal cards. Pauper EDH allows the use of a card that has ever been printed at common in the 99 (including MTGO) and any card ever printed at uncommon as the commander (including MTGO). Gatherer is a useful tool but does not include every printing, as I showed with Bastion Protector in the Legendary Cube. Afterlife was printed at common in Vintage Masters on MTGO. Anyone telling you they are not legal to play at your LGS in Pauper EDH is misinformed.

Ruffigan on Defender of the Faith: Bastion Protector PDH

3 weeks ago

@Joker207755: As I stated in the description, Bastion Protector was released at uncommon in the MTGO Legendary Cube, making it a legal commander in Pauper EDH.

ghostfire86 on Kaalia's Having a Party

1 month ago

You need to drop Sword of the Animist, Elixir of Immortality, and a Mountain to add Boros Signet, Rakdos Signet, and Orzhov Signet. I run 34 lands and dropping a single land for a mana rock isn’t going to kill your deck.

Tragic Arrogance needs to switch to Cataclysm.

Adding Bastion Protector will complement Arvad the Cursed.

Ocelot44 on Tajic Hatebears

1 month ago

If you love hate cards as much as I do, then I've got a lot of recommendations!

Torpor Orb is a Tocatli Honor Guard that doesn't die to creature wipes

Bastion Protector will protect Tajic while Tajic protects Bastion Protector, so easy wombo combo

I know this might seem counterintuitive, but Boros Reckoner and Truefire Captain could both go really well in here! If Tajic ever gets removed, then suddenly any Blasphemous Act effects become massive burn spells! I'd also recommend other Earthquake effects like Magmaquake, Hour of Devastation, or Chain Reaction

With your +1/+1 counter subtheme, creatures with persist like Twilight Shepherd, Kithkin Spellduster, and Furystoke Giant could all be good, or even Cauldron of Souls could be hilarious

If you want more reanimation hate, I really love Containment Priest! It's a Hallowed Moonlight effect that doesn't hit tokens, but it sticks around if you can defend it

Vasher on Aurelia - Equipment Voltron (EDH/Commander)

1 month ago

Updated some cards. Added the Mana Crypt and Ancient Tomb for more efficient ramp, Loxodon Gatekeeper and Urabrask the Hidden while great cards were not on theme and had a high enough cmc that I didn't like playing them and were always giving me the feel bads when I played them. So I put in Imperial Recruiter cause he's another body, but can get me nearly any creature in the deck, so I'll be able to problem solve with it. Does that mean I draw more by getting Puresteel Paladin or fetch an equip I need with Stoneforge Mystic? Bam. And having a Grand Abolisher effect on a fetchable equipment is great, that's why I put in Conqueror's Flail. And Bastion Protector is cute and all but Mask of Memory fixing my card draw issues while putting some cards in my yard to be later drawn out by my several recursion spells is way better.

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