Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Rare

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Players can't get counters.

Counters can't be put on artifacts, creatures, enchantments, or lands.

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Solemnity Discussion

nerf_herder_2983 on Did someone say tokens with deathtouch?

3 hours ago

@Slyce This is turning out a lot better than before. If I have all the cards I think I might test it out. Also, I just finished watching a deck tech by StricktlyBetterMtG on YouTube with almost the same deck. Here's the link I'd definitely check him out for some more ideas. As far as removal, I'm not to sure about what green has to offer, but black of course has Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness, although I think what you have is just fine for removal since there's already removal in your creatures. So, I'd keep Claim / Fame but find something to get rid of enchantments in case of curses and Solemnity.

Zenaku17 on Daxos the Terminator

17 hours ago

Wouldn't Solemnity mess up the experience counters?

Zalephatos on Daxos the Terminator

19 hours ago

I would also like to add that Solemnity combos nicely with Phyrexian Unlife.

cyclinggamer on -1/-1 counter with cycling

22 hours ago

ACDAMAN, Solemnity is of course an issue.

But not too terrible a concern with a 4/4 and a 5/4 flier coming at someone's face. Issue is exactly as Argy stated in that there needs to be more threat and creature removal/counter, especially in my current meta where 3 of 6 decks on Saturday HOU showdown were temur energy.

Vile Manifestation thankfully doesn't interact with counters, except as a cycle feeder for the Archfiend of Ifnir or cycle feeder for Curator of Mysteries.

I will have to tinker with the suggestions he made. I have no The Scarab God, and will have to pillage my b/w zombie deck for the liliana's he suggested. I can't justify purchasing outright another set of those things. I might pull some Drana, Liberator of Malakir and possibly an Olivia, Mobilized for War or two from a vampire deck I have to fill the void.

Heck, maybe use the discard mechanic instead of the cycling mechanic to trigger the archfiend? Maybe then try to get a The Scorpion God to fill out any cards from previous sets.

michael921 on Undead Belchers

23 hours ago

The biggest advice that I could give is push your three drops around. You currently have WAY too many. If you want the deck to be a more powered version, do a search on mtgtop8 for WB zombies, and emulate their lists. If you want this to be more of a sweet brew around -1/-1 + Solemnity, consider Soulstinger, Vizier of Remedies as additional copies of solemnity, and going abzan with Forests so you get access to the gargantuan green creatures.

Painchaud on Mono Green Infect

23 hours ago

You should consider putting something like Sundering Growth in your sideboard, always useful when some cards like Solemnity enters the battlefield, totally breaking the infect mechanic.

ACDAMAN on -1/-1 counter with cycling

1 day ago

Solemnity, that's all I can say

yahelhotam on Dark Solemnity

1 day ago

why would you want Vexing Sphinx? the whole point of it is that you draw the cards but you can't if you have Solemnity

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