Path to Exile


Exile target creature. Its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Path to Exile Discussion

Boza on Make This Deck Modern-Legal?

1 minute ago

Additionally, I would lose the black. The incidental lifeloss/gain is not important as it takes too long to get going. More exile effects like Path to Exile or something like Leyline of Sanctity and Idyllic Tutor are what the deck needs.

ThisIsTheSix on Bolster this, counter on that.. oh, and a token!

36 minutes ago

Thanks trixster87 for kind words! Ill have a look at it to see what I can take out for Path to Exile

benelas16 im not sure about Aether Vial because i also have Preeminent Captain to play my other soldiers.

CommanderNeyo yea, Cavern of Souls is quite expensive but you can take it out for some if you want. That's right Preeminent Captain can help to play Captain of the Watch ill have a look at it. Thanks a lot!

Sargeras on Black White Control

5 hours ago

Interesting build, so +1, here are my suggestions:

  1. Most of this stuff looks like the WB control deck from standard, which is a slower format, but in modern, almost every deck is trying to kill you around turn 4, which means cards like Read the Bones, Ruinous Path, Transgress the Mind just aren't going to make the cut, if you want card draw Night's Whisper is more on curve (you lose scrying but that should be ok) Phyrexian Arena is also an option that is more dependable. While Ruinous Path, Ultimate Price, and Hero's Downfall were great in standard, 3 mana in modern should get you more, cards like Go for the Throat, Path to Exile, and Dismember are much better at dealing with creatures and are more on curve. (Also, Victim of Night kills pretty much everything in the format, so I'd play it over Grasp of Darkness. Transgress the Mind is obviously outclassed by Inqusition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize but it could probably just be 2 more Castigate, since many deck in the format like burn don't even play 3 drops.

  2. Do you really need 26 lands? 24-25 is what most decks need to consistently play 6 drops, but that's more for you to decide. In any case, some budget duals are Isolated Chapel and Caves of Koilos, I'd probably put chapel in since you play so many basics.

  3. I'm unsure if you need to play both Languish and Wrath of God, because it really should be just 4 wraths if you think you need all 4 of them.

  4. This deck looks well pivoted towards beating creature based decks, but a deck like Ad Nauseeum would run right over you. I'd recommend playing 4 copies of Duress in your sideboard if you don't have inquisitions/thoughtseizes in the main.

  5. The deck needs a sideboard plan, as mentioned above Duress seems like a good option for the deck, I'd also recommend playing Disenchant or moving some amount of Anguished Unmaking into the sideboard, since you likely wont need all of them in a game. If gravehate is needed for budget Tormod's Crypt and Nihil Spellbomb are very cheap. Extirpate can shred combo decks and couples well with discard. There are other ideas but it's all meta dependent.

  6. While I like the idea of assembling Bruna and Gisela, I think a better plan would be to play 2 Gideon Jura, as he can fog for a turn, kill creatures, and is a finisher all by himself. Also, I think you get rid of some of your creature removal to play Lingering Souls since you are so overloaded with it and the synergy it has with cards like Sorin, Solemn Visitor is amazing. Elspeth, Knight-Errant could also be looked at as a one-of since it works with Lingering Souls and Shambling Vent.

These are my suggestions, let me know if you'd like anymore feedback.


Firebones675 on UW mid range

11 hours ago

Just so you know flood plain is not legal in modern. Flooded Strand is though and is pretty similar. I'd look into adding Path to Exile in order to stabilize against aggressive decks and give yourself time to set up

ThisIsTheSix on Bolster this, counter on that.. oh, and a token!

11 hours ago

trixster87 I do have considered Path to Exile and it really is a great card. But I like to do something different if you know what I mean :) seeing the same cards over and over again isn't special ;)

About the soldiers I was thinking before to add some of those. I will have a look again to see what can be better! I really appreciate the input! ;)

trixster87 on Bolster this, counter on that.. oh, and a token!

14 hours ago

Path to Exile should be in the mainboard, it's premier removal for a reason.

Suggested starting point of Sideboard-
2 Stony Silence- affinity
2 Rest in Peace- dredge and graveyard decks
2 Leyline of Sanctity- burn/ combo
3 Ghost Quarter- tron
4 Kor Firewalker- burn
2 Selfless Spirit- heavy spot removal/ wrath decks

Firebones675 on Jund Shadow (Modified)

14 hours ago

LeaPlath, in a lot of ways I like your list better. More tuned for the modern meta and all. I do feel like the deck i'd build would be somewhere in between the deck MizzMizz linked and the one you did though.

Creature-wise i think the core should definitely be 4x shadows and 4x goyfs, but still think theres room for a grim flayer or two in the mix. You mentioned it in one of your earlier comments but shadow aggro should ideally be able to reliably hit delirium and a 4/4 trample can still do some work, especially if it connects.

Mizz, I agree with cutting the swiftspears and dryads for sure , which will make Mutagenic Growth and Temur Battle Rage worse so you could cut some as well. i'd leave a couple in the deck though. With the extra slots from cutting them you could include more disruption. I'd go up to atleast 3 thoughtseize in the mainboard if not all 4, and a couple inquisitions. liliana is also nice to strip their hand and adding to delerium.

As for the mana base, Blood Moon is gonna be bad for you no matter what seeing as how a high fetch/shock count is required for the deck to work. At best you can deal with it in the sideboard.

You mentioned you were concerned about being worried you couldnt fetch for a basic. Some modern decks run basics only because Ghost Quarter, Path to Exile and Blood Moon exist. They don't show up in every game so in many games needing to fetch for basics isnt as important. I guess what i'm trying to say is don't be to concerned about paying life on shocks, your Death Shadows will thank you for getting a bit reckless. Provided you don't drop too low, the life loss is fine.

Livenoevil on White Token Tsunami 2.0

19 hours ago

I agree with Karma1452 definitely need to fit 4 Path to Exile in the deck if its within you budget. You need to be able to remove 2/2 or 3/3 blockers or your 1/1's will be suiciding into blocks. As far as I can tell Ethereal Haze is pretty useless in the deck because an opponent with larger creatures will simply leave them on the defense for profitable blocks. Brave the Elements is a much better replacement in this deck. It allows you to make you whole team unblockable for a turn (If enemy is running creatures of same colour). Also it allows you to profitably block when an enemy attacks.

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