Boros Reckoner


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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Boros Reckoner

Creature — Minotaur Wizard

Whenever Boros Reckoner is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target creature or player.R/W: Boros Reckoner gains first strike until end of turn.

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Boros Reckoner Discussion

ChiefBell on Gruul Skred Superfriends

1 day ago

Re: courser, remember that you are playing Tarmogoyf and 8 one-mana removal spells. The last thing you need is a 3 mana defensive dude, because you have ample other options to deal with those goblins etc. Courser is very good defensively, but spending 3 mana on a defensive card is a total waste of time when you have 1 mana options like Lightning Bolt that do just as well.

Tarmogoyf maybe isn't right in this deck. You want to play Tarmogoyf as a 3/4 or 4/5 on Turn 2. You absolutely cannot do that reliably without turn 1 fetchland into Inquisition of Kozilek hitting a creature or something else juicy. At the moment you have the efficiency of the tarmogoyf, given that it can of course be a huge beater, but none of the speed of the goyf, given that this deck doesn't expect 3 to 4 different permanent types in the GY by turn 3 reliably, every game. Tarmogoyf is absolutely at its worst if you're playing it as a defensive option on turn 3 or 4. Tarmogoyf is absolutely at its best if you're playing it as an offensive option on turn 2. This is modern and we all know that Tarmogoyf is great but when your opponent is playing Inferno Titan on turn 4, he doesn't look so peachy.

I'm a bit confused by the configuration of the deck here. You have hierarch, goyf, huntmaster, and arlinn kord which are all very aggressive cards, capable of easily taking quick wins. Then you have very slow cards like wildspeaker, courser, sarkhan dragonspeaker which are much slower and more considered. This is a deck of two halves and I'm not sure it pulls together as one whole. You're either going to draw a very aggressive opening hand that becomes clunky when you topdeck 6 mana planeswalkers. Or you're going to draw a very reactive and slow hand that becomes clunky when you topdeck hierarchs. And I think you really need to think about this.

Big Skred is a deck, and it's a pretty good deck. You can be using Koth of the Hammer and Noble Hierarch to ramp up loads and loads of mana by T4 and T5 along with things like Mind Stone. Support this with Roast, Lightning Bolt and Skred and easily reach a point where you can cast those 6 drops. However I don't think chandra is the right one. She's a really stupid aggression piece but won't help you against aggro. I would much rather see Wurmcoil Engine in here because it stops most aggro dead in its tracks, and doesn't die to most removal in the format.

On the other hand aggressive skred is also possible with Noble Hierarch, Lightning Bolt, Koth of the Hammer, Stormbreath Dragon and Boros Reckoner you can easily put out an awful lot of damage exceedingly quickly. In this case though, there's no reason to run clunky 6 mana cards because you hope to win before you ever have to cast them.

Mixing and matching a late game orientated deck with an early game orientated deck can have problems. Tarmogoyf and hierarch and all the other cards in this deck are no doubt very good choices - but they're not all pulling together to form one strategy. They're actually pulling the deck in different directions and this creates inconsistency, and inconsistency costs games.

In any case I would thoroughly recommend Koth of the Hammer. Though you'd have to emphasise more on the red, instead of the green, which I think is perfectly possible and the payoff would be large. In an aggressive deck he's a 4/4 with haste that doesn't die to killspells. In a ramp deck he doubles your mana, quite simply. That's 8 mana available on turn 4 if you get him out on turn 3. 10 mana on turn 5 etc. That's the potential, and it's not impossible.

Uri on Black/Red/White equipment

4 days ago

Hey all,

I'm looking for assistance with a Black/Red/White equipment deck. My commander is Oros, the Avenger, accompanied by primarily white creatures (there is one red, namely the Hellkite Tyrant)

But I have absolutely no idea what cards to pick from. My last concept contained creatures very scarcely.

Here are some cards that I planned to put in.

Creatures:Stoneforge MysticStone Haven OutfitterTidehollow ScullerPuresteel PaladinBrass Squire (for instant-speed equipping)Kor DuelistHellkite TyrantIroas's ChampionBoros SwiftbladeHearthfire HobgoblinBoros Reckoner

support/fetch:Boros CharmLightning BoltTerminatePath to ExileDeclaration in StoneLightning HelixWarleader's HelixGhirapur AEther Grid (playing red, and has artifacts. Why not?)Steelshaper's GiftOpen the ArmoryEnlightened TutorSigarda's Aid

equipment:Flayer HuskBatterskullSickleslicerLoxodon WarhammerSword of KaldraSunforgerDemonspine WhipSwiftfoot BootsDarksteel PlateSword of War and PeaceSword of Light and Shadow

other:Sol RingBoros CluestoneRakdos Cluestone

pacolemere830530 on Burn Baby Burn

1 week ago

You are close to a few infinite combos... I'm an izzet player so I look mostly for splinter twin type combos but I noticed the Boros Reckoner infinite damage combo is there if you added him. Reckoner + Boros Charm for indestructible + Dictate of the Twin Gods = Infinite Damage

If you added blink outlets like Deadeye Navigator and an untap outlet like Pestermite to untap your gilded lotus or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx= Infinite mana

Several of your creatures have solid ETB effects, perhaps Splinter Twin and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Then your archeomancer could be the source of infinite combos as well.

Chuff_Bucket on Frost Burn

2 weeks ago

Don't know if you're aware, but Skred only deals damage to creatures. If you wanted to point a Skred at an opponent's face, you'd need to run Spitemare or Boros Reckoner to transfer the damage.

Furielfriend on Jeskai Burn

2 weeks ago

MRDOOM3 on Soldiers

2 weeks ago

Most of the suggestions I would have made are already in here, but here are a few more.

Iroas, God of Victory is fun, especially with a swarm of soldiers.

Archetype of Courage is a card I would say is a staple in a Soldiers deck. I mean, 3 mana, all creatures get first strike.

Boros Battleshaper, is one of my eh cards. Mainly because even when you use its ability, other creatures can still attack/block.

Odric, Master Tactician, or, as I like to call him, "Captain No-Blocks," is fun to use.

Although they are not Soldiers, Boros Reckoner and Balefire Liege are also fun as well.

Glory of Warfare and Gleam of Battle are both eh enchantments.

If this deck were more centered around Heroic, I would have suggested Anax and Cymede.

HorridBEAST on Deathtouch + Trample vs. Indestructable

2 weeks ago

Indestructible means that if an effect would destroy the card, it is not destroyed.

Deathtouch means that 1 damage is a lethal amount of damage.

Trample means that after assigning lethal damage, any remaining damage can be applied to the defending player.

Therefore the Indestructable Boros Reckoner will be assigned 1 damage and the other 4 damage can be dealt to the defending player. Boros Reckoner will not be destroyed because it is Indestructible and it will deal 1 damage because it was dealt 1 damage.

Normally, without Deathtouch, if the creature got double strike then on the First Strike damage step the attacking creature would deal damage equal to the defending creatures toughness (trampling the rest) and then on the regular damage step the defending creature would already have lethal damage and all of the damage would trample over, but with death touch I don't know if you would have to deal 1 damage again and trample the rest or if the 1 damage on First Strike would still be counted as lethal Deathtouch damage

Furielfriend on Deathtouch + Trample vs. Indestructable

2 weeks ago

Scenario: a 5/5 Deathtouch Trample creature gets blocked by Boros Reckoner.

How much damage will Boros Reckoner trigger if...

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