Boros Reckoner

Boros Reckoner

Creature — Minotaur Wizard

Whenever Boros Reckoner is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target creature or player.R/W: Boros Reckoner gains first strike until end of turn.
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Boros Reckoner Discussion

Frayace on Minotaurs: THE GLORIOUS RUSH OF HORNS

23 hours ago

IF you want this deck to be better in multiplayer, you could up the Fanatic of Mogis and Boros Reckoner up to 4, and take out the 3 Kragma Butcher and 1 of something else.

On another note: Ragemonger makes Nameless Inversion and other changelings cheaper.

Gidgetimer on Constant Color-Screwing

1 day ago

Your overall land count seems high as does your basic count. Also if tiny leader goes by the same color identity rule as commander Boros Reckoner is not legal in your deck.

I would suggest getting the 3 legal shocks in your colors (Stomping Ground Steam Vents Breeding Pool) along with the on-color onslaught fetch (Wooded Foothills). After that you could probably add the checks (Hinterland Harbor Sulfur Falls Rootbound Crag). With those seven non-basics you should be able to have consistent access to your colors.

Epochalyptik on Are attackers tapped as soon ...

4 days ago

The declaration of attackers is a turn-based action. It doesn't use the stack, it can't be responded to, and players don't have priority while it's happening.

You first declare which creatures are attacking and who or what they're attacking. You then tap them unless they have vigilance. After that, the declaration is complete and players get priority.

Therefore, your opponent was in the wrong; players' last chance to do anything before attackers are declared is in the beginning of combat step, which immediately precedes the declare attackers step. If your opponent waits until after you declare attackers, your attackers will be tapped.

Now, your opponent can still gain control of Boros Reckoner and thus remove it from combat, but he or she can't block with it unless he or she gains control of it before you declare attackers.

Chadarnook on Are attackers tapped as soon ...

4 days ago

Or is there an opportunity to cast spells or activate abilities before they would become tapped due to attacking but after the declaration is made?

I ask because I chose to attack my opponent with a Rumbling Slum and a Boros Reckoner, and in response he chose to activate Rubinia Soulsinger's ability to gain control of the Boros Reckoner and use it to block the Rumbling Slum. He specifically waited for me to declare my attackers so he could remove one of them from attacking and use it as a blocker for the other, but wouldn't they be tapped from attacking?

GabeCubed on I devote thy self to you Chandra

5 days ago

Well, I see that you are trying to have a devotion subtheme to your deck. For this to work, you need true devotion cards, such as Boros Reckoner, Eidolon of the Great Revel, Ash Zealot(which kinda craps on Snapcaster Mage), Figure of Destiny and Burning-Tree Emissary.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is again, too slow for burn, and needs at least about 25 lands, and a mana ramp style deck to effectively work. This deck should not expect to get over 4 lands.

Thunderous Wrath and Temur Battle Rage seems pretty sweet together.

Dragon Fodder should probably be replaced with more creatures. Or maybe more burn? I'm not sure about that slot.

GruntXIII on Skred Red - Mono Red Control

6 days ago

I do have 3 Blood Moons mainboard and 1 sideboard. If I wanted to have more chances finding one I would have played a 4-of. And I don't rely on casting it turn 3. It's a good card which helps a lot of times...but I don't think it's the only win-con Skred has (you have to board it out lots of times too).

Spellskite helps you to Skred your Boros Reckoner (without getting removed in a reaction to Skred) and protect your Blood Moon (as many of the spells say artifact or enchantment). Of course, it can protect Demigod of Revenge too and helps a lot against Twin and decks like Stompy (you can find both in my meta...).

Relic of Progenitus is a 3-of in Sideboard. But I don't want to play it mainboard. I can't use it for the card draw, unless I'm fine with losing my Demigods in graveyard. I would think about it if Demigod would be replaced with Stormbreath Dragon.

I do know about other Skred builds (from the mtgsalvation Primer). But I'll try it with this one. If Path to Exile is heavily played in your meta, Stormbreath Dragon is an auto-include. But haven't seen that many in mine (could change due to all the Promos floating around this month...let's see...).

Nonetheless, thank you for your suggestions.

And @ all: Upvote if you like Skred :).

LegionM8 on Boros Reckoner/Harvest Pyre Combo

1 week ago

My favourite delve card release has to be Harvest Pyre, and i love its synergy with Boros Reckoner and Swans of Bryn Argoll. I know Swans decks are a thing, but do they run these cards, if not, could it be viable?

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