Sulfur Falls


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Sulfur Falls


Sulfur Falls enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Mountain.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Sulfur Falls Discussion

The_Fallen_Duke on A Self-Mill Deck

1 day ago

A more experienced friend suggested to remove the red cards, which may destabilize the deck especially in terms of mana base without adding that much benefits.

So Firebolt, Lightning Bolt and Fireball out, same for Lightning Angel and RakavolverAt this point there is no point in keeping Highland Lake, Sulfur Falls and Swiftwater Cliffs, which can be replaced by regular islands.

Suns_Champion on Freedom Police's Missile Silo

1 week ago

Hi! Fun deck in my favorite tri-color combo! Let's see if I cant't help ya out!

usually I give suggestions for decks as a whole, but seeing how your mana base is just basics, I'll focus on that instead so as not to info dump haha

This is the basic template for a mana base that I use. It's consistent but not optimal; it gets the job done.

this list will run you around $50, which is very budget relatively but I understand if that's too much for you at the moment. Investing in your mana base is the safest thing to invenst in because you can use all of these for any other Jeskia build, or scrap the parts for 1-2 other multicolor decks. If you stick with this deck forever that's okay too, because even though you may change the decks' parts, strategy, and synergies, your mana base will remain relatively intact.

Adarkar Wastes x1

Azorius Chancery x1

Battlefield Forge x1

Boros Garrison x1

Clifftop Retreat x1

Command Tower x1

Evolving Wilds x1

Glacial Fortress x1

Island x3

Izzet Boilerworks x1

Mana Confluence x1

Mountain x3

Mystic Monastery x1

Needle Spires x1

Plains x3

Reflecting Pool x1

Rogue's Passage x1

Sejiri Refuge x1

Shivan Reef x1

Sulfur Falls x1

Swiftwater Cliffs x1

Temple of Enlightenment x1

Temple of Epiphany x1

Temple of Triumph x1

Terramorphic Expanse x1

Tranquil Cove x1

Wind-Scarred Crag x1

5x other utility lands, specific to your commander/strategy

Hope that helps you! Good luck!

Tehseak on Blue Red

2 weeks ago

Hey Xyr0s thanks for the feedback, the mainly reason I chose that kind of land its because its cheap, Sulfur Falls and Spirebluff Canal are great but quiet expansive.

I Know Delver of Secrets don't match a lot with Thing in the Ice  Flip, but With Scry I guess I can flip them back pretty quickly.

Runechanter's Pike is a great idea.

I want to put some Remand instead of Rise from the Tides for 1v1. You're right for Spell Pierce it can be nice for protecting the Thing in the Ice  Flip. I'll note that.

xyr0s on Blue Red

2 weeks ago

Lands: Avoid tapped lands in this type of deck. You don't have all the time in the world to win, and losing a turn because a land came in tapped, is a real feelsbadman. Sulfur Falls and Spirebluff Canal are both quite decent, and of course you could get fetches and shocks, if budget allows.

Spells: Abrade isn't really a modern card. And in a 20-land deck, Electrolyze is expensive, so cut that one back to 3 copies. Then add 3 Thought Scour Also: Why exactly these 5 counterspells? You could have gone with 2 Remand, 2 Spell Pierce, and 1 Mana Leak. I'd consider Magma Jet too expensive, but perhaps in this deck, the scrying is worth it. both Thing in the Ice  Flip and Young Pyromancer would be a bit better with Mutagenic Growth.

Creatures: Never been a fan of Delver of Secrets and Thing in the Ice  Flip in the same deck. TitI can a bit too easily end up bouncing your delver, and a turn 4 or 5 unflipped delver is really not worth much.

Consider adding a Runechanter's Pike. Just one - you can always pass it between the tokens from Young Pyromancer.

Also, you scry so much, that only very important and early spells need to be a full set. Anything after turn 3 doesn't need to be a 4-of.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Step Into My Firemind

3 weeks ago

Looks good, but you need more lands, at least 30. Your artifacts can get destroyed and youd be screwed. Command Tower, Wandering Fumarole, Shivan Reef, Sulfur Falls good place to start. Arcane Lighthouse, Myriad Landscape, Buried Ruin also worth checking out.

Good looking build overall. +1

Mandalorian on Spell pump

4 weeks ago

Niblic of Frost and Mirrorwing Dragon seem a bit pricey for an agro deck. Perhaps Monastery Swiftspear, Nivmagus Elemental, Enigma Drake, or Kiln Fiend would be better?

Speaking of adjusting to the aggressive strategy, there are way too many of the lands that come into play tapped. This will severely slow you down. I know U/R lands are expensive like Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls but I think I would rather just play basics that come into play untapped than tapped lands to color fix in a 2 color deck. Perhaps Shivan Reef is in your budget?

Brute Force is another efficient pump spell in red

Lightning Bolt seems fairly necessary in the deck to help interact with your opponents board if you need to or finish them off by going upstairs

Valengeta on World of Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

Yeah to make the deck more competitive I agree on more Wurmcoil Engine and Sharding Sphinx but the engine isn't cheap :( Although Platinum Angel and Steel Hellkite are very fun to play with.The reason I play Steam Vents is that I have it on paper, and I will get Sulfur Falls yes.

Really liked Torrential Gearhulk but he's as expensive as Wurmcoil Engine. Gonna have to save a bit to get them

CynicalCzech on World of Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

I like it; artifacts are a lot of fun. +1 I would consider following changes, though:

(1) As much as I love Platinum Angel and Steel Hellkite, I would probably drop them instead of one additional copy each of Wurmcoil Engine and Sharding Sphinx. Based on my first reading of the decklist, those latter two cards have better synergy with the rest of the deck. That said, for flavor sake (and to annoy your friends), I'd keep a 2 Platinum Angels in the sideboard.

(2) I would also replace Steam Vents with either Shivan Reef or Sulfur Falls. They are cheaper, and these full-on pain lands have never been my favorite for whatever reason.

(3) Your deck doesn't have a lot of artifact creatures from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. I see some cards in the maybeboard, but when I get home from work today, I'll check which cards may be helpful. Of the top of my head Torrential Gearhulk may be useful.

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