Buried Ruin


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
2012 Core Set Uncommon

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Buried Ruin


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Sacrifice Buried Ruin: Return target artifact from your graveyard to your hand.

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Buried Ruin Discussion

slashoom on Hope of Ghirapur, Despair for All (Send Nukes)

2 days ago

CynicalDog Probably not a bad idea to replace three wastes with the Urza's trio, even though I've never seen all three on the board at the same time.

MagesOfTheBeach The only real problem is exile. There isn't much we can do about people exiling all of our combo pieces. Null Brooch is the best protection we have as well as Conqueror's Flail (which I may add to the deck). But, every deck has that problem.

As far as things getting destroyed, that is not a problem. We have tons of recursion: Buried Ruin, Trading Post, Junk Diver, Myr Retriever, Scrap Trawler, Workshop Assistant, & Sequestered Stash.

JoltsOfEnergy on Gonti Gottem

4 days ago

JaronTheBaron thanks for the advice. Buried Ruin and Sepulchral Primordial both seem like solid additions and I have added those.

JaronTheBaron on Gonti Gottem

4 days ago

I play a Gonti as well and he's super fun Sharing With Gonti.
I really like Skull Collector, if he's left alone you can get stupid value off of etb cards. Blade of Selves is solid, just having it on a Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Fleshbag Marauder is backbreaking. Sepulchral Primordial fits the theme of playing with your opponents cards (and if Panharmonicon is on board oh boy). Lastly Buried Ruin and Beacon of Unrest are helpful, my LGS will not let me keep anything on board.

Auronit on I Call Her Vera: Sidisi EDH | *PRIMER*

4 days ago

I have both a Buried Ruin and a Academy Ruins in my collection. Which one do you think is better?

enpc on Competitive Captain Sisay

1 week ago

Why are you running Oath of Ajani when you could just run Cryptolith Rite? It does the same thing but doesn't require Rishkar to be down. And you could add Gavony Township if you still want the counters.

Also, I would recommend adding Buried Ruin if you're so heavily focused on Paradox Engine.

hoardofnotions on Krenko's Madness

1 week ago

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle can be cut i think. Think over the games you've played, when was the last time you wanted to draw 7 lands, and how often do you need to deal 3 damage to something that you keep a CIPT land in your combo/aggro deck? Another mountain could do well

Goblin Wardriver is this strong enough?

Goblin Gardener not strong enough?

Lightning Crafter this card is another infininte combo with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. have kiki in play, another goblin and a sac outlet. play lightning crafter, champion the random goblin, then have kiki copy the crafter.the token champions kiki, taps to do 3, then you sac the token. Kiki comes back into play untapped and ready to do it again.The cool part about the combo is that you can search it all from Goblin Recruiter.

Breath of Fury is a cool card i've had success with when i had my Krenko deck up and running. you need at least one opponent to have no blockers, a mass haste outlet, one goblin and krenko on the field. enchant the random goblin with Breath of Fury, attack the player with no creatures with just that creature. when it connects and triggers, tap krenko to make 2 tokens, sac the creature with the enchantment and attach to one of the new tokens. repeat until you have a large enough army to kill each player.

Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors speed up krenko

Brightstone Ritual could led to explosive turns

Outpost Siege can serve two purposes, and extra Boggart Shenanigans or "card draw"

Mana Echoes can go infininte with Staff of Domination, Umbral Mantle, Sword of the Paruns or any of the sac a creature get mana things you have and Krenko.

If you're running Ruination I'd take a hard look at the lands you run, and Reliquary Tower and Buried Ruin don't seem nessary for the deck.

also I'm not conviced on Extraplanar Lens, you're not a big mana deck so strip mine'ing a land to get more mana dosen't seem worth it.

Gamble might be something to look into as well. Just be aware that it's a gamble!

Mogg Infestation is interesting, what are you mostly doing with this? Targeting youself with Purphoros, God of the Forge out? Targeting an oppopent with Goblin Sharpshooter out? another 2 card combo you can't tutor for?

Gakros on Haakon's Crypt

2 weeks ago

you read that Life from the Loam + Buried Ruin can bring back copies of Ashes of the Fallen Right?
i also started at a playset Ashes of the Fallen but they were dead draws if haakon is nowhere to be seen.Maybe i will add more Buried Ruin to get the Ashes Faster.
Did you like the Combo with Death Cultist?
Think i should make it less dredgy and more tribaly?
Thanks for Testing :D

ComradeJim270 on Krenko 1st Draft

2 weeks ago

I completely forgot Mortars only hit opponent's creatures. That might justify its inclusion, but usually the solution in the scenario you describe is to simply go wider!

Also, Buried Ruin is a nice way to recover combo pieces. I ended up cutting Valakut a long time ago because it never really got turned on before games ended so it was just a shitty Mountain. Also, I run Blood Moon.

On to some of these other points.

Agreed Rummaging Goblin isn't very good, but in mono-red our options are limited. I run it along with Top (which makes it and also Chandra way better) and Memory Jar. This isn't a lot of draw, but it's the best I've found in my testing. Just about everything else is too slow or too unreliable. Outpost Siege is also good and basically always on Khans. In over a year playing the deck I've only put it on Dragons once or twice.

I think Elixir and Bracers are ok. They're good enough to go in this deck, but over time I found other things that were just better and ended up cutting them. They should be on your short list for cuts as the deck becomes more tuned.

Your assessment of the deck as being more resilient when not strictly combo is mostly accurate. My own deck can win through aggro, burn or combo. I consider combo to be plan A unless I have Animosity or Purphoros in my opening hand. Because of this, I cut most "combat matters" cards. Breath of Fury is only good if the creature connects, and any opponent will see this and just block. There's too many hoops to jump through to make it work, and that slot in your deck could be used for something more reliable, efficient and consistent.

Aggravated Assault is just way too much mana. You're making your deck slower by including it. It's also an aura, which is just asking to be two-for-oned. Impact Tremors and the "deal damage equal to number of creatures/goblins" cards are only good if you're already winning, which should set off red flags. Of these, I think Last-Ditch Effort and Burn at the Stake are the only ones worth considering because they can also serve as creature removal.

In terms of the aggro plan, I quickly discovered that it's best to go wide, not tall. If you don't have enough goblins, you just make more goblins. Don't worry about their power, toughness or abilities. In mono-red there's not enough room to play around with that stuff. Just focus on overwhelming opponents through sheer numbers. Sixty goblins will kill people without any additional help.

My list, for comparison: Like a Boss!.

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