Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Legendary Land

T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

2, T: Choose a color. Add to your mana pool an amount of mana of that color equal to your devotion to that color. (Your devotion to a color is the number of mana symbols of that color in the mana costs of permanents you control.)

Acquire Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx


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Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Discussion

revwildo on Black devotion?! (Help needed)

26 minutes ago

Black Knight is good, you may also want to look at Order of the Ebon Hand and / or Knight of Stromgald as well. Especially if you've given any consideration to running Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

nicoco1 on Can a soldier count?

2 hours ago

yes i'm agrre with you, in your deck brizmaz is better than elpeth but the both are the best (you use your white devotion with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to cast earlier)The money... you can ask to yours friends the cards for the event or play with copy in non-offical event, to see!

Abubroki on Please Help! Monoblue Skulker post rotation

2 days ago

@tcrisler Many thanks for your support!

My bad, I forgot Thassa's legendary part (but not upon doing the preliminary list, hence the 2x and not 3-4x)... Still, I think Clever Impersonator is a valuable 1-2x in any heavily blue-featured Standard deck (and probably more in eternal and non-rotating, despite the 4 CMC)...

As for Dakra Mystic , thanks for the tip on blocking and using its ability. What I meant was that it doesn't look a consistent way of drawing cards to pump the Skulker because it is too fragile (unless you never block with him or have a Quickling to bounce it back before damage, but then, the deck does nothing really until turn 3, so it would seem more liable against a hyperaggressive deck explosive start). Anyhow I will be testing the Dakra in lieu of Embodiment of Spring , the faint chance of gaining card advantage (good topdeck of mine + unuseful card for oponent) for U looks better than just featuring a 0/3 for U to block, which will * maybe* become a 1/4 or 2/5...

As for the Stormtide Leviathan ... I had dismissed it right away as a Timmy-thing when researching the pool of available cards ... But hey... It is a fine 8/8 for its 8 CMC. I remember actually seeing in Standard people playing from time to time incredibly subpar Timmy pets like Leviathan or Polar Kraken some 18 years ago. With Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , it really looks doable to cast the Stormtide! Not to mention the look on my fellow FNM players if I were to successfully cast it... (And it also looks like a card that would shut down completely Mono-Green Devotion and outrace Mistcutter Hydra , and also a nice target for my own Clever Impersonator )...

Rakdos_CacklerXXX on Scion of the Ur-Dragon EDH

2 days ago

I don't think you need Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . It only works for you if you have a lot of one color in play and only if you have a lot of that color in hand, so it isn't very useful for 5 colors. I would consider City of Brass and Mana Confluence to help you achieve the colors you need. Chromatic Lantern is a must. Darksteel Ingot would make a good choice as well. Also, since you're going to have 1 of each basic land in play, consider using some cards that have the Domain ability on them. Sunburst is also another ability you could look into. Don't get overly crazy with Domain or Sunburst, none of the cards with those abilities might even be useful, but take a look at them and see if they fit with the deck at all.

MrOtter on mono black fun town 3.0

3 days ago

I have to fully disagree with the above comment, I run a 2-of Nykthos in my MB aggro deck and, when it turns up, it does wonders for me. Your curve most certainly does not 'end' at three, three is simply the bear minimum amount of mana you need for this deck to function fully. Getting to five mana, the critical mass of this deck with things like Herald of Torment becomes a lot less of a pain if you have any devotion above 4 with nykthos out (T1: Bloodsoaked T2: Skullhunter T3:Master = 4 dev= turn 4 Herald bestow if you hit another land or a turn 4 spiteful bestow if you don't). Also, run less murderous cuts, if you're REALLY hype for more removal, consider another downfall and two Bile Blight , cut stings something fierce when you Pain Seer into it and it doesn't synergies with whip at all. Finally, run 2 less tormented heros, one less skullhunter and two more spiteful + one more scarhide. The reasoning here is that the latter two are far more effective top-decks in the late game and scarhide in particular is quite a bit better if you're on the draw.

TL;DR:DO run Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx DON'T run Murderous Cut , run Bile Blight and more Hero's Downfall insteadRun less Tormented Hero and Mardu Skullhunter and more Gnarled Scarhide and Spiteful Returned P.S a sideboard with things like Dark Betrayal for mirror matches and Pharika's Cure for other aggro decks is a good way to start.

Hope this has been helpful, have fun smashing face!

nosoyyucateco on Mallwalkers

3 days ago

Quicksilver: I agree with you, and will reconsider him. It caused quite a bit of upset and I decided to take him out. I could always put him back in and just play less aggressively with him, basically just using his -3 ability to seal myself a win. I'm still relatively new to EDH and at the moment I'm finding that I will take any advice anybody gives me on the format, whether it's good or bad advice.

lil_cheez: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I think I am pretty set for mana ramp at this point, with Cabal Coffers , Crypt Ghast , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Crypt of Agadeem , etc... I'm finding that by turn 5 or 6 I can easily get all the mana I need. If anything, a stronger mechanic would be nice. I don't want to go Necropotence because of the exile rule about discarding cards (you'll notice I tend to discard my own cards a lot with this deck.)

EmblemMan on Caligula

3 days ago

If you could get ahold of an ajani I would be up for this my 1 Flooded Strand 2 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (if you still want those) for your ajani 2 Stain the Mind and a deathrite my side is 26.61 and yours is 26.46

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$3.47 $5.22 $13.97 $16.93
Cost None
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Avg. draft pick 2.45
Avg. cube pick 2.42


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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