Spell Swindle


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Spell Swindle


Counter target spell. Create X colorless Treasure artifact tokens, where X is that spell's converted mana cost. They have symbol:Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Spell Swindle Discussion

multimedia on TheGuyWhoNeverGoes4o

1 hour ago

Hey, welcome to TappedOut. Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to give in depth answer to your question.

If you're dead set on playing Tezzeret then you can use the recent winning U/B Control lists as a base. I think you can use this base to improve your deck. By simply adding Tezzeret and Swindle/Master as a win condition once you have control of the game. Outside of Tezzeret and Master I think you're cutting you're chances to win too much with a lot of cards that are less good then pure control cards or The Scarab God. Mechanized Production, Metallurgic Summonings, Torment of Hailfire and Revel in Riches these are not good constructed playable win conditions; they're too slow requiring too much set-up without enough payoff.

These cards are fine for casual play with friends or FNM, but you're going to be disappointed if playing them entering a bigger more important tournament. I don't like Riches because if you're playing it then you're also playing Treasure Map  Flip and with Map and/or Swindle using treasures to draw cards or play spells is much better than hopefully saving up until you get to 10 treasures to win the game.

I'm going to give you three different versions to consider, hopefully giving you some ideas from each version. First a control version that uses Tezzeret, Swindle/Master and Azcanta. The second version is improvise artifacts with Tezzeret, Swindle/Master, Rebuke, Map and Herald of Anguish. The third version is a mixing of the first two versions, it's Tezzeret control with artifacts.

The second and third versions are most likely what you're looking for because both gets more use out of Tezzeret, but I don't think either is good enough to take to a PPTQ. They're both more fun than the first version, if fun is more important than being competitive. The first version is the more competitive of the three versions. It's definitely not better than straight U/B Control with Scarab God. Different yes, better no.

Whatever deck you bring to the PPTQ it really needs to have a strong matchup vs Temur Energy, have main deck answers to The Scarab God and have a good sideboard plan vs Runamp Red. Temur, Red and U/B Control are most likely going to be the three most played decks at the tournament.




Good luck at the PPTQ.

Pieguy396 on U/B Tezzeret Shenanigans

1 day ago

Hey there! I unfortunately don't have the time right now to look at everything other users said, though it looks like Argy has some good tips (and if something I say goes against what she says, listen to her).

In any case, I would probably cut Torment of Hailfire, Gifted Aetherborn, and 2 Tezzeret's Touch for another Revel in Riches, a Bontu's Last Reckoning, and probably two Walk the Planks. I would also consider running 2-3 Glimmer of Genius, though I don't know what I would take out; maybe a land and a Spell Swindle.

Argy on U/B Tezzeret Shenanigans

1 day ago

If it were me I'd try removing the following:

1x Gifted Aetherborn - Deathtouch tends to only work once
2x Spell Swindle - a bit situational
2x Tezzeret's Touch - you are getting the same effect if you ultimate Tezz

Note that this is "trimming the fat". These aren't bad cards, by any means. I just don't think they are as effective at helping you win as other cards that you have.

This is to replace with the current cards you have. In order for what I suggested to work you're gonna need at least 2x more Heart of Kiran, along with the one you already have. The card has dropped a little in price. It's still expensive, but it's not going to break the bank.

EDedan on Trove of temptations + Makeshift ...

2 days ago

I went to my local gamestore the other day and took part of a draft where i won thanks to a little combo with Trove of Temptation and Makeshift Munitions

Do anyone think that a deck with Trove of Temptation,Makeshift Munitions,Reckless Fireweaver,Treasure Map  Flip,Revel in Riches and Marionette Master could work? includes both and which already are two great support colors of their own but do you have to add to make the deck viable for exampel Spell Swindle,Hostage Taker and The Scarab God just to name a few?

If this becomes a deck i will call it "Painfull Greed" ;)

Mandalorian on U/B Tezzeret Shenanigans

2 days ago

My recommendation, without having read other comments so I apologize if I'm repeating something already said, is this.

Drop the Gearhulks and Metallurgic Summonings since you are not spell heavy enough to utilize them properly. That's -4 cards

-3 Dissalow for 2 Spell Swindle

+2 more Treasure Map

Torment of Hailfire is a great mana sink that Inspiring Statuary can really help with

+1 Torment +3 Statuary

-2 Tezzerets Touch for another actualy Tezzeret

Vraska's Contempt > Walk the Plank

-2 Hostage Taker, -1 Gifted Aetherborn, and -1 land (26 is a lot, especially if you add Statuary) for some card draw. Could be Glimmer or could be Pirate's Prize

-1 land for a Battle at the Bridge

A lot of this should hone in on the Marionett Master/Tezzeret plan. The rest is just kind of unessecary. Like I said, you don't have enough spells for Summonings and Gearhulk to matter and creatures in general that don't synergize with artifacts or make artifacts are lackluster. Focusing in on this plan can help drown out the rest of the deck that isn't helping you with your goal and replace them with cards that will. I agree that you were trying to do too much. If Marionette Master/Tezzeret is not the deck you want to make, and you want a more Gearhulk/Summonings deck then adjust accordingly. Point being you need to decide what the deck wants to do before filling in the gaps.

soikkam on Hidden Treasuret - UB/x Midrange/Combo

2 days ago

CursedTrespasser, for decks that that have a proactive game plan and mean to play threats or interact with their opponent on curve, more counterspells would slog the deck down. The reason I am playing a full playset of Spell Swindle in the 75 is because it directly ties into our win-con, or can get us there because of the synergies with Contraband Kingpin, Tezzeret the Schemer, Hidden Stockpile etc.

In games 2 and 3, our sideboard offers a flexible counterspell package already.

Themysteriousone on Inalla's Infinite Clown Car

5 days ago

Also you have a lot from the new set. Have you thought about adding Spell Swindle ??

Uri on Let's Build: Aegisaur + Ballista ...

5 days ago

I like building weird combo's, and ever since Amonhket came out, I built a deck revolving around Approach the Second Sun without use of the Aetherworks Marvel. It worked brilliantly, an above 80% win-rate.

And right now, we're back at it prying for another weird, wicked win-con...:Bellowing Aegisaur + Walking Ballista. Shoot that Aegisaur, get a counter on all your creatures INCLUDING your own ballista again, refueling it as it shoots.

So, let's try build this deck then. Firstly, we need to decide what colors we're going to use! White will be mandatory, either as splash or base. Blue comes in next because blue is crucial if we want to stall long enough and dig deep enough.

Now comes the dilemma; two colors as it is now is NOT enough. We need a third. We have two options: Green, for some extra ramp and other dummies to let our Ballista beat up: Ripjaw Raptor and/or Ranging Raptors. Especially the latter is beautiful when it's being abused with a ballista, it lets us ramp incredibly much for no mana cost at all.

Red on the other hand will give us more consistency, and lets us play a very strong walker for this deck: Saheeli Rai. Nonetheless, if we play little creatures, we can sneak in that Indomitable Creativity because we have something amazing: TREASURE TOKENS! If we play the following five creatures: 2x Bellowing Aegisaur, 2x Walking Ballista, 1x Chief of the Foundry, we only need to munch our Spell Swindle on a 5-mana spell and our combo is live.

Decisions decisions...

One thing is for sure: Dovin Baan will return! He is just too good. He nerfs, he draws and gains life, delaying aggro. What I have also liked is one or two copies of Commit/Memory . Vastly underestimated, in my opinion. It's not a counterspell, so it affects Carnage Tyrant, and we can use it post-casting too, putting our opponent in a suspended time-warp effect.

But now, how do we stall time? We need answers. White/Blue/Red is the theme, and red is beautiful with removal.Lightning Strike - Shock - Farm/Market - Perilous Voyage - Depths of Desire - Cast Out - Harnessed Lightning - Sweltering Suns - Abrade.

How do we draw into our combo? For one, Perilous Voyage already does a great job scrying and removing at the same time. Chart A Course and Catharic Reunion lets us dig deep for cheap, but an all-classic is Glimmer of Genius. some Supreme Will and Censor gives us some versatility and takes out threats for us.

This at the moment are some cards I have in mind for this deck, but I'd love to hear from other players what they think of this. Know some cards I forgot, or know some other methods of digging into our combo? Go ahead, share!

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