Spell Swindle


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Spell Swindle


Counter target spell. Create X colorless Treasure artifact tokens, where X is that spell's converted mana cost. They have symbol:Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Spell Swindle Discussion

TotalSundae on Finally a new Phyrexian!

3 hours ago

Stroke of Genius over Mind Spring

I don't think there is too much of a need for Leyline of Anticipation seeing as this deck is already set to do a lot of creature-based stuff with haste. I think the orrery is enough.

Pirate's Pillage is pretty high costing for what you are trying to do, there are a plethora of cards you could put in over it.

You have both Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time while you deck isn't instant\sorcery heavy, which is just bad value. Would probably cut one for a more progressive draw spell.

Spell Swindle for Arcane Denial, Rapacious One for literally any other token generator. On-hit effects are so bad in EDH.

Cards like Hordeling Outburst, Krenko's Command, and Dragon Fodder are pretty bad value with the number of board wipes in the format. To contrast this, cards like Karn, Scion of Urza are much better because they are repeatable effects that have a larger impact when it isn't your turn. Those token generators at sorcery or even instant speed are pretty bad value for EDH imo. You would be better suited by many of the effects that you already have.

Where the fuck is Helm of the Host. Biiiiiiig missed opportunity here. I love that card to death.

Overall I would say without going through more than two of your custom sections that this deck needs a change in development ideology. Try to make the deck centered around the idea that you can count on 2-3 tokens on the battlefield through the effects of your permanents. There are cards that do this, but I have yet to curate them. Right now you have a lot of bad value to pull off some combos, but they all rely on a lot of mana and combat steps, which means its creature based. You are looking for a bad time if you pull the trigger on a deck like that. Remember to also build the deck with the idea that Brudiclad won't always be an option to put onto the battlefield, especially at 6 or more mana. Your cards have to create value for themselves without big daddy Brudiclad there to support them. Brudiclad needs to be a powerful support mechanic, not an overwhelming piece to the deck.

TheTrueSchmamook on Tatyova Simic Ramp

1 day ago

I had a deck similar, but went a fun deck mill with it.

You can always run Crucible of Worlds to help return those lands from the graveyard.

I also ran Spell Swindle and Sylvan Awakening it was fun to cast sylvan without paying mana. I also decided on Tishana, Voice of Thunder with sylvan cause it's funny

Daedalus19876 on Anything You Can Do... : Brudiclad EDH

5 days ago

Driemer84: Honestly, I've pulled off several victories with Lightning Runner. I only have to have 4 attacking copies and it goes infinite (which is surprisingly easy here). Also, some of my favorite art ever, haha.

Academy Ruins and/or Buried Ruin might fit, I suppose. I'll have to test them ;)

I have a Grim Monolith, Mana Vault, and Chrome Mox sitting around, but honestly I hadn't thought they'd fit super well here. Grim Monolith and Mana Vault are "one use" artifacts most of the time, and this deck wants to be able to use mana from its rocks multiple times rather than once in a large burst. Meanwhile, I don't want to sacrifice the card advantage from Chrome Mox, especially in a deck with a relatively high colorless percentage.

Arcane Artisan has been AMAZING. Sneak Attack a bit less so, honestly? But I've paired it with Helm of the Host in the past to do some really silly things, and it helps me get copiable creatures out early so I can clone them with token-making effects (which usually wins the game if I have a couple other tokens to replicate into copies of them.

Suns_Champion: I could see that I suppose :) Spell Swindle is also a very good idea here, if I can find a slot to cut...

Thank you both!!

Suns_Champion on Anything You Can Do... : Brudiclad EDH

5 days ago

Absolutely! Flameshadow Conjuring doesn't require a cast, rather a non-token ETB. I use it and Sneak Attack to great effect in my Brion Stoutarm. And Feldon of the Third Path Just cares about your stuff dying, which it often will. I see him as a late game recursion tool that fits in with the token theme.

I also found and want to suggest Spell Swindle. I know you want to keep your counterspells cheap, but the potential army of tokens it could make for you is too good not to run.

You're right, Rite of the raging Storm doesn't seem like the right fit.

As for cuts, it depends on how your playtesting is going and if you feel you have the right ratio of all your categories. With that in mind, here's what I would do:

That's my advice! Seriously, the deck looks awesome :)

RedUndead40 on Brudiclad's Brutality

1 week ago

Spell Swindle seems good too

Vaughntastic147 on Artifact Midrange (POST ROTATION READY) BUDGET

2 weeks ago

Instead of Murder perhaps Spell Swindle My thoughts you've got quite a few destroy spells and even better negative health effects, if you caught a big counter late game all those treasures would be with an The Antiquities War proc.

Cabal Paladin feels a little out of place, but I understand the reasoning for him and I'm sure he does quite a bit of damage. I'd perhaps suggest in his place Mastermind's Acquisition Allows you to hunt for anything main or side board. Marionette Master in the Sideboard would be a rather fun finisher with the addition of Mastermind's Acquisition.

Hornswoggle would also be a legitimate idea for the addition of the treasure and the extremely creature heavy meta.

elgosu1337 on Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer

2 weeks ago

Thanks everyone for the comments! Individual replies below.

Crivaro: Cloudpost would be interesting if I can find a way to copy it.

SmashPortal: Helm of the Host would be good if I had more legendary creatures to copy, but for now the mana investment is too heavy since it's 9 mana for 1 token.

MST_Negates: Reef Worm is 4 CMC so usually not a turn 2 play, and is definitely one of the best options for resilience.

BolasFucks: Phyrexian Processor certainly can make a big token, but the life cost is risky and the tokens don't trample. Angrath's Marauders and Borderland Behemoth can frequently deal more than 40 damage for each token without having to pay life. Mechanized Production is a good alternate wincon and also a way to copy an artifact, but currently most of the things in this deck worth copying are nonartifact, and it needs to last through all my opponents' turns before I can win with eight artifacts of the same name.

Ben773: The myriad cards are decent but not the most powerful things to be doing. Crush of Tentacles removes all the tokens we have already made. Precursor Golem tokens are vulnerable to spot removal on the original. Gold-Forge Garrison 4/4 is not worth it. Copying the 5/1 tokens from Rite of the Raging Storm means they all get sacrificed at end of turn. Metallurgic Summonings is already in the deck. Infinite Reflection costs a lot of mana and only affects nontoken creatures. Mirror Mockery tokens can't be copied since they only appear after Brudiclad's trigger is over. Flameshadow Conjuring is a card I quite like from my other decks and might try out in this. Inferno Titan dealing 3 additional damage per token is quite little. I'm trying to include a few more card advantage options. I do have Pact of Negation and Spell Swindle as counters. I might also include Force of Will and Swan Song as low mana cost options.

ncjhou on Ahoy, Matey! (Pirates)

3 weeks ago

McToters, it definitely seems to be playing better than when I used to run Admiral Beckett Brass as commander. I did remove Thassa, God of the Sea to put in Drana, Liberator of Malakir so that I can get counters attacking any player and not just highest life total. I've played this deck 3-4 times in my playgroup in the last month and it's fun, but I've yet to combo off with Deadeye Navigator or Marionette Master, which I envisioned as being my primary wincons. I have won with Insurrection and could easily see winning with Exsanguinate, especially with an infinite mana combo.

The one thing I'm definitely going to do,though, is look for ways to lower CMC. Diabolic Tutor will likely come out in favor of Diabolic Intent. I don't want to spend the $$$ for Demonic Tutor and saccing a creature with a counter is not bad with Marchesa out. I also really like the flavor of Spell Swindle, but holding up 5 mana is too much, I think. That will likely come out in favor of Swan Song.

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