Crystalline Crawler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology Vol. II (CM2) Rare
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare

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Crystalline Crawler

Artifact Creature — Construct

Converge — Crystalline Crawler enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each colour of mana spent to cast it.

Remove a +1/+1 counter from Crystalline Crawler: Gain one mana of any colour.

: Put a +1/+1 counter on Crystalline Crawler.

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Crystalline Crawler Discussion

Vargavaka on Tick marks.

1 week ago

You seem pretty light on card draw and ramp which tend to be important to smooth out game play.

There are some good cards you can play that provide value while synergizing with your counter theme. Some of my favourites are Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Tireless Tracker, Fathom Mage, Crystalline Crawler, Prime Speaker Zegana & Coalition Relic.

Italian2stalian on

1 week ago

From your maybe board i would definitely add Chasm Skulker, Crystalline Crawler, Deepglow Skate, and your Master Biomancer is a must. All these add to your counters really well. If i would take something out to place those cards in I would recommend,Cultivator of Blades since the second half of the effect doesnt synergize that well since it doesnt add +1/+1 counters. Mer-Ek Nightblade does synergize well but this deck is built for buffing up creatures pretty fast and deathtouch on a creature that would destroy anything anyways is kind of a waste. I would probably get rid of 1 or 2 cards that enter as a copy and maybe a sorcery you have that doesnt do anything with counters to make room for the cards listed above.

PANDASrevenge on Atraxalot Of Attention

3 weeks ago

hello, one superfriends player to another, eventually there shouldn't be need for 5 of your cards being used for prison strategy, I've been tearing up different playgroups for a while, and all I really do is ramp hard, then tutor for doubling season, and pop some ults. I also would reccommend Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is a little loose, and Crystalline Crawler is a little slow. Grimoire of the Dead is kind of a combo with atraxa, but really should not be in the deck also have no idea what you see in Strionic Resonator and Well of Lost Dreams they dont really seem to work with your current strategy, they do have their moments to shine, but in the end I'm guessing there are much better cards to be faster and better. would recommend using the signets, and i know this was made quite a while ago, so definitely look at all the new planeswalkers.

JerryChops on Atraxa, Please Marry Me

1 month ago

Glad you love it!

I used to run both Everflowing Chalice and Astral Cornucopia but found them to be to slow and lacking in synergy. If I cast either of them I need to have Atraxa out to pump them or I need to spend a lot of mana. I've found Gyre Sage and Crystalline Crawler to be more cost effective as they are cheap, produce mana, can be pumped by anything that gives +1/+1's, and give me something to swing/block with.

Thank you for the suggestions and comment!

FancyTuesday on A dilemma with priority.

2 months ago

If indeed it is the case that you got mana and life for every +1/+1 counter placed on your creatures, and 3 of your creatures got +1/+1 counters for every one of theirs that died their infinite combo benefits you more than them. However, like Neotrup, I can't think of or find any effects that do either of those things without a specially engineered board state.

Crystalline Crawler could provide the mana, but it's not a vampire. The only thing I see that converts +1/+1 counters to life is Spike Feeder, that's 2 life and is also not a vampire. It's possible to make them vampires with something like Conspiracy or Olivia Voldaren but beyond that I'm not sure the effects you controlled worked as you're describing.

And yeah, as mentioned above, regeneration shields will not protect from having a toughness less than 1. Retribution of the Ancients doesn't destroy its target, it reduces (or at least can reduce) its toughness to 0 or less, which causes it to be moved to the graveyard by a state-based action.

Calaway on Superfriends

3 months ago

Pyramid of the Pantheon Crystalline Crawler

skibulk on Just Taaaaaaap It In

3 months ago

Nice deck.

-4 Mountains, +4 Artifact Lands from another color. That would leave you with 12 red mana sources (1 in 5 cards). Since you can't play your Ghirapur AEther Grid until turn 3 anyway, chances are high that you'll have at least one red mana within your first 10 cards. Or maybe use Buried Ruin, Inventor's Fair, Tomb of the Spirit Dragon.

While Norin and Genesis Chamber are a cool combo, you only have 2 Norin, no draw, and no search. Besides Norin, none of your other cards really abuse Genesis chamber, and vice versa. So I'm wondering if you would be better off taking them out.

Nuisance Engine, Unwinding clock, and two artifact lands would serve a similar purpose.

Animation Module is awesome with Arcbound Crusher, Hangarback Walker, Steel Overseer, Crystalline Crawler.

Awoken_Leviathan on Big, Fat and Roaring - A thiccer take on Brostorm

3 months ago

Was building my own Ghalta deck and came upon your's while trying to get an idea of what direction to go in. I like the +1/1 counter synergy and I think you could build off it more if you wanted. For instance: Triskelion, although more expensive, is functionally another Walking Ballista, this increases the chance of drawing one or the other, as well as reduces the risk of having it removed/exiled. Asceticism is also a good protector.

However this can go beyond the infinite +1/1s and (using them as a base) Crystalline Crawler/Workhorse can give infinite mana, Mindless Automaton can give infinite card draw, Spike Feeder can give infinite life, & Hooded Hydra/Hydra Broodmaster can give you infinite creatures that in turn will also have infinite P/T.

I realize that if you have even 1 creature that has trample (like Ghalta) then all this doesn't really matter except in extreme situations (Worship, Phyrexian Unlife combos, Platinum Angel, etc.) I still think it's a useful thing to consider.

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