Steel of the Godhead


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth Common
Shadowmoor Common

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Steel of the Godhead

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

As long as enchanted creature is white, it gets +1/+1 and has lifelink. (Damage dealt by the creature also causes its controller to gain that much life.)

As long as enchanted creature is blue, it gets +1/+1 and is unblockable.

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Steel of the Godhead Discussion

Alixen on Rafiq and his Many Weapons

4 hours ago

So you seem to have a pretty solid deck here. I have some suggestions based on my decks Daxos of a hundred blades and Honorable Combat

For evasion and protection

Spirit Mantle pro creatures and a buff

Steel of the Godhead unblockable and lifelink

Unquestioned Authority pro creatures and a card

Shield of the Oversoul a nice secondary source of indestructible.


Fireshrieker or Duelist's Heritage was kinda surprised not to see double strike on anything else, it's useful enough you'll probably want it on hand if you can't keep Rafiq out.

Concerted Effort or Odric, Lunarch Marshal share all your keywordsInvocation of Saint Traft the timing of this triggers after your single attacker gets exalted so you get all those


Wargate I will often use to get Maze of Ith

Dueling Grounds this one messes up swarm decks like mad and prevents you from getting overrun by a few creatures slightly larger than your exalted support.

GlobalDynamics on Atraxa, Voice of Infection

3 weeks ago

Good suggestion jgillz!

I think that I want to add in Aqueous Form, Cloak of Mists, Steel of the Godhead, Tricks of the Trade, Glaring Spotlight, Whispersilk Cloak, Rogue's Passage, and Cloak of Invisibility. Maybe Thassa, God of the Sea and/or Sun Quan, Lord of Wu. Thoughts? What would I take out besides Melira, Sylvok Outcast?

And Inkmoth Nexus is a bit more than I want to spend.

TMBRLZ on Phyrexian solemnity

3 weeks ago

Zur would also open you up to maybe sideboarding into Zur/Steel of the Godhead/Geist of Saint Traft strategy for beatdown, which would be kind of cool.

Hydrax on Can Tallowisp's ability tutor for ...

1 month ago

I believe the card you're trying to get must have the words "Enchant Creature", usually in the first line.

If you look up any Aura that attaches to a creature, it should have those 2 words at the beginning (that's standard formatting if I'm not mistaken).

So to answer your question, Yes, Tallowisp can search for Daybreak Coronet and Imprisoned in the Moon.

Some other examples of stuff it can search for:

Notice how they all say "Enchant Creature" in the first line? Most if not all creature-oriented Auras will have that line.

AmazingGrace15 on Budget Dragonlord Ojutai Voltron

1 month ago

Good start so far. Dragonlord Ojutai was my first commander, so I hold him very close to my heart!

You have a good build so far. Some cards you might be interested in for the voltron theme are Brave the Sands (gives Ojutai vigilance so he can't be targeted), Steel of the Godhead (lifelink and unblockable is a fun time) and Sword of the Animist (good for ramp, as you said the deck tends to be slow). Depending on how tight of a budget you have, Land Tax is also a phenomenal card.

To protect yourself, I'd suggest putting in Detention Sphere, Crawlspace, Ghostly Prison, and Propaganda. All of which are pretty affordable, especially since Ghostly Prison got reprinted. Condemn is a super helpful 1 drop. I always have a great time with Wing Shards, I highly recommend it. Board wipes are good to have too, as I see you have Planar Cleansing. I would suggest finding a spot for Wrath of God as well, as I've always had great success with that.

Another helpful card is Narset Transcendent. I found her to be amazing in my Ojutai deck, as most of my cards were noncreature or nonland. In addition, Sphinx's Revelation is phenomenal. If you have the money, I'd also recommend putting in Enlightened Tutor, but Steelshaper's Gift or Open the Armory is good for now.

I hope that helps! If you have any questions let me know. Great build so far!

landofMordor on Azorius Mindshriek

1 month ago

I would cut Mindshrieker for Steel of the Godhead, add Detention Sphere, and add Ethereal Armor and Hyena Umbra over your existing Auras.

Also Ascended Lawmage to fend off targeted removal.

Love the deck! My first deck was very much similar.

TitanWalls on The American Geist

1 month ago

Steel of the Godhead on Geist of Saint Traft makes a pretty ridiculous combination.

Sparky41 on U/W Tribal Spirit Midrange

1 month ago

Hierarch is pretty much strictly better in the deck if you have it, and the mana base is a little more fetch-shock oriented. The setup I have is 4 sanctum, 4 strand, 4 windswept Heath, 2 fountain, 1 breeding pool, 1 temple garden, 1 plains, 1 forest, 1 Island, 1 moorland haunt, 1 gavony. That setup usually works for me, and has the focus of fetching more than usual so your coco hits are better from deck thinning. 2 Geist is enough, because any more and you start running the risk of having bad cocos (where you hit 2 of them, or hit 1 when there's already one on the field). If you want to try adding more, he does win games on his own, though he is also potentially a dead card in hand, which is bad for a tempo deck. If you're dedicated to a voltron-style voltron plan, I've seen people use Steel of the Godhead and various swords of X+X (I like FaI and LaS the best) as one-ofs. Few things feel better than a Geist with a sword.

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