Constant Mists


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Stronghold (STH) Uncommon

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Constant Mists


Buyback-Sacrifice a land. (You may sacrifice a land in addition to any other costs as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

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Constant Mists Discussion

babushkasara on Dakmor Salvage Fanclub - A Gitrog Monster Deck

4 days ago

@JuQ, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. It's been Spring Break at school and stuff's been crazy. Thank you for your suggestions though!

Constant Mists is a card I keep meaning to get and just haven't yet. Someone at my LGS just took apart their Gitrog deck so I might see if theirs is available. Sakura-Tribe Elder is one of my favorite cards (he's the reason I have to correct myself whenever Prowling Serpopard makes me say 'cat snake best snake') and I keep going back and forth about adding him in. You make a good point that he works well with Journey to Eternity  Flip so maybe I'll try it out.

Regarding Roar of Challenge, I would wish it was an instant, though I guess there's not really much of a difference. I'm hesitant to add it but I've also only played my deck in a 4-man setting a few times, it's mainly been testing in 1-v-1s so it might be useful against different types of decks than I'm used to.

Basalt Monolith is interesting. I think I like it. Mesmeric Orb frightens me though (for some reason) and it's a little more pricey than I'd prefer to spend.

The looting effects I don't think I'd need as my draw power is generally bonkers as is. Likewise, Strands of Night costs a lot just to recur one creature (6 mana, 2 life, and a swamp) and I have a good bit of recursion already.

Reliquary Tower I specifically dislike for my deck because being able to 'discard' down to hand size at the end of my turn but actually discarding lands, dredging and drawing, and rediscarding more lands is a way to get certain things into your graveyard and a way to basically customize your hand.

JuQ on Dakmor Salvage Fanclub - A Gitrog Monster Deck

2 weeks ago

An amazing card for Gitrog is Mesmeric Orb, the milling is done one card at a time so you will draw for every land going to the graveyard. If you combine it with Basalt Monolith you can just tap and untap it indefinitely dredging all your deck until you get what you want in your hand.

Roar of Challenge is almost a selective board wipe thanks to Gitrog's deathtouch.

If it's a competitive environment people wont complain if you run Constant Mists.

Looting effects are great with Gitrog, in my Gitrog deck I run Anvil of Bogardan, Key to the City and Deal Broker.

Strands of Night good recursion with a drawback your deck is ready to deal with.

Seeing you are running Journey to Eternity  Flip I'd trade one of your mana dorks for Sakura-Tribe Elder, it's a solid card on its own and if you happen to get them both on your oppening hand you will have six lands by the end of turn three.

I would also add a Reliquary Tower, it have proven itself useful every time in my Deadly Gitrog deck.

papahiggs on Borborygmos Land Death

3 weeks ago

You probably need some alternative win cons. Splendid Reclamation and Avenger of Zendikar with Concordant Crossroads can easily net a win. Seismic Assault is a good alternative when your general is too expensive to cost. Creeping Renaissance seems like a must for this deck. As for early game protection, you can use Constant Mists. Craterhoof Behemoth and/or Triumph of the Hordes. Actually, giving your commander infect and using his ability is pretty funny.

ProfessorUG on The Gitrog Makes Landfall

1 month ago

I've been looking to get Darkblast going in my Gitrog deck. I've also seriously enjoyed Raven's Crime. Constant Mists is arguably a must-include. I think I'm going to remove it because it's too expensive, but Caustic Crawler is an option. Black Sun's Zenith is probably solid.

JuQ on The Gitrog Monster ❤ (WARNING: adorable)

1 month ago

Hi, I have a Gitrog deck of my own. What I think would improve your deck:
Mesmeric Orb It's a bit pricey but amazing with gitrog as the milling is done one card at a time.
Gaea's Blessing If you happen to mill it you'll shuffle Graveyard with Library, this is a the third layer of protection to avoid milling myself to death which happened to me several times before with previous builds of this deck.
Key to the City Discard a card to smash your opponent with Gitrog or your biggest creature, was it a land? the draw a card, and another on your upkeep. This card has become a staple of many of my decks.
Roar of Challenge kill up to six creatures of an opponent thanks to Gitrog's Deathtouch.
Constant Mists I almos feel bad using this card with Gitrog... almost!
Spitting Spider and Grotesque Hybrid to have some dissuade flyers of coming my way and another land sac outlet and discard outlet.
Stinkweed Imp another great flyer dissuader with high Dredge, I don't run it anymore on this deck because discarding it over and over to Skirge Familiar and finishing the game with Exsanguinate wasn't my playstyle, so I took most of the dredge and discard outlets.
Herald of Leshrac Hi, can I borrow your land for a while... ups, it broke!

You can check the rest of my deck here Deadly Gitrog

griffstick on I think this card is ...

1 month ago

One of the worst things you can do that ruins the fun of CMDR is MLD (mass land destruction) the second worst is MHD (mass hand disruption) hints the reason Leovold got banned. So there is this card I have been testing and I really really like it. It's called. Spirit en-Dal, it's forecast ability is unstoppable because of MHD being looked down upon in CMDR. The card is like Constant Mist you just keep using it and it's really hard to deal with. Just my thoughts and I wanted to share this card with you guys. It's flying way under the radar. I think it's worth checking out and trying out


1 month ago

Harrow, Zuran Orb, Crop Rotation, Constant Mists, Falling Timber, and Sylvan Safekeeper are nice ways to get lands into the graveyard.

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