Hangarback Walker

Artifact Creature — Construct

Hangarback Walker enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Hangarback Walker dies, create a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying for each +1/+1 counter on Hangarback Walker.

, : Put a +1/+1 counter on Hangarback Walker.

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Hangarback Walker Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Mono-Blue or Mono-Green Generals

2 days ago

I've run more mono green decks than you can shake a stick at. Currently I am running Selvala, Heart of the Wilds as a fatty beats deck and really enjoying it but it is very generic green.

My favorite non-traditional mono green was Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter. A mono green artifact deck is not something people expect to see and it had a surprising amount of synergy with cards like Fangren Marauder or Scrapheap. Green can do the token thing pretty well (Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, etc.) and when you pair that with primarily artifact creature tokens (Hangarback Walker, Myr Battlesphere, Maul Splicer etc.) a lot can be done with seemingly very little.

I scrapped the deck because I needed too many pieces to build Breya, but here was what I was running before. Just typing this makes me want to rebuild it :)

Grandmother Pashiri

RedGriffin42 on Large Double Double

3 days ago

plusARGON I am in fact considering cutting 2 Hangarback Walkers for 2 Walking Ballistas. I will probably make that switch when I get my hands on 2 Walking Ballistas. As for Winding Constrictor, I am not interested in it for the same reasons I do not care for Hardened Scales. The extra 1 counter is really insignificant in this deck when counters are being doubled again and again.

CinnaToastKrunch on Just keep eating. (Golgari Counters)

5 days ago

I feel Hangarback Walker would be fun for the fact that when he dies you can get thopters!!! which means flyers!

Zerjack on Yahenni's Zombie Walk

1 week ago

Firs things coming to mind would be replacing Reassembling Skeleton with Gravecrawler and Geth's Verdict with Victim of Night. You might want to consider Hangarback Walker too.

8vomit on Upgrading preconstructed Atraxa

1 week ago

I bought 4 of the preconstructed decks from last year and I had them all sitting unsleeved right next to each other. My friends cat walks up and just casually knocks over all 4 piles over. So then I had four 4-color decks, all with the same set symbol, mixed in a 400 card heap. Needless to say, all the decks were broken down for a while. But I wanted to get a 2nd commander deck together and I love Atraxa, Praetors' Voice so I bit the bullet and spent a hot minute putting it back together card by card from the list. But thats not what I want to discuss, I'm just pissed.

Now I'm looking to upgrade. I already made room for fetches/shocks. I couldn't find Thrummingbird so I put in a Hangarback Walker. Ghave, Guru of Spores and Juniper Order Ranger are in another deck now. Besides that, everything is stock parts.

My budget is currently small, but at some point I'll probably dump some real cash into it. So what are some cheaper cards that work well with atraxa I can get for now? What are some money cards I should be looking to get down the road? What different styles of atraxa edh are there?

My play group varys from 1v1 to massive like 10 player games, so that is something to keep in mind. Really any suggestion you have are appreciated.

Thanks for looking!

Rygos on The X Factor

1 week ago

Astral Cornucopia is an X-cost mana rock. (well, XXX)

Hangarback Walker might be fun too

euananddalesaccount on ALL THE MANA! (12-Post Tron)

1 week ago

try out a combo that I'm rather fond of, in ways - Candelabra of Tawnos, Mycosynth Lattice and Clock of Omens. You tap all of your lands to add a bunch of mana, then you pay X (number of lands you have) to untap them, then tap two to untap candelabra and the process is endless, giving you an infinite/infinite Walking Ballista or Hangarback Walker to end out the game. This also works with contagion engine, giving you infinite counters (Clock of Omens is artifacts, that's why you use Mycosynth Lattice to make lands artifacts too). You could also splash in some blue or white to lock out everything - Mycosynth Lattice and Stony Silence or just Blue Sun's Zenith to mill out the opponent like kci eggs

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