Hangarback Walker

Artifact Creature — Construct

Hangarback Walker enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Hangarback Walker dies, create a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying for each +1/+1 counter on Hangarback Walker.

, : Put a +1/+1 counter on Hangarback Walker.

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Hangarback Walker Discussion

jaybrax5 on Elven Hydra's

7 hours ago


Thank you for the feedback! I've already got a couple Mistcutter Hydra, Managorger Hydra, Hangarback Walker that I have thought of sideboarding. Need another copy of Nessian Wilds Ravager before I could bring him in also.

Targeting IS something that I have been struggling with a bit. Removing the Abrupt Decay was hard to do, but I think the Monstrous Onslaught will help me with a little more destruction than I have been experiencing.

I just don't have room to put everything in here that I want.

Jiro_Flowrite on This is now Artifact deck

18 hours ago

I know it's tempting in this kind of deck, but seriously, cut the Sol Rings. It's probably the dickest move you can pull in a casual deck out side of writting Mox [_] on a land with sharpie. Also, it literally means you can't play this under any formats rules. Even Vintage has it restricted to 1 per deck. Having played against two people who had a set of Sol Rings in their deck because "it's casual", I can tell you there is no greater impulse than to play as sharp as you can and kick the ever-loving cardboard out of them.

Play . Seriously, have some sort of black mana source (there are several cheap options like Spire of Industry or Springleaf Drum). Reason for it is Cranial Plating. Trust me, you want this if your goal is mono-artifact. Nothing says !!SURPRISE!! like swinging half your dudes and then killing someone because they didn't block Ornithopter. Ditch Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies for a playset. They're dirt cheep in comparison and offer far more flexibility. Reason being you can pay and move it at instant speed. It also functions as a lightning rod for their artifact removal; if they don't kill it, then it will kill them.

If you're wanting to go for as many lords as possible Master of Etherium is your man. I'd say its probably worth it to cut Adaptive Automaton for it at 1v1. Partly because Master is a bigger beater, but also because it buffs all your creatures so long as they're artifacts, thus freeing you from construct tribal. (Though, if you're going construct tribal, then ignore this.)

Cut the Scuttling Doom Engine. It's a fine sideboard card for when you know your opponent is low enough to the ground to make it a threat, but unless you're packing Fling or even better Shrapnel Blast, then its not worth it. What you want instead is an old standard favorite, Hangarback Walker. Shit gets beastly fast and when they finally kill it you get to swarm them for their trouble.

I'd also advise cutting Nahiri, the Harbinger simply because the deck currently lacks graveyard synergies to get the most out of her looting ability and there's nothing in the deck that is worth her ultimate that could actually close out the game. Maybe if you had Blightsteel Colossus as a 1-of it would be worth it, but even then you'd want something to fetch back your pitched artifacts. Maybe Myr Retriever or its ilk.

Ultimately, all this depends on what you want to do with the deck. I suggest some form of interaction like Galvanic Blast, the aforementioned Shrapnel Blast, or Dispatch. The last place you want to be is having lethal on the board and loosing because you couldn't stop a threat from coming through. Hell, even minimizing the amount of damage you'll take on the blowback from an alpha strike is worth running some removal.

RumAndCoke on Atraxa, Angel of Proof

1 day ago

I have a few suggestions that I think would help speed this deck up and make it even deadlier than it already is.

Cards I think you could live without:

My first suggestion is to add 4 or 5 more land. 31 land is very low, especially for a four color build, and missing land drops will hinder your game plan significantly.

Land suggestions:

Second suggestion is to consider more mana ramp. Having great ramp is essential to a quick, efficient start. Starting off slow will usually get you killed.

Ramp suggestions:

Third suggestion is cards I like for this theme. Just a few badass toys for your deck to mess around with.

Fun card suggestions:

ehuez on Golgari Counters - Stompy Intensifies

5 days ago

Hi there it is nice to see another counters maniac like me :D you have very nice deck man! I would suggest those cards which have great synergy with counters but I am not sure if they are usable in your deck Metallic Mimic, Hangarback Walker, Walking Ballista, Arcbound Worker and Arcbound Ravager.

bibliomaniac you are wrong. Everything goes on stack. Creature enters the battlefield, its ETB effect goes on stack and if you have Hardened Scales or Winding Constrictor those effects goes on stack too so Servant of the Scale can become 3/3 after it has entered the battlefield.

acbooster on The chicken or the egg?

5 days ago

Here's what will happen:

Hangarback Walker enters the battlefield with X = 0, meaning it enters with 0 +1/+1 counters.
Cathars' Crusade triggers and the ability goes on the stack.
Before it can resolve or anyone can respond, state-based actions are checked and Hangarback Walker goes to the graveyard for having 0 toughness.
Cathars' Crusade's ability resolves, putting a +1/+1 counter on any other creatures you may have on the field.

CaiusV on The chicken or the egg?

5 days ago

If I have Cathars' Crusade out, and I blink Hangarback Walker, does it enter as a 0/0, killing it before the +1/+1 counter can be placed on it? Or does the counter get placed on it AS it's entering the battlefield, so it technically enters as a 1/1?

Glyphia on Dat Hunger Doe

1 week ago

Hey very interesting read. I started building my Thromok deck a few days ago and I like your approach of cutting Dragon Fodder / Hordeling Outburst for better mid to late game cards.

There are a few cards I included that I don't see in your list though.

I had other things like Wolfbriar Elemental and Skullmulcher in my first version but I can see the drawbacks with these. Anyway have you tested with these cards ? I'm curious to see what you think of them.

Daedalus19876 on Reyhan and Silas Renn (Affinity)

1 week ago

I like the idea of the deck! It seems unfinished, though: could use a Greater Good and Attrition as powerful sac outlets, and possibly a Cauldron of Souls to make your board much more resilient.

I really wish that your colors included red; Marchesa, the Black Rose would be bonkers in this deck. Lifeline does something similar.

You do need a way to manage to actually HIT with your big creatures (and Silas Renn), though. Champion of Lambholt might work, but my go-to is usually Eldrazi Monument or Akroma's Memorial (both of which Kuldotha Forgemaster can find).

The mana base seems rough, but a tri-color list is relatively forgiving when your commander isn't a must-have. Does it play okay?

From your maybeboard I'd add Ashnod's Altar, Hangarback Walker, Lifecrafter's Gift, and Master Biomancer.

Hope this helps!

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