Alchemist's Refuge


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Rare

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Alchemist's Refuge


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Until end of turn, you may cast nonland cards as though they had flash.

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Alchemist's Refuge Discussion

Chandrian on Casting Spells

2 hours ago

Coming back after having looked at the deck a bit more.

I think you can cut on the hate cards. You have a lot of counterspells, I'd cut the ones that aren't as good in EDH as in other formats. For example Clash of Wills, in EDH players usually tend to have more mana, so most of the time they'll be able to play that "x" cost without trouble.

Your manabase could use some help. I'd play some duals and utility lands. For example Thornwood Falls, Botanical Sanctum, Simic Guildgate, they'll help you to easier reach your requirements for double of the same manacost. Utilitylands like Rogue's Passage help your creatures get through or in the case of Arcane Lighthouse allow you to get around some protection on your opponent's creatures.

To really take advantage of Rashmi, Eternities Crafter without having to make the deck too much instant-based, I'd play Alchemist's Refuge, this will allow you to cast non-instants at instant speed.

You should run some more manaramp, for example Cultivate and Kodama's Reach place lands into play and in your hand, advancing you easily. This is the biggest problem I have with Attune with Aether in EDH as it puts the lamd in your hand and so doesn't ramp you. Most lists aslo play Sol Ring in EDH because it makes for a nice jump in available mana.

Containment Membrane isn't good in EDH as there are enough ways to untap or blink permanents and enchantment hate is out there too.

superman101 on Ezuri

1 week ago

I think you need some better duals. Botanical Sanctum, Yavimaya Coast, Hinterland Harbor, Flooded Grove, Command Tower. Alchemist's Refuge is also very good.

redskingm on Eldrazi Invasion

2 weeks ago

ELdrazi are fun and before they nerfed the Kruphix deck by banning the prophet I packed as many strong Eldrazi in my deck as well. Here are some thoughts to help tweak this deck.

I think you might want to find a place for Seedborn Muse, Sword of Feast and Famine and Seedguide Ash. The muse will untap your lands each during every untap step allowing you at every end step to tap all your lands and bank the mana. If the sword does damage you are untapping land again so you can tap out and bank the mana if you know you are going to hit with it. The Seedguide will be target for exile since it puts any three forests (not just basics) on your battlefield when it dies. 40 lands is a lot you might be able to cut a couple for these cards.

Instead of Prosperity I would use Blue Sun's Zenith because you can target one person (yourself prefered) and it shuffles back into your deck. Odds are you are not going to generate enough mana to deck your opponents and you might even deck yourself. It is far better to just draw 10+ cards and keep them than to let your opponent keep his best 7 that he drew to deal with your board. Also consider Interpret the Signs with your high mana curve you should be able to replenish your hand pretty well with one card.

Finally how about Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds to thin your deck of lands so you can draw your good stuff faster. Alchemist's Refuge would be an excellent addition to this deck. The ability to flash in an eldrazi during an opponents end phase and allowing you to attack with the annihilator ability is absolutely devastating. Scroll Rack would be an excellent use to take the extra lands you have in your hand and exchange them for better cards (plus with the search lands you can shuffle down the lands) or you can set up your card draw with Interprit the Signs or abuse it with Nissa to get your killer eldrazi out for free.

fergus23 on Samut "I'd Tap That" (KikiJiki's Delivery Service)

3 weeks ago

also you can't have Alchemist's Refuge in yer deck. also Benefactor's Draught! for both card draw and untapping. I'm also a little worried about you having cards in hand so i'm looking at some card draw stuff. Momentous Fall Lifecrafter's Bestiary Skullclamp

enpc on Could use some suggestions with ...

4 weeks ago

I hate to tell you but while your ramp suite is ok, it's not as heavy as a typical elf ramp suite is. And with 24 lands you still only have like 35 mana sources in the entire deck, which is not that many.

On top of that, you have a bunch of cards that work on the number of lands you run; see Burgeoning, Caged Sun, Horn of Greed. Espctually give your opponents more advantage than it gives you. Not to mention that part of your removal package, Devastation Tide, returns all nonland permanents to their owners' hands. This means you're shooting yourself in the foot when you cast this as you'll most likely have less lands than your opponents.

On top of that, the fact that you can play half the cards in your deck on turn 4 doesn't help your argument. Your average CMC is 3.4 and most of your cards are less than 7 CMC. This means that if you just hit your land drops for the first 4 turns then you could play half the cards in your deck.

The point of a ramp package is to accelerate play. On turn 4, you want to be seeing more like 6 mana (given the price range and intended meta). You want to be playing your commander on turn 3 consistently and turn 2 with a really good hand as Rashmi gives you card advantage to help refill your hand. As it stands, your deck cannot constistently do this.

The other thing is that since you're a control deck, you want to spend the first two to three turns ramping so that you have mana available to play something as well as have counterspell mana open. Even if you're playing mana dorks, if you're missing your land drops the ncome turn 4+ when you want to start countering things, you won't have the mana available. Or you will have to hold off playing things.

You could vey easily replace Spellbook, Copperhorn Scout, Ivy Lane Denizen, Fog, Wellwisher, Stolen Goods, Illusionist's Bracers, Psychosis Crawler and Mystic Genesis with lands and you wouldn't even notice. Especially if you use lands like Bant Panorama, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse and Ash Barrens, they all provide some level of deck thinning. You also have utility lands like Alchemist's Refuge and Cephalid Coliseum which provide functionality above and beyond just tapping for mana.

coreman on Tasigur the Golden Fang of Seasons Past

1 month ago

fgator5220: Leovold out, Faerie Macabre in. We need graveyard hate to deal with the Hulks. Faerie is unique in that it does not reside on the board and yet is not cast when it does the removal. So it is very hard for our opponents to interact with it. Usually I recommend Day's Undoing for the budget Timetwister replacement as if you can use Alchemist's Refuge, it is exactly Timetwister, and the lower CMC makes up for the higher requirements for Spiral's casting cost. If you don't use Alchemist's Refuge, Undoing and Spiral end up being the same thing with a resource offset and different risk/reward structure, either will work in that slot. For Grim Tutor, Cruel Tutor is not as desirable as it puts things on top of the library and not in your hand. The big thing with Grim Tutor is that it works at the 3cmc slot for Seasons Pasts loops. Intuition may be better option as it gets the card to your hand, even though it is one of three that an opponent chooses. Using it to get your extra thing and then your other tutor to get Seasons Past would loop you, a little in efficiently but would loop you.

kilgore: you are correct, Notion Thief has a few too many issues with it. Leo having 3 toughness was very relevant when dealing with blockers. Notion thief at 1 is less desirable. Add in the extra costs and he doesn't make the cut.

chosenone124 on Can I activate Lethal Vapors ...

1 month ago

There are ways for me to make sure that my opponent's don't have time to react. What first comes to mind is Suppression Field. An opponent would need to pay 2 mana to activate Lethal Vapors in response to Worst Fears.

And of course, I can always take control of their turn, and flash Lethal Vapors in at instant speed using a variety of cards like Leyline of Anticipation, Alchemist's Refuge, and Vedalken Orrery.

I could force them to use a removal spell on Academy Rector, or attack in a way that I can chump with Rector. Or I can use Hex Parasite and Lost Auramancers. There are an insane number of ways to make sure that your opponents can't stop the "never play ever" combo

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