Doubling Season


If an effect would put one or more tokens onto the battlefield under your control, it puts twice that many of those tokens onto the battlefield instead.

If an effect would place one or more counters on a permanent you control, it places twice that many of those counters on that permanent instead.

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Doubling Season Discussion

ZurBlue on Strength in Numbers (Freyalise Elf-Ball)

10 hours ago

Nice! one of the only other well tuned Frey decks I've seen! Imo people seriously underestimate her as a commander. You may have convinced me to use Doubling Season, Frey coming in and instantly using the -6 seems too good to pass up. +1 (:

Godspeedly on Theomok the token eater *need help*

13 hours ago

Feed the Pack is already in the maybe board it was one of the interactions, also Survival of the Fittest would help me get the creature that i need when i need it. Any other big token cards or maybe tutors for the Doubling Season? Being able to get that on a constantly would be very helpfull. Also draw is a big problem for this deck any suggestions on that problem?

Lost_Ascendant on A Spark Awakens

15 hours ago

Yeah grabbing two walkers into a Doubling Season seems extremely fun

luther on Animar, Soul of Eldrazi

19 hours ago

You can probably cut a bit of your tapping creature ramp, cards like Wood Elves Sakura-Tribe Elder and Solemn Simulacrum generally do the job better in edh (imo). I would also toss thromok. I feel that impact tremors is low impact annoyance that will make people more apt to get rid of you as opposed to someone else in a multiplayer setting. Bow of nylea seems underwhelming. you have big beaters, to deathtouch on a 10/10 is a bit unnecessary. Hardened Scales and Doubling Season ramp up your animar, and the season benefits your spawn/scion also. Lastly, and most importantly Cloudstone Curio + animar + eldrazi= infinitely large animar and infinite etb triggers

Hata98 on Ghave's Big Boyz

1 day ago

In all honesty I had trouble coming up with some suggestions for you, because your deck is already well built. The only things that came to mind originally was Avenger of Zendikar, especially since you're running 40 lands. After reading through your planned changes, and noticed that you were putting Ashnod's Altar into the deck, I immediately thought of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat. Another card I noticed that this deck could use was Doubling Season, since it doubles tokens and counters, however the card is pretty expensive and I'm not sure what your budget is.

theilluminaire on The Rise of Man's Fall

2 days ago

Thanks for stopping by, CastleSiege.

I can understand where you are coming from with the Panorama lands as I don't particularly like the concept of paying out to sac either. Strangely enough, in real-world, this has not been an issue (yet).

I do like your inclusion of Buried Ruin and Inventors' Fair to tutor for Crucible of Worlds. I am considering those adds, but as you have also mentioned, the "Magus of the Crucible" (Ramunap Excavator), has me considering alternative strategy (or just including in addition to).

Now, as far as the Food Chain combo goes, while it does always generate above the casting cost of Titania, Protector of Argoth, the combo itself is geared towards the generation of 5/3 Green Elemental tokens ad infinitum -- not infinite creature mana. That said, it has proven to be a rather gnarly combo.

I went back and forth on Concordant Crossroads -- I am not the biggest fan of the symmetrical effect, but it is a one-drop. I own Akroma's Memorial, but its high-cost originally held me back from adding it to this deck. I am likely going to add at both, but now it is about finding out what to cut.

I actually just scored a foil Nissa, Vital Force earlier this week and was looking to incorporate her. Garruk Wildspeaker looks to be capable of some rather absurd stuff in this deck, which makes it hard to pass up. I plan to add both, but it all boils down on what I should cut to replace them.

Speaking of cutting, I am planning on taking out Birthing Pod and possible some other creature-based tutors, being that, short of winning conditions, I do not really have that many creatures I normally tutor for. I plan on keeping Tooth and Nail, Green Sun's Zenith, and Chord of Calling though, possibly Worldly Tutor as well (though 'reveals' tend to hurt me late-game).

You have brought up a god point about Primal Vigor being symmetrical in effect radius; I honestly overlooked that piece and thought it was a Doubling Season clone. Knowing that, I am more than inclined to agree with you -- does not merit an inclusion.

When it comes to Three Visits and Nature's Lore over Cultivate and Kodama's Reach, I think the trade-off would be worth it, but may require some real-world experimentation on your end. The fact that it does not come into play tapped means a fair amount to me -- I am not fond of losing my momentum.

I would agree that Natural Affinity is likely niche in terms of when it is going to be actually used. The only reason it is staying around is because my meta is pretty heavy on wrath effects and honestly...because I would like to pull it off at least once. Hahaha

Rifthunter on Hydras

2 days ago

you could definitely use Doubling Season , Hardened Scales is alright too, Vigor Solidarity of Heroes some good ones suggested to me for my deck. Ajani, Mentor of Heroes and Ajani Steadfast are both great as well

CastleSiege on The Rise of Man's Fall

2 days ago

Hey, glad you liked my list. Thanks for referencing me, Daedalus19876.

My deck focuses heavily around Titania herself, so being able to get her out ASAP is really important. Personally, I don't like the Panorama lands because it costs mana to sacrifice them. Instead, I choose utility lands that synergise well with the essential cards in the deck. For example, I don't run many artifacts, but the ones I do run are critical to the strategy. Being able to recur them with Buried Ruin is important. I also run Inventors' Fair despite not having many artifacts to turn it on. Being able to tutor for Crucible of Worlds is that important. To assist with activating Inventors' Fair I added Tireless Tracker. The nature of the deck benefits the Tracker greatly and the clue tokens it generates not only grant me essential card draw, but also activate the Fair. Although, I might be making some changes to that substrategy soon with the more easily tutorable Ramunap Excavator.

The infinite mana combo with Food Chain is cute, but the deck should be able to generate immense amounts of mana without it (especially if you have Gaea's Cradle) and I don't see any way for you to abuse the infinite mana.

You're going to want Concordant Crossroads and Akroma's Memorial as win cons. They're the only way to grant all of your creatures haste in mono green.

I'd also definitely recommend Garruk Wildspeaker and Nissa, Vital Force. They are by far the two best planeswalkers for a mono green deck. Garruk with Cradle + Deserted Temple or any combination of them or/with Lotus Vale/Scorched Ruins is disgusting. Nissa is also everything a mono green deck wants: ramp, recursion, and card draw. If my opponents aren't able to stop me from ulting her there is a strong chance that I win that game.

The only creature tutors I use are Green Sun's Zenith (tutor for Dryad Arbor turn 1, puts the creature directly into play, and it shuffles back into the deck), Chord of Calling (instant speed, puts it directly into play), and Tooth and Nail (it's a win con, duh).

I like Parallel Lives and Doubling Season. I opt to not use Primal Vigor because it helps my opponents and I don't think the effect is powerful enough to warrant more than 2 card slots for extra consistency. Doubling Season is also worth the 1 extra mana on the chance of playing one of my two planeswalkers while it's in play. Getting that Nissa ultimate is extremely powerful.

I'm also not a fan of mana dorks in EDH unless it's an elf tribal deck that can make use of them outside of "tap add a mana," so I wouldn't run BOP.

I am thinking of replacing Cultivate and Kodama's Reach with Three Visits and Nature's Lore though. I haven't decided if the one less mana is worth it for also getting one less land (granted it comes into play untapped). With so many ways to play extra lands in my build, I haven't had a problem with the 3 cost ramp spells yet.

Natural Affinity is also cute. I ran it in my first iteration of the deck. I only ever cast it once in response to someone popping a Pernicious Deed. I cut it from the deck after that.

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