Doubling Season


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Doubling Season


If an effect would put one or more tokens onto the battlefield under your control, it puts twice that many of those tokens onto the battlefield instead.

If an effect would place one or more counters on a permanent you control, it places twice that many of those counters on that permanent instead.

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Doubling Season Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Does WotC Ever Purposely Withhold ...

1 day ago

Anyone who has played this game for any significant duration will know that it can be very expensive, which directly contradicts its main purpose of being fun and entertaining.

Typically, WotC will make an effort to ensure that this game remains affordable by reprinting expensive cards, but I cannot help but wonder if they occasionally deliberately do not reprint cards to keep them expensive, despite such a tactic being very unprofitable for them.

One of the best-known and most infamous examples of this idea is Damnation which because very expensive due to not being reprinted for so long, despite there being many excellent opportunities for it to be so (most notably From the Vault: Annihilation). Other examples are Rhystic Study and Privileged Position, both of which are far more expensive than they should be, in my mind. Also, WotC has never reprinted the "filter lands" from the Shadowmoor block in a normal set and reprinted the "shock lands" from Ravnica only once, despite those lands being some of the best in the game and always desired by fans, making them terribly expensive. Yet another example is that both Kalonian Hydra and Ghave, Guru of Spores were reprinted in Atraxa's deck in Commander 2016, but Archangel of Thune was not, despite the fact that she would have been perfect for that deck, not was she reprinted in From the Vault: Angels, where she also would have been perfect, but she was reprinted in Iconic Masters, however, so that is a rare instance of WotC actually reprinting an expensive card. They also did reprint both Doubling Season and Bitterblossom, but those cards are still far too expensive, so they definitely need further reprints, in my mind.

What does everyone else say about this? Do you believe that WotC ever deliberately withholds reprinting cards to keep them expensive?

jpsuchecki on Sinister Simic

4 days ago

Sorry that should be Doubling Season

Nerthus_Jord on gate watch assemble! {work in progress}

4 days ago

I saw an earlier thread relating to Doubling Season, so am sorry if it is no longer relevant. Just wanted to let you know that Parallel Lives is cheaper than Doubling Season, though doesn't have the effect where tokens are put on a permanent creature unfortunately

Catalog9000 on gate watch assemble! {work in progress}

5 days ago

Best way to buy expensive cards like Doubling Season is to just set aside like $10 a week if you can. If not, and you intend it for non-competitive play, don't be afraid to buy heavily played or cards in different languages. I wouldn't go damaged though. It might be half a card haha.

arasithil on Vorel and the Power of Exponents (Budget)

6 days ago

Thanks all! I'm trying to keep the deck to cards <$2 or else Doubling Season and Hardened Scales would be great additions. Will definitely look into acquiring Astral Cornucopia and Contagion Clasp though!

chadsansing on Vorel and the Power of Exponents (Budget)

1 week ago

I like this creature list a lot.

Have you tried Doubling Season or Hardened Scales with this deck?

Happy playing!

chadsansing on Varolz, King of the Grave

1 week ago

Death's Shadow + Scavenge == righteous.

Have you tested with Doubling Season or Hardened Scales? Do you feel like you have enough sac outlets? I wonder if Grim Backwoods or High Market might be useful as additional ways to populate the graveyard. Razaketh, the Foulblooded and Sidisi, Undead Vizier might be helpful in that regard, too.

Happy brewing!

MoonTurtle7 on Cards that should be banned in EDH

1 week ago

Though admittedly quite a few of the cards on this list are annoying but not game breaking. Leaning towards things like necropotence and wheel effects. I mean they are strong. But rarely have these been the decider of the match. Banning wheels as a play style is not exactly justified, It's not leovold. You can answer it, as annoying as it is, it's not a strategy that says "I win" simply because they sat down and decided to play.


Deadeye Navigator Really should be on the list, if not Peregrine Drake and Palinchron Literal cards only used for insta-wins.

I even use this card but Paradox Engine has had it's time. It should be banned.

Mana Echoes and Food Chain, I mean these two are pretty obvious. Just devolving into combos most of the time and being abused so much there are decks entirely devoted to just these cards alone.

I'm also Dumbfounded Doubling Season has not been banned in any of it's formats. Made for the fungus and their spore counters, but never used for that purpose at all. The card is so powerful Wizards pretty much refuses to reprint it. I'm sorry to the superfriends players out there. But this card is broken and NEEDS to be banned in EDH and Modern end of story.

A player dropping vault crypt or a mox is a huge deal, and as much as I would like the extra slot, Sol Ring is not broken per say. It's extremely efficient and really solid, but not "I win the game".


I know I will catch some Flak for my opinions here but I can mention quite a few.

Iona, Shield of Emeria the fact that she's not banned is outright foolish. She's not fun, and can just outright stop players from playing the game... she has to be banned. the fact that she hasn't just displays the incompetence of those in charge of bans at the moment.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Undying is such a cool ability... too bad there are so many cards that were not printed with Undying in mind. This guy is just a combo enabler and is seen by most as nothing else. He should be banned as a commander and as a card honestly. playing this guy as a commander is dirty. oh I sneezed, I just did an infinite combo. He is WAY worse than Kiki-jiki. I was sad when I made a mikaeus deck and accidentally won... a lot, it's gone now.

Sen Triplets I mean seriously, Emrakul and these triplets are in the same boat. it's not fun having someone just steal your turn wiff your stuff. But the Triplets have the bonus of getting colors so yeah... this one is more of a gripe. But they're not fun to be across the table from most of the time.

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, yeah... I mean seriously. I love this card, it has so much going for it, even has so many options of how she should be built. Best commander that came out in 2016 bar none. But she's literally too good. 4 cost, 4/4, 4 fantastic colors, Flying, vigilance, deatchtouch, AND lifelink WTF!?! and to top it off at your end step PROLIFERATE! For some mild comparison Saskia has vigilance and haste has her ability and is a 3/4 for 4 mana. Yidris literally just get 5/4 trample and his cascade power (which has a random factor to it), K&T get to be a 2/8 with a group hug ability and no keywords... and Breya at least gets to be Swiss army knife with no keywords. Out of the 5 she's just ridiculous. I mean proliferate alone is 95% why she's picked, and then some asshole on the design team has like. "SHE NEEDS ALL THE THINGS" If you literally just had these commanders trade with one another the atraxa player would be on top at the end on the trade always because she kills her target can fly over everybody else, doesn't tap and even has the benefit of gaining life on hit. being capable of Voltorn, superfriends, +1 and -1 counters, stax, AND MORE. No wonder she's one of the most popular commanders, she just outright puts most commanders to shame.

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