Doubling Season


If an effect would put one or more tokens onto the battlefield under your control, it puts twice that many of those tokens onto the battlefield instead.

If an effect would place one or more counters on a permanent you control, it places twice that many of those counters on that permanent instead.

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Doubling Season Discussion

Wicked_N_Irish on Atraxa's Friends

6 hours ago

Greater Auramancy and Sterling Grove are added protection for Doubling Season. Doubling season is the best engine for any superfirends deck and should be protected at all costs. In my opinion anyhow. Solid build!

Wicked_N_Irish on Atraxa's Friends

6 hours ago

Haven of the Spirit Dragon is a must include with Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Especially since you're running Doubling Season.


6 hours ago

This is the first Ezuri, CoP deck that I have seen run Spawnwrithe as I do. Guy is gross with Ezuri in play and a couple Exp counters (even grosser with Doubling Season). It has trample, it triggers Ezuri on ETB and each time it, or one of it's copies hits an opponent. Spawnwrithe's biggest flaw was always that he is only 2/2, but Ezuri takes care of that issue (and so do all of your graft cards). He can just go exponential in a few turns. I also like any creature that can draw the hate away from Ezuri, and a big Spawnwrithe does a decent job of that. Are your opponents going to use their targeted removal on Ezuri, or the big trampler who puts a smaller version of itself into play every time it hits, that also have that ability (the correct answer is "board wipe," but if you can't, always kill Ezuri)? Nice pick there. Your deck is otherwise quite different than mine. I don't put so much emphasis on Graft or Evolve. I do play a number of Proliferate cards and something else I have not seen in others' Ezuri decks and go well with Proliferate, are the depletion counter lands from Mercadian Masques (Hickory Woodlot and Saprazzan Skerry). Obviously your deck predates Aether Revolt, but Skyship Plunderer has served me well as a more limited Thrummingbird and Walking Ballista is just gross removal and a good burn out threat. Granted that my deck relies pretty heavily on my commander, but I run a whole counter spell/hexproof/bounce protection package to keep Ezuri turning out counters.

NicS18 on (Super)Friends with Benefits

18 hours ago

Looks like a fun deck! I'm guessing you aren't running Doubling Season due to the cost? You could add Progenitor Mimic to make new Thrummingbirds or Grave Titans for their ETB effects.

finallegend on Well that Proliferated Quickly - Atraxa

19 hours ago

@KaraZorEl - Gavony Township is definitely one of my upcoming purchases and I had planned for that for a while, I just need to get around to getting it.

@Kezvin - I would love a Doubling Season and it would be amazing in this deck, but sadly it far exceeds my budget. A lot of the more expensive cards in this deck I either pulled myself, or I inherited from an Uncle of mine that passed away.

Chernik on Ghave Guru Of Tokens

2 days ago

HiI write with the help of an interpreter, I apologize for the mistakes.How do you look at using these cards:Parallel LivesDoubling SeasonPrimal VigorVerdant Force

Boza on Would this work and if ...

3 days ago

Hornet Queen, Mirror Mockery, Parallel Lives, Panharmonicon, Doubling Season. Please link your cards by using double square brackets.

The answer is "entirely too much" and if your opponent/s do not have a mass removal spell, they should give up.

The easy answer is - Season and lives are replacement effects, which modify how triggers and spells resolve. They do not trigger, nor are their at any point on the stack.

0/ You attack with HQ, enchanted with Mirror Mockery.

1/ Mirror mockery triggers, attempting to put a HQ token into play.
2/ Lives and season modify this event 122 = 4 HQ tokens. You can choose in which order you apply the replacement effects, but the end result will be the same, since they do the same thing.
3/ 4 HQ tokens enter the battlefield.
4/ They have 4 ETB triggers total, which Panharmonicon doubles to 8.
5/ 8 triggers attempt to create 4 tokens each, which lives and season quadruple to 16 each.

End result - 5 HQs (4 tokens waiting to be exiled EOT) and 128 tokens.

Edit: above answer is entirely correct, I was a bit wrong in my math.

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