Isochron Scepter


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari (DDJ) Uncommon
From the Vault: Relics (V10) Uncommon
Mirrodin (MRD) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Isochron Scepter


Imprint — When Isochron Scepter enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your hand.

, : You may copy the exiled card. If you do, you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost.

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Isochron Scepter Discussion

Pheardemons on The Angel Isn't Weeping

12 hours ago

I like it. Quick question, why are you going blink with this commander? Blinking her doesn't help with the gaining control of creatures unless you are specifically trying to gain control of something to blink her to kill it. That's kind of a lot just to kill creatures.

Also, you should look for Arcane Lighthouse to get past hexproof and shrouded creatures and then gain control of them with your commander.

Sundial of the Infinite seems good here too. You could untap your commander, and then with the trigger on the stack (the one where you would destroy the creature) you use sundial to end the turn and keep the creature. I don't guarantee this works this way, but I'll look into it.

Isochron Scepter would be a good one as well. You could imprint any flicker effect or counter ability and then just keep using that ability.

EngelDesSchmerz on Shimmer Zur

1 day ago

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by too many lines in the form of win cons, but as the two main win cons are Laboratory Maniac and Aetherflux Reservoir I can't say there are many. As for the lines to achieve these wins the first and main line is Ad Nauseam with or without Angel's Grace, followed by the second of Zur the Enchanter into Necropotence, and lastly Doomsday. If you would like me to go into detail for each of these lines I can, though I certainly won't have the best guide for that.

Bomberman isn't in this deck because it is not necessary for an aetherflux win. Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal and 3 mana worth of rocks generates infinite storm and mana and so is easy to set up with aetherflux and doesn't require that you discard your hand. Also I can't cast Auriok Salvagers during my endstep after activating necro a bunch and so wouldn't be able to win with that combo in some of my lines.

xyr0s on Is this a good modern budget deck?

2 days ago

You're welcome. I don't think Isochron Scepter should be a 4-of in this deck. Having 2 of them on your opening hand is just a disaster, and playing them at all against an opponent with a lot of artifact removal is a way to suffer card disadvantage (if the scepter is destroyed before you get to fire it twice, you have card disadvantage). You could maybe exchange a couple of Mana Leaks for Remand? Card draw/cantrips on a scepter is always good fun.

CuzImYourLastHope on Is this a good modern budget deck?

2 days ago

xyr0s Thx for your advise. I exchanged Unsummon for Vapor Snag, dropped 2 lands and added 3 Serum Visions (deck now 61 cards) and replaced 2 Silence with 2 Isochron Scepter. Do you think i should run 4 Isochron Scepters in main? Any other suggestions and is the sideboard acceptable?

mmcgeach on Control Zur

2 days ago

@VelvetVendetta The two combos I run, while they look slow, are actually terrific. I just added a section on "win conditions" to address this.

Basically, the two win conditions I have really overperformed. I thought they'd be weak, and I spent time looking for other wincons, but I now think you don't need them. Having less dead cards (like redundant or tertiary wincons) also makes the whole deck better, by increasing the amount of interaction and business the deck packs. I mean, what are we at here, 3 total dead cards? That's insane.

But, I think the fastest wincons I've seen are Demonic Consultation + Laboratory Maniac, at 2 cards and 4 total mana is pretty good, and it's pretty hard to disrupt. That also has overlap and synergy with Doomsday. I also like Ad Nauseam + Phyrexian Unlife / Angel's Grace, although there again you probably want to use Lab Man for the actual win (although people have suggested Sickening Dreams and even Repay in Kind, but that seems horrible.) I don't think you want to go with infinite mana combos like Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter or Lion's Eye Diamond and Auriok Salvagers. I'm not sure. The other interesting wincon in Zur is the artifact-storm one with Hurkyl's Recall, Helm of Awakening, and Aetherflux Reservoir. But, that's pretty hard to assemble.

Not sure what's best.

GS10 on It's My Birthday I Deserve To Be Greedy, Huh

3 days ago

Something like Chaos Warp seems necessary both for your opponents and yourself. What happens if you name Insect with Kindred Discovery? Don't you mill yourself to death instantly? Neither The Locust God or Kindred Discovery is a may ability so they will loop with one another until you draw your whole deck. You can win with a Lab Maniac in that scenario, but if someone manages to remove it, you must have a instant speed way to remove one of your pieces to end the loop, so it would probably be safer to run Chaos Warp in addition to Commit, and it would also grant you some ways to deal with pesky enchantments your opponents might run.

As for actual improvements in power level, I'd say Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors are very relevant for any The Locust God deck because they add some nice versatility. In case someone is playing a prison deck they are your biggest win cons.

One additional win con you might think to add is either Coastal Piracy or Bident of Thassa. With Breath of Fury it will grant you essentially infinte combat phases, granted you're not drawing your whole deck before you kill the whole table.

And finally, if you're running Isochron Scepter it might be worth looking into Dramatic Reversal for infinite mana that you can either dump into The Locust God's ability (if you have the necessary colored mana rocks) or infinite storm count for something like Aetherflux Reservoir, Brain Freeze or Grapeshot. This is definitely the least streamlined of the suggestions I've made, but if you're looking for alternate win conditions, this one is both one of the better and cheapest ones available.

chadsansing on Salty Burn

4 days ago

I like the strategy here a lot!

I wonder if Damia, Sage of Stone might be a helpful commander since you do so much top-deck manipulation.

I also think Arbiter of the Ideal is a house in this deck. Have you tested with fewer, more targeted non-permanent spells to take full advantage of that card? Maybe run a few creatures like Kiora's Follower and the Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal combo?

You could tutor up the Arbiter with lots of BG cards (Dark Petition, Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Worldly Tutor, Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Rune-Scarred Demon, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, etc.).

A Kiora, Master of the Depths or Garruk, Caller of Beasts might also help you dig (and maybe a Dig Through Time?).

I worry that the number of instants and sorceries you run might interfere with Arbiter's value.

Anyhow - sweet strategy and happy brewing!

xyr0s on Is this a good modern budget deck?

4 days ago

You could exchange Unsummon for Vapor Snag. Also, since your cards are low-cost anyway, you could drop 3 lands, and have 3 Opt/Serum Visions instead.

Silence is not quite as good as you'd think. Great card for sideboard, but too many matches where it doesn't do enough. You could add an Isochron Scepter for silence - then it's a lot better.

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