Vampire Nighthawk

Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

magicevan11 on Let me show you how to cause some rage quits

11 hours ago

I like Vampire Nighthawk in casual kitchen table magic, but in modern it seems underwhelming. If anything, the only usefulness I see in it is that it's removal bait.

sylvannos on Help making my stupid looking ...

1 day ago

@icehit6: Surgical Extraction is not "strictly better" than Slaughter Games. For one, it does nothing if they haven't played the card yet or you haven't hit it with Thoughtseize.

Number two, it doesn't have value either way. They either cast the spell or you had to remove the spell. You're using two cards vs. one to exile the copies.

Number three, Slaughter Games has the all-important "cannot be countered."

Combine these, and Surgical Extraction doesn't even come close to fitting the definition of "strictly better." In order for Surgical Extraction to be strictly better, it would have to read "Name a card and search etc." while either costing less, costing 3 colorless and one colored mana, be an instant, or name more than one card, or have another effect tacked onto it (such as "CARDNAME deals 1 damage to that opponent.")

@Xica: I would cut the Nomad Outposts for either basics or more fetches. Even if you don't have money to get more Marsh Flats, you could just use Polluted Deltas since you're always going to be searching for a swamp anyway. I like Mutavault, but I think you're right about having too many hard mana symbols. However, the deck could use a singleton Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, which not only lets fetchlands tap for mana, but also your Mutavaults to tap for . Nomad Outpost is just going to cost you games when you need a land to come into play untapped and can't.

Corrosive Mentor is just bad. It gets Lightning Bolted without an ETB or "kill this or you lose/I get ALL THE CARD ADVANTAGE"-type ability. Not to mention, it doesn't interact with Vampire Nighthawk very well. I think you want more 4-ofs. If you really have trouble versus larger creatures, consider Terminate.

Null Profusion does too little too late. Phyrexian Arena, Dark Confidant, Night's Whisper are all better options IMO.

Retribution of the Ancients is yucky and win-more. By the time it gets going to do anything, you have to already be ahead. Same goes with Blade of the Bloodchief. If you're able to do anything with these, you shouldn't need them. You're in red so why not four Lightning Bolts? They kill creatures and get damage in when you need to finish off your opponent.

Beseech the Queen is okay. I think it's worth trying out, especially since you can use it to go find your lords. You might wanna try mixing and matching with Kolaghan's Command, Liliana of the Veil, Night's Whisper, or even Read the Bones. However, I'm more inclined to think this slot should be Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, or Duress. You really don't have anything going on in your one-drop slot. Hitting their Lightning Helix to protect your turn two Tithe Drinker or turn three Stromkirk Captain may be more important.

As for the sideboard, too many four-ofs make it really narrow. While it's debatable for the mainboard, you DEFINITELY want hand disruption here in the side. Tidehollow Sculler or Duress at the very least. A mix of Kolaghan's Command, Fulminator Mage, and Slaughter Games could all replace Hide/Seek.

I personally still like Rakdos Charm, so I think it's worth keeping, despite it falling out of favor lately. Four copies is probably excessive, especially if you add in one or two Kolaghan's Command in your 75.

How is your Burn matchup? You probably do really well and may not need sideboard options because of Vampire Nighthawk and Tithe Drinker in the main. If it becomes too problematic, Kor Firewalker or Timely Reinforcements will do the trick. It should be noted that Delver cannot beat a resolved Kor Firewalker, so it works double duty there. You may find these are more viable options than Leyline of Sanctity, which gets awkward when you don't have it in your opener or you do and draw the other copies later.

I also vote for a singleton Vampire Nighthawk and a singleton Olivia Voldaren to replace two of the Oblivion Rings in the side. You want Vampire Nighthawk for the decks that don't have Lightning Bolt, especially Tron and Bloom, since he blocks and kills their six-drops. Similarly, you also want Olivia Voldaren for the rounds against players without Lightning Bolt. She's an absolute nightmare for Abzan (of all types) to deal with because she just grows and can't be Abrupt Decay'd.

jrogers16 on [Community Discussion]: Standard Chat

2 days ago

Vampire Nighthawk reprint? Fingers crossed, that was the best vampire from original Zendikar.

Figag on Bloody Singleminded (Competitive)

3 days ago

Okay, we need to talk. I see that you are trying to actually build this deck now that the list is perfected and the reality of budget is settling in. I've been there many times in the last 8 months, and I am very familiar with your deck list and the budget alternatives, so I feel I can help you out.

So I looked through your trade binder to find your missing pieces and, as you've said yourself, the main things you need are 1 Liliana of the Veil and 3 Snapcaster Mage. I'm going to ignore the Chapin control cards for the purposes of this deck. For awhile now you have been pondering over pulling Lili and if the deck will run smoothly without her. I have played many a game without her and I have found it just fine. Trade the one you have for Snapcaster Mage because playing without him is not fine. I am running Vampire Nighthawk as a budget alternative, but I'd actually consider Nighthawk over Delver in this list, but more on that later. Liliana is a fantastic card and the deck is a masterpiece with her, but my god is she expensive and by no means essential, and here's why:

In the budget version that I run, I have no Lilis so I don't have as good of a topdeck as this version because of Liliana of the Veil, Snapcaster Mage, and (previously) Sword of Light and Shadow. But that's fine because of our good friend Faithless Looting. My topdeck plan is to get land drops, removal spells, and Kolaghan's Command to win in midrange, and it works well. It's not as powerful as this deck's topdeck, but I maximize the potential of Faithless Looting much more, which I think is significant because it means that you can too. Liliana allows you to hate on some decks that I can't and makes your deck much stronger in midrange, but if we can already beat Abzan and Jund no problem and we never had a chance against Tron without Blood Moon anyway, what are you gaining from Lili? You can definitely get by without and there are much better ways to spend your money, such as Snapcaster Mage. So I believe you can drop the Lilis and call it a day. You've been doubting them for weeks, and that's not healthy, so stop and just pull them. I've learned in the past 8 months to trust my gut and when a card doesn't feel quite right, it's time for it to go.

Snapcaster Mage, on the other hand, is NOT an okay drop. He is mandatory. Period. I am struggling to play without him because he is just so good. He brings so much value to the table, that on turn 8 or so if you Snapcaster Mage for a Kolaghan's Command, you just did a 3-for-1. It is crazy how powerful he can be and how well this deck can abuse him. He becomes Terminate numbers 5-8 and that's just the start. He can bolt for the win, trade with rhinos if you flashback a bolt, and can find you whatever toolbox card from your graveyard you need. Now, I'm sure you already know all of this, but I wanted to re-iterate it. If you can only get one of your expensive cards, this is the card to get because he is so powerful. And I know he is by no means inexpensive, but trust me when I say it is worth it if you want to play competitively. If you pull the Lilis, then you have a very strong piece of trade fodder for 1 or even 2 Snappies if you can supplement the Lili, and I say go for it, but your trades are your business. I'm only concerned with your decklist and the total price tag at the end of the day, and although Snapcaster Mage may be expensive, he deserves at least 3 spots among these 75.

The remaining really expensive cards are Damnation and Blood Moon. I didn't see either in your wants on your trade binder, but that might be because you are smart and want Blood Moon to drop after the buyouts before you pick them up. If you already have them, good on ya because they are important. Damnation is very important and doesn't change price ever unless it gets reprinted, so until MM2017 it will not change in price. It is pretty important for the deck, but I think you can wait until you have the Snapcaster Mages to pick it up. After all, it's a sideboard card. I wouldn't cut it from the list though, at least not yet. Collect the rest of the deck and then see if you still have any card value left to get it and then make the decision. At least, that's what I would do. Your life, your choices, all I can do is advise.

Ok, with that out of the way comes deck refining without Lili. The first thing I would add is 1 more Kolaghan's Command. That is almost mandatory. KC gives you mainboarded artifact hate and a great midrange weapon that can help replace the spot of Lili. It is stupidly broken with Snapcaster Mage and is honestly fantastic on its own without Snappy. I would not go to 4 mainboard though, because I've tried that and it didn't work. KC needs some diversity to be good.

So that brings us to 1 last card, and here we need to look at your whole 75, not your main 60. This is getting away from finance and more into general meta tuning, but that's still important. At this point I think you can safely pull Sword of Light and Shadow from your sideboard. You can beat BGx without it consistently and all it brings to the table is overkill when there are MUCH more relevant matchups you need to worry about, namely Burn and the new swarmy strategies. Burn is super weak to hand disruption (which you have), counters (which you lack), and removal (which could be improved). As we've previously discussed, you need Dispel somewhere in the 75, and I think 3 is a good number with Snapcaster Mage and other goodies. If you can find room for 3 within the 75, you'll be set. But then there are other broken decks you need to look out for. The ones I worry about are the swarmy strategies, mainly elves, merfolk, affinity, and company. Damnation is a good start to those matchups, but not enough. They are my worst matchups right now and actually borderline unwinnable without Damnation. I'm tempted to play Crux of Fate or splash white :(. Anyway, having some more sweepers would definitely help. I like Pyroclasm because it has an easy casting cost and pairs nicely with Damnation for a healthy balance of power and efficiency. Pyroclasm is also helpful against every creature-based aggro, including, but not limited to, burn, affinity, infect, elves, podless pod, delver, and many more. It is well worth it. Your Bloodghast can also revive after casting it and your other creatures are a small price to pay for a high-impact card. So if you add 3 Dispel and 3 Pyroclasm, then you are 3 cards over, assuming you cut the 3 sword. From here the sky's the limit and I'll leave it to you to decide how to adjust, as I have gone far enough on a tangent. My point is that without Lili you have options to choose from but decisions to make to tune your deck to the current meta.

My final topic I'm going to discuss is Vampire Nighthawk: how it plays for me and why you should consider and acknowledge, but probably not run it. I think it is the perfect card to run alongside Bloodghast because when Bloodghast can't block, Nighhawk excels. He has flying, so they can't get around him without pure unblockability. He has lifelink so he is difficult to attack into and gain from. He has deathtouch so he can block Tarmogoyf or whatever beater you fear and not care because he drags them down with him. Yes, he dies to bolt, but what doesn't? 60% of decks don't have any bolts for you to worry about. But he is not limited to being a blocker, which is his real advantage. 2/3 may not hit as hard as 3/2, but he's a 4 point life swing every attack. 2 is also good power when paired alongside Bloodghast and Tasigur. His only disadvantage is that he is 3 mana which is irrelevant in midrange, but not in the first few turns. Your deck is much more tempo-oriented than my deck and Nighthawk is awful as a tempo play. That said, if you want to be a midrange deck, then by god be a midrange deck. Drop Remand and Delver of Secrets  Flip and make room for those Dispel and some NightHawk. It makes you stronger against aggro decks, gives you a great Kolaghan's Command target, and improves your Abzan and Jund matchups. The only real loss is Twin, which holds the highest metagame share according to mtgtop8 at the time of writing. Twin will be difficult without the high amount of tempo you previously had, but your hand removal and strong creatures should make that matchup pretty good anyway. It is your best matchup alongside Jund, so I think you can sacrifice a little. So I guess the choice is yours. Do you want to play true die-hard midrange? Or do you prefer to play a delver tempo deck that's more midrange oriented than most. I think both are very good and competitive and the deciding factors are personal preference and your meta. I prefer the die-hard midrane, but without Snapcaster Mage I have to play a mix of the two.

Well, I knew it would be a long comment when I sat down, but this got ridiculous! Sorry if I missed some typos; it is late and I'm too tired to both type correctly and spell correctly. My grammar is going out the window as well. Anyway, I hope this helps you figure things out. I love this deck and I wish you the best of luck playing it. I am 2 Bloodghast away from having a playable version of my deck and I'll be sure to report on my tournament showings because I think I am a little closer to finishing my deck than you are. Best of luck!


LupineShadow on Alesha/Mardu

3 days ago

Vampire Nighthawk flying, lifelink, and deathtouch. Vampire Interloper flying. I feel like since you're using Alesha you could try for a tribal sub-theme with a tribe that normally has low power guys. I suggest vampires or maybe goblins. Vampires have a lot of evasion, but goblins you could swarm the board and use their abilities and tribal synergy to get really dangerous.

ducttapedeckbox on Magicrafter

3 days ago

Would you do my 4 Vampire Lacerator, 4 Vampire Nighthawk, 4 Vampire Hexmage, and 3 Gatekeeper of Malakir, all Zendikar printing (I played mono-black vampires in ZEN standard and KICKED ASS), for your foil Gurmag Angler? It comes to my $9.56 for your $10.24. Anything I can fill the gap with?

I also have a set of Vampire Nocturnus - one promo - if you ever have interest.

Lastly, if you have any bulk counter magic that you feel like getting rid of, I am now collecting it :)

square711 on Vampire R/B Tribal Need help!

4 days ago

Your mana base has far too many colorless mana sources. Graven Cairns should never be played as more than a 2-of, because you never want them to be your first land drop - and if you run 4 copies of them, you raise the chances of drawing only Graven Cairns in your opening hand considerably.

I see you're already aware of the bad synergy between Blood Moon and Mutavault, so I'll get straight to the point: keep the Moons and drop the Vaults. Blood Moon hoses a LOT more decks and will often win you the game by itself, whereas Mutavault is just a vanilla Vampire most of the time. Also, they have the same problem as Graven Cairns - they're colorless mana sources, and your spells are pretty cost intensive. The synergy with Coat of Arms isn't enough to make Mutavault worth running in this deck.

Even without fetchlands (which you should run because of Bloodghast), play at least one or two basic Mountains. You won't always have Blood Moon out, and you need almost as much red mana as you need black - something you won't have readily available with so many swamps, filter lands and Vaults.

Now, moving on to your nonland cards:

  • Vampire tribal decks are aggro by nature. You don't want to play a long game, and definitely not long enough to get seven lands in play. Drop Akroma's Memorial and Coat of Arms. This will also allow you to lower your land count to 22 or 23, giving you space for more removal and general utility spells.

  • Fervor competes with other 3-drops in your deck, and it won't be as useful as it seems. You want to be casting Vampire Nighthawk or Stromkirk Captain on T3, not a spell that helps you in the long run - remember, vampire decks do NOT want to go to "the long run".

  • Don't know what to swap for Bloodghast and Gatekeeper of Malakir? Easy. Play one less Bloodline Keeper  Flip, one less Captivating Vampire, and get completely rid of Falkenrath Exterminator. Rakish Heir isn't too great either. I'd much rather have Vampire Lacerator instead (the more strong one-drops, the better!).

  • Surgical Extraction is terrible when you have no way of putting the opponent's threats into the graveyard. Seeing as you run no hand disruption, you'll have a hard time finding a good target for Extraction. My advice: move them to the sideboard and put Thoughtseize and/or Inquisition of Kozilek in their place. Black can always use some targeted discard. Always.

  • Olivia Voldaren is a better 4-drop than Bloodline Keeper  Flip. If the game goes on for too long, when she hits the board by turn 7 or 8, your opponent will be scared shitless of playing any creatures. It's priceless.

And I guess that's all. Hope these tips help you!

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