Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

Death_The_Kid on APPLE01DOJ

14 hours ago

Hey man I have a question, I am building a Modern deck and I am wondering if you have any of the following cards and wanna trade. 4x Terminate 4x Blightning 4x Despise 1x Nim Deathmantle 4x Vampire Nighthawk 3x Pack Rat 1x Asceticism 4x Spawning Pool

Also I am not sure if I asked for any of those before and you said you do not have them so apology in advance lol. Also I know Blightning isnt in your binder but I saw it in your 8rack B/R deck and thought maybe you had some extras.

limitsoflogic on Veteran of the Psychic Wars

3 days ago

Maybe you could take out the Archetypes and the Archivist in favour of a bit more lifelink and unblockable, to wear people down and abuse Oloro's in-play ability a bit more.

Vampire Nighthawk , Debt to the Deathless , and Prowler's Helm could be a good look?

(also you spelled psychic wrong, haha)

chaosjace on Exalted out the ass.

5 days ago

maybe a Vampire Nighthawk or a Sublime Archangel ? just one tho

mr_spooner on Blue/Black AEtherling Control Deck

6 days ago

I'm just following these comments, and by now, I'm not even sure if XTowelie is trolling LOL. I'm not sure if you got the cue that this guy's playing on a budget. None of the cards you have been suggesting him are budget cards at all...LOL. No one plays Snapcaster, Liliana, or Batterskull casually, my god my sides, reading all this is too hilarious xD

Anyways, cool, cheap deck, not sure if Mystical Teachings is necessary. Necropolis Regent is ehh, since you aren't playing with too many creatures to use its effect usefully. Contrary to what you're going for, Delver of Secrets  Flip is a must to start early and put pressure early in the game. And if AEtherling is your main wincon, you prob wanna add more of em, like 3-4x of em, 'cause odds of drawing them when you need em is not too high with only 2x in your deck.

Overall, my suggestion would probably go with using some more early starting hitters (like Delver, Vampire Nighthawk ), and 1-2x Bonesplitter or Runechanter's Pike for bigger hits (perhaps replacing Necropolis Regent ). IMO, you'd prob see more success with those kind of changes.

kamarupa on Buddy Buddy

6 days ago

Oh. I see. With Harabaz Druid +Crab Umbra all my creatures would be huge turn 4. Cool, but adds incentive to Remove my Druid, of which there is already plenty. I think I could do without Descendent's Path, but that card is already among the +5 added to the deck. I think 1x Door to Nothingness is totally worth pushing to 61, Descendent's Path is more debatable. Among the Creatures, Umara Raptor is the one I'd Sideboard first. Doesn't help much against a Vampire Nighthawk and has the higher CMC among the attacking Creatures. I think, like I have for a long time, that this decks suffers from lack of good non-basic lands as much as anything. I am always surprised how powerful this deck gets to be. Just when it seems like I'm about to lose, suddenly it comes back hard. Last time I played it in a 3 person match, it Milled both opponents out in the same turn.

ducttapedeckbox on What was your Golden Age ...

6 days ago

I enjoyed the Shards/Zendikar Standard the most. Then again I stopped playing before Worldwake came out, and picked it up in Innistrad.

Mono-black vampires with Vampire Nocturnus , Vampire Nighthawk , Gatekeeper of Malakir , etc. was my deck. I also ran a mono-green landfall deck that made Scute Mob work and Rampaging Baloths . That was fun.

And watching a first-timer drop Progenitus and win. Priceless.

yamomo on Black Flames

1 week ago

Ill def have a look Ballzanya and see if I can benefit from any. Im liking Smoldering Tar as it will provide a slow burn while I gather momentum. I feel I lack of key creatures for early in the game. Im wondering if I should replace Wight of Precinct Six with something more aggressive like Vampire Nighthawk .

EverythingIsK on Manablack (needs help)

1 week ago

You don't need the Contagion Engine because it doesn't fin the theme of the deck you want.

Also consider Pack Rat since you're ramping up mana. Also, I think Magus of the Coffers will slow you down. for less mana, you can use liliana to get more swamps, and ultimately use her 3rd ability. I suggest taking two Magus out, and possibly consider Nirkana Revenant as a replacement, simply because it is superior.

Look into Vampire Nighthawk , since he's broken. Kalastria Highborn can also be useful.

Plenty of options. I like the idea of black mana ramping. You can go multiple directions with it and it will always be fun.

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