Vampire Nighthawk


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) Uncommon
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (DDP) Uncommon
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Uncommon
Magic 2013 (M13) Uncommon
MTG: Commander (CMD) Uncommon
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

HalbrechtHalbrecht on "Your Debt Has Come Due" (Teysa)

2 weeks ago

Hey Whirlwind_2100, thanks for giving my deck a little love! I usually don't get very many likes/views, so I appreciate it. :)

It's definitely a fun and interactive deck and, as it was designed to do, does a good job of hampering the opponent. However, it almost always loses to "The Stampede Approaches" (Mayael) and "Death Is Not the End" (Karador). It'll really interfere with them for a while and get in some damage, but in the long game, their engines out-value Teysa and she can't close out the game before they do. So I'm trying to power up this deck.

I agree about Vampire Nighthawk — it was an early include because I love the card and didn't have good ideas of what to put in. Can you explain why you'd remove Sorin ?

Whirlwind_2100 on "Your Debt Has Come Due" (Teysa)

2 weeks ago

Nice deck!!! I actually wont cut anything, except for Vampire Nighthawk and Sorin, Solemn Visitor but even that's far fetched. I would add maybe 2 more lands to improve your mana base, but that's about it If I don't have many suggestions that's because I've spent the last 3 hours trying to comment of decks with minimal likes/views. but otherwise fun and interactive deck =)

Whirlwind_2100 on Ghave's army of counters

2 weeks ago

Overall a solid deck, but there are some cards im not sure why you added

  1. Vampire Nighthawk
  2. Abzan Runemark
  3. Siege Rhino
  4. Ravenous Chupacabra
  5. Blisterpod
  6. Wreath of Geists
  7. Groundswell

These were some cards that either were just bad, or didn't contribute to the game plan of the deck in a meaningful way, such as Vampire Nighthawk .

xaarvaxus on Vampiric swarm

2 weeks ago

Rakish Heir , Vampire Nighthawk , Indulgent Aristocrat , Sanctum Seeker and Stromkirk Noble are all budget cards that would slot well into this deck. If you're willing to spend a bit more, Gifted Aetherborn , Drana, Liberator of Malakir and Knight of the Ebon Legion would be good additions. I'd also move Olivia, Mobilized for War into the main in place of Vampire Warlord or Markov Patrician

Not really sure what purpose Bubbling Cauldron serves here. Clear a Path seems a strange choice to me as well. Terminate would provide a much broader scope of removal for just more and be instant speed too.

Like the inclusion of By Force but Demolish seems a bit slow for an aggro deck.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Sorin to victory (orzhov vampires)

4 weeks ago

I know 26 lands is too big, but that's for a 60 card deck, not a 70 card one. For 70 cards, 26 lands is about right.

I considered That Sorin , but he's just too mana-heavy for too little impact. The lifelink is something several of my vampires have already, and this deck doesn't need too much more lifegain. It's nice with Sanguine Bond , but I've already given up on that as a build-around. The main purpose of Sanctum Seeker is to ping my opponent more, not to gain life, so Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord doesn't replace him well.

Your deck seems to be heavily focused on creature recursion, for which Bishop of Rebirth is great, but I don't need too much in this deck. If it were "enters the battlefield or attacks" (like the Titan series), I would probably put it in, but I think it would have to rely on the buffing to give it multiple recursion uses.

Indulgent Aristocrat works for your deck, since you have tons of recursion, but I'd rather keep my few creatures rather than buff the others. This deck doesn't swarm the board with vampires often.

Cutting the divest is a good idea, as probably is a Vampire Nighthawk , but Indulgent Aristocrat is one of my big win-cons, so I can't really cut it.

Thank you for your suggestions! I might even create another deck similar to yours based on vampire creature recursion.

Wolfpig on

1 month ago

Civic Saber is a good cheap artifact for boosting Alela, giving 3 more damage/life.

Looking for cheap control artifacts like Aether Spellbomb and Nihil Spellbomb can give you cards too.

You are using a lot of deck space for blinking something, and I'm betting its your Sphinx's.

My favorite combo in my Alela deck for Life/Speed is Divinity of Pride + Bolas's Citadel . This + Mystic Forge to get lands out of the way can flow a lot of permanents into the battlefield.

Running it with low cost artifacts/enchantments means you will get to trigger Alela repetitively. Cards like Vampire Nighthawk or anything this versitile can be a good flier for the deck. You'll just be trading Damage taken with citadel with fliers.

Because your not running strictly fliers, I see cards taking up space to bolster them. Just save yourself the trouble and put fliers in here. Alela is meant to overwhelm or cause wipes mid-game. If you aren't getting her out, triggered by 5-6 turn heavily, you will probably fall behind?

Swiftfoot Boots / Lightning Greaves / Whispersilk Cloak all can protect her in the mean time.

Emry, Lurker of the Loch can protect your artifacts.

Nice deck, hope it works out getting tuned up for you.

Magnanimous on Ponza Pox

1 month ago

I feel Waste Not is too much of a win more card. Every spell needs to efficiently put on pressure or mess with the opponent and Waste Not doesn't really do either.

Shrieking Affliction is a great suggestion and I think it is probably a better win con than my current Cryptbreaker and Vampire Nighthawk . I am slightly sad to see those two go though, as they are two of my favorites.

TypicalTimmy on Moon art cards for Princess ...

1 month ago

While it pains me to admit that I actually understand this thread, I think it would be best (and easiest) to consider two things:

  • Dimir would fit best with Princess Luna as a character
  • Innistrad will have the most "moon-flavor"

Blood Moon , Imprisoned in the Moon , Alpine Moon , Bad Moon , Vampire Nighthawk , Chaos Moon , Full Moon's Rise , Kami of the Crescent Moon , Kami of the Waning Moon , Magus of the Moon , Moon Heron ...

Basically anything with "Moon" in it's name. Also focus on Innistrad, Werewolves and Vampires.

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Vampire Nighthawk occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.09%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Black: 0.16%

RBW (Mardu): 0.69%