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Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

Truegamer4891 on B/W

22 hours ago

Vampire Nighthawk is not standard legal

mr_spooner on I Got That Lich a Phylactery

2 days ago

Phylactery Lich is not necessarily my central win con. It's a beast both offensively and defensively when it's out, but I also specifically chose to add Vampire Nighthawk and Vault Skirge in because with all the artifacts out (Lashwrithe , Inquisitor's Flail ) and equipped, the life gain is huge, and the damage is nice (especially with their evasion with flying) :D So not entirely dependent on one creature, thankfully. I always struggle to fit Diabolic Tutor into black decks 'cause it's too expensive of a card to play, and only works for specific decks that are able to draw out the game and play their bomb. I'd think that card would just slow this deck down IMO. And part of the challenge is playing within a limited budget :) Victim of Night is prob better, I just put Doom Blade their 'cause it's like the synonymous black removal spell. In my actual deck I own, I put a set of Smother s 'cause they do reach a broader range than Doom Blade and are also fairly cheap, money-wise :)

TexasDice on What's your favorite Core Set?

2 days ago

I just remembered how good black was in M13 limited... Murder , Public Execution , Essence Drain , Vampire Nighthawk ... Oh Nighthawk, why did you have to leave?

Probably the only uncommon I'd slam over a foil Mythic.

Javaz on Some Vampires Have a Potluck

2 days ago

Where is the Vampire Nighthawk ? I vote for him as one of the best vampires. I suggest to remove a pair of Malakir Bloodwitch for more Bloodline Keeper  Flip . Also, there are the Sengir Vampire and the Mephidross Vampire . +1 from me

xiao.wen on Black Lich

3 days ago

nice! i just found your deck checking out other decks running Nantuko Shade . I was checking the shade because I was working on my own lich mono black! really similar ideas! wish i had a 4x of the sword :O, would love to have some D-demons as well...not to mention damnations and thoughtsieze. my main feedback would be the 4x of the axe. sure its indestructible and you can pile it on, but the equip cost can get a little expensive for top gear modern can't it? I've been having some fun with Flayer Husk at 4x because it gets some presence down and can cause some minor headaches at 1cmc because even if they kill it, you can just equip in on the lich or shade later or if your draw is really a mess, on another flayer husk germ token.

also, first let me say i really like Vampire Nighthawk . however lets discuss: compare Vampire Nighthawk to Herald of Torment for a moment. have you found the lifelink coming into play? the deathtouch could be interesting, but im wondering if the extra power and the ability to bestow the torment on a lich and swing over the top for 8 doesnt outweigh the benefits of the vampire?

lastly, the shade himself. in recent testing both my two drops, Pack Rat and Nantuko Shade keep getting blasted off the board by removal before they can do a damn thing. part of the reason is they really are threats and need to get nuked, but also because the lich and flayer husk cant really absorb any removal so it amplifies the frequency those two get hit. i've been debating running good ol Black Knight in that slot because his survivability is just way higher with both first strike for combat and pro white (no path, dsphere, etc.), have you tried good ol black knight in this slot? i've been having fun eccentrically running Blood Knight in my U/R delver izzet.wen and he really is doing a pretty good job sitting tight and swinging.

other than that, awesome build! +1 if i had the cash to assemble a build like this, im sure mine would look very very very similar!

Unlife on The Modern Magic Box #5

4 days ago

I'll submit this deck. I unfortunately cannot offer much advice on the deck, though I will second the idea for Vampire Nighthawk

Lightning Infect Playtest

Modern Unlife


meta is a mix of everything, mainly USA control, red burn, affinity, splinter, soul sistersbudget of about $100-$150

Regulus1010 on X_Kawaii-Extremist_X

4 days ago

Hey man, I'm only interested in the Keranos, God of Storms and Setessan Tactics as far as wants for a shock that'll hold value, which puts you a bit short. But I do have a counter offer for you in looking at your wants list.


1x Steam Vents

1x Sanguine Bond

1x Vampire Nighthawk

1x Obzedat, Ghost Council


1x Stormbreath Dragon

1x Setessan Tactics

1x Keranos, God of Storms

That does put you behind a bit in value but Stormbreath's value has been plummeting and I expect Steam Vents to hold value as an eternal staple. What do you think?

MoronicCinamun on Varolz EDH

5 days ago

Things I would take out: Akroma's Memorial : not bad but I feel its better for horde-type decks, you're better off putting something that more efficiently boosts one creature (i.e. boots); plus, it prevents you from targeting your own guys with black stuff (if I understand correctly, that means no scavenging with black creatures)

Murder : can safely be removed I'd say, with putrefy, silence, and the addition of beast within and whatnot, its simply the weakest link

remove Sign in Blood for Read the Bones

Bramblecrush and Diabolic Tutor can also go, something I forgot to mention that would be good is Jarad's Orders

I wouldn't remove creatures unless to replace with another creature, as I'm sure you want a high creature base here; it's probably even a good idea to remove SOME lands (3-4? 38 is kind of high) for guy's that tap for mana, but not like elves that tap for one, something better, like Karametra's Acolyte .

The creatures I think that are weakest though are:Dark Impostor , not half bad but doesn't really fit the deck theme well, but he is repeatable removal so perhaps not too bad, 9/10 its okay ~ignEater of Hope is unfortunately not very good, I'm sure there are others demons that would fit better (like the one in your maybeboard?)Pharika, God of Affliction despite being 5 counters for 3 mana, that's not very game changing; its ability doesn't help you as you're losing creatures from your graveyard or giving enemies snakes, there are much more efficient optionsSengir Vampire I could see if it was EVERY time a creature dies, but it's too conditional, too likely to die before it can get big, and it won't help you in your graveyardSkinrender is okay I'd say, there might be better.Vampire Nighthawk , while an all around good card, doesn't really fit here and is probably too small to be much help in edh; if you were running some sort of vampire deck with plenty of buffs I'd say yea