Vampire Nighthawk

Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

M a g i c a l H a c k e r on Uncle Karl's Fun House

1 day ago

Well I did some searching and I think you could actually improve the lifegain trigger cards actually! Here's what I think could be removed:
Drana's Emissary
Nyx-Fleece Ram
Suture Priest
Vampire Nighthawk
Wall of Reverence
Zulaport Cutthroat
Angel's Feather
Demon's Horn
Loxodon Warhammer
Ajani's Mantra

I think the following could replace them:
Moonlit Wake
Umezawa's Jitte
Auriok Champion
Profane Memento
Patron of the Kitsune
Shattered Angel
Falkenrath Noble

Honorable mention lol:
Noble Stand

But to answer your question, your curve should still look fantastic before or after any of my suggested changes. Don't worry about the descending stairs bit, it just means you can play more 3-5 drops instead of the 1-2 drops you're playing :D


1 day ago

I wouldn't cut a single Geralf's Messenger for a Vampire Nighthawk.

I was suggesting you take out the Lifebane Zombie as all of the concerns you had about the nighthawk also hit the zombie but the vampire has more upside in the main deck where as the zombie is more of a sideboard card (heck the zombie is chump against Electrolyze )

Also maybe include a Profane Command or 2 somewhere?

With the ability to either hit their face or kill their guy and resurrect either a Phyrexian Obliterator or a gray merchant.

If x=5 you can hit their face for 5 and resurrect a merchant to drain their equal to devotion and sometime that can be a huge swing

Even if you dont hit 7 mana though and its just give a creature -4/-4 and get back a Phyrexian Obliterator or one mana less for the Geralf's Messenger


2 days ago

I had thought that the whip was in the main. And if youre dealing with a good amount of burn the life may matter.

I just went from using none in my mono green devotion deck to 8 fetches and its helped the consistency greatly. (Then again burn is a better matchup for me, don't know how tough it is for this deck)

Maybe add a couple Vampire Nighthawk somehow? Perhaps cutting a lifebane zombie or something else in the 3 CMC slot

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Rocket Science

4 days ago

GoblinBushwacker I know that feeling. There was a time when I heavily questioned Vampire Nighthawk for that exact reason. It kept dying to bolt, or Remand, or something else and I just about gave up on it, until I realized 2 things about that card.

  1. There are matchups where it should not be cast on turn 3. Seems kinda obvious, but critical. If your opponent is likely to have an answer, then don't cast it unless you're baiting out that answer or have a Spell Pierce to respond.

  2. There are matchups where it should be sided out. Also seems kinda obvious, but just as critical. Paying 3 mana for a 2 power attacker when trying to aggro them down is pretty bad. Nighthawk wins the game against most aggro decks, but is terrible against control, combo, and tempo.

So Nighthawk is a great card, but you have to be smart about playing him.

ConfusedMandarin Good question! Faithless Looting is certainly unconventional, but absolutely critical. Other people have given pretty good explanations, but here's the long-winded thorough reasoning behind looting.

When analyzing that card, the most important thing to keep in mind is that card advantage has 2 components: tangible card advantage and virtual card advantage. Tangible is literally how many cards either player has on the field. Virtual card advantage is determined by comparing card value and relevancy. For example, if both players have no board, 5 lands, and 20 life, but I have 1 Keranos, God of Storms in my hand whilst my opponent has 5 more Lands in there hand, although my opponent technically has more cards, I have more virtual card advantage because my 1 card is likely to win me the game whereas his 5 cards are not.

Faithless Looting is great at building virtual advantage, even though it causes tangible card disadvantage. To understand its usefulness, you have to look at how it works in individual cases.

  1. You have Faithless Looting and Bloodghast in your hand: This is the best case scenario. You can cast your looting, draw 2 cards, then discard your Ghast and the worst card in your hand. Then you play a land and your bloodghast revives. This is significant because you effectively played a 1 mana draw 2 discard 1. You break even on tangible card advantage, but pull way ahead in virtual. You've gained a 'free' 2/1 creature on the field, building your tempo, and improved your hand through the filter. It is reasonable to assume that the cards you draw are going to be better than the worst card in your hand, so the quality of your hand is improving. If you end up discarding one of the cards that you drew, then you're avoiding having to draw it in a turn or 2, which is still building virtual advantage. Thought Scour in this scenario would effectively be less tempo and no virtual advantage because you have to hardcast Ghast, even though it has the same tangible card advantage as Looting.

  2. You have a hand with at least 1 dead card in the matchup and Faithless Looting: In this case, you lose tangible card advantage when you cast looting, but remember that a completely dead card in a matchup (think Terminate vs Ad Nauseam) holds no value to you, so when you discard it, you have almost the same virtual card advantage. This way, in regards to virtual advantage, Looting is better than Scour because looting becomes effectively a draw 2 discard 1 because there's one card in our hand that we don't care about discarding.

  3. You have a hand with all gas and a Faithless Looting: In delver, this situation is bad because looting is straight card disadvantage, but because we are midrange, we don't need to cast Looting. We can just hold looting, draw our card each turn, and play our hand full of gas. We will either win without needing looting because we drew all gas, or we will eventually draw a land we didn't want or a dead card or a Ghast, and then we pull the trigger on Looting to keep the gas flowing. Thought Scour is better, but unnecessary in this situation because if we're hitting all cards we want and don't need looting or the full grave, then we have no need to cast Scour. When we do finally hit a bad card, looting becomes virtually a draw 2 discard 1 again, which is an awesome effect. In delver, they need the tempo of the full grave, but because we're midrange, we are just fine holding Looting until we need it.

Note that in all of these situations I listed, this is only using Faithless Looting without flashback. When you add in the late game value due to flashback, the value of the card goes over the top. I openly acknowledge that Looting would be unplayable without flashback. But when it can be almost as good or better than Thought Scour on the first cast, and only adds to the value with the flashback, the card becomes the better choice for deck without a doubt.

GoblinBushwacker on Rocket Science

4 days ago

Yeah, taking a second look at your list i understand why not to include pyromancer. However i am still highly skeptical of Vampire Nighthawk. It just seems like there has to be a better card out there.

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Rocket Science

4 days ago

Nice! +1. Way to bring back Vampire Nighthawk in style.

Here's a thought: I do like Faithless Looting here because it's a really nice late-game play if you have irrelevant lands or a dead spell. But in the early game, I'd rather have a Thought Scour. I realize you're doing a midrange thing and maybe don't want to be that random, but you have redundancy with your threats, including 4X Ghast, and you have 2X K-mand in the deck. I'd go so far as to suggest you might experiment with 4X Scour, 0X Visions, and 3X Looting - and just trust the deck's ability to extract graveyard value, while probably not being that much more vulnerable to grave hate. I suppose that's mostly a matter of preference, though. But if you ever get a playset of Snapcaster Mages, I'll come back and argue the point.

GabeCubed on Aristocrats Dressed in Black

4 days ago

Thanks firecast92!

I definitely agree, mono-colored decks are very fun, and yes, have very cheap mana bases. Unless of course you want all of your lands to be Guru.

About sideboard stuff, I haven't put too much thought into it yet, but yes, when I add the sideboard, it is definitely going in there.

As for Vampire Nighthawk, it is a great card, but it doesn't not help this strategy in any way, since this is more about recursion from my graveyard than it is about just being a mono-black devotion style deck.

firecast92 on Aristocrats Dressed in Black

4 days ago

i love monocollored decks, they dont need a 200euro mana base, just some fucking basics. i strongly believe you need at least 3 Spellskites for the twin and boggle matchup. great card for every monoblack deck is Vampire Nighthawk

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