Vampire Nighthawk

Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

BenBass97 on Live Long and Prosper

6 hours ago

Why no Vampire Nighthawk ? It fits the theme while also being one of the best black creatures printed. Also Drana's Emissary is a thing.

Figag on Convince me to play your ...

1 day ago

My pet deck is

Rocket Science Playtest

Modern Figag

SCORE: 36 | 17 COMMENTS | 3557 VIEWS

I've found it to be skill-intensive due to their being several lines of play and a lot of unclear options. At heart, it is grixis midrange, but unlike anything you've ever seen unless you have seen Bloody Singleminded (Competitive), the inspiration and budgetless version of my deck. It doesn't feature any infinite combos, but it is highly synergistic, with Bloodghast + Faithless Looting as the driving force of the deck. It is hardly linear, much like BGx, but it is a different deck with a different strategy every game and I love that about it. It can play a hard aggro, it can race, it can play control, it can be very explosive, and it can grind into midrange. Yes, the deck has blue, but the blue cards are relatively cheap - no snappies, no cryptics, and no cliques.

The general idea of the deck is that we have cards that are good against the meta, that work very well together, but they aren't great against every deck. But we also have a lot of filters for our draws so we can always draw into or find the cards that are good against the opponent and get rid of the cards that aren't. But that's not all, our filters are also highly synergistic with the rest of our deck - Serum Visions helps flip Delver of Secrets  Flip and Faithless Looting sets up Tasigur, the Golden Fang and discards Bloodghast to be revived with landfall, building card advantage by discarding. But this deck is also far from a hate deck - we don't dig for hate cards, we are able to win over other decks by modifying our hand to best answer or challenge theirs, so we always have an interactive game leaving you satisfied that you played some good magic, even when you lose.

The best part of the deck is the sideboard. Because we have cards that are inherently bad against some decks, we sideboard a lot leaving them unprepared for our post board. We have answers for everything (except enchantments, which I am working on) and ways to improve our proactive and reactive plan. Our sideboard is versatile and plays with the mainboard as a full 75 card deck.

Overall I've found it a blast to play and will never grow tired of it. Yes, there are times when it flops and rolls over, but those are rare and happen to any deck. But with 7 mainboard filters that allow you to see 2-3 more cards each, we can usually avoid complete failures. The deck is also better if you have 2 Snapcaster Mage in place of 1 Delver of Secrets  Flip and 1 Vampire Nighthawk, but that's only if you want to be competitive - at a LGS tournament the version I have above is just fine. And, although it says it costs $475, it can built for significantly less by using some budget substitutes, such as a 3rd Pyroclasm instead of Engineered Explosives in the sideboard, and Duress instead of Inquisition of Kozilek. If you don't like interactive magic or some intensive thinking before playing, this isn't the deck for you, but from how you describe yourself above, I think you'll enjoy this deck. It is very solidly set as a midrange deck, but it is by no means limited to being one. Although it looks like it, it is NOT grixis delver. We can play tempo, but only against control and combo. It isn't combo, but it does have some fun synergies. I haven't found it to be very similar to most any modern deck in tier 1 or 2, but the deck feel is almost identical to Esper Deathblade in legacy, despite sharing only 2 non-land cards.

Hipparion on Drawing is death (help)

1 day ago

Bloodchief Ascension


Psychosis Crawler

I'd personally drop Waste Not (For Bloodchief Ascension) and decrease Fate Unraveler to an even 2 copies along with Vampire Nighthawk (to two copies to allow for 2 Psychosis Crawler's). Also drop Howling Mine to two to get two Megrim's

Figag on Rocket Science

3 days ago

Yes, I do know that Vampire Nighthawk dies to bolt, but if it does die to bolt then my face isn't being bolted, which is usually a fine tradeoff. Plus, I do have ways around bolt such as Dispel, Izzet Charm, and Vapor Snag.

Brutal Expulsion is interesting. I'm afraid I don't quite understand how it works / the rulings for it. If you bounce a spell, is it like Remanding it, so it doesn't resolve? I don't know that it blows out jund, although it certainly would be good against them and hitting Etched Champion is relevant. I'm curious to hear how it has been playing for you and how you usually use it. I read your description of it on your deck and seems like it could have potential. It might deserve a 1-of spot.

Rough/Tumble may miss my delver of secrets, but it also misses theirs, and more importantly, it misses some affinity creatures, which I really don't like because affinity is a sucky matchup. Because my deck isn't straight delver, I side out Delver of Secrets  Flip whenever Pyroclasm comes in because if I'm playing with clasm, I am no longer the beatdown and I'd much rather defend, and delver kinda sucks at defending. It's a 1/1 chump blocker that can't kill anything and loses me card advantage when I keep it against decks that get the boardwipe treatment. It's just one of the nuances of this deck that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, no opponent ever fully understands this deck because it is a very different deck for each opponent - some opponents never learn that this isn't delver with looting over scour, while other opponents never learn that this deck even has an aggro plan available. The amount of options I have while playing this deck is insane.

Thanks for the comment and +1!

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on Rocket Science

3 days ago

I'm sure you know that Vampire Nighthawk dies to bolt, but it looks like its good enough to run.

Way different from my list, but with all the izzet modern decks I'm looking at, I'm thinking Brutal Expulsion is a good sideboard card, since it blows out Jund. I would right down all the reasons, but its on my list, so its easier for me if you just go there :) .

Also, Rough/Tumble looks better in side than Pyroclasm since it doesn't hit Delvers or Nighthawks.

+1 from me!

OverBite00 on Nightwatch

5 days ago

Vampire Nighthawk is a pretty effective creature, but I was trying to avoid full Black creatures unless they are Human doing nothing nasty. I think that only leaves Tormented Hero as acceptable. But honestly, thanks for the suggestion.

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