Vampire Nighthawk


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Uncommon
Magic 2013 Uncommon
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Zendikar Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Vampire Nighthawk

Creature — Vampire Shaman


Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Nighthawk Discussion

cplvela0811 on Metallic Mimic is being overlooked!

19 hours ago

Merfok is a solid deck, but so are the Elves. I do not consider myself to know much about Legacy, but I have seen and heard of Legacy Elves. Not Legacy Merfolk.

In addition to Metallic Mimic I feel that it will be a great addition to all sorts of tribal decks as seeing it is colorless. Printing this and Gifted Aetherborn make me think that Vampires now have what they sort of need (low cmc lords). This also solves the "Vampire Nighthawk" problem. It gives you a card that wont die to a 2 toughness creature that can be a 3/4 with the Mimic. Paired with something like Stromkirk Captain, Falkenrath Gorger, and Vampire Lacerator Make for some "Sweet Beats." They get the additional +1/+1, so it is a pseudo lord. Still a good thing. The Gifted Aetherborn may trade with a Tarmogoyf and maybe survive bolt. But that is just me.

TheMadRocketeer on That's a Nice Hand ... Shame if You Lost It

2 days ago

I like this deck a lot.

Ways to capitalize on their discards: The best ones I know of are already in your list: Megrim, Liliana's Caress, and Underworld Dreams.

Ways to not suffer from one's own milling:
-- Feldon's Cane - When your library is getting thin, just plow those used cards right back in.
-- Elixir of Immortality - Same deal, and you already include it. I see we think alike.
Playing so many symmetrical draw effects, like Font of Mythos and Howling Mine, means you will be doing some discarding of your own, due to hand size limits. You're including 2, which is about right.

Ways to make sure your deck plan gets to play:
-- Again, you've hit the nail on the head with Diabolic Tutor. Demonic Tutor, which is in your Maybeboard, is even better, if you can get them. Four is definitely not too many.

I'd be tempted to consider mono-black, given the mana production of your key card Waste Not, but your use of red looks good. Half of your red cards are color intensive, needing RR as part of the cost. That could be an issue sometimes.

With this much drawing and discarding, you may get some wins on milling alone. On that note, and as another way to get damage in, you could consider Book Burning, though the main theme here is discarding.

I think it's better to not to give the opponent a larger / unlimited hand size. If they're drawing more cards than they can cast, you're causing what you want, discards. No need to save their cards in hand for your other discard cards when you can get them based on hand size limits. No point in letting them hold onto more potential ways to break up your combo either.

In a deck like this, you need a way to last until your combo starts working, especially against aggro matchups, so a little life gain and creature removal can help. You already have Elixir of Immortality, which gives a little life, but you may want the life sooner than you want to rebuild your library. Vampire Nighthawk is an incredible value, which can block and kill a threat and can get damage in while gaining you life. Consume Spirit, Drain Life and their cousins are great for removal and life gain, so a couple of those might help, at least in the sideboard.

As I say, loving this deck idea. I've done something like it in mono-black, but yours may be better for the red element.

WhisperingBlade on Mono black Vampires

3 days ago

Vampire Nighthawk is one of the craziest vampires you can have, and I'd definitely recommend some. Finally, Drana, Liberator of Malakir could be a cool card to add as a 1-2 of. Her and a lot of lifegain could really take over the game against creature-based decks.

I would consider reworking the deck to have the shell of Viscera Seer, Bloodghast, Kalastria Highborn, and Vampire Nocturnus (all mainboarded as 4 ofs). What this would do for you is Viscera Seer would give you a sac outlet for your Bloodghasts that would trigger Kalastria Highborn's and scry to the top your black cards for Vampire Nocturnus. It isn't crazy consistent, but the cards do work alone and synergize well, so I'd try it and see what you think. Instead of Dark Confidant, I'd consider running Phyrexian Arena. While not a creature for combat purposes, it is more difficult to remove and will usually cost less life. It is a 3 drop though, so I'd consider that if you feel that your curve couldn't add a 3 drop. What my list would look like:

26 Creatures: 4 Viscera Seer, 4 Bloodghast, 3 Kalastria Highborn, 2 Stromkirk Condemned, 4 Gatekeeper of Malakir, 3 Vampire Nighthawk, 4 Vampire Nocturnus, 2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel,

13 Noncreatures: 2 Phyrexian Arena, 4 Inquisition of Kozilek, 1 Thoughtseize, 1 Collective Brutality, 3 Disfigure, 2 Victim of Night,

21 Lands: 21 Swamp, (You could choose to add a fancier manabase later down the line if you deemed it necessary.

I really like the addition of Fatal Push (especially with Bloodghast shenanigans, but you may want to consider running fetch lands to make it more consistent. If you did end up saying "Hey, Fatal Push may be worth running fetches" just now, you could always consider a splash. Green or Red for cards like Deadly Allure/Abrupt Decay and Lightning Bolt/Terminate respectively could increase the options you have and get you a better removal package at the cost of a little damage from your manabase (the lifelink you have available to you should make up for it). It would also add a good number of sideboard options, so I'd definitely consider if that would be worth it to you. Let me know what you think, good luck with your brew!

Firebones675 on vampires

4 days ago

Looks like a good start but I don't think vampires are a powerful enough tribe to be in legacy. Legacy is full of people doing broken things and winning in the first couple of turns. Personally I'd stick to casual or modern (for modern you would have to lose the feasts and rituals).

Don't get me wrong vampires are a fun tribe to play and have some decent support like Vampire Nocturnus, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Blade of the Bloodchief, etc

Vampire Nighthawk is a super efficient vamp that might have a hope here as well. One easy fix you can do to make this deck better is to add some removal to deal with your opponents creatures. Stuff like Go for the Throat is a decent way of dealing with most of what would be coming your way. I'd also look into a few ways to draw some cards to restock your hand like Read the Bones.

Hope this helps!

hardhitta71194 on Mono-black weenie speed deck (budget)

1 week ago

Congrats! Sounds like you had fun, which is the most important thing I think, and also played well!

I was going to suggest Gifted Aetherborn too, I've already pre-ordered a set for my Vamp deck. He's Vampire Nighthawk without flying for less mana.

Defiantly keep us updated the next time you play, and good luck!

Flytrigreen on Angel and Art

1 week ago

You could always do with a few copies of Angel of Invention instead of Serra Angel.

Also, if you're going to run Animation Module, you might as well run the other two (Decoction Module and Fabrication Module).

You will want to replace Impeccable Timing with another Gideon's Reproach (same cost, but does more dmg).

You have an ally sub-theme but I don't really think it works for this deck for 2 reasons. 1) There's not enough allies and 2) The effects only benefit the allies, not your entire deck. I would replace some of them with Aerial Responder (it's the white version of Vampire Nighthawk.)

Value/Good cards: Authority of the Consulate (just good), Collective Effort (good for removal, and pump) Dazzling Reflection (who doesn't love gaining life), Fairgrounds Warden (removal), if you have the money, Gisela, the Broken Blade+Bruna, the Fading Light (Gisela is better).

What to Remove: Things that don't fit (Ally synergy cards, Hedron Blade (if your roomates don't play Eldrazi, it's useless)

Other: Try and have more than one copy if each card, consistency is better than the possibility of getting something.

GearNoir on i want to make a ...

1 week ago

Funeral Charm, Lashwrithe, Vampire Nighthawk, and Filth are some easy picks.

Xica on Bunch of Dumb Vampires

1 week ago

Gifted Aetherborn is Vampire Nighthawk without flying for cheaper.
Its no joke.
Vampires always had the problem of having many value creatures at 3 cmc, and not having enough value at 2 cmc.
Its very far from being bad.

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