Eldrazi Conscription


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Rare

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Eldrazi Conscription

Tribal Enchantment — Eldrazi Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +10/+10 and has trample and annihilator 2 (Whenever it attacks, defending player sacrifices two permanents.)

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Eldrazi Conscription Discussion

cdkime on elgosu1337

1 week ago

Would you mind commenting on Ojutai Voltron Control 1.0 as well? That is technically the deck posted above yours, and rightfully deserves feedback. I would hate for anyone to miss out. Also, it is a tad more helpful if you comment on the deck itself, rather than provide your feedback in the advertising thread.

Regarding your suggestions, I used Assault Suit in the past, and found it to be lacklustre--its large mana investment (both to play and to equip), combined with its lack of other synergies proved disappointing. I'll sub it in if my meta becomes more sacrifice heavy, but it does not have a place at this time.

Celestial Mantle would not work as you said--I do not control Karona, so if they attacked me their life totals would be doubled.

Eldrazi Conscription is a pretty nifty card, but ultimately I decided not to go with it. While tutoring it with Soveriegns is an incredibly powerful play, it is effectively a dead draw otherwise--while I often have the free mana to play it, a single enchantment for 8 mana does less for me than 2 3-4 mana enchantments, given the number of synergies.

I keep meaning to playtest Privileged Position, I just never have gotten around to it. Thanks for putting this back on my radar!

elgosu1337 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 week ago

Review of cdkime's Karona deck: Really like the use of the Vows for Karona, have you considered Assault Suit as well to protect from sac outlets? A slightly different concept that works is Celestial Mantle, since attacking you would just gain you more life. Eldrazi Conscription is a classic combo with Sovereigns of Lost Alara, and Privileged Position is good for protecting your permanents.

Gallery of Deceivers

Commander / EDH elgosu1337


This deck is focused on using Deceiver of Form to turn your creatures into other creatures for powerful effects, even legendary creatures if Mirror Gallery is in play. Looking to improve the consistency.

griffstick on White Choose a commander

1 week ago

Cards I like... Angel of Jubilation, Angel of Serenity, Avacyn, Angel of Hope still probably a better choice at CMDR, Aven Mindcensor, Evangel of Heliod, Grand Abolisher, Intrepid Hero, Pentarch Paladin, Serra Avatar, Sun Titan, Godsend if you're gonna have this you should add Brave the Sands, Mimic Vat it's a good card but your deck exiles everywhere, Blind Obedience, Eldrazi Conscription you better win after casting, Marshal's Anthem, Mass Calcify, and Emeria, The Sky Ruin.

ersatz_olorin on Animar and the Eldrazi

1 week ago

Defense of the Heart would be great in this deck.

Eldrazi Conscription for flavor/giant Annihilator?

Linalas on Bruna, Light of Alabaster

2 weeks ago

@MRDOOM3 Thank you!I already have Flickerform and Lightning Greaves in the list. They both are good suggestions. and work well with Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Eldrazi Conscription is not in the deck because the card is super obvious. But I should add it is a huge upgrade.

Sovereigns of Lost Alara this is what I was looking for! awesome suggestion.

Hall of the Bandit Lord this is nice like it! kind of card I like.

Vanishing helps protecting my commander

Those cards are on my buy list for this deck!

Thanks for the feed back!

MRDOOM3 on Bruna, Light of Alabaster

2 weeks ago

Silent Arbiter is another nice way to slow down attackers.

Sovereigns of Lost Alara is another nice Aura tutor.

Corrupted Conscience is just another nice aura for Bruna.

I'm assuming you're excluding Eldrazi Conscription because of cost.

Definitely throw in Hall of the Bandit Lord, Winding Canyons, and Lightning Greaves (Shroud does not interfere with Bruna's ability) for a good amount of haste/attack as soon as she comes in.

If you do not wish to throw in more haste enablers, then you should definitely consider some aspect of control/flicker, because, believe me, Bruna tends to be a target for removal/counterspells, and her mana cost can get considerably restrictive if she's removed too much. I would suggest Grand Abolisher, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Rule of Law, Dovescape, and Arcane Laboratory. Evasion like Flickerform and Vanishing are also really important as well.

synonimous_ on #GotPain?

2 weeks ago

Question, does rakdos' ability decrease the cost of things like Eldrazi Conscription? Or All Is Dust? Bc those seem kinda bad if they don't.

IHATENAMES on Sram Equipment Combo

3 weeks ago

so what is this missing? a wincon. you have to choose one. ideas for it are Aetherflux Reservoir Monastery Mentor both have unreal synergy with this deck in my online version im testing out. i also added Ethersworn Canonist and am also considering Eldrazi Conscription or Crackdown Construct or Altar of the Brood or Paradox Engine or the Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peacecombo Myth Realized. to slow enemies down Portcullis Aura of Silence

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