Living Death


Each player exiles all creature cards from his or her graveyard, then sacrifices all creatures he or she controls, then puts all cards he or she exiled this way onto the battlefield.

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Living Death Discussion

Novisius on Invincible

2 days ago

Decree of Annihilation, Final Judgement, Living Death, Merciless Eviction, cards that force you to sacrifice, and any number of -X/-X spells, or even counter spells are examples of fatal weaknesses for this deck, to be fair they are for most decks but especially this. I would suggest that you add Aegis of the Gods to the deck for closer to invincibility, as well as Progenitus for a truly invincible creature.

bushido_man96 on Gisa and Geralf

5 days ago

Thanks for the thoughts,guys. dlamars, I like your suggestions on Living Death and Noxious Ghoul, and I was wavering on Liliana. I do want to keep Stitcher Geralf, for flavor and theme.

KeelHaul10, good suggestions. I didn't know how well Endless Ranks of the Dead would work. Soulquake looks like a winner! Which Liliana are you referring to?

And a side note on the mana base: it will change. I've got dual lands to run, just have to dig them out. I will update it soon.

dlamars on Gisa and Geralf

5 days ago

Hey, I have a very not budget list for gisa and geralf but it's full of combos if you need any ideas:Life is Milling Me.

My suggestions from your list are to be careful adding Noxious Ghoul since it kills your commander. I like Living Death as a board wipe instead. Also Stitcher Geralf and Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip could be replaced imo.

CChaos on Swirl of Death

6 days ago


Sorry for the late reply, I needed time to consider your suggestions. I agree Pernicious Deed would be a good card for this deck, but I also like Ant Queen for her control over spawning tokens (blockers and for sacrificing). If I learn any cards hold me back or eventually become disliked, I will replace it with Pernicious Deed unless I put my copy in another deck (might be the Atraxa Superfriends/Stax deck).


While Meren is a good reanimation commander, I don't view this deck as a reanimation deck; I built it to kill my opponents creatures. To make a card like Buried Alive truly effective, one must include the other key reanimation spells that effectively make up a reanimation deck (in EDH). Those spells are Reanimate, Living Death, Animate Dead, etc. I know I have some reanimation spells in the 99, but they are there in case Meren is not out. I will not use Buried Alive in this deck, but it will see play in my Volrath Deck (Voltron/Reanimation).

n0bunga on Karador Dredgelord

1 week ago

Maybe consider Living Death if you end up in a scenario where you've run out of gas, or need another alternate way to potentially win.

Also surprised you dodged the Boonweaver combo!

In case you didn't know of it, it would go like this:

With a sac outlet like Carrion Feeder, etc:

Cast Boonweaver Giant, tutoring for Pattern of Rebirth

Sac Boonweaver, Pattern triggers, searching for Karmic Guide which brings back Boonweaver and Pattern.

Sac Boonweaver again to find Fiend Hunter which exiles Karmic Guide

Sac the Hunter to bring Karmic back, along with Boonweaver and Pattern.

Sac Boonweaver to find Reveillark

Sac Karmic, then Reveillark to return Karmic Guide and Fiend Hunter

Use Karmic to return Boonweaver

Sac Boonweaver to get anything

Sac the Fiend to return Karmic, which returns Reveillark, rinse and repeat.

I think you could run Acidic Slime up all lands. Or Altar of Dementia as a sac outlet to deck the table.

garrcomm on Sliver Shivers

1 week ago

I'm going to swap Living Death with Groundshaker Sliver, since there's already enough trample in the deck. Especially because I can tutor with Sliver Overlord when required. So it's going in! :-)

theguy419 on Sliver Shivers

1 week ago

I saw you have the Patriarch's Bidding just a little too late. I would swap the Immortal Servitude for a Living Death. it's much better to have on hand for wenever you need it. sure it gets people back their creatures back, but you are a creature heavy EDH. would benefit you much more then any other deck unless they play just as many if not more creatures. hard to beat when you have almost half your deck full of creatures

theguy419 on Sliver Shivers

1 week ago

Hey i thank you for the mentions and replays! been rather busy lately. you could try Patriarch's Bidding for some resurrection. Might be just a little more helpful. Bith Living Death and Patriarch's Bidding could be great. some redundancy is always good in a singleton format. Distant Melody is also good for some card draw. more card draw can be amazaing

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