Godo, Bandit Warlord

Godo, Bandit Warlord

Legendary Creature — Human Barbarian

When Godo, Bandit Warlord enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Equipment card and put it onto the battlefield. If you do, shuffle your library.

Whenever Godo attacks for the first time each turn, untap it and all Samurai you control. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Commander's Arsenal (CMA) Rare
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Godo, Bandit Warlord occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Red: 0.25%

Godo, Bandit Warlord Discussion

Koka on Symphony of the Knight [[Primer]]

5 days ago

Yo! Had some problems with Godo, Bandit Warlord stax. What do you think of Heliod's Intervention?

Suns_Champion on Brothers Yamazaki

1 week ago

Creative? Check

Unique? Check

Mono Red? Check

I love it. Here's some ideas.

Draw: Tome of Legends will be great in here. Maybe add Manifold Key for double untap/unblockable synergy. Endless Atlas, Ignite the Future, Humble Defector(use Homeward Path with it), Light Up the Stage are all cheap draw that I love in red. Prophetic Flamespeaker, Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion, Knollspine Dragon, Tectonic Giant and Grenzo, Havoc Raiser all provide card advantage and/or push the aggro theme.

Ramp: Let's think about this for a minute. I think instead of turn 3 brother #1, turn 4 brother #2, we should try to get both brothers out turn 4 (with 4 land drops). That way we don't waste their haste or leave one brother out alone to get removed/wiped. For that, focus on cards that will get both broths out turn 4: Sol Ring, Generator Servant, Dockside Extortionist, Worn Powerstone, Coalition Relic, Seething Song, Ruby Medallion, Myriad Landscape + any 2cmc mana rock, Cloud Key, Hazoret's Monument, and Herald's Horn all allow you to get both Brother's swinging turn 4.

Helm of the host is a good idea. One combat and they're all 6/5s. Trample will be important then, so yeah Archetype of Aggression seems great. Blackblade Reforged will be consistently good.

As suggested, Godo, Bandit Warlord will be a powerhouse and wincon. Torbran, Thane of Red Fell will be good if you're going wide.

Themes to consider:

  • Anthems
  • Historic matters cards
  • Legendary Matters cards
  • Equipment
  • Aggro/go wide

This is a cool idea, I will be back later! Get a decklist up TypicalTimmy, I already want to upvote it!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Brothers Yamazaki

1 week ago

I really like this idea. As there are two different artworks for Brothers Yamazaki, you would definitely have to play one of each.

After a quick reasearch, the are cards to consider:

Iizuka the Ruthless

Godo, Bandit Warlord

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho

To make Izuka a little better, adding some more samurai might be good. There aren't that many in red. If you go voltron, adding a little deathtouch is useful by itself, and it's ridiculous with Ronin Cliffrider.

Blackblade Reforged, Grappling Hook, Empyrial Plate, Fireshrieker are useful weapons. Also maybe bludgen brawl to have enough equipment for each of your commanders.

GhostChieftain on The Gauntlet is set: Which ...

2 weeks ago

Gerrard is worded in a way that he isn't easily abused, especially in these colors (entirely different story if you add in green or blue to his mana cost). He is a solid option as a Krark-Clan Ironworks eggs commander to just help you go off on a big turn, but he has more building requirements to make him do only the things you want and only when you want them.

The partners are both low cmc and are good for combat damage. Granted, combat damage isn't the most amazing in a competitive meta, but people play things like Ad Nauseam and Necropotence and sometimes have very painful manabases so combat damage can be very relevant depending on the game. The best part about these two is that you don't really have to build voltron for akiri to get a cheeky commander damage kill or for bruse to make akiri just hit like a truck. Just build low cmc artifact goodstuff and maybe toss in a relevant combo that uses artifact like the god ballista combo.

Aurelia is a substantially worse version of Godo, Bandit Warlord because they win using the same combo, but godo can search for helm on his own. Imo aurelia is a no go.

Haktos is hot garbage in a competitive meta. You don't want to be building voltron vs things that have a ton of removal. 4 swings to kill 1 player.... 12 to kill the table.... not good.

Archangel avacyn is just too slow for the amount of impact it has. If she were maybe a 3 drop she has a solid chance as good mana dork removal to slow down greenX decks, but at 5 mana you can be doing so much more powerful things. Lets compare her to some other 5 drop commanders. Elsha of the Infinite has a game winning combo. General Tazri has a game winning combo. Gitrog, Inalla, kenrith, Sidisi, Undead Vizier all have combos. If you are spending 5 mana, you best be trying to win the game with it at this level.

triproberts12 on EDH vs cEDH

3 weeks ago

Maybe, but that hypothetical is pretty far from reality as we live it. Nyxbloom Ancient got hype because Reanimate's old, busted ass is a thing. Emry, Lurker of the Loch is OP, but mostly because of crazy loops you can do with 0-mana artifacts, most of which were printed over 10 years ago. Same for Urza, Lord High Artificer. Helm of the Host is sweet and powerful in most decks, but if you throw it in Kamigawa's favorite son Godo, Bandit Warlord, you're talking about a different kind of game.

CorbeaV on Sisay cedh cradlelesss

3 weeks ago

this is a sisay weatherlight captain deck for cedh this deck runs 2 different combos that could win you the game Godo, Bandit Warlord Helm of the Host (i don't think i have to explain this one) Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God + Aminatou, the Fateshifter + Oath of Teferi both pws can now flicker each other and 1 additional permanents (a land whould produce infinite mana for exemple) to win from there you can use Oath of Kaya or Ashiok, Dream Render to kill your opponents and win

that's a lot of cards and godo is faster you think ? well not realy using either Bloom Tender or Faeburrow Elder activate the boss to find Derevi, Empyrial Tactician this will untap the dork you can now find Aminatou, the Fateshifter flicker derevi find Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God and i assume you get it from now

the rest of the deck is toolboxing so i'll not get into every scenario for each card but sisay's activations can be used "as counterspells" to specific things

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