Aura Shards


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Uncommon
Invasion (INV) Uncommon

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Aura Shards


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment.

Aura Shards Discussion

Struyk on Niv Mizzet, Ultimate Master of Guilds (Ver 1.2)

4 days ago

Drop all the card draw cards, commander is more than enough for all your card draw needs.

Boros: Assemble the Legion or Lightning Helix or Master Warcraft
Gruul: Decimate pretty much must have or any of the Domri planeswalkers
Selesnya: Aura Shards or Trostani Discordant or Sylvan Reclamation

Would also add Ash Barrens as its must have for 5 color decks

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

6 days ago

Also, almost forgot - speaking of Sliver design, in my opinion the previously mentioned Esper Sliver is well...trying to do entirely way too much. Choose one thing. That's what Slivers do. Each sliver focuses on just one ability and brings it to the hive. Also, to my knowledge, there isn't a single sliver that's been printed before that is a 3/3 for only of any kind. When designing a Sliver you can't just put down what you want - you have to consider every other Sliver that came before it (I made that mistake too!). You also have to consider other cards that have been printed previously that are similar to your Sliver's design.

Slivers are the only tribe unique to magic, and as such they are meant to be something of a tribute to the game itself. The two Sliver designs I like to reference are Harmonic Sliver and Necrotic Sliver . Their designs are based off of Aura Shards and Vindicate respectively. Each Sliver embodies those classic spells, with with a bit of a twist to keep them from overshadowing them. Try and keep that in mind when thinking of your new sliver.

PookandPie on Roon of the Hidden Realm

1 week ago

Hi there!

Roon is one of the first decks I ever made to get into EDH, and I still have mine together and play it almost weekly. My list is here, so you have a point of reference: Roon of the Fun Police.

Some cards I think you may enjoy are:

Palinchron , who generates you infinite mana with Deadeye Navigator or Mirari's Wake . With infinite mana, you can easily abuse one of your token ETBs to flood the board and win. You may find that more beneficial than, say, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre , who does seem useful, but he has a cast trigger, not an ETB. This means that using him with Roon or Deadeye won't do anything- he has to be cast in order to trigger.

Another recommendation would be Ixidron , who turns creatures face-down. Roon, Deadeye, Venser, etc., can all flicker or blink your cards to turn them face up again, but your opponent won't be able to turn theirs over without killing off their own board state (unless the creatures in question are cards with manifest or morph, those are the only exception). You may find that useful to run in the place of another card, since this keeps annoying creatures out of your opponents graveyards but still deals with them- plus its almost one-sided since your creatures can be turned rightside up by blinking them.

Panharmonicon is a card that tons of blink decks enjoy for obvious reasons.

Cataclysmic Gearhulk is a sweeper that's so nice, you can do it twice. Or, honestly, as often as you feel it necessary.

Stonehorn Dignitary with Roon can completely lock an aggressive opponent out from ever attacking you for the rest of the game.

With creatures entering and leaving play so often, Aura Shards is too good for you to pass up.

Knight of Autumn is superior to Reclamation Sage. You can choose to destroy something or gain life, whichever you choose.

Cards you could cut for the above are:

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Ulamog Ceaseless Hunger (both for the same reason: They're not repeatable since they're cast triggers, not ETB triggers), Wurmcoil Engine (a dies trigger, not an ETB or LTB), Reclamation Sage, Arbiter of Knollridge.

Hope this helps!

LVL_666 on Voidchant Sliver

1 week ago

Hey [email protected]_only,

Odd question - why non-creature spell? I've been mulling it over all afternoon, and not remembering voidmage prodigy not countering creatures. not a complaint, just curiosity.

Good question. When looking at Aura Shards and Harmonic Sliver there is a sort of "downgrade" in Harmonic's ability which is easy to miss - it doesn't have a "may" clause. This design for Harmonic was likely done on purpose - to keep it from overshadowing Aura Shards . I took that idea into consideration when constructing Voidchant Sliver - giving it just enough flavor and power to make people go "Oh, that's the Voidmage Prodigy sliver", but not make them go "Oh, this is the strictly better Voidmage Prodigy ". Does that make sense?

LVL_666 on Voidchant Sliver

1 week ago

Voidchant Sliver

This Sliver is in the same mold as Necrotic Sliver and Harmonic Sliver - a Sliver that was created as something of a "tribute" to classic MTG spells - namely Vindicate and Aura Shards for the previously mentioned. In the case of Voidchant, it's a tribute to Voidmage Prodigy , a favorite creature of mine. Full disclosure, I would have this card in my own personal crown jewel - The Queen's Egg, (it would be slotted in for Winged Sliver )- Thoughts?

Natalbee on Wolfgain Amadeus

2 weeks ago

LordMassaSquish - Thank you!

becks16 actually suggested Aura Shards , too. It is a fantastic card, and definitely going in at some point, but right now it's a little out of my price range. I have considered running a Harmonic Sliver with the Changelings as a budget option, though ;D

Natalbee on Howly Crap, Samut!

2 weeks ago

Dude, this looks awesome. I honestly don't have any recommendations aside from common staples, like Mirari's Wake or Aura Shards , or other expensive cards...

Although, I am wondering how your mana base is working out? It looks like you don't have much color fixing, especially for a three-color deck. As for budget options, the "Vivid" lands, like Vivid Crag , are pretty good. Mirrodin's Core is a personal favorite. Grand Coliseum is an option. And no Evolving Wilds / Terramorphic Expanse ?

And what role are you filling with Zuran Orb ? It seems a little out of place.

LordMassaSquish on Wolfgain Amadeus

2 weeks ago

I really like what you have going here. I've always wanted to make a playable wolves tribal. I highly suggest running Aura Shards . It would really pop off with your tokens and give you lots of removal.

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Aura Shards occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.05%

GW (Selesnya): 1.76%

RGW (Naya): 1.71%

BGW (Abzan, Junk): 2.67%

GWU (Bant): 0.74%