Experimental Frenzy


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Experimental Frenzy


You may look at the top card of your library at any time.

You may play the top card of your library.

You can't play cards from your hand.

: Destroy Experimental Frenzy.

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Experimental Frenzy Discussion

SpookyToe on Slivers

1 day ago

Guardian Project is fantastic in slivers, I run it in my own list.

Dormant Sliver is also really good. Just sac it to necrotic until you don't need it anymore.

Experimental Frenzy is also rediculous, I run it in mine and it does a lot of work.

If you're up for it, Null Profusion is a pet card of mine and is super fun to play.

nosferitis on Boros Aggro

6 days ago

The problem I see is with this build is that it lacks explosiveness for the current meta. I would rather go for Heroic Reinforcements as my 4 drop instead of chandra or Experimental Frenzy . I would get rif of Goblin Banneret and add something else as my 1drop, consider the white bodyguard. Also 4x tajic may ruin your hand, consider 3 or 2 if you insist on using tajic.

Personally I havent used Karn's Bastion but I would rather not have a colorless land in a deck that must not miss a single creature drop in early turns.

Thats just my opinion , keep it up mate

Also I might add, dont try to make your deck do everthing well, like a jack of all trades, but rather do something specific REALLY well. Dont play arround your enemies tactics,you are not Azorius,force them to play arround yours, you are Boros

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The most violent Ogre to ever have existed

1 week ago

RoaringBunny: don't worry, you won't drive me away from building the deck as I already own it in paper. Your warning is a great thing to think about, so I'm dedinitely thankful for it.

I recently just got my first doubler, so currently the list isn't build around these at all. I've been trying to give it a storm vibe with Experimental Frenzy , and Uba Mask is a very fun taxing card that reinforces Hidetsugu's "all-or-nothing"-mentality.

Regarding your suggestions: the counter-counters seem fine, and Neheb is a great suggestion. I'm not the biggest fan of Empyrion, but it definitely has its upsides here.

Thanks again.

Eledain on Modern "naya" burn

3 weeks ago

Have a look at RDW and adopt Experimental Frenzy in your sideboard. It can win you so much games that are lost without it and not many players in Modern are prepared for it.

Tzefick on New Alara

3 weeks ago

Again I have to emphasize that without something tangible to compare to, I don't know what makes your Soulbond idea work better than the idea of Caretaker. Please provide some tangible ideas of how you would make this mechanic and put it on some creatures.

"First-off, it’s too similar to old Naya."

  • Well... you do actually want to make it feel like it came from Naya, don't you?

"But more importantly, it doubles down on what made Naya the least popular shard- that is, that “power 5 or greater” is really tough to secure because most creatures in that range cost four or more mana, which basically disqualifies it from most competitive environments. It’s just too slow to be functional."

  • Are you seriously saying that 4+ CMC is non competitive? In what format? Modern, Vintage and Legacy? Sure in most settings hard casting a 4 CMC dumb Beast is likely not something you want to do in those formats, but are we really designing cards for the sole purpose that they should appear in competitive eternal formats? In Standard? No way is that too slow.

I strolled through War of the Spark standard decks on MTGtop8.com. We have a group of Esper Midrange who utilizes fringe amount of Hostage Taker , a bit more uses Elite Guardmage and all uses Teferi, Hero of Dominaria . That's a midrange deck with no efficient ramp access.

We have Gruul Aggro, featuring cards like Nullhide Ferox , Rekindling Phoenix and Skarrgan Hellkite . They also have a selection of ramp creatures.

Even Red Deck Wins have 4 CMC cards, although for a slightly different reason, Chandra, Fire Artisan and Experimental Frenzy .

And these are just the most present aggro decks and only one of whom utilizes mana ramp. If I go to UR aggro (next in line) they have Arclight Phoenix (although they may not actually cast it) and Crackling Drake

So I think it's wrong to say that 4 CMC cards are non-competitive.

It's also quite possible to make cards with the Caretaker idea that is definitely going to see play in eternal formats. It's just a matter of pushing the cards far enough.

Additionally the border for Naya's threshold doesn't necessarily need to be at 5. It could be at 4 instead to push the mechanic as a baseline a bit more.

But as you said yourself; "Not only that, but both the power # and whether it’s “greater than X” or “less than X” makes it very broad design space, and gives me a lot of good knobs to work with. It’s also the furthest thing I can think of from a parasitic mechanic (which one could argue old Naya’s “power 5 or greater was, given nearly all of the decent power 5+ creatures below 4-5 mana were from Naya at the time, and kinda still today- most are either flip cards or have a serious downside)."

The Power X or greater/lesser than X does grant a certain amount of design space.

I also fail to see how a shifted Soulbond that forces a particular pairing (you said yourself you wanted it to be restrictive pairing) is a better transcending mechanic outside block than a mechanic that have you play lower CMC creatures that can bounce themselves to gain a powerful effect when you play a higher CMC creature.

Thematically, Caretaker plays into the same space as Exploit, except it's the other way around where you first play the mechanic and THEN the enabler, and you only lose tempo and not resources like you do with Exploit - which was a liked mechanic on the Storm Scale.

Based on MTGTop8.com's historic data, the only Soulbond cards who ever made it to competitive eternal formats (here Modern, Legacy, Vintage) are: Deadeye Navigator and Silverblade Paladin . Deadeye is used in 1 Legacy deck back in 2013, and ended up in rank 5-8 out of 8. Silverblade has occurred a few more time, 4 in Modern (3 of whom back in 2012 - 1 year after Modern launch) and 4 in Legacy (mostly in Death & Taxes decks).

Now these data are all taken from one source, granted, but Soulbond as a mechanic doesn't seem like it has shown much competitive potential or at least result. One of the present cards is a combo component. The other is a Double Strike enabler on a body. Double Strike is an incredibly powerful keyword, especially when you can grant it to any creature. The best alternative is Battle Mastery for a permanent Double Strike ability.

I don't think I'm stretching the truth when I say that Deadeye Navigator and especially Silverblade Paladin were both pushed cards.

Actually looking at it, Spellbreaker Behemoth has 5 entries in Modern but it dies there for him. Woolly Thoctar had 4 in Modern and 2 in Standard. So either the data is just not there for Alara Standard or they made more splashes in Modern than in Standard. Ah and Woolly made 41 entries in Extended (yeah, it was back in those days). I think Naya was kinda overshadowed by the Naya zoo archetype featuring Wild Nacatl .

As for Soulbond's entrance on the Storm scale, MaRo states that the mechanic is very popular but the design space is medium. The template for Soulbond is mostly in P/T upgrades, Evergreen Keywords and occassionally other abilities. Another hindrance is that both paired creatures gets the same effect.

They also say their data may be skewed toward more enfranchised players who are more likely to be competitive. In Standard Soulbond was used quite a lot, especially Wolfir Silverheart , beating Silverblade Paladin but sharing a lot of decks too under Aggro. However Wolfir shows up nowhere in competitive eternal formats.

They haven't made a Storm Scale article about Shards of Alara (or they have hidden it beyond the reach of Google) so where do you get your data on Naya's Power 5 being unpopular with the players? I'm genuinely curious.

The Storm Scale is also a strange way to measure popularity TBH. It kinda pitches the block's mechanics against each other, so if there's a mechanic that overshadows the rest, then you may get a skewed picture compared to considering the mechanics individually. Food for thought I guess.

In conclusion, I don't think a restrictive Soulbond is that much better of a mechanic than what you could do with Caretaker and "Gargantuan". I do however think there's a flavor break on using Soulbond - I don't see the soulbonding between a massive beast and their worshippers. Unless the beasts somehow got way more sentient and actually starts having empathy for their worshippers.

I think you yourself have a dislike of the Naya Power-5 mechanic, so a mechanic that goes somewhat close to what it was is something you dislike. Unless you provide some sauce on the unpopularity of Naya's Power-5, I don't think it's right to say it is disliked as a mechanic. It may not have been a competitively pushed mechanic, but that doesn't mean the mechanic is disliked.

Demarge on God-Eternal Oketra Trigger

1 month ago

Liliana, Untouched By Death -3 will let you cast zombies from your graveyard.

Vivien, Champion of the Wilds -2 creatures can trigger it at instant speed.

Chandra, Fire Artisan you can trigger oketra from her abilities, Experimental Frenzy you can trigger from creatures off the top of your deck.

Thief of Sanity creatures stolen from that will do it, as does Release to the Wind and Hostage Taker

Dark_Paladin on Firesong & Sunspeaker Unite!

1 month ago

personal thoughts as a boros main... i would swap the Ash Barrens for Mistveil Plains , what you lose in speed you gain back in sweet synergy with sunforger, or at worst, tossing spells back into you deck is never a bad thing.

also consider Talisman of Conviction , its basically another signet, and thats never really a bad thing.

it can be a bit awkward to get used to playing around, but i have found a lot of love for Experimental Frenzy to help with card draw

as for spells i enjoy, Starstorm , Wake of Destruction , Comeuppance are some of my personal favorites

you might also look into Pariah and Pariah's Shield for some janky-fun infinite loop combinations with your Boros reckoner type creatures + repercussion

AkrosTheClear on Gob-Kin Frenzy

1 month ago

actually, Fecundity and Experimental Frenzy work very well together. If I ever get both out with a Skirk Prospector then I probably win. Fecundity is really good to have during a frenzy to let me draw past the duds that show up on the top of my library such as a second land, an un-castable Empty the Warrens , or another Experimental Frenzy .

Both Fecundity and Experimental Frenzy are powerful cards by themselves, and they work extremely well together, so I think i'm going to keep them in. Thanks for the feedback on the deck though. Impact Tremors is definitely a powerful card, I side-boarded it in during a game, and it did 7 damage in one turn causing the opponent to scoop.

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Experimental Frenzy occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.16%

Red: 3.48%


All decks: 0.04%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Red: 0.13%