Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Rare
Commander's Arsenal Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Visions Rare

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Counter target spell. If an artifact or creature spell is countered this way, put that card onto the battlefield under your control instead of into its owner's graveyard.

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Desertion Discussion

pskinn01 on Multiplayer games, losing players permanents.

1 week ago

First, all permanents owned by the player leaving the game gets removed from play.

Then all spells and abilities that were owned by that player are removed from the stack.

Following that all permanents the player controlled due to control changing effects have the control changing effect end (anything that says gain control of target ____) end, and go back to its last controller if they had one.

Then all other permanents that player controls are exiled. So permanents you got from another player that was not already a permanent in play (through Bribery, Acquire, Desertion, Beacon of Unrest, etc.)

Tomagotchi on Mizzix of the [Witty Joke]

2 weeks ago

@AwesomeOctopus: Cool, my knowledge of blue and red are really iffy at best since I mainly play Black and Green and really only ever use blue as a light splash. So thanks for your suggestions! I really like Acquire because that gives me solid options against my friend's Kemba deck. Insurrection and Desertion are really cool ideas and make me think I should a lot more stealing in this deck, might also consider something like Beguiler of Wills. Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time can definitely replace Brilliant Plan and Concentrate.

I really like the Lightning Bolt + Reiterate + Reset Combo, but I don't think I'm really willing to drop the $19 on Reset alone.

Yeah, Pyromancer's Gauntlet really was just something I had sitting around, and Increasing Vengeance probably should replace it.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

AwesomeOctopus on Mizzix of the [Witty Joke]

2 weeks ago

Don't forget Acquire to go steal their Blightsteel Colossus or Wurmcoil Engine. if your playgroup runs a lot of creatures Desertion is a great card, especially since you have way too few counterspells for a combo deck. Insurrection would also be great against your playgroup, as you can come out of nowhere to win. I see you run Omniscience + Enter the Infinite combo and I'm guessing all of the draw is to filter through your deck to find enter the infinite, but you have SOOOOO much draw. I would at least replace some of the draw cards with better ones like Treasure Cruise (arguably the best draw spell other than ancestral recall) and Dig Through Time (there's a reason they're banned in eternal formats, they're that good.)

Also if you run omniscience you are going to need a lot better ramp than that. getting to 10 mana will be hard. If you don't mind being degenerate, you can run the Firemind's Foresight + Lightning Bolt + Reiterate + Reset combo (all those can be fetched with fireminds and they win you the game if not countered. You opponents will appreciate the combo that ends the game quickly rather than taking 3 extra turns in a row and taking a half hour of basically you playing by yourself.

I tried Pyromancer's Goggles and was very unimpressed. its a very inefficient mana rock and only copies red spells, when most of yours are blue. I would replace it with Increasing Vengeance it copies any color and can be repeated for a double copy super-combo.

Surrakar Spellblade is cute but a 2/1 will just die in combat and will never be able to connect to draw you those cards.

some cards which have no reason to not be in your deck:

Mystical Tutor Merchant Scroll Ponder

Profet93 on Need advice about how to ...

2 weeks ago

lmfao I used to run that Combo in my Sisay deck at Turn Zero.

Honestly, yeah, I agree with SteelSentry. Also cards like Nevermore or Praetor's Grasp or Bribery can also work preemptively. Declaration of Naught and Jester's Cap too.

Desertion is fun if living plane is out and they play Norn HAHA! Had it happen to me and it was AMAZING :D

Deepstriker29 on We're Gonna Pump... YOU Up!

1 month ago

Aight, first off:

Looking at your manabase, it's clear that there are some powerful and affordable upgrades to be made. The vivid lands an go for a Hinterland Harbor and Yavimaya Coast due to you only being in 2-color, where the charge fixing is far less important and those duals consistently providing both colors (Coast is especially important if you want to add in things requiring specifically colorless mana later on. If you really want to step it up, Breeding Pool and Misty Rainforest are both also strong, although you should only go this far if you really want to power up the deck and have the budget.

Now, onto your main problem:

Card draw.

You really need more draw engines/spells in this deck. Fathom Mage is an absolute must for Ezuri, turning his buff into a ridiculous source of draw. Concentrate / Harmonize, Ugin's Insight and Zameck Guildmage are all good places to start. You don't seem to want to blink Ezuri's creatures very much to accelerate your EXP grind faster, so you'll need to play more and more nontoken creatures to compensate, leaving you hungry for cards. I'd even go so far as to put Hedron Archive in for some more explosive ramp (literally, it's as much mana as Explosive Vegetation for the same amount of ramp) as well as some convenient gas late-game. Apart from that, upgrade your counterspells to Counterspell and maybe Desertion if you enjoy being cheeky. If not, Negate is always a good option that is severely underrated.

Good luck!

Zerraphon on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Newlamog)

1 month ago

yeah thats what i was thinking and i didnt really read the text of Desertion ops... but good thing i bought a shit ton of cards like Aethersnatch it'll be fabulous! LOL How does Vigor work? does it really do a whole lot? Like does it prevent the table from attacking you?

Bababad on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Newlamog)

1 month ago

sadly, Desertion only works for artifacts and creatures....Aethersnatch hits planeswalkers though :)

Akroma's Memorial really brings the game to a close and hits the board with a thud, really helps you stabilize your board state against a lot of decks, regardless of color.

Zerraphon on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Newlamog)

1 month ago

Ah alright, looks like I'll be buying an oracle sometime soon then, I do have Leyline of Anticipation and also Alchemist's Refuge I think that'll be enough flash when I do put in Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir I also noticed with my deck that I may need an Akroma's Memorial in order to finish the game, one of my favorite cards The Great Aurora tends to net me atleast a 20 card hand (with the extra mana you have from kruphix) which is HILARIOUS you essentiall get a full turn when your opponents only have lands and maybe the instants they havent used already. Though other than Memorial, I dont know what other green/blue creature(s) give haste. And also does Desertion work for planeswalker spells aswell? (my B.F plays an atraxa deck thant turn 4'd ulted one of the kiroa's it was so bad having 3 8/8's but im really surprised how resilient Kruphix is.

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