Counter target spell. If an artifact or creature spell is countered this way, put that card onto the battlefield under your control instead of into its owner's graveyard.

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Desertion Discussion

jicklemania on Tatyova Combos - No Dead Draws! (Primer)

1 month ago

Hi Profet93.

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I do like Intervention, and will add it. I had Desertion in here because it is one of my pet cards. :) It doesn't mean I shouldn't cut it though lol.

I could cut Solemn. To be honest, it actually has performed quite well for me, but I will try replacing it with interaction and see how that goes.

I find that I am often able to cast time stretch, especially since getting a crucible/excavator guarantees land drops.

Yes, I could add another extra turn spell - they're never bad. I just find that I often don't need one. Also, I'm not trying to make this deck tier one (if that's even possible for Tatyova), or even tier two or three. To be clear, I'm not trying to make it casual— but it doesn't have to be the most consistent it can possibly be.

I agree with the land suggestions. I didn't have Passage in here before because it was twenty bucks and I didn't have one, but now that its less I will definitely add it.

I will get to updating the deck as soon as I have time. Thanks!

hooglese on Dark Stealing

7 months ago

All good for Sen Triplets:

In general The Professor has some great card advice here:

skylinerees on Elsha, Retaliate!

1 year ago

thanks bossomus for the suggestions. I definitely think Narset's Reversal could work well, any suggestions on a cut would be great! It's similar to Wild Ricochet and Dualcaster Mage (which I used to copy an Exsanguinate one game which was sweet!

As for Expropriate , that just feels against the idea of the deck, being defensive and using other people's threats against them.

I love the idea of Desertion , which I had in an initial draft, again it's about finding room and using more unique cards in some cases I think!


bossomus on Elsha, Retaliate!

1 year ago

I think the card which best represents what it sounds like you want to do is Narset's Reversal . It gives you value and can save you from someone taking extra turns or outright winning (assuming they needed exact Mana). Just imagine taking an Expropriate (which I also recommend for this deck though it's on the pricier side).

You could also include Agent of Treachery as it gives you some good value and potentially draw if you're going hard on theft.

Lastly, I'd include Desertion . It can be cast from the top with Elsha and lets you take one of their creatures (or commander)!!

Best of luck!

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