Myriad Landscape


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon

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Myriad Landscape


Myriad Landscape enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Myriad Landscape: Search your library for up to two basic land cards that share a land type, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Myriad Landscape Discussion

chrispmatth on Geth's Zombie Legion EDH Deck

6 days ago

You're playing a really heavy number of lands here with no way to thin, and limited draw power. At this point i'd go down one or two basics, and then cut more to add easy ways to thin. Ash Barrens, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Myriad Landscape, Thawing Glaciers, and cost permitting: Polluted Delta, Marsh Flats, Verdant Catacombs, and Bloodstained Mire. Also Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to turn all your utility lands into swamps. Cards like Journeyer's Kite, Burnished Hart, Solemn Simulacrum, Wayfarer's Bauble, Armillary Sphere, and Renegade Map can help thin early so you won't see so many lands late game.

Also, Liliana of the Dark Realms has to be in here. She is the mono-Blackest of Black walkers.

darleen on Obi

6 days ago

Suggestions for your mana base:

Remove: Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Warped Landscape, and Mind Stone. Add: Myriad Landscape, Cabal Coffers, High Market, and Charcoal Diamond.

Tower of Calamities depends a lot of mana to destroy only one creature. Try Black Market in its place.

Bad Moon, Eternal Thirst, and Lashwrithe are fine cards but your creatures are already so huge, I don't think you need them. I would just add more ramp instead: Ashnod's Altar (also serves as a sacrifice outlet), Caged Sun, and Expedition Map (to find Cabal Coffers).

34 lands is simply too few in my opinion so think about cutting Ascendant Evincar, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Nightmare, and Shadowborn Demon for 4 Swamps.

Suggestions for draw and card advantage:

It seems like a great win condition is the interaction between your Commander and Maralen of the Mornsong so I recommend more tutor and dark spells to get the combo out. Maybe switch out: Cremate, Sanguine Bond, Unholy Hunger, Abyssal Persecutor, Visions of Brutality, and Vile Requiem for Night's Whisper, Dark Petition, Behold the Beyond, Ambition's Cost, Beseech the Queen and Viscera Seer.

Suggestions for removal spells:

Several of your removal spells cost alot of mana. To the Slaughter, Reach of Shadows, In Garruk's Wake, Dregs of Sorrow, and Annihilate could be replaced with Diabolic Edict, Hero's Downfall, Killing Wave, Malicious Affliction, and Grave Pact.

PartyJ on The Apocalypse is Upon Us

1 week ago


looking at your description I focussed on the landbase. These suggestions I want to give you regarding the landbase:

Do you run into other issues?

Have fun!


Emailed_Anthrax on Avacyn Angel of Darksteel

1 week ago

Livenoevil I would like you to play test this deck 15 times, use any deck you like to compare against it. This deck has been dominating in its random games against random players for quite some time as it is. I've found Caged Sun to be difficult to fit into the deck without losing key cards to help against opponent disruption. And each card has helped to improve the decks card flow and remain very consistant. The only card you suggested that I could consider is Myriad Landscape due to its ability to thin out the deck and put mana on my field. Great suggestions and thank you.

Livenoevil on Avacyn Angel of Darksteel

1 week ago

Whoops forgot to add Arcane Lighthouse (If meta appropriate) and Myriad Landscape

MagicalHacker on General hints about lands in ...

1 week ago

In terms of color fixing, I always strive to have 2/3 of the lands produce each major color with fetchlands counting as as many colors as they can fetch. (Overlap is your friend.) Because of this, I use Myriad Landscape in all my decks, and at least 2 basics of each type, but I never go below ten total basics in a deck.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Baral, Chief of Nope

1 week ago

I think a Sapphire Medallion would get you further than Fellwar Stone. Engulf the Shore is a cruel way to get 2nd chances to counter things. I always like Myriad Landscape in mono color decks, and Reliquary Tower is another spot that could provide more benefit than a basic island. A few more finishers would be nice, you could keep the table in check until you can play a Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur or Sphinx of the Final Word or some krakens, something ridiculous.

I like the combo, it's solid, just think something like Cavern of Souls could ruin your day and having some longevity can help the deck recover from combo pieces getting removed or turned off.

Nearly nice build, gave some great ideas for a version of this I'm working on. +1!

Ps. The goal should be to see how quick you get the whole table to scoop lol!!! Actually if you could get this combo online and protect it often enough it'd be a solid competitive deck in an environment where you aren't looking to make any friends!

Demonite on Lazav, Dimir Mastermind EDH

2 weeks ago

I really like the style of this build. It looks like a blast to play!

I have one very close. Check it out and let me know what you think?

It's still new and I was wondering:Why Preordain over Ponder?Do you ever crave more ramp?

Here are some cards I thought would be cool to think about:
Solemn Simulacrum
Eternal Dominion
Altar of the Brood
Myriad Landscape

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