Mind's Eye


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Rare
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Commander's Arsenal (CMA) Rare
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Mind's Eye


Whenever an opponent draws a card, you may pay . If you do, draw a card.

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Mind's Eye Discussion

CaptainBanana42 on EQUIP WHITE

3 days ago

If card draw is your proplem consider Mentor of the Meek . Nearly every creature in the deck triggers it. And here are some artifact you could run for card draw: Endless Atlas , Staff of Nin and/or Mind's Eye

Doombeard1984 on King Rhys, Elven Warlord

3 days ago

That seems reasonable then lol. Coat of Arms is always a situational one. With Mind's Eye problem is, it costs one to draw. Still a good card though. What about Paradox Engine ? Give you untap engines etc. Could also consider Karametra, God of Harvests as ramp to help thin your deck with every spell. Cool deck though.

Vash13 on King Rhys, Elven Warlord

3 days ago

Doombeard1984 thank you for the positive review, ill try to explain my card choices so youll know why ive chosen for card draw ive been running Mind's Eye and Mentor of the Meek and Skullclamp and on top of that i can bounce Elvish Visionary with Wirewood Symbiote if i have to, so thats been doing me justice, and ive been basicly running Eldrazi Monument as a cheap akroma, but yeah i have stepped away from the token centered deck in favor of the elves, and finally Coat of Arms is not in this deck purely as a meta choice for my local play group, one of our most experienced players plays a mono green elf ball so last thing i wanted to do was pump him up.

thrane on Wrath of God

5 days ago

You will need more card draw to keep up the pressure. Some fine cards to draw with would be Mentor of the Meek , Solemn Simulacrum , Mask of Memory , Mind Stone , Skullclamp , The Immortal Sun , Oblation , Arch of Orazca and Mind's Eye . Some of them have other uses aswell, but in general mono white needs a lot of cards devoted to ramp and card draw to keep up with the other colors. Best Regards

supergnaw on Y U No Play Color?!?!?

1 week ago

CavemanlyMan he's probably using Unwinding Clock it to pay for activation costs of things like Null Brooch and Mind's Eye .

Optimator on krenko gobbos

1 week ago

I would highly recommend a bit more card-draw and a few untappers. Krenko does amazing with a few untappers.

Magewright's Stone is good. Thousand-Year Elixir is great too. Umbral Mantle is decent. Puppet Strings is good on a budget. Illusionist's Bracers are a good choice too. You don't need to go nuts but having three or so untappers in the 99 will serve you well. If you can tutor up Skirk Prospector, Krenko can go infinite with Thornbite Staff, though it just recently spiked in price.

Good red card draw is rare but every EDH deck needs a little. Reforge the Soul, Faithless Looting, Cathartic Reunion, Outpost Siege, Mind's Eye, Skullclamp, and Wild Guess are good. Staff of Nin is good on a budget too.

You have almost no ramp at all. Goblins are pretty low to the ground but every deck needs a little ramp. Krenko usually has a bulls-eye on his back so you'll want to be able to recast him. Sol Ring, Worn Powerstone, Fire Diamond, Mind Stone, Darksteel Ingot, Coldsteel Heart, Hedron Archive, Ur-Golem's Eye, and Gilded Lotus might be good places to start.

I would highly recommend dropping all the combat tricks. In a multiplayer setting with increased life totals they just don't have the "oomf" that they do in regular 60-card formats.

I would also drop Hedron Blade, Stormrider Rig, Claws of Valakut, Goblin War Paint, and Messenger's Speed. No good in EDH. War Horn is decent for Krenko but there are better cards out there so if things get tight you can drop it easily enough.

LoyalPaladin on Knight Tribal

2 weeks ago

I'm just going to make suggestions for cutting and adding, but they're more suggestions on what I would do if I was building it. OrientSuperior might have some good feedback. He's good at going wide and tribal too.


Not a lot to say here. I'd probably cut some of your higher CMC creatures for more low CMC knights. You probably want to treat your dragons like my Sunhome's Finest deck treats angels: sprinkle them in there, but don't make them a main attraction. Their CMC is usually fairly high.

Sunhome's finest generates a lot of 1/1's to bide time for a big angel to come out, but Knight's aren't quite as good at that as soldiers are, I'd add some more mana rocks and cut a big boy or two. Right now you're running about 22 Knights out of your 29 creatures, with three ways to get a limited number of tokens from what I'm seeing.


You might consider cutting Door of Destinies if you end up being more of a hybrid Knight-Dragon tribal, otherwise it's probably fine for now. I'd probably cut some equipment for commander protection and mana rocks.

Main Cuts: I'd cut these for sure, but there are a few more I'd lop off for other things.

  • Bloodforged Battle-Axe: It's a mana sink and you're going to be strapped for mana in Boros.
  • Godsend: This card isn't very useful in commander. If you exile a card it's gone, since they can't run multiple copies. If you hit their commander they'll just return it to their command zone instead of exiling it.
  • Sunforger: It's really just not that great. It's a mana sink and I actually cut it from my own deck.

Extra Cuts: I'd probably cut Forebear's Blade, Mind's Eye, and Obelisk of Urd as well. Obelisk is worse than Door of Destinies, so keep that latter if you're cutting one of the two. Mind's Eye is a good card, but I barely manage to take advantage of that in a mono-White deck crafted to ramp fast. Forebear's Blade is just so-so, it's not bad, but it's not great.

Add: You could consider Pearl Medallion or Ruby Medallion. I'd probably forgo both of those for what's below or maybe even a Boros Locket.

  • MindStone: Great mana rock with draw in case you really need it.
  • Swiftfoot Boots: You've got two commanders. Run swifties and greaves?
  • Worn Powerstone: It's a tap for two mana rock. Could be more than worth it for you.


I don't have a lot to add here. I'd probably want more instants in general, and I'm not a huge fan of Dawn Charm.


I'd probably cut Steelshaper's Gift for Blasphemous Act. It's half the price and a game winner if you manage to make your creatures indestructible, even for a turn.


I would cut Arch of Orazca and replace it with Terrain Generator. I'd find space somewhere in your artifacts to cut a card and add in a Reliquary Tower too. The 36th land is more important for your colors and you're more than likely to have a build up of cards with a big CMC in your hand at some point. Arch is a cool land, but you're going to rarely have that much mana on hand outside Green. If you're super set on having a card draw outlet like that, go for the Vanquisher's Banner.


I'd probably cut Quest for the Holy Relic for a copy of Honor of the Pure, but that's just me. I feel like the deck is built to go tall, but the tribe is made to go wide. If your deck wins because of commander damage, it's probably because you have two commanders, not necessarily because one of them got beefy.

gossipmeng on Crank that hog mfer

2 weeks ago

I've spent years playing colourless (Karn combo deck) and card draw is one of our biggest challenges. I would recommend:The Immortal Sun, Mind's Eye, Scroll Rack, Sunset Pyramid, Sword of Fire and Ice

  • Immortal Sun: Card draw, shuts down planes walkers and reduces cost of your spells. I don't use it personally as my meta is too fast, but your deck seems more casual then mine so it would work great. (price will drop soon when it rotates out of standard)
  • Mind's Eye: Probably the best colourless card draw available in multiplayer format.
  • Scroll Rack: Not necessarily card draw, but if you don't like your hand it allows your to basically swap your hand for the top of your library.
  • Sunset Pyramid: 4 mana to draw 1 card when you play it, then 2 mana to draw a card for the next 2 turns, followed by a cheap scry if the game goes on longer - great card and very inexpensive.
  • Sword of Fire and Ice: Perfect for your theme and can consistently draw you a card each turn + kills small utility creatures (my combo deck runs it for the card draw alone).
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