Dread Presence


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Rare

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Dread Presence

Creature — Nightmare

Whenever a Swamp enters the battlefield under your control, choose one —

  • You draw a card and you lose 1 life.
  • Dread Presence deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker and you gain 2 life.
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Dread Presence Discussion

king-saproling on Black Bling - My Dream Deck

4 weeks ago

Who doesn't love some good ol' mono black! A Salvaging Station package could be rad here, with cards like Codex Shredder , Mishra's Bauble , Lotus Petal , and Nihil Spellbomb . I particularly enjoy Codex Shredder in mono black since paying 6 mana is rarely an issue, and it lets you recur any card. Bolas's Citadel could be neat here as well, especially in conjunction with Sensei's Top (together they give you the ability "pay 1 life: draw a card"). Other cards you might consider include: Necropotence , Gonti, Lord of Luxury , Kaya's Ghostform , Mikaeus, the Unhallowed , Cauldron of Souls , Bubbling Muck , Extraplanar Lens , Gauntlet of Power , Caged Sun , Dread Presence , Deserted Temple , Thespian's Stage , Vesuva

Ivanian on Mono Black Control (ELD)

1 month ago

Clackbridge Troll + Massacre Girl is a nice, full board sweep more often than not. Ritual of Soot is a must be. Are you sure 24 lands are enough? Especially with 4-of Dread Presence . I like Ayara a lot and I think she is great in this deck and is a nice draw engine, kinda replacing Midnight Reaper s effectively. I'm also interested in building monoB control once ELD comes out so I'm gonna tune in and keep checking on your deck, I'll post my ideas here as well if anything comes to my mind. Black is awesome.

LadyZ on First, Do All Harm (Yawgmoth, Thran Physician)

1 month ago

I'm always bad at cutting cards, but I'll give you my best suggestions.

Definitely Doomed Dissenter and Blood for Bones , I agree with you that cutting Dread Presence is a bit iffy

Undying Evil is one I'd cut. Like sure its either protection or a decent way to give you more sacrifice fodder, but it's only one extra use of a card unlike Reassembling Skeleton .

I see why you're running Deathgreeter , but to me it feels like there are much better death payoffs.

And I don't think you need Fleshwrither , you already have two perfectly good tutors in Diabolic Tutor and Scheming Symmetry

Archon_Bel on First, Do All Harm (Yawgmoth, Thran Physician)

1 month ago

LadyZ multimedia

Been doing some thinking and am a little bit more convinced that I should try out some of the cards y'all mentioned.

I had several games today and got some pretty good results. I won a good portion of them, and even when I didn't the deck still performed well. I bet a decent contributing factor was the fact that Yawgmoth hardly ever got so much as threatened with removal; unsure if the people there just don't run removal or never drew into them in all the games we played, but either way it's likely that they'll eventually wisen up to my gameplan and start doing a little bit more to disrupt me aside from constantly swinging at me.

I'm thinking of adding Viscera Seer , Phyrexian Ghoul , Flesh-Eater Imp , Reassembling Skeleton , and Skullclamp . Other than Doomed Dissenter , Dread Presence (iffy tbh), and Blood for Bones , though, I'm not sure what else would be a bearable cut.

Unstable Obelisk provides some ramp early game and can eventually be used to remove some threatening noncreature permanent.

Ritual of the Machine did some surprisingly decent work in protecting me by placing threats on my side of the field and then using them to win (Atarka with Phyresis lmao).

Cards like Myr Sire and Lazotep Reaver are hard to let go of because they do provide some good immediate value.

Any other suggestions for what could be some likely candidates for replacement?

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

1 month ago

Current state of all things

So after a few more games with the list as it stands I have the following thoughts:

  • The deck feels like it has the right balance of responses and proactive play, giving it flexibility in how it approaches a table. The main strategy of ramping, tutoring out Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and then hitting the table with a large Torment of Hailfire works consistently, especially when you are able to play and defend a Glacial Chasm long enough to prevent a large swathe of your opponents' win conditions (primarily damage, whether in or outside of combat). Unless there is another major release from the next few sets I don't see this deck making any major changes in the near future. Prismatic Vista is really pulling its weight with the increase in basic lands from the previous changes, which is great!

  • The land utility is fine as it is, with the exception of a few minor changes to adjust for new ratios (particularly Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle as we have a whopping 3 mountains in the deck).

  • As hard as it is to comprehend, I don't think Turntimber Sower is actually that great a card in this deck. In a more token-based strategy, or were it to rely more heavily upon Avenger of Zendikar through reanimation it might make more sense, but this isn't a Gitrog Monster deck. A lot of decks don't care about a handful of 0/1 creatures, either because they go wider, taller, or have evasion, and the activated ability actually takes quite a few steps to return a single land card to hand. It works as a redundant effect to try and recur land from the graveyard, but the first ability does very little if you can't exploit it for maximum effect. I have a differing opinion about Sylvan Safekeeper as he is himself a free land sacrificing outlet off a single mana to cast, and allows the deck to defend its creature value engines like The Gitrog Monster , Tireless Tracker and Dread Presence .

  • I'm starting to feel like Zuran Orb doesn't do enough by itself to warrant inclusion. As a lifegain engine it's a very fine balancing act to utilise the lifegain but still maintain your mana. It is however one of the few ways the deck has to regain life. With Dread Presence in the deck there is at least another option for lifegain, but that requires additional assembly, being Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Personally I like the FTV art, so that's been what's been making it a harder than usual cut, but I'll let it slide a little longer and see how it goes.


  • From the new commander sets, of the cards which haven't been reprinted, the following are the only ones currently on the radar for even speculative additions:

  • Nightmare Unmaking : As a potential replacement for Blasphemous Act . The only issue with this is that the exiling effect can make certain creatures unrecoverable, especially value engine cards. Opponents can also interact with this effect by making you draw, discard or wheel at instant speed, for which this deck has no real response.

  • Bone Miser : I imagine that this card could become monstrous for mana generation alongside Ayula's Influence in versions of this deck. Also works with an uptick from Lord Windgrace . Were there more wheel effects in this deck it might be an easier choice.

Other thoughts for discussion

Now I'm trying to fish for some advice as to Lotus Field :

My thoughts on this are very mixed.

Pros: Even more difficult to interact with than other lands due to hexproof, fixes mana (to a degree), is psuedo-ramp if you can get down Lord Windgrace to recur the two sacrificed land. I have one available.

Cons: Slow, oh so slow. This card isn't exactly explosive unless you are able to run Amulet of Vigor (which was cut a little while ago). The sacrificing clause makes this an abyssmal starting land in hand. The mana generated is all of one colour so there is the prospect of it limiting options early game. You can't cast a Lord Windgrace off this without two other lands that tap for the requisite mana. That said the commander is the only three-coloured card in the entire deck. I am also not sure of the cut that would be required to make room for this in the mana base.

Squirrel_of_War on Yarok's Twisted Nightmare

2 months ago

@Crav96 thanks for the comment! I don't normally have issues with the mana base or landfall triggers. In addition to those ramp cards I also run several cards that recur lands from the graveyard such as Life from the Loam , Muldrotha, the Gravetide , Titania, Protector of Argoth , and World Shaper . Those in addition to 10 lands which are easy to get into the GY (such as fetches) help smooth out some additional land drops to get those triggers. However, that's not even the point of the landfall triggers. They are nice to get organically here and there but the main thing is Scapeshift ing for insane value. The majority of the games this deck has won are from Scapeshift . Once 10 lands are out with a creature with a landfall trigger, for this example lets use Dread Presence , then you are looking at Scapeshift dealing 20 damage, gaing 20 life, and then Field of the Dead giving 10 zombies and I also usually search for Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage too, just for fun.

multimedia on Ob Nixilis, unshackled

2 months ago

Hey, nice start and there's several good cards here.

Cards that are within the budget to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Command Tower
  • Path of Ancestry
  • Akroma's Memorial
  • Darksteel Forge
  • Bloodsoaked Altar
  • Coat of Arms
  • War Horn
  • Obelisk of Urd
  • Elbrus, the Binding Blade
  • Unholy Hunger
  • Liliana's Influence
  • Liliana, Death Wielder
  • Painful Quandary
  • Prismite
  • Pit Spawn
  • Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
  • Diamond Knight
  • Alhammarret's Archive
  • The Wretched

The majority of these suggested cuts are high mana cost cards. Anthems such as Memorial, Urd, Coat, etc. are not needed with Demons because they're already flying creatures with high power/toughness.

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