Detention Sphere


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Detention Sphere


When Detention Sphere enters the battlefield, you may exile target nonland permanent not named Detention Sphere and all other permanents with the same name as that permanent.When Detention Sphere leaves the battlefield, return the exiled cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

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Detention Sphere Discussion

Subject134127 on Assemble the Legion

2 days ago

The problem is that your theme takes so many turns to achieve. You drop Assemble the Legion at turn 5 at best, and then it has to stack up counter and not be removed by your opponent during the coming turns.

If you want to keep Assemble the Legion as the main card in the deck, try to put it in a control shell. Chained to the Rocks is a nice 1 mana Journey to Nowhere in Boros Control, and you have access to a lot of board clear like Sweltering Suns and Fumigate. If you have more threats than creatures against you, or match up against control decks, consider going into blue for countermagic and card filtering (Supreme Will) to make sure you have the methods to stop your opponent's attempts to remove your wincons. Include cards like Detention Sphere and Oblivion Ring or Ghostly Prison to make sure you survive against all kinds of threats until you can develop your board. If you know what you usually play against, devote more slots in the deck to cards protecting against that kind of target. Jeskai Ascendancy could be a nice inclusion as well to make use of all the creatures you want to be generating in combination with your large amount of non-creature spells in this version. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a huge finisher which could be an expensive but worthwhile 1-of.

If you want a faster deck with a token theme with things like Suture Priest, Impact Tremors or Purphoros, God of the Forge, ditch Assemble the Legion. Try to incorporate a few anthems such as Honor of the Pure or Intangible Virtue, and look into including black as extra color, as it has a few ways to sacrifice your tokens for the greater cause (Viscera Seer), cards to make use of it (Twilight Drover, Blood Artist), and token generators (Lingering Souls). Remove all walls and cards that don't directly interact with or make tokens. Redundancy is key in fast decks, so you'll always have a threat in hand, not answers to things that are not threatening you yet.

VelvetVendetta on Competitive Toolbox Multiplayer, Zur

3 days ago

Hey Getupkid1284 Thank you for your suggestions, yes I sometimes had some problems with Necro's exile clause, usually when necro is out I can still rely on cards like Intuition and Entomb to proceed a reanimator game plan, besides when I have a good reanimator play I will fetch Attunement instead of Necro either to find reanimates or (mostly) as discard outlet, so those plans (most likely) won't affect each other in any bad way, when I'm going for necro then I'm most of the times going full necro with Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel trying a kill with Empyrial Armor next turn and not aiming to make any grave plays.

Because Imprisoned in the Moon leaves the opponent's commander locked in the game in the form of a land instead of exiling it (that would lead to the opponent being able to choose to carry it to the command zone as a replacement effect), he remains there so he cannot be recasted from the command zone, but useless and unable even to be sacrificed for Sac outlets making Imprisoned in the Moon a way more effective at removing enemy's commanders.

Also Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere have an ETB clause that makes then unable to target Shrouded and Hexproffed creatures, while Imprisioned (because its an aura) bypasses those protections when fetched by Zur, (as Zur puts auras directly in the game he skips their target clauses, but not ETB effects on the enchantments that may have targets)

I think you are right about Urborg, I removed it from the deck because (at that time) I had way less black spells, since I've changed to reanimator I have way more uses for black mana, I will consider perhaps changing Tolaria West for Urborg.

ty o/

Cereal_Killer on Order of Stolen Will

6 days ago

As said before by thehat an indicative budget could help when searching for cards that cuold be add to your deck.

Lingering Souls and Raise the Alarm are very good cards. I'd prefer them to Timely Reinforcements (remember that you need to have less creatures than your opponent or Timely Reinforcements won't give you any token).

As for the lands: consider some Flooded Strand. Personally I don't like so much Moorland Haunt and Forbidding Watchtower and, in my opinion, you should reduce them to 20 in order to don't see them too often. Moorland Haunt is a land that provides you colorless mana and needs 2 specifical mana and a creature in a your graveyard to put a 1/1 token, Forbidding Watchtower enters tapped and needs 2 mana to became a 1/5 creature. Furthermore, I'll reduce to 2 the Mystic Gate. If you don't want to spend money on Flooded Strand consider Glacial Fortress.

I'd cut Acrobatic Maneuver that needs 3 mana cast and you will just use it to bounce a creature and get a +1 +1 on Champion of the Parish or Thalia's Lieutenant if one of them is on the battlefield. If you really want to go this plan I'd add Essence Flux or Ghostly Flicker.

Personally I don't like Silver-Inlaid Dagger. If you want to boost your creatures I'd choose Honor of the Pure.

Another good card you could consider, if your opponent plays lot of creatures, is Ghostly Prison. If you want to control more the board an option could be Detention Sphere or Path to Exile. Wrath of God is a good card but consider also Supreme Verdict.

As for Beguiler of Wills, I understand you really like it, so won't ask you to cut it.

Rivenor on Zuur, The Controller

1 week ago

That seems like a lot of land to me. I would suggest reducing to between 35 and 37 total.

Other cuts I would suggest:


Keeping these budget friendly, don't want to break the bank.

  • Ethereal Armor: Helps get the actual GD in there for you.

  • Steel of the Godhead: A better version of Cloak of Mists for you.

  • Solemnity: It messes with lots of decks that are popular and not with yours.

  • Oblivion Ring, Grasp of Fate and Detention Sphere are all amazing and handy in EDH. If you only include one I would go with the grasp if you are playing multiplayer or the sphere if you have a friend who loves tokens.

  • Ghostly Prison: Helps keep you safe while you load up on enchantments. Should be one of the first ones fetched.

  • Sun Titan: That magical number 3 comes into play here. Let's you bring back most enchantments that Zur fetches. Decent beatstick to boot.

  • Bruna, Light of Alabaster: People running too much enchantment hate for Zur to keep up? Pop Bruna in late game to bring it all back onto herself to bring in the last of that damage.

NoSoyYucateco on Pain Has An Element Of Blank

1 week ago

DrkNinja: My backup plan for that is usually Ghostly Prison or Detention Sphere, because there really isn't a good way to tutor for it that doesn't cost too much. Running 4 of, in my playtests, was not worth it, because multiple copies are almost always useless. Maybe try Zealous Persecution?

camarouge on W/U Gideon Tribal

1 week ago

I had considered a blue-white version of this deck as well but I did not think cards like Cryptic Command were good for it because every Gideon we want to cast requires double white, and one thing these decks want to do are slam Gideons as soon as possible. This restriction means that countermagic should only have one blue in its cost, and the entire deck wants to lean more white than blue.

Beyond that, I would only make slight adjustments to the deck I'd make, so take these next suggestions with a grain of salt because your version is probably just as good. Supreme Verdict and Detention Sphere are fantastic in this deck, so I'd add another sphere to the mainboard. Another snap, and I'm a little torn on your Wall of Omens choice. I might just put more spells there since I'm running 4 snappies.

Blackflame2121 on Solar Flare

1 week ago

KGW, you're absolutely right about Detention Sphere; it completely skipped my mind. I was on the fence about Victim of Night, but after putting it in, my mana base almost lines up perfectly.

excasteal on Oh what are the possibilities..

1 week ago

I love this deck idea. First upgrade I would mention is to play fetchlands. You need to thin your deck and it will also help you hit your colors consistently. Scalding Tarn and Arid Mesa are obviously expensive but Flooded Strand isnt bad so I'd at least play those for now. For sweepers I'd suggest Anger of the Gods over bonfire as it is more consistent and the exile clause is incredibly relevant against a lot of decks. Supreme Verdict should also be in the 75, in the board if not in the main deck. Mana Leak is also a highly underrated counterspell in modern and Im not even sure why. It's one of the best hard counters you can play, and as ahard control deck it will be invaluable sometimes, as opposed to remand.

Another card you may not have thought about is Tolaria West. This can be your extra copies of Endless One since you can't run more than one of them for the combo to work. A land's CMC is 0, as is Endless One's, so you can transmute it into your eldrazi. It is also a land so you can just play it tapped when you need a land (like on turn 1 when you have no real play or on turn 5 or 6 when you don't really need it untapped) or dont have Possibility Storm in play yet. Also, even though possibility storm is a key part of the deck, you dont really need 4 copies of a 5 mana enchantment. I'd cut to three or even two, since having it in your opening hand is bad, and it is also bad in multiples (although it could be a 5 mana banishing light or curse I suppose). Banishing Light also seems bad as a 3cmc removal spell but hiting any permanent is indeed relevant and the fact that you can chain a possibility storm into it when you draw a second one makes it's inclusion justifiable. I'd include Detention Sphere in the sideboard to bring in against tokens in its place, though.

While this does feel like a worse Saheeli Twin deck, it also has more angles of attack to lock down your opponents with possibility storm so if you can last till turn 5 and cast it consistently you may be fine. I like it.

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