Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, indestructible

Other permanents you control have indestructible.

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Avacyn, Angel of Hope Discussion

Perfect_Phyrexia on Shoot that Adamaro through my deck

20 hours ago

I feel like maybe Icy Manipulator and more-so Relic Barrier could be replaced with something like Tangle Wire or Orb of Dreams which combos with Smoke, Winter Orb and Static Orb. With cards like Goblin Welder, Scrap Mastery and other forms of artifact reanimation, one can keep the fade counters on Tangle Wire plenty while having the ability to kill indestructible artifacts like Darksteel Plate, Darksteel Forge or a board under the influence of a Guardian Beast / Avacyn, Angel of Hope. I hope these suggestions have been helpful Draw_Wurm

ThinkJank on Manipulation (2016 Atraxa Deck)

3 days ago

Hey, nice deck. I built a deck around Atraxa earlier today, would you mind checking it out?

Voice of Praetorship

Commander / EDH ThinkJank


I'm not a huge fan of That Which Was Taken. Divinity counters don't really do anything beyond the first, and it takes a lot of investment to start putting them on your permanents. Avacyn, Angel of Hope would probably offer a better effect, if you can deal with the color-intensive mana cost.

AlexRuzhyo on Tariel Reanimator

4 days ago

Hey there! Spotted your deck on the "Help!" page. I pilot both a Kaalia aggro and Tasigur reanimator, and this seems to be a fun merging of the two themes. While my Tasigur may not be too relevent here, you might take a look at my Kaalia Deck for some general mardu-based inspiration, primarily creature and removal choices.

I'll do my best to give general advice. There's a fine line between recommending things and gutting the soul of an EDH deck, so I often don't suggest too many cuts. Onto the wall of text!

Hope you found something useful in all of this. If you did, I always appreciate more eyes on my Kaalia deck. Drop a comment or upvote if you have the time!

Spirits on Kaalia, the Purifier EDH

1 week ago

Hi Mikey2141 thanks for the suggestions.

Aurelia, the Warleader, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, and Anguished Unmaking are definitely all in there, and I consider all of them part of the core group of cards, and their synergies within the deck.

For Skyblinder Staff, Its a good CMC to play, a little pricy to Equip. I've never specifically tried this one, but I've tried other variants by the way of Whispersilk Cloak which offers the shroud protection as well as CMC 2 Equip, Shizo, Death's Storehouse for a land based CMC 2 (Shizo + Swamp) effect. I've also tried other avoidance like Maze of Ith. But what I've found is that Flying is usually enough evasion on it's own, in cases where it is not, my targeted removal is usually sufficient. In most scenarios, my angels/demons/dragons are bigger than the blockers, or have vigilence so can attack and defend, often with indestructible, because Avacyn, Angel of Hope is frequently tutored for (wish I had Grim Tutor too). I just haven't found it as necessary, and have found haste is the real trick to success vs. unblockable. Also see Thundermaw Hellkite he can be good, he would also trigger nicely with a Eerie Interlude if you play that in your Kaalia of the Vast.

Merciless Eviction is the tough one. I've tried, Austere Command, Akroma's Vengeance, and Merciless Eviction like a floundering fish. What I've come up with is each is good in it's own right, and each is situational. In many cases the cycling on the Akroma's Vengeance has been critical, in some cases the modularity of the Austere Command, and in some cases the exile on the Merciless Eviction has been the only card in my deck to deal with a threat. So in short, I don't know. Merciless Eviction is excellent, but so are the others above. I find myself in cycles with playtesting, I go Aggro/Offense, then find I'm too weak defensively, then recursively go Defensive, then find I'm shelled and not Aggressive. I have Damnation and Wrath of God along with Austere Command in my current playtest, would it be better with Merciless Eviction instead, in many scenarios yes, in many no. The other day I found myself upset that the Austere Command doesn't cycle. Merciless Eviction is good against the Indestructible decks, so I understand why you would play it. Defintely combos well with Eerie Interlude. Austere Command / Akroma's Vengeance pair really well with Avacyn, Angel of Hope by herself without an Eerie Interlude, but if it's not solving your problems, then the Merciless Eviction would be key. I'll keep cycling between them, 3 board wipes feels right, I'll cycle back to Merciless Eviction but I'm not sure there is a final answer to be found.

sobektheblack on naya tokens edh

1 week ago

I think an Avacyn, Angel of Hope works really well in a token deck

Mikey2141 on Marchesa Superfriends

1 week ago

For the hate rout:

-Merciless Eviction (Eerie Interlude Saves all your creatures)

-Debt to the Deathless (life-saving topdeck late game literally and something to look forward to in your starting hand)

-Avacyn, Angel of Hope (You're running white... it's commander... Insert Shia LaBeouf here)

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