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Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance Avacyn, Angel of Hope and other permanents you control are indestructible.

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Avacyn, Angel of Hope Discussion

sylvannos on Avacyn, Angel of Hope

17 minutes ago

@acbooster: Instead of grabbing more angels with Iona, Shield of Emeria , you could just get a Griselbrand . If you get him back into play, then you win on the spot after you draw 14 cards. Why bother with a bunch of angels when I can have mana acceleration and just combo kill someone when I resolve my Unburial Rites ?

Turn one Entomb into turn two Animate Dead on Griselbrand is a lot stronger than Animate Dead on Avacyn, Angel of Hope .

acbooster on Avacyn, Angel of Hope

55 minutes ago

Angels are a perfectly reasonable tribe. Reanimator is a thing you know.

I cast Gifts Ungiven finding Unburial Rites and Iona, Shield of Emeria /Avacyn, Angel of Hope /Linvala, Keeper of Silence /any other great angel.

This works too:

T1: Plains, pass
T2: Plains, Honor of the Pure , pass
T3: Plains, Divine Sacrament , pass
T4: Plains, Serra Avenger x2, pass
T5: Plains, Linvala, Keeper of Silence , swing for 10, pass
T6: Swing for 10

drsolodolowitz on Anayalation!

2 hours ago

Have you thought about Archetype of Endurance ? If you get that and Avacyn, Angel of Hope out at the same time then you've got yourself a field of Indestructible, hexproof fatties. Idk that just sounds fun to me.

MindAblaze! on Mayle of the Anima

2 hours ago

Recursion, Ramp, Protection for your Commander. The Gods are nuts actually. All 6 relevant gods are probably playable. Surprisingly Purphoros is probably the least favorite.

Other popular specific suggestions include;

ChiefWannaHacka, Ohthenoises and adt630 all have some pretty fun decks to take some ideas from. There are many others too, but I'm not remembering them at the moment.

Mayael is a fun commander, welcome to the team.

cupofnoodles on sigarda's team

21 hours ago

Hi Bro, thought I'd offer some suggestions.

Cards that could be taken out -

  • City of Brass - Since EDH is a more longer paced format, this card isn't as important and the damage does add up after a while. The same thing happens with Boseiju, Who Shelters All . If the opponent is playing land destruction, they'll leave you with this land to force you to keep taking damage from it every turn. City of Brass seems more useful in vintage/legacy speed decks, where the damage doesn't matter since most games will end on turn 3-4.

  • Ancient Den and Tree of Tales - I don't see a real need to have more artifacts on the field, so in the end those lands are just liabilities because of their artifact typing. Someone could naturalize them and then you'd be down a land =(

Perhaps you can replace those lands with Ancient Ziggurat , Rogue's Passage , and Reflecting Pool ? Mystifying Maze and Maze of Ith could also be useful to flicker someone's attacking general during combat to avoid general damage =)

  • Asceticism - You have two copies of it in your deck =). Perhaps a substitute for the copy could be Mana Reflection , or Mirari's Wake ?

  • Coalition Relic - I have played both this card and Chromatic Lantern , and usually the lantern is more useful (in my opinion) because it is a super-fix for mana by changing lands so that they produce any color.

  • Armageddon - This might be detrimental to you when you play it, and will most of the time be countered by anyone playing blue. Armageddon = auto-counter to them. It could be feasible to play if you had Avacyn, Angel of Hope though. Otherwise, I think I would replace this with either an Austere Command , Harmonize , or Choke , which is really useful in any white/green edh deck =)

  • Naturalize - I think Bramblecrush could be a better fit, since it hits things that Naturalize can't, such as lands or planeswalkers =)

I really like all of the removal and mana ramp cards in this deck, it really gives some punch and power. The ramp cards also have a (somewhat) hidden bonus of thinning your deck out so that you can draw into more spells eventually instead of lands. That is always so useful!!! Hope some of those suggestions help, bro! =)

deatn1342 on itheoryz

1 day ago

I've thought about it, and if you're still interested in the Serra's Sanctum I have an offer:

Your: Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Primal Command , Boundless Realms , and Edric, Spymaster of Trest

for my: Serra's Sanctum , Smokestack , and Karametra, God of Harvests

Let me know what you think about this.

Robaby on The Dream!

2 days ago

Soldier of the Pantheon may be a good addition (someones bound to be playing more than one colour) and gains you quite a bit of life. Also Spear of Heliod may be better than Glorious Anthem because of it's additional effect, which can prove pretty useful. Other than that it seems pretty good but i would suggest the following cards: Banishing Stroke , Grand Abolisher , Archangel of Thune , Knight of the White Orchid , Crovax, Ascendant Hero , Planar Cleansing , Phyrexian Rebirth , Restoration Angel , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Angel of Jubilation , Heliod, God of the Sun , Suture Priest , Steel Hellkite , Luminate Primordial . Looking good though +1 :).

HalcyonMTG on Khanye's binder

2 days ago

Hey there, I might be interested in purchasing several of your cards:

4x Aurelia, the Warleader

1x Avacyn, Angel of Hope

2x Deathrite Shaman

4x Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip

4x Restoration Angel

1x Caged Sun

Let me know what sort of price you're willing to do on those.