Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, indestructible

Other permanents you control have indestructible.

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Avacyn, Angel of Hope Discussion

RJGiel on Sigarda humans/tokens

1 day ago

This advice is for going full Human Tribal, so no soldiers and spirits.

Poptartz95 on H: Binder W: Foils!

2 days ago

Currently looking to trade for the following

Liliana of the Veil

Avacyn, Angel of Hope < Avacyn's Restored

Ugin, the Spirit Dragonfoil icon

Boon Reflectionfoil icon

Only looking for NM foils as well!

Please feel free to checkout my binder, and choose what you would like! DM me with any questions or comment! Also always willing to trade for high end foil Angels! :)

iAzire on Which Character should become a ...

3 days ago

My choice would be one of my favorites, Zur the Enchanter.

He was searching for immortality, his followers believe he found it, nobody knows for sure.

New Zur, immortal (like Sorin), and ready to make the Multiverse his.

I really hope we see him again when we return to Dominaria. I expect his new card won't be as good as his original as the original absolutely owns Commander and I've heard he makes a decent Modern deck as well. I expect an Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Archangel Avacyn  Flip situation.

Ceondoc on Iconic Masters Announced

5 days ago

Iconic Dragons: Elder Dragons, Shivan Dragon, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Iconic Angels: Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Serra Angel, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Iona, Shield of Emeria

Iconic Sphinxes: Consecrated Sphinx. I don't really remember any others. Alhammeret maybe?

Iconic Demons: Griselbrand, Rakdos, Lord of Riots Ob Nixilis???

Iconic Hydras:Polukranos, World Eater, Primordial Hydra, Progenitus, Kalonian Hydra

I can think of more iconic spells, like Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile/Swords to Plowshares, and Counterspell, than creatures

Ceondoc on Iconic Masters Announced

5 days ago

Avacyn, Angel of Hope perhaps? If we are talking iconic angels, I can't see any other legendary angel more iconic than Avacyn (except maybe Akroma). Serra Angel is pretty likely too.

VesuvanDoppelbanger on You're Kirin me, Smalls

5 days ago

Abres_Tenelles Thanks for the comment!

I've used That Which Was Taken, and was underwhelmed by the amount of mana that had to be invested to get results.

I have just one copy of Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and she resides in my Angel deck. Otherwise, she's perfect for this.

I wasn't familiar with Cauldron of Souls - I think I'll grab one of those for this deck, and my Sek'kuar deck as well. Awesome suggestions.

Abres_Tenelles on You're Kirin me, Smalls

5 days ago

Love the deck concept!

Are Avacyn, Angel of Hope, That Which Was Taken and Cauldron of Souls of any use to protect key permanents? Perhaps Otherworldly Journey too?

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on help: abusing the new gideon ...

1 week ago

Regarding Gideon of the Trials in the new Amonkhet set, how can we maximize this last/ ultimate ability? So far, I have Avacyn, Angel of Hope/ Sigarda, Host of Herons/ Privileged Position/ Leyline of Sanctity/ Peacekeeper. So, he can't be destroyed, sacrificed, targeted by spells or abilities, chosen to take damage instead of player, or damaged in combat. However, I can't get around Thief of Blood and mass exile, like Perilous Vault. Any ideas?

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