Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, indestructible

Other permanents you control have indestructible.

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Avacyn, Angel of Hope Discussion

Shmizzerdrix on Jenara's Friends

6 hours ago

I'd recommend Tooth and Nail to get out some serious creature combos like Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Empyrial Archangel.

addaff on Legacy/Modern/Commander Trade list

8 hours ago

Let me see if I can replace my mm2 Noble Hierarch before committing it to a trade. In the meantime this is what I was thinking.

My - mm2 Noble Hierarch $35.72

His - Avacyn, Angel of Hope & Standstill ($35.53)

GeminiSpartanX on Updated binder

8 hours ago

My buddy has an Avacyn, Angel of Hope that he'd like me to trade for him. check out his haves/wants here.

addaff on Updated binder

10 hours ago

I don't update my haves/wants until I ship/receive, but my binder is pretty much up to date.

Still looking for Tarmogoyfs. If I don't have exactly what your looking for, let me know what your looking for, and we will see if can work something out.

Just added a Misty Rainforest & Avacyn, Angel of Hope to my wants list. If you see something you like, but don't have any of my listed wants, I'll check out your binder to see if we can work something out. Prefer trades above $10

MrHighscore on Trostani, Tokenmania's Tongue

19 hours ago

Thank you for the feedback :)

@Steaditup: Karametra, God of Harvests could make the cut for this build, even though she is a bit expensive to cast, and can be a bit slow on the ramp part. With 30 creatures, the raw material is there. On the other hand, I think speed is what I need the most, so for now I'm leaving her as a mental note. (I do want to make a Karametra EDH deck though).

Ajani Goldmane could replace an anthem, as he is flexible and matches the token theme. I really don't like his +1 is so useless. If I go down that route, he would probably replace Akroma's Memorial which I find very hard to do (trample, flying)

Trostani's Summoner is a lot of bang for the buck and she does fit the theme. I think she pales in comparison to other 7-drops, that I already have in the deck and also in comparison to Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite (whom I am also considering).

Storm Herd could be hilarious, but I think a 10-drop is too expensive. Would probably add Avacyn, Angel of Hope first.

@Ballzanya you are hitting the deck's weak spot - lack of control. For now I've settled with the small suite of Acidic Slime (see recur combos), Aura Shards, Oblivion Ring, Selesnya Charm, Swords to Plowshares and Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury. I should probably add a Maze of Ith for general defensive utility.

@BiggestJohn/Steaditup I'm torn about dumping Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury for Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, as it will raise my ACMC and Freyalise helps out on a lot of weak spots in the deck. On the other hand Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite... and shutting down Kaalia. I'll sleep on it.


Wolfsbane706 on Selesnya Angels

1 day ago

I'm looking to design a deck that utilizes Angels in White and ramp in green to play those Angels with. A couple ideas I've got so far are for Avacyn, Angel of Hope of course, Entreat the Angels, and some of the usual ramp cards. Mind, though, that I'm not actually looking to build the deck. This is for the fanfiction I'm working on (Titled "Spellcard"; I've already designed two decks for it) so there's no cost limits or card limits to worry about.

With that in mind, any suggestions?

lightpulsar9 on Urza's Angels

1 day ago

That's a pretty good idea. I don't really know what I'd take out from my main, but I can see it as a potential sideboard card vs. maybe jund or something. Or maybe I could take out an Avacyn, Angel of Hope. I'll have to think about that a bit more.

MrHighscore on 2015-08-03 update of Trostani, Tokenmania's ...

2 days ago

Thank you for the feedback!

@ThaRizza: You are right about the spear! I'll replace it with something else.

@bjd2788/VikingBlood: I'm not too fond of Emmara Tandris as I think she is a bit one sided, and don't protect herself well. I'd rather run Avacyn, Angel of Hope if I could find room for her.

@brucebruce: Mentor of the Meek does look pretty good. I'll se how I can make room for him.

@wahnschatten: Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant could certainly find a spot in the deck. I'll do some thinking. I'm pretty happy with the mana base as it is, but if I run into trouble I'll add a Wooded Bastion

@VikingBlood: I am only running 24 aura/creature/planeswalkers so Ajani, Mentor of Heroes' second +1 ability, is not good enough for his rather high casting cost. Also, the -8 is not important in this deck.

@dragonhunter: Skyshroud Claim is most certainly good, but I could not find room for it. Before adding that, I will prefer to add Oracle of Mul Daya, Exploration and Sylvan Library :)


Power / Toughness 8/8
Color(s) White
Cost 5WWW
Converted cost 8


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare


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