Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, indestructible

Other permanents you control have indestructible.

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Avacyn, Angel of Hope Discussion

kengiczar on Looking for a fun commander ...

10 hours ago

For the ultimate budget commander I suggest Zedruu the Greathearted. Play pillow fort or Voltron with cheap auras.

Another cheap to build commander is Merieke Ri Berit. The strongest way to build her is actually Wizard tribal. Yes I know she's not a wizard herself. It actually stops Shattergang Brothers incredibly well and it's matchups are much less polarized than Azami, Lady of Scrolls. I have seen several builds with Merieke in the last few years but it wasn't until I saw the power of ESPER Wizards that I became a true believer.

Here's a starter list of cheap CMC (and $$$) Wizards to run with Merieke:
Azorius Guildmage
Coffin Queen
Patron Wizard
Lighthouse Chronologist (Go for damaged or heavily played) Magus of the Unseen (Sometimes good sometimes not)
Oracle en-Vec (Much better than he looks. Combos with wizards or spells that tap down their stuff.)
Azami, Lady of Scrolls (Cheap card draw)
Apprentice Necromancer (Bad early good late game.)
Aphetto Grifter (Really means "Tap a wizard other than this one and stall forever")
Aphetto Alchemist (Makes your commander into a kill spell and helps other wizards.)
Captain of the Mists (Combos with Gilded Lotus + Illusionist's Bracers
Musician (Slow but an ok starter Wizard)
Glen Elendra Archmage (Expensive but it's a flying Negate)
Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder (Optional, helps vs things like Dictate of Erebos)
Ertai, the Corrupted (Good with Endrek or enchantments that return to hand after they leave he battlefield, which there are 2-5 of in esper colors for 2-3 mana)
Rayne, Academy Chancellor (AMAZEBALLS!)
Sage of Fables (Slightly less amazeballs)
Juntu Stakes + Meekstone (HA HA you play Wizards!? F.U. then buddy!)
Sigil Tracer
Sower of Temptation (Expensive, will be an upgrade)
Stonybrook Angler (More commander combo stuff)
Supreme Inquisitor (This is very powerfull once your in the mid to late game)
Tolarian Entrancer (Don't laugh, play like this is your win condition, eventually they will have to block it and you profit.)
Voidmage Husher
Wandering Mage (Maybe)
Havengul Lich (Maybe)
Vedalken Mastermind
New Prahv Guildmage
Mistmeadow Witch (Filler)
Venser, Shaper Savant
Magus of the Abyss - If you play Darksteel Plate or later get Avacyn, Angel of Hope or can just make tokens each turn.

So yeah...that's probably more creatures than you know what to do with eh? Esper Wizards 4 life.

WarlockOfNor on Brago "Not so-Casual" EDH

23 hours ago

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite simply doesn't add anything to the strategy, but she is a very solid card. I've considered her, Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Iona, Shield of Emeria. They're simply not very welcome at our local FNM as well.

Don't know how aware you are of how Strionic Resonator works, but if you use it on Brago, King Eternals ability, the targets get exiled and effectively dodges the flicker. It's rather ok with the other ETB triggers and planeswalkers, but that's the reason to play Brago, King Eternal in the first place.

If I really wanted to crank it up, I'd add back cards that enable infinites or unafthomable advantage, such as Deadeye Navigator, Reality Acid and Mystic Remora.

Raging_Squiggle on Is there a way to ...

1 day ago

Technically yes.. Solitary Confinement + Honden of Seeing Winds + Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Privileged Position + Sterling Grove + Tajuru Preserver + Phyrexian Unlife + Worship

Would make you damn hard to touch.

But a well timed Merciless Eviction can royally screw you over.

GabeCubed on Is there a way to ...

1 day ago

I think it is something along the lines of Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Leyline of Sanctity + Platinum Angel + Greater Auramancy + Dovescape. I think there is an easier way, but I have no idea.

Johnithanial on Blinking Contest

2 days ago

I don't know about your meta but for me, dropping Karn Liberated for Avacyn, Angel of Hope ultimately had a much greater impact for my board. exiling 1-2 things a turn is awesome and I certainly miss the ability but I have always been happier to resolve Avacyn and have a bit more security against wipes. By the way, great deck +1

Braxlin on New EDH format idea

3 days ago

I kind of like the Double-Headed EDH idea, but I have one change I think works better. The idea that you can have two Generals that only need to share a color while being able to branch off seems pointless to me. I say you start off with a main general that your deck's color must still identify with and the second general or lieutenant must contain all of the same colors except one. For example your main general is Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and your secondary is Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Like your secondary is sort of under your main general.

And I just thought of something else.Say for every time you summon the secondary out of the command zone it adds to the cost of summoning your general.

AstroAA on Chorus of the Conclave

5 days ago

hello, I'd recommend adding more solid mana ramp such as Nature's Lore and Peregrination. I'd also recommend adding more mana rocks like Wildfield Borderpost which is good because you can play it turn one. Selesnya Signet and Selesnya Keyrune are also good. Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Dragonlord Dromoka are good additions to provide you with protection, and Triumph of the Hordes is a very powerful win-con, especially with the +1/+1 counters you'll be getting from Chorus.

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Power / Toughness 8/8
Color(s) White
Cost 5WWW
Converted cost 8


Not legal in any format

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Angels Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare


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