Eerie Interlude


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare

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Eerie Interlude


Exile any number of target creatures you control. Return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

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Eerie Interlude Discussion

OminousRex on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

1 day ago

DeckDestroyer - Heavy red burn or black/white control are my toughest match ups. I still have an edge against the red burn decks as most have to trade 1 for 1 and that is a losing battle for them. B/W control is a beast against this deck with Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness and Yahenni's Expertise in their arsenal. You have to bring in Eerie Interlude to prevent board wipes and Cast Out to deal with their planeswalkers and try hard as hell to end the game as soon as possible.

I've been crushing everything else. Mardu Vehicles, BW Zombies, GB Delirium, and other net decks.

OminousRex on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

3 days ago

Homura_Akemi - Yes, I have tested with Mimic and its a very good card in this deck. I will likely swap out the Throne of the God-Pharaohs with Metallic Mimics. I just have to do a little more testing and see what consistently delivers more damage by turn 4.

Didolysquat - The original RW Humans deck that I started testing with looks just like what you have. I have tweaked it for maximum aggro damage by turn 5 so I opted for the Stitcher's Graft over Always Watching . Also, with Eerie Interlude, your board state actually gets better when you have cards like Thalia's Lieutenant or Metallic Mimic out because they all see each other when they return and ETB counters get even better. It's worth sacrificing a couple tokens. I do think I'll add Cast Out to the SB to get rid of Gideon though.

Didolysquat on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

3 days ago

Or you don't start with him?

Also, some notes:

Eerie Interlude knocks any counters off your creatures and kills your garrison tokens. I prefer something like Repel the Abominable? The only thing is your creatures still die to -x/-x abilities but what can you do. Also, it is only 2 mana and you could use it to trade creatures with your opponent and it protects from Fling decks.

I really like Insult/Injury in this deck because it can be cast from the grave as well. Double damage and you can cast it from the grave for 2 more and kill a creature potentially.

Why not play Cast Out? It is such a good card in this deck.

I also think Combat Celebrant is a good card but only if he sticks on the board. I think we will see a lot of Walking Ballista still and the 2nd/3rd game they will side removal and he just will never get to work UNLESS your opponent is tapped out, really unlucky, AND you have a way to give him haste. He just doesn't make the cut for me, but that is theory craft on my end.

And question for you, why the God?

KongMing on Wombo Combo Allies

4 days ago

There's a few suggestions I can make based off the 4-color Ally deck I use that is very similar to this.

Since you can produce all five colors, I really recommend Unified Front and Bring to Light. Bring to Light can tutor for any of the nonland, nonartifact cards in this deck and play them for free. Unified Front can get you 4 Ally ETB triggers. The Cavern of Souls and Ally Encampments won't give you colored mana for them though, which may limit their usability.

I'm thinking about using Descendants' Path in my Ally deck, but haven't gotten around to adding them yet. It's a great Turn 3 drop that can help you ramp your boardstate and get more triggers.

I'm really surprised you don't have Eerie Interlude. It provides your Allies with instant-speed evasion while also giving you a solid win-con for 3 Mana if you have the right Allies on the field (Excavators, Diabolists, etc.) Since they all see each other, they'll all trigger each other on re-entry. For example, if you flicker two Excavators, a Druid, a Freeblade, and a Diabolist, you can mill for a total of 50 cards, bleed someone for 25 life, and get 5 +1/+1 counters on your Freeblade.

Panharmonicon is another card that will do you a lot of good. 4 mana seems like a lot in a tribal deck like this, but the ability to double all your ETB triggers is far better than playing one more Ally.

Rite of Replication can also tilt the scales in your favor (and can be tutored with Bring to Light if you have 5 colors). Kicking it on an Excavator or Diabolist usually means the game is over.

With how aggressive and destructive Modern is, I'd really recommend you have some recursion. March from the Tomb is nice, but so is Rally the Ancestors. Imagine milling half your library with an Excavator, only to cast Rally the Ancestors for 4, putting all the milled 2- and 1-drop Allies on the field, effectively ending the game.

Do you get use out of the Kabira Evangel? I always thought the ability was nice, but a little limited since its effect is only temporary.

Since you only have 18 lands, consider adding a fourth Druid to help you 'get there' with mana.

Some good sideboard options for you would be Beast Within for general removal and Rest in Peace to stop grave power/Bow of Nylea/old Eldrazi titans from stopping your mill cold.

plasmor99 on God's Beloved Daughter

5 days ago

Also, Eerie Interlude can save you so well from certain exile boardwipes

711Keaven on Amonkhet Zombies

1 week ago

drummerjosh91: I've been thinking about replacing Metallic Mimic but with something more along the lines of Eerie Interlude or Foul-Tongue Shriek. Do you think adding more removal on top of the 8 I already have would be a better idea?

Wasadia123 on Allies lifesteal deck

1 week ago

I'm going to do a major overhaul:

Take out 2x Captain's Claws and 2x Mind's Eye for 4x Aether Vial. It wins games.

Take out 4x Isolated Chapel for 4x Marsh Flats. (I assume you have no budget, running Scrublands and all.)

Take out 1x Swamp, 1x Shambling Vent and 2x Plains for 4x Ally Encampment.

3x Swords to Plowshares for one more Eerie Interlude and 2x Path to Exile

Take out Wrath of God for Expedition Envoy.

And finally, take out Phyrexian Arena for Panharmonicon

sysmetryx on Bladestorm

1 week ago

Artifact is something you want to deal with, yes. For dredge, it really depends where you play. One of my LGS has a near 20% dredge field, which stinks for me, (I usually play Unburial Gifts, and can't play RIP). Your card choice is also good, because it keeps the number of creature quite high.

One thing to try might be Eerie Interlude in the sideboard, in case you run into too many sweepers.

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