Clever Impersonator


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Mythic Rare

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Clever Impersonator

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Clever Impersonator enter the battlefield as a copy of any nonland permanent on the battlefield.

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Clever Impersonator Discussion

noshadowkick on Pir & Toothy Battle Buds

4 days ago

Great list, I've been brainstorming these partners since the minute they were spoiled. One thing that I think should not be overlooked for Pir and Toothy is the power of clone effects. Clone Toothy to have the OG Toothy leave play (to yard or command zone) and have the clone refill on counters with the cards OG toothy drew. With Pir out it just gets wild. My favorite clone effects for this deck are Phantasmal Image and Clever Impersonator.

Another good option, if you want to get SUPER degenerate is Deadeye Navigator, with enough mana and Toothy it'd be pretty easy to draw your whole deck, especially with Pir on the field. I personally don't like this play but it's worth discussing.

Also, I feel like this is a deck where Jace, the Mind Sculptor is actually good! Drawing 3 cards from the brainstorm effect can help buff Toothy really fast! Also, Jace's -1 can bounce Toothy to your hand to cash in on all the counters.

Here is my current list (a work in progress) if anyone is interested in checking it out/giving feedback:

Thanks for all the content Jumbo Commander, you are by far my favorite MtG youtube channel.

catbeard on Jhoira, Captain of the Izzet Pearl

1 week ago

Personal choice here, but I would run Clever Impersonator over Phyrexian Metamorph

Are you sure you dont want a couple more lands in here as well? 30 seems a bit low for a multi-color deck even with lots of mana rocks...

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

2 weeks ago

@pyromaniac53 - I want to run that card... but it scares the crap out of me lol. Yeah I can do some pretty degenerate stuff with the card... but my opponents can too and they'd have a hayday with what I can only describe as a mini omniscience for everyone.

Speaking of Omniscience. I got a game in earlier today with this deck and I copied an opponents' Omniscience with Clever Impersonator and then shut theirs' off with Song of the Dryads... fun game.

enpc on Damia, Sage Of Crambos

2 weeks ago

Looking at your list, you have too many disjointed combos that don't bring enough to the table by themselves. For example, you have the Mike+Trike combo which you can assemble from TaN, however at this point you could just as easily assemble your infintie mana Palinchron combo. You have Lich's Mastery + Horizon Chimera which works with Labman, but almost no other actual draw card effects in the deck that let you capitalise on it. And then you have Duskmantle + Mindcrank combo which is anther infinite mana outlet however mindcrank serves little purpose outside of the combo other than to paint a target on you.

you also have very few lands for such a high average CMC and especailly for a deck that does run the Palinchron combo.

So a few suggestions - cards like Kruphix, God of Horizons don't really add much value here, neither does Clever Impersonator or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. They are just expensive and slow. Market Festival should be land fetching based ramp like Farseek or Nature's Lore - it helps with the the palinchron combo and it's much cheaper to cast. you don't want to spen 4 mana on a ramp spell unless it gives you that much value (think Skyshroud Claim).

Villainous Wealth is bad - outside of combo it's underwhelming and inside of combo Blue Sun's Zenith achieves the same thing but adds more value elsewhere.

Muldrotha, the Gravetide is great as commander, but in the 99 and especially in this list it feels out of place. You have barely any fetch lands and as recursion a Seasons Past would do much more work.

JARTLEONHART on The Dream of creating an upkeep deck.

2 weeks ago

Take a look at Soul Foundry + Clever Impersonator

That's the way you get more than 3 upkeeps per turn.

Last_Laugh on Animar, Soul of Infinite Combos (Multiplayer)

2 weeks ago

Cloud of Faeries, Peregrine Drake, Great Whale, and Palinchron are all great combo enablers here. Clones also further this cause (or any other ETB), I run Phantasmal Image, Phyrexian Metamorph, Clever Impersonator, Stunt Double, and Dack's Duplicate personally.

I'd also suggest Equilibrium as a 2nd Cloudstone Curio option that also lets you bounce your opponents creatures. Temur Sabertooth is another great option, I run all 3.

elgosu1337 on WW2 Gravetide Propaganda

1 month ago

Really big fan of how you're using Sagas. You could use Vampire Hexmage to reset them repeatedly, particularly for Phyrexian Scriptures. Copy Enchantment and Clever Impersonator could be useful to stack Sagas. I feel like you could get a lot of value out of Song of Freyalise and Time of Ice as well. Possessed Portal is also a good way to shut the game down while you can keep sacrificing and replaying permanents from the graveyard.

World Shaper is great both for filling the graveyard and recurring lands. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant is also good at filling the graveyard and can make lots of zombies.

Some stronger wincons could be helpful. You could always use Laboratory Maniac since you already have Hermit Druid. Pathbreaker Ibex can pump your small creatures. Sepulchral Primordial could also reanimate opponents' creatures to fight for you.

Crav96 on Muldrotha, Never Say Die

1 month ago

You are more than welcome and Im happy to be helping out as much as I can!

For the land count, Im not going to lie, it stresses me out sometimes as well haha. I can say that 4/10 times your hand is pretty well structured, while the rest 6/10 you'd need to mulligan into something playable and rampable. But I find that since permanents can be used an reused, a combination between Wood Elves, Expedition Map, and Regal Behemoth like cards helps me curve out while building early advantage. Note however that I haven't really playtested my deck with my group all that much yet, so this is all theory and testing so far. But you can try it out yourself, and the best thing is that you get to play more sweet permanents (#allthevalue)

Recommendations to swap non-permanents:1. Birds of Paradise/Farhaven Elf/Font of Fertility/Burnished Hart or anything that is in that 1-3 cmc spot to replace Cultivate/Kodama's Reach.

  1. Windfall seems a bit awkward to me, but I presume it is to renew your hand and fill your grave. You already have Forgotten Creation for that purpose as far as I understand. So I would say either Credit Voucher, which selectively refills your hands and makes T1 with 2 lands/high cmc cards playable. Or if its about the graveyard filling id say you're covered with Dredge and Perpetual Timepiece. You could also swap it out for Sultai Ascendancy to have redundancy on dumping your top to the grave (with even more control cause you choose what to send there)

  2. Vessel of Nascency is literally the better Grisly Salvage in this case so Id suggest instant swap.

  3. Grim Return could also be replaced for some ramp, with the idea of bringing your commander out sooner and reanimating with him (well recasting technically). Plus makes the overall engine a little bit faster, since ramp is always good! Id say maybe for something like Sylvan Caryatid

  4. Now tutors. I see importantly Demonic and Burried Alive as a pseudo creature tutor. Id replace any of them for Sidisi, Undead Vizier and maybe Rune-Scarred Demon. The demon is a bit high CMC so not necessary, but I definitely recommend Sidisi in a creature strategy. Reusable with Mul, and cloneable for value! Speaking of clones, you could double up any creature effect with Phantasmal Image, creature or artifact with Phyrexian Metamorph and any permanent-ANY permanent- with Clever Impersonator.

Well thats it for now.

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