Clever Impersonator


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Mythic Rare

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Clever Impersonator

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Clever Impersonator enter the battlefield as a copy of any nonland permanent on the battlefield.

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Clever Impersonator Discussion

HinguGrashanshao on Your Land Is My Land

1 week ago

Amoeboid Changeling and Clever Impersonator could help your druids out

LoneCrusader399 on The Queen's Curse

2 weeks ago

Instead of Oblivion Ring, play Grasp of Fate.

Copy Enchantment and Clever Impersonator will allow you to double up on curses.

rrosenthal2019 on Brago is a real Bastard

2 weeks ago

Sure thing, from what I can tell, one of your weaker creatures is Angel of Invention, as it doesn't do too much when flickered, and using it makes Writ of Passage stop working by giving Brago too much attack. Angel of Serenity would be a better choice, as it allows you to O-Ring 3 things at a time, and lets you exile your opponents cards permanently with Strionic Resonator. If you have a few bucks to spare, swap out Stunt Double for Clever Impersonator, as it comes in as anything, not just a creature. You might also want some win cons other than board lock. This can be something as innocent as Blue Sun's Zenith which actually reads "Remove one player from the game, shuffle it into your library". Honestly, there is a LOT of things on my maybe-board for my own Brago deck, which you can access though my profile (I won't self promote too hard in your comments xP)

Bovine073 on Modern Master 2017 Spoilers/ Speculation

3 weeks ago


Clever Impersonator sees no Modern play. And is not eligible for a reprint as it was printed in KTK. Phantasmal Image actually sees modern play, and has not been printed for quite a while.

00xtremeninja on Modern Master 2017 Spoilers/ Speculation

3 weeks ago

Clever Impersonator would have been better than that but drop it to rare.

C o m m u n i s t B a s t a r d on Riku said, "Ditto."

1 month ago

Swiftfoot Boots, especially if your running cipher spells. Peregrine Drake is a cheap Palinchron and a inf. enabler. Mitotic Slime gives you another functional Reef Worm. Clever Impersonator is a better clone than Dack's Duplicate IMO. Dethrone and haste is cool, but copying any nonland is real good. Stolen Identity is great because you can copy it and Followed Footsteps may be a consideration if your going the token route. Spells to consider may be Regrowth, Capsize, Cyclonic Rift, Beast Within, Chaos Warp, and/or Unexpected Results (this was my favorite card in for the longest time because I'd pay 6, get a gross permanent, then usually hit a land when the real spell went off and get it back to hand. It's the spirit of EDH casual in a card. SO GOOD!)

Deadeye Navigator is a lovely card worth picking up if your serious about Riku. Riku's copy creature effect is on entering not cast so flicker is real, real good.

Carsf on Mirror Gallery EDH

1 month ago

This seems like it would be solid as a minor theme in a deck that focuses mainly around clones.

Padeem, Consul of Innovation and Darksteel Forge will protect the gallery while it's out.

Alhammarret, High Arbiter, Dragonlord Atarka, Prime Speaker Zegana, and Wort, the Raidmother all have very good ETB effects that you can take advantage of even when you don't have Mirror Gallery out.

Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Jori En, Ruin Diver, Kraum, Ludevic's Opus, Baral, Chief of Compliance and Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Thassa, God of the Sea, Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix all provide good effects that can get out of hand fast if they trigger multiple times. Kazuul is even funnier, because with even two of them you can look at making an army of 3/3s every time you're attacked.

Body Double, Clever Impersonator, Clone, Dack's Duplicate, Gigantoplasm, Mercurial Pretender, Phantasmal Image, Phyrexian Metamorph, Stunt Double, Progenitor Mimic, Sakashima the Impostor, Cackling Counterpart, Fated Infatuation, Supplant Form, Rite of Replication, Spitting Image, and Tempt with Reflections are all solid clones or clone effects. Feldon of the Third Path certainly wouldn't hurt either.

Finally, for when the legends just can't stick or you need other effects, sliding in good creatures that have useful ETB or static effects are useful. Acidic Slime, Reclamation Sage, Archaeomancer, Goblin Electromancer, Consecrated Sphinx, Elvish Visionary, Horizon Chimera and the like will all be quite useful.

Multiple Starke of Rath allows you to use one to kill a creature then use a second to kill the first. Very very conditional removal, but it would be pretty funny to use.

And, of course, like Eiti3 said, using cards like Transmute Artifact, Fabricate, Reshape, or Whir of Invention will allow you to get Mirror Gallery more consistently, though unless you go very hard on copying just Legends it shouldn't matter too much. I wouldn't recommend doing that, either, as anyone taking out Mirror Gallery could easily wipe most of your board.

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