Force of Will


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Eternal Masters (EMA) Mythic Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Masters Edition (MED) Common
Alliances (ALL) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Force of Will


You may pay 1 life and exile a blue card from your hand from the game rather than pay Force of Will's mana cost.

Counter target spell.

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Force of Will Discussion

cwalters14 on Instant/Sorcery-based Deck

1 day ago

Flusterstorm, Force of Will, Mana Drain, Capture of Jingzhou, Temporal Manipulation, Time Spiral, Invoke Prejudice, and Land Equilibrium are all cards that I would be unlikely to be able to pick up. It's possible I'll grab a couple of them but only if they're easily available to me or something like that. What would you fill them with?

RazortoothMtg on When to Get Rid of ...

1 day ago

Azdranax: Ya, I think I'll get rid of it pretty soon (as soon as I find a good place to sell it)

As for the Force of Will, do you think TCGPlayer is a trustworthy source of cards? My lgs doesn't have one, and I've never bought cards online before, so I'm not sure. Theres a copy marked 'Near Mint' for $53, but I don't know whether to trust that Near Mint or not..

Profet93 on Instant/Sorcery-based Deck

2 days ago


To the best of my knowledge, if someone attempts to place Talrand into my deck, then I can place him back into the command zone per a rule change that occurred a bit ago. Moreover, if anyone attempts to hurt my precious talrand, then I use free counter magic when available (Ex: As Foretold, Pact of Negation, Force of Will, or Misdirection) to stop them. I also have Riptide Laboratory

RazortoothMtg on When to Get Rid of ...

2 days ago

Last year I was lucky enough to pull a nice modern masters copy of Doubling Season at a GP, but I have no use for it and therefore am looking to sell/trade it. The simple question being, when? It looks like Doubling Season has been on a bit of a downward trend recently.

If I were to sell/trade it, I'd be looking to get an Alliances copy of Force of Will for EDH, which is a bit more expensive of course, but is also looking like it's price is heading down.

Tl;dr: I want to sell my Modern Masters Doubling Season, seeking an Alliances Force of Will. Should I sell Doubling Season now or wait? Should I buy the Force of Will ASAP or wait?

Sgtpopnfreash on Kess Combo Storm

3 days ago

Hey this is quite similar to my DD storm Kess list some suggestions I have. Misdirection is pretty high CMC for Ad Nauseam you could probably cut that. Some ad naus decks dont even run Force of Will but I think that is stupid. Faithless Looting isnt as good as some other draw spells, Night's Whisper or Chart A Course would both probably be better choices for your Doomsday piles. Phyrexian Metamorph is also very high mana costed for an Ad Nauseam deck, maybe think about Copy Artifact. Now Paradox Engine is interesting but I really haven't found it to be necessary for Kess decks specifically, between Yawgmoth's Will, the black rituals, High Tide and Kess herself you dont need Paradox Engine for more mana. Its just excessive. Other than that the deck looks pretty good I would add a few more Islands and probably cut Cavern of Souls and Cephalid Coliseum at least maybe some of the orchards too. Mizzix's Mastery, Thought Vessel and Fabricate all seem like iffy choices but they are fine if you don't have other cards.

Here is my kess deck if you would like to check it out. Kess Doomsday Storm

Magickamek on Not Your Daddy's Oloro

4 days ago

Hi felow EDH player, I noticed you are low on ramp fro a deck you need to go to late game, i would suggest you to play more mana rocks, counting the simulcrum as ram, you should have at least 8-10 source that can help you reach turn 4 wrath of god consistently., also i would suggest to have 6 wrath efects, and very notably, Terminus as you can force a miracle with your tutors and there is nothing but Teferi's Protection that can save you from that. Also i suggest Sphinx's Revelation can be veeeery helpfull to use taht extra mana. also Remove that Cancel from the list, and ad any other 3 mana counter with an extra efect Dissolve, Dissipate,Disallow even Negate is better, obviously if you can get Force of Will or Mana Drain, that would be the best escenario. As for the lands try to keep them simplier, there will be a day you meet Blood Moon and things will be horrible, brush of lands like Riptide Laboratory and High Market wich are to specific and wont provide consistent use. Thats all for now, i hope this is usefull to you, see ya :D

Profet93 on Talrand, Token Summoner

5 days ago


I love seeing another Talrand user. The deck looks pretty good. +1 from me. A few suggestions...

  1. Capsize Win condition that is very useful, especially late game.

  2. Force of Will and Mana Drain. You seem like you have a big budget

  3. Memory Lapse goes well with isochron scepter and is a hard counter for 2

  4. Misdirection and Pact of Negation because the blue player is still a threat even when he's tapped out ;)

  5. Muddle the Mixture as a nice counter. Can also be a tutor which is very useful in mono blue. Speaking of tutors, Mystical Tutor might be another option to consider

  6. Remand, Rewind, Swan Song. Telling Time, and Twincast are all nice options as well.

Your avg CMC seems a little bit high, so adding cheaper counter spells will allow you to counter something when it matters most.

  1. Blatant Thievery is a great card for multiplayer

  2. Temporal Manipulation and Time Warp are useful because you have talrand out, cast it, get a drake, do whatever, end the turn. Then have another turn to play a land (blue's way of ramping) and the drake you casted last turn with the extra turn can now attack.

  3. Back to Basics and Overburden help slow your opponents down (Note: overburden won't trigger on your tokens so thats good). Moreover, you have too many creatures for a talrand deck. I can recommend some options of what to take out (creatures and others) if you like.

  4. Speaking of creatures, while we don't want to have to many in the deck, some are worth their weight in gold such as Consecrated Sphinx, Snapcaster Mage (can be reused with Riptide Laboratory, which can also be used for talrand) and Torrential Gearhulk

  5. Ramp. There are a lot of options, some of which you already have. One I like in particular is Sky Diamond because it allows Talrand to come out on turn 3.

I don't know your budget/meta/competitive level but if you want more ideas, feel free to look at my deck Tisk Tisk Talrand.

Snips500 on Every Card that Can Cost Less

5 days ago

Gattison- You are really keeping up with this list, I literally just changed something a few hours ago. Yes, surge cards would fall under this category glad you caught that. As for Emerge cards they were discussed above. Cards like Force of Will... I'm not sure but I guess I already have some in the other section. I'll look into it.

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