The Eldest Reborn


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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The Eldest Reborn

Enchantment — Saga

(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)

— Each opponent sacrifices a creature or planeswalker.

— Each opponent discards a card.

— Put target creature or planeswalker card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.

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The Eldest Reborn Discussion

KaladeshKat on Esper Anti-Teferi Control

31 minutes ago

I made a similar Joke deck on arena that was solely teferi-hate. It only won vs Jeskai, but it was so fun making that annoying deck look stupid!

If you are serius about this deck, I would suggest The Eldest Reborn. So awesome if you get get a teferi working for you.

OberstHati on 4 Color Control - 2

9 hours ago

Ty for your Feedback Ouroboros_47, appreciate it. The Reason why I run is Carnage Tyrant, he is one of the best options against control, being uncounterable and hexproof. He is also out of reach of all the mass removals, except Cleansing Nova and Phyrexian Scriptures. And of course a The Eldest Reborn hits him too,... But in this Deck you don’t usually cast him on T6 with no open mana, and there are a few counterspells in the Deck, to protect him. Vraska, Relic Seeker is a nice removal/wincon too, so the greensplash makes sense. Whisperer and Dreameater are good cards for sure, but not resilient enough against control/Midrange builds. Lava coil is great, but sorcery speed, and i really don’t want to add red, would force me to play niv mizzet explosion, ionize, drakes and stuff, I want to build something off the popular lists,... finally Bolas,... yes he is a body with fine ETB ability, his planeswalker side is great, but resilience is the problem with him too, since my 4 Teferis are a must Bolas would force me to play 5 Colors,... It may well be, that I go for other colors, will keep your suggestions in mind!

CrimsonKing on Esper Control (Competitive)

15 hours ago

You should add atleast a Settle the Wreckage or some other answer for Carnage Tyrant,The Eldest Reborn isn't good enough. Good deck Chromie homie.

Ouroboros_47 on 4 Color Control - 2

1 day ago

What would you think about switching out the green for red? This would let you play Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip, Lava Coil, and maybe Deafening Clarion. If you take out the green you could swap Carnage Tyrant for Doom Whisperer or Dream Eater. Also a The Eldest Reborn in the mainboard might be nice.

Eledain on Arena Singleton

6 days ago

Build GB Midrange, game one was a loss against Boros Aggro, it was a close game. I had Vona's Hunger in hand, but was one permanent short of playing it with ascend. Think I could have played this match better, but I don't have that much experience with Midrange decks.

Game two was a win in the "mirror match". Outvalued him with an early The Eldest Reborn on his discarded Tezzeret, Artifice Master, which I nulled for two turns before it was destroyed. Without a Chromatic Lantern he could have never casted this dude. Opponent wasn't that good to be honest.

sceptikal on Losing Friends In Standard

6 days ago

Athraithe: Agreed. I took Detection Tower out of the maindeck when I added more counter magic to the list since I was banking on countering the hexproof things before they became a problem. I recently reworked the deck to be more removal-heavy and less counter-heavy and with this build, I definitely agree that Detection Tower should return to the maindeck.

For the SB, I ditched the Fungal Infection, The Eldest Reborn, and Disinformation Campaign, per your suggestion, and went down 1x Cast Down. I added 2x Price of Fame and 2x Duress. I think bringing in the Duresses and taking out the Thought Erasures in control mirrors is a more effecient method of clearing the way for a Thief of Sanity or one of the wincons is better than a 3rd Negate in the SB.

multimedia on Muldrotha

1 week ago

Hey, this is a good start, nice base of Elves and interesting choice to use Muldrotha as Commander for tribal Elves; I haven't seen this before. When I see something new with Elves I get excited :) Elves having access to both blue and black gives you some great options of under played Simic and Golgari Elves. Even though this is Elves and ramp, consider expanding on the idea that Muldrotha's ability lets you play multiple types of permanent cards not just creatures from your graveyard even the same turn? You can only play one creature a turn from the graveyard with Muldrotha unless that creature is an artifact creature or enchantment creature, but Elves have neither. There's only 5 nonland cards that are permanents that aren't creatures here.

Consider expanding on the use of enchantments? I'm not saying to cut a lot of Elves you still want them, but have a more well rounded mix of nonland permanent cards to also take better advantage of Muldrotha as Commander. Consider this ratio: 35 lands/30 creatures/10-15 enchantments/5-10 artifacts/5 instants/5 sorceries? Instead of playing a lot of instants and sorceries instead play enchantments that do the same thing or nearly equal effects. For instance Unearth is a good card for reanimation, but so is Animate Dead and Animate Dead can be cast from your graveyard thanks to Muldrotha, where as Unearth outright can't.

All my card suggestions are budget, no card over $6 and most are $1 or less. Cards to consider adding:


Ezuri is a huge payoff for playing tribal Elves and ramp, repeatable Overrun a ton of times and attack with a huge trampling Elf army. Momir's ability seems great with Muldrotha since you can play green and blue cards from your graveyard with her. Other cards that give you benefits when you cast creatures such as Beast Whisperer, Lifecrafter's Bestiary seem excellent with Muldrotha and Elves. You're still casting creatures from your graveyard with Muldrotha even though her ability says play, that still means cast. The only reason her ability says play and not cast is because you can play a land, you can't cast a land. Underrealm can be repeatable source of draw/card advantage and adds self-mill which is good with Muldrotha.


Value creatures:

Other than Blightsteel Colossus and Rune-Scarred Demon the other big creatures you're trying to ramp into aren't really worth it because they're just big creatures who don't give you any value. With Muldrotha you can really take advantage of creatures who give you value when they ETB (enter the battlefield) or die because you can potentially repeatedly play them each turn from your graveyard. Getting a continuous source of value from many single cards is very good in Commander. Symbiote and Quirion Ranger is a combo with Archdruid/Priest/Channeler letting you tap and untap them many times a turn to make a lot of mana.

As far as playing three colors with Elves it can be problematic because green is the most important color to be able to cast the one drop green Elves consistently you need a ton of Forests. My advice is to play primarily green (20x Forests) and just light splash the two other colors (2x Swamps, 2x Islands and 11-12x dual lands) in the manabase. Joiner Adept and Lantern can be a huge help here with land color fixing. It's better to play more Forests and then use other cards to get blue and black such as Tribe Elder, Farhaven, etc.

Good luck with your deck.

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