Faithless Looting

Faithless Looting


Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Faithless Looting Discussion

Excile2127 on Bad Touch

8 hours ago

This deck is awesome! I like the idea, it's really original. I have a few suggestions, here they are:


Add more cards to do with your Win Condition. You really only have 1 combo to kill your opponent (Izzet Staticaster + Touch of Moonglove ), and you need more. Add cards like Rakdos Charm, and find more ways to add tokens for your opponents. One way I thought of was Plague of Vermin. It puts your opponents in a tough situation, to not pay any life and be defenseless, or pay life and possibly die. Search out more cards that help you along this process. Also, add 3 more Martyr of Ashes and 1 more Touch of Moonglove, as more consistency = much better.


Get rid of Batwing Brume. This card doesn't work long enough for you to set up your Win Con. Use permanent cards, line Ensnaring Bridge or Propaganda. These cards will let you stall as long as you like.


Get rid of 2x Cryptic Command (you don't need 4), all Dizzy Spell, all Magma Jet, and all Faithless Looting. There are better cards to put in these spots. Cryptic Command is awesome, but it is very expensive at 4 CMC. Also, although Dizzy Spell transmutes for Touch of Moonglove, there are much better cards to use. Find a tutor card, like Grim Tutor. For Magma Jet and Faithless Looting, add more Win Cons, as I said above.


Add more cheap control, like the 4x L-Bolt you already have. Use cards like Mana Leak, or Thoughtseize to remove threats.


Lastly, add 1 more Tolaria West and 1-3 more Vesuva, as they are needed to make your Win Con go faster.

Overall, this deck is great. Just focus more on Win Conditions, and you'll be fine.

If you want, check out my deck, as it too has a weird and fun Win Con:

Too Many Possibilities... Playtest

Modern Excile2127


potplantman on No...... THIS IS MADNESS

1 day ago

I like the deck but I think you need Squee, Goblin Nabob just because of the effectiveness of it. Are Izzet Charm and Faithless Looting your only discard options? I think you need a stable source like Zombie Infestation. I get the aggro theme but I don't think that unearth really works. If you splashed green you could have Lotleth Troll and then things could get exciting. I am still thinking on the old unearth, how about Shambling Remains has better stats than spark hmm, there are bound to be more efficient unearth out there. All in all I think it needs a little work to be competitive but it is getting there.

TheAlexGnan on Rocket Science

1 day ago

I hate myself for saying this, because i hate the card, but do you think Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip could be, like, pretty epic in our builds? Fetch/loot turn 1, fetch t2, and you got a turn 3 flip, discard your Bloodghast for jace activation, flip, drop land and get ghast back. I can even see Thought Scour replacing some Faithless Looting, like a 3/2 split or something, since looting is there to generate card advantage by discarding Bloodghast, if you have jace to do that, its not as necessary. And Thought Scour is just wicked fast with looting cards.

The downside, as always: He is friggin vulnerable.

Will test for sure though I'm not gonna buy any jaces for a looooong time, wether he works or not ;)


Nioxic on Burning Devotion

2 days ago

Ive faced several different meta decks, mostly grixis twin, and Ive had people say the deck is stressful to play against, another said that he just LOVED the deck. feels better doing well with a deck you built youself (with help from the TO community), notability Faithless Looting; nothing beats a turn 3 Phyrexian Obliterator with a t1/t2 Faithless Looting 2x Bloodghast discard and a t3 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Shame I couldnt make it any cheaper but I am happy with my investment in building it and glad it is finally near it's finished product

Nioxic on Burning Devotion

2 days ago

as for the 13 creatures, so far in my testing has been fine being that 4x Bloodghast and 3x Geralf's Messenger and fairly sticky, and normally when obliterator resolves I end up winning shortly after If they have no answer, at that point with a nykthos and devotion on the field I can Faithless Looting through my entire deck for a Thoughtseize and gary for a cover setup

Nioxic on Burning Devotion

2 days ago

I do like the idea of a Dark Confidant over Phyrexian Arena, the more testing I did with arena the more I found myself dying to it's effect; thats why i switched out 2x Phyrexian Arena for 2x Underworld Connections, there have been multiple games where I have held off tapping an Underworld Connections due to health and it saved me the game till i could Faithless Looting flashback dig for a Gray Merchant of Asphodel. @ least the Dark Confidant is easier for me to get removed from the board, might be worth a shot. I do still like, however, the two Underworld Connections

Nioxic on Burning Devotion

2 days ago

Also Figag, your suggestion of Faithless Looting, I LOVE this card for this deck, it has been amazing

Nioxic on Burning Devotion

2 days ago

I believe I agree with that almost 100%, I love the idea behind Lashwrithe, however I find myself either Faithless Looting all my lands into the gy once I get Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or sideboarding Lashwrithe out first, I wanted to love it but the more I've played different matchups with it the more I find it doesn't do much for me

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