Faithless Looting

Faithless Looting

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Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Faithless Looting Discussion

Angry_Potatoes on DARKVINES

18 hours ago

You may want to also include a single Stomping Ground, Steam Vents or Blood Crypt so you can utilize an Ancient Grudge stuck in your hand. This also opens up Faithless Looting, which seems perfect for this deck.

The-Xellos on Bloodsoaked Dredgevine

1 day ago

No Golgari Thug?

What about Narcomoeba?

I played against a deck like this Sunday and got destroyed turn 4. Turn 1 - He discarded Golgari Grave-Troll. Turn 2 - Dredge: Put 2 Narcomoeba into play, had 2 other Golgari Grave-Troll, dropped a City of Brass (putting 2 Bloodghast into play), cast Faithless Looting, put 2 more Narcomoeba into play and discarded 2 Golgari Grave-Troll. Turn 3 - Dredge again dropping a land and getting 2 more Bloodghast. Then casts Hooting Mandrills. Attacks for 8 damage. Turn 4 - Attacks for 16 damage. I was playing an Eggs like deck so had nothing to stopped the attacks and needed 1 more turn to go off.

Round 2 he sides 4 Leyline of the Void, for some stupid reason i sided out my 1 Echoing Truth (i had 3 i could have sided in), put in a Nihil Spellbomb and Grafdigger's Cage. And opening hand pulls 2 Leyline of the Void, and I just gave up there knowing I lost (turn 1 win).


1 day ago

Araganor - Same, but ah! Would that I could play Manaless Dredge in Modern! (shivers)

anooshapalooza - Again, same, friend! I love graveyard shenanigans so. And the Rusalka seems sweet - it does seem better in a build that utilises Bridge from Below, however. I'll have to brew a bit. My thanks!

elpokitolama - And thanks to you, as well! My, oh my, I seem to be brimming with gratitude for you all. Does this mean I have a fan? Here's the thing about those spells, also: They may be very useful, indeed, but they do only one thing, know what I mean? Hedron Crab is Dream Twist on a stick that can block. Glimpse is amazing, of course, but it is not repeatable, nor does it have much utility outside of being an enabler. Grisly Salvage fills the spot it would take, being an enabler that can further my aggressive or fix a mana-screw - at instant speed, no less. Glimpse does seem like a magnificence piece in a deck that skips, say, Faithless Looting, going for a BUG shell (perhaps with some Bridges and Sidisi nonsense? Ho-ho, I think the brew-juices are flowing again)!

ZombieswithJetpacks - Amen! And allow me to confirm, yes Life from the Loam is basically what makes any of this nonsense possible, fixing any bad hand and being forgiving with Gemstone Mine - synergies abound!

jchudz on 72 Percent

1 day ago

I've been running a jund dredgevine list for a while now Bloodsoaked Dredgevine, I'm curious about how well the deck functions without access to Faithless Looting since you can replace the draws with dredges to dredge multiple times a turn or dig through the deck to find combo pieces. I guess that's the trade off for taking less damage off of your mana.

It also seems a little odd that you aren't running a Life from the Loam to fuel landfall for Bloodghast. I'm also a fan of a singleton Shambling Shell since it's a zombie with dredge to make it easier to cast Gravecrawler out of the graveyard and gives you the potential to increase the size of your creatures.

+1 for an interesting build.

gigagloin on Scrying Spellheart (Izzet)

1 day ago

Thanks for your suggestions. I clicked through the cards and think I know what the biggest problem with the deck is so far. (Inconsistency)

So, I was right when i thought about cutting the buffs for my creatures and removing Guttersnipe.But Mana Leak seems to be easier to fend off than e.g. Negate since you can't just tap 2 to counter it. So, why would I take it over the latter? Or would it just not matter because the Pyro and the Delver would, if I am not mistaken, speed the deck up a lot anyhow if I replaced Nivix Cyclops with one of them?

A friend of mine told me he would include more card draw, the main reason I included Divination. Faithless Looting may make my hand better, but wouldn't Divination allow me to keep the cards I draw, thus making it more likely to be able to counter and remove enemy threats?

graft on Best Cantrip for Izzet Combo ...

2 days ago

Brainstorm is only good if your deck has a decent amount of shuffle effects (maybe a minimum of 8, but closer to 12 is preferable) -- you draw 3, put your worst 2 back, then shuffle them away. In such a context, Brainstorm is far and away the best of the cards you listed. In a deck with zero shuffle effects, Serum Visions will perform far better than Brainstorm, and will incrementally decrease in value if you add shuffle effects. Gitaxian Probe is great if you aren't very good at reading your opponent's plays (or are playing in an undefined metagame). Izzet Charm is pretty bad if you are just looking for looting (in which case you should be playing Faithless Looting instead, but the value of izzet charm is in its flexibility.

kingofcramers on I'm Going Slightly Mad

3 days ago

Both of these come across to me as potential alternatives to Burning Inquiry (which has been underperforming).

I've definitely considered Reforge the Soul. I didn't include it because it has too much anti-synergy with Faithless Looting, and there are too many situations where it could help your opponent more than you. For the latter reason I also ditched Wheel of Fate. Also it's useless if you discard it (much like Burning Inquiry).

I hadn't considered Dark Deal, and I like it a little bit more. It reminds me somewhat of Delirium Skeins, but better when your opponent has fewer cards in hand. My instinct tells me that it costs too much mana. This deck plays mostly 1-2 mana spells from the hand. After playing 3 or more lands, I'd usually rather put my mana into either the Pack Rat ability or various graveyard abilities. Another problem is that it also doesn't do anything from the graveyard. In its favor however, this card gets better as the game progresses because, unless they have lots of card draw, you're gonna have more cards in your hand from Squee, Goblin Nabob and Veilborn Ghoul. It's definitely not as good as Faithless Looting, but I'll keep it in mind.

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