Faithless Looting

Faithless Looting

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Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Faithless Looting Discussion

Darnok on Kaalia EDH

2 days ago

I have a few suggestions. The best cards to give kaalia haste, Lightning Greaves, Anger and Swiftfoot Boots. Now, the best cards to acquire Lightning Greaves by turn two or less: Enlightened Tutor, Demonic Tutor, Stoneforge Mystic, and Steelshaper's Gift. I would also recommend adding in a few reanimation cards since you have very many large creatures in your deck, Entomb, Faithless Looting, Buried Alive, Wheel of Fortune are all cards great cor putting a couple fatties in your yard.... the list goes on! These are also great for fetching Anger to your yard so kaalia has haste. Some reanimate spells are Necromancy, Reanimate, Animate Dead, Exhume, Whip of Erebos, Volrath's Stronghold... the list goes on. A few more card draw spells would also be great. My 2 favorites are Necropotence, and Phyrexian Arena Let me know if you want any more card suggestions. I also have a lot of suggestions for your mana base but I don't know how budget this is? Sneak Attack is also a great card but not very price friendly :(

MagicMaster3000 on Delver Has No Secrets!

3 days ago

bmbinder We tried using both Remand and Faithless Looting separately, but we like Faithless Looting better, because we can dig through the deck, discard what we don't need, and we can use it again with Flashback.

Also, we cannot use Snapcaster Mage because we are trying to keep the deck price low, and because we are broke. XD

Saljen on U/R Splinter Combo/Control

5 days ago

All it takes is a single Surgical Extraction to destroy your combo unless you run 1 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker as backup. Also, 4x Remand, it's much MUCH better than Mana Leak. Remember, you want to combo off by turn 4, so you need to cycle through your cards and only delay your opponent until you combo off. Letting it return to their hand is hardly a downside in this deck. I'd also say that 8-10x counterspells is really what you want to be running, so maybe 4x Remand, 2x Mana Leak, 2x Spell Snare, 2x Spell Pierce in order to cover your bases. That'll give you a much better chance at your combo going off. I'd drop Faithless Looting to make room, and you really only need 22-23 lands to hit your curve. Remember that you've got a ton of draw to cycle through your cards, which increases the chance of drawing lands.

bmbinder on Delver Has No Secrets!

1 week ago

I would say Remand is better for you than Faithless Looting. also maybe some Snapcaster Mages

SpaceTeddyBear on Modern Goblins [Competitive]

1 week ago

Alright, per suggestions I've removed Faithless Looting and swapped it for Shared Animosity, I do not agree with Goblin Rabblemaster, he is slow and does not help me like my lords do. Plus, he throws my goblins into the enemy team, when I potentially do not want them to. I especially do not like throwing my lords without a clear board. I've been playtesting the deck, and some recommendations include putting Relic of Progenitus in the sideboard and a couple more ideas. I dropped Zo-Zu the Punisher as well

TheGamer on

1 week ago

Yeah, true. What about Faithless Looting and Demonic Tutor in the deck? And maybe even Careful Study?

slovakattack on What are the top 10 ...

1 week ago

That kind of thing would have to be broken down by color. Off the top of my head...

Blue: Serum Visions, Treasure Cruise (situational), Gitaxian Probe, Remand, Snapcaster Mage (advantage through recursion)

Black: Dark Confidant, Griselbrand (situational), Phyrexian Arena, Sign in Blood, Liliana of the Veil (advantage through grind, usually combined with recursive cards like Lingering Souls that make your own discarding negligible.

Red: Faithless Looting

Kjartan on Modern Goblins [Competitive]

1 week ago

Agreed Faithless Looting is for graveyard based combo-strategies, change them to some Goblin Rabblemasters maybe :3

Color(s) Red
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.8
Avg. cube pick 13.02


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Common
Dark Ascension Common

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