Faithless Looting

Faithless Looting


Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Faithless Looting Discussion

Figag on Bloody Singleminded (Competitive)

6 hours ago

I've recently added 2 Izzet Charm to my deck list and need your opinion. I think it has great versatility - consider this scenario. It's turn 2, you have a Blackcleave Cliffs and a Watery Grave, both untapped on the field, and an Izzet Charm + Bloodghast in hand. You can just pass the turn and wait to use the charm as a counter or removal if the opportunity presents itself, then if it doesn't, you cast it end of turn at instant speed as Faithless Looting to dig for better cards and ditch the Bloodghast for the next turn.

The significance of that play is that holding the charm and passing is both a proactive and reactive play depending on the game state. You can play it reactively if you need to in order to disrupt the opponent, but if your opponent is playing slow with a big midrange, you can switch your line of play to be much more aggressive by getting a free Bloodghast and digging for more gas at the same time. It's advantage is its flexibility over Faithless Looting.

I would never cut Faithless Looting for it, but I could see the Remand going out for a 2-of Izzet Charm in here. Remand feels out of place anyway. I like the charm in my deck a lot though.

lagotripha on Vengvine can work (Hopefully)

13 hours ago

I tested online. Too much proxy faffing about/deck deconstruction for paper. You've already got all the tricky jund goodstuff there if you want to switch without vengevine - the site is full of solid example decks- I'm sure there are bob alternatives are shown too (mostly Phyrexian Arena)- for a vengevine Jund you've got to look at what you get from red, and what that takes the place of. Card advantage from Faithless Looting, Lightning Bolt, (Dreadbore and Terminate, the hasty onedrops, Demigod of Revenge if you run more midrange/control.Its a lot quicker to make a decision if you decide how you want your game to feel, and run some tests. against decks you see regularly- metamox has a pretty solid breakdown, and see what you enjoy most.The inquisitions can be sideboarded, and switch to a 16 card disruption package with liliana if you want to roll that way- or grab card advantage through some means to find them- but vengevine relies on casting two creatures in a row, which neccesatates cheap cratures, from the graveyard, fast.

Draw_Wurm on It Burns!

1 day ago

Given you're in RG, is it worth looking at some of the storm spells. Mana Confluence, Young Pyromancer, Desperate Ritual, Faithless Looting, Empty the Warrens. Might be moving away from your theme but Young Pyromancer would profit from almost all the spells you're looking to play anyway.

cabbagemaster on Storm?

1 day ago

Maybe look at Desperate Ravings and Faithless Looting. Also, take out the Guttersnipe and the Young Pyromancer

Rinne on Omnath, Locus of Rage (i need a lot of help)

1 day ago

17 cards I'd suggest cutting:

Ancient Ziggurat - Not sure you have enough creatures to benefit from this over a RG-producing land, e.g. Karplusan Forest.

Crucible of Worlds - Not enough fetchlands or land sac outlets in here to justify using and abusing this.

Doubling Season, Parallel Lives - I know I'm going to get hate for suggesting to cut these, but you only have three cards in your deck (including your commander) that can produce tokens. If you can't play one of those cards, these are dead draws.

Fecundity - Not a fan of symmetrical effects.

Firewild Borderpost - This is cute in enabling landfall when you don't have lands, but I don't think it pulls enough weight.

Font of Mythos - You already have enough draw, and once again, this deck isn't built to abuse this sort of symmetrical effect.

Madblind Mountain - Let's face it, when are you going to want to use the shuffle effect?

Magmatic Insight - Faithless Looting is for the most part better.

Mighty Emergence - Overkill.

Phytotitan - No evasion, dies to a stiff breeze, and simply is too slow without a sac outlet.

Raking Canopy - Four damage often isn't enough to kill big fliers.

Restore - Only good if either you run a lot of fetchlands or see a lot of fetchlands in your playgroup.

Sakura-Tribe Scout - Pretty much a dead draw late in game.

Scute Mob - Big beater with no evasion. Yawn.

2x Mountain - You don't need that many lands.

Eretoryi on No Mana? Fear me!

1 day ago

Yeah, I don't blame you at all for avoiding the blue package. It is kinda pricey.

My honest opinion about investing in Manaless Dredge: It is a fun and novel deck that will win you a lot of your first games. Games two and three are a lot riskier though because without lands it is difficult to do anything about graveyard hate. Therefore, if you definitely want to play Dredge I would urge you to at least consider playing regular Dredge with cards like Faithless Looting, Lion's Eye Diamond, and Cephalid Coliseum. Having played both Fearless (Manaless) Dredge and standard Dredge, I find the second to be more stable (though it is also more expensive). You could also consider starting with Manaless Dredge and later upgrading to Dredge. That's what I did and I'm glad I played both.

Tormod's Crypt is cool, but if you stick with Manaless Dredge your sideboard will have to be filled with whatever crazy cards you can to help you survive your second and third games. Facing another Dredge deck will be the least of your worries (although Leyline of the Void is a decent sideboard card) :P

TheAnnihilator on PSA: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy is ...

1 day ago

@Tibbles He'd be played all day if that were the case, despite his other lackluster abilities. I am a big fan of the card Faithless Looting. ;D

abenz419 I'm not saying that new Jace is "horrible" at all, nor am I writing him off. I actually think he's a fine card, and I know he has good application in some places. I just don't think his power level justifies the word "insane", nor will he be an auto-include. He certainly doesn't justify a $40 price tag.

Also, I have remained of the same opinion on him (roughly) since he was spoiled -- I won't play him, but he isn't necessarily a bad card. Though I was surprised how easy it is to flip him.

Aggroislife on Rakdos Burn

1 day ago

Bovine073 So I added the Vexing Devil and I'm going to try out Faithless Looting instead of Browbeat just to see which I like more

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