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Faithless Looting


Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback {{2}}{{R}} (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Acquire Faithless Looting

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Faithless Looting Discussion

zego on Delve into the Pyro

4 hours ago


funny fact i want to start into modern with UR Delver too ;) decklist here first delve(r) into modern

i like the Stromkirk Noble to get bigger and bigger in an aggro deck! nice onedrop creature i will try it for myself soon and here is my +1 ;)

the Spellheart Chimera isn't as good as Runechanter's Pike i guess - it dies to every Lightning Bolt and the trample isn't neccessary while you can clear a path with your spells, another plus is that Runechanter's Pike firststike allows your creatures to trade 1:0 in combat so you force your openent to play around it while the Spellheart Chimera will be attacked by each strength>=3 creature

Izzet Charm is a great flexible card but it is worse than manaleak Spell Pierce Faithless Looting Magma Jet or Pillar of Flame Remand --- in fact it is more flexible but it can't target player for 2dmg like burnspells should, it needs UR which isn't playable at each 2nd turn, and i don't like it :D

all in all i would replace the Spellheart Chimera with Runechanter's Pike and replace 2 Izzet Charm and 1 Magma Jet with 1 Dismember 1 Pillar of Flame and 1 Thought Scour (i think 2 Magma Jet are enough and a Pillar of Flame looks worse on the first glance but it exiles Kitchen Finks for example , if you use a sideboard play Magma Jet main and Pillar of Flame sideboard --- Dismember can deal with Stormbreath Dragon Thundermaw Hellkite Restoration Angel and most times Tarmogoyf --- Thought Scour is a nice drawspell that allows you to fill your grave with spells or interrupt your openent when he scryed some cards on top of his deck)

at least your creaturebase looks more red oriantated, whereass your spells got a blue favour but your landbase looks solid - maybe give it some testgames to see if you need to fix your mana some more but it looks ok on the first glance ;)

cards i would add : Dismember Pillar of Flame Thought Scour Runechanter's Pike and maybe some more blue creatures but i like the aggro Stromkirk Noble as well and i didn't tried him till now... decide on yourself :)

Dorotheus on Krenko, Copy and Paste

13 hours ago

I actually don't believe its very fast at all. Goblin Matron is also not a Modern legal card, its legacy, and it should be replaced with Goblin Guide . Some combination of Cavern of Souls and/or AEther Vial should be here.

Some things that could speed it up are Simian Spirit Guide , Faithless Looting to throw away extra lands, Searing Blood really isn't a very strong modern card, but there is a trade-off with Searing Blaze .

Goblin Rabblemaster is to be considered since it is a creature generator, and you will likely be attacking every turn you get. Otherwise I'm of strong opinion that Boros Charm in a goblin deck is very powerful as a safety and a finisher.

addaff on Ha! You'd Better Have Burn Heal!

1 day ago

Ensnaring Bridge is a must have for the side board.

Suggestions: Lava Spike , Browbeat , Thunderous Wrath , Young Pyromancer , Guttersnipe , Pyromancer's Ascension, Faithless Looting , Anger of the Gods , PyroStorm, and then there is a few 2cmc burn spells for 3 damage.

Orcinbob on Captain Kurk and the Artifact Fleet

1 day ago

@bronzebicker Prototype Portal is for any artifact not just creatures; however, after playtesting a little bit more myself I do agree that Soul Foundry and Quicksilver Amulet are a bit lack luster. When I was designing the deck I started out with stuff that I thought would be incredibly awesome to copy. As it turns out, there's much more useful artifacts than mono red creatures lol.

The above basically goes with Grindclock and Decimator Web just crazy stuff that can be copied.

I'm going to keep Ring of Three Wishes simply because red has almost zero tutors, and I'm not much of a gambler.

You mention draw power, would you suggest things like Temple Bell ? Or things like Faithless Looting ? I'm very interested in your opinions on these as I feel the lack of draw will end up hurting me in the end.

The lands... I'm not sure if I want to take any out just yet. That one I'll have to pay more attention to when I play test, I didn't have any problems with it

@marcandr Thank you for the suggestion; however, Darksteel Forge is already in the mainboard :)

Denial048 on Dredging twice at the same ...

2 days ago

I never played during days of Dredge, but from the wording, my understanding is that yes, you could chose the second Dredge card from what you Dredged for the first card.

It is important to remember that, in Magic, when something instructs you to draw multiple cards, you actually draw them one at a time, so with Faithless Looting , you will draw a card, choosing to replace the draw with Dredge from Darkblast , and THEN move on to the second draw, which you can then also choose to replace with a Dredge, which can come from one of the newer cards in graveyard.

Just my understanding.

Theone10 on Dredging twice at the same ...

2 days ago

When you cast Faithless Looting , and replace both draws with a dredge affect, say, 2 Darkblast , do I essentialy dredge 6, or dredge 3, then dredge 3 again?

Theone10 on Modern Manaless Dredge

2 days ago

I have considered Golgari Brownscale , but the main reason I'm not using him is that most of the time, you would rather dredge 4/5 instead of 2 and 2 life. The Greater Gargadon idea is really cool, Ill goldfish that idea and see if it's any better, and the addition of Faithless Looting would help a lot. That deck might be able to use Brown Scale much better.

Again, thanks for the help, lets keep bouncing idea's around to see how this turns out!

mattrva77 on Modern Manaless Dredge

2 days ago

Cheers, glad you have been able to get some use from my comments! Sorry if they were a little ramble-y... it was VERY late, haha.

And yah, the Vengevine thing is really only for when you're on the Gravecrawler plan. I was also running 4x Viscera Seer in that build, to have the sac outlet. Basically... the deck had two completely different lines of play, depending on whether or not Seer was in the opener, and either one could (as I mentioned before) completely fizzle out. I had somehow managed to leave out the Seer as part of that strategy.

One more idea I've come up with today, actually, is this, for a deck that runs SOME lands (obviously NO Dredge build, no matter the type, wants a whole lot of lands): The deck would have to be running Red, which again opens up Faithless Looting as a possibility... but the main reason would be to suspend Greater Gargadon -- purely to use him as a free sac outlet from then on! If he happens to actually come out, awesome. If not, no big deal. Again, I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement -- just continuing to throw around ideas.

Also, Firemane Angel isn't bad at all... but have you considered Golgari Brownscale as a possibility?

Let's keep at this thing! I'll be goldfishing your current build over the next couple days, also. Hopefully that will help me have some more insight, and/or ideas! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.14 $0.29 $0.99 $3.8
Color(s) R
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.72
Avg. cube pick 11.65


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Common
Dark Ascension Common