Faithless Looting


Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Flashback 2R (You may cast this card from your graveyard for it flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Acquire Faithless Looting

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Faithless Looting Discussion

alexthegreat38 on Red/Blue Aggro: Giant Unblockables

11 hours ago

Made some more changes:

Did some playtesting and mainboarded 3 Apostle's Blessing and 2 Mizzium Skin with enough in the sideboard to get playsets of both if necessary. Put in Faithless Looting cause it's the best card draw I have right now besides the Gitaxian Probe s, but I will definitely replace those with Sleight of Hand , Brainstorm , Serum Visions , or something better once I get my hands on it. I decided Izzet Charm is also nice for the utility it gives, including card draw if needed. Additionally, I decided to put 2 Armed / Dangerous back in the deck, because the double strike is what really enables my Fiends/Cyclopses to kill with a single attack. Took out the Magma Jet (was only ever useful if I had absolutely nothing else to do on turn 2) to enable these changes.

I'm not sure if the changes are super beneficial to the deck yet, but I suppose we'll see. Thoughts, anyone?

Tilwin on Lightning Spear

1 day ago

Now that you guys actually mentioned Gitaxian Probe , I figure this deck might actually work in a storm-like fashion... Meaning, replacing creature-based card-advantage with cards that play well as instants and pump up your creatures. For the splash of blue however, it becomes a problem getting the appropriate lands. So you can stick to Manamorphose to draw cards for free and also give a chance to gain access to green for Mutagenic Growth . Browbeat , Desperate Ravings , Tormenting Voice and Faithless Looting also come to mind.
For sideboard Reforge the Soul is another interesting card.

sergiodelrio on Funky Recurring Aggro Deck Project, ...

2 days ago

B/R/G is probably a good idea for this deck.

Throw in AEther Vial , 1xFlayer of the Hatebound , 1xOgre Battledriver and 1xChampion of Lambholt to get more out of Fauna Shaman and the recursion alongside Faithless Looting + similar effects.

echolocation64 on Oh, it's just a 30/30 Chasm Skulker

3 days ago

I just thought I'd mention Temple Bell in case you were interested, though Dictate of Kruphix probably does work better.

In terms of card draw you could go Jace Beleren , Dakra Mystic , Gitaxian Probe , and Serum Visions . Also, if you add more sorcery spells you could try Quicken .

As you're playing UR you have access to a huge amount of spells which allow you to draw cards then discard cards. These are good because draw then discard spells tend to give you more cards than just draw spells (which means bigger Chasm Skulker ) There are so many, but I'll list a few I like which are modern legal:Faithless Looting , Wheel of Fate , and maybe Desolate Lighthouse . If you're feeling lucky Goblin Lore .

I'm not sure if you're working on a sideboard, but Relic of Progenitus can come in handy.

Your deck so far looks pretty good, though I'm not sure about Void Snare . There are probably other cards you can use to stall the game which would be more suitable for your deck. Also, sorry if I listed a card which isn't modern legal, I did check them all before listing them but I may have been careless. Good luck!

Jammi121 on A Different Delver

3 days ago

Nice, I like it! Personally I would add one more Flooded Strand just so to get an extra card in your graveyard. It's a real shame Faithless Looting isn't in color.

MindAblaze! on Turn 1 discard turn 2 ...

3 days ago

I would definitely vote for Faithless Looting . Damn good card.

TehCoopeh on Turn 1 discard turn 2 ...

3 days ago

Faithless Looting is probably going to be the best bet.

It's a shame Breakthrough isn't modern legal.. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.14 $0.29 $0.99 $3.8
Color(s) Red
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.72
Avg. cube pick 11.65


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Common
Dark Ascension Common

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