Diabolic Intent


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Planeshift (PLS) Rare

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Diabolic Intent


As an additional cost to play Diabolic Intent, sacrifice a creature.

Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Diabolic Intent Discussion

m_to_the_three on Value Town

1 day ago

Sorry didnt see you already had Diabolic Intent and Dryad Arbor in the deck.

m_to_the_three on Value Town

1 day ago

Hey, Meren is one of my favorite and strongest commander deck. Been playing her for 4 years now, it was my first deck and what got me into magic. I love to see new meren decks and yours look pretty solid. I recommend checking mine out, https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/graveyard-queen-meren-of-clan-nel-toth/ . Mine uses meren as a high value engine to either win by grinding the game out or by combo.

Some stuff I recommend is sac outlets, Meren really enjoys having a lot of sac outlets especially ones that can sac themselves or gain you a lot of value. I recommend adding Viscera Seer and Carrion Feeder . These give you a lot of value and can sac themselves so you can end up snowball the exp counters faster. Sadistic Hypnotist is another sac outlet that lets you hurt opponents or helps you discard your own hand so you can cheat out bigger creatures using meren ability.

Other creatures you should consider are ones with very powerful ETB triggers, because with meren bringing the dead back to life you can abuse those ETB triggers. Terastodon and Sidisi, Undead Vizier are really strong creatures for meren; terastodon can take out lands, planeswalkers, or other annoying stuff that B/G has diffuculty getting rid of. Then Sidisi can sac itself or sac another creature when entering the battlefield and lets you tutor aftering do so. Phyrexian Delver is also a nice ETB trigger because it lets you pull two creatures using meren ability, it also lets you bring back giant creatures that meren can't bring back if you dont got enough exp counters.

Also consider creatures that like to die, Killing off a Mindslicer benefits you because it fills up your graveyard while putting everybody in a severe disadvantage because they now have to top deck.

For noncreature cards, I recommend stuff that helps increase the value you get from using meren, helps you combo off faster, or helps slow your opponents down so you have time to do the first two. Natural Order and Pattern of Rebirth allow you to grab your giant creatures by just sacing one of your smaller creatures. Diabolic Intent is a demonic tutor but you sac a creature so it synergies more for your deck. Contamination is a sac outlet and can lock your opponents out of the game.

Boardwipes I recommend Pox , it does so much and can mess with a lot of people. However you are the only one who can benefit from it especially if meren is on the board.

Another way to increase the value of meren is using Green Sun's Zenith and Dryad Arbor . Zenith can pull any of your good green creatures from the deck to the field and it can pull Dryad Arbor for X=0. Dryad Arbor is also very nice because if its in your graveyard you dont need any exp counters to bring it back on to the field.

I hope this all helps out! Meren is a very dope deck, hope you have a lot of fun with her.

m_to_the_three on They Die When I Say They May Die

3 days ago

Cool deck!

I believe you should consider Chasm Skulker . Everytime you draw it gets bigger and when it dies it gets ya a bunch of little guys, then with your commander it will come back. Plus by giving it dethrone it can get counters a lot faster. Also because you run both black and blue you got access to powerful draw engines that gives you card advantage and pumps Chasm Skulker .

I think you should run some single target removal just because you dont want your opponenets to grow that much as well. I recommend stuff like Red Elemental Blast or Bedevil because they are flexible removal spells. REB gets rid of any blue spell or permanent for one mana, very powerful card, I run it in my Jund Ramp/Stax deck. Bedevil just gives you a lot of options, for one mana more than Terminate you get access to geting rid of artifacts or planeswalkers.

Also consider some noncreature boardwipes to protect your self. For example, Vandalblast is a really strong boardwipe that only hurts your opponents.

Also I dont know what your budget is but consider some black tutors just because if you need to play defensive and get a specific board wipe or go offensive and need a good creature, a tutor can help out a lot. The best tutor for your deck, would be Diabolic Intent . Money wise it cost less than Demonic Tutor by a lot, cost the same mana wise as demonic tutor, but it has more synergy in your deck because you can sac your stuff away and get it back because of your commander ability.

I hope these tips help out. I dont play Grixis but I do got a Golgari(graveyard), Dimir(discard/theft), and Jund(stax/ramp) deck that might be worth looking at to give you some ideas for good creatures or spells.

enpc on Combo Tutors

4 days ago

Thank you to everybody who commented, sorry about the delayed response. Good ol' fashioned life getting in the way (not to mention I wasn't getting notifications for a while).

DrukenReaps: The extra tech with Tez is nice. Ultimately, the reason I like him so much is that once he's down, it's an ability which fetches the artifact and puts it straight into play. He can also get a mana rock (read Mana Vault ) turn N and Isochron Scepter turn N+1. The untap is the icing on the cake, but not why I would play him. The double blue is a bit of a shame, but what can you do. I think he's a relatively strong contender for the slot.

Joe_Ken_: I think I'm goingto swap Impulse for Spellseeker - she just seems better (albeit at sorcery speed). It's a shame she doesn't have flash, but I get why she doesn't have flash. And I think I agree with you on Whir of Invention , while the deck can hit triple blue, you effectively need quad blue held up to resolve it.

jaymc1130: I both agree and don't agree with you. First off, I'll touch on Mystic Forge - I don't mind the combo but I don't think it has a place in the deck. The thing about PE was that sure, there was a combo with Sensei's Divining Top , but more than that it tied the rest of the combo packages together in the deck and acted as a nice piece of redundancy against losing access to reversal/scepter. And I don't think that Mystic Forge does the same thing.

On the topic of 3+ CMC tutors - while I agree to an extent, I don't want to discount them either. Grim Tutor is probably the worst tutor in that paying 3 mana is basically a bad Demonic Tutor (which, granted, is one of the best tutors in the entire game), but even still there is zero restrictions on what it can get.

The rest of the tutors however provide some kind of additional value, most of them in the form that they deploy the tutored card into play, effectively uncounterably (yes, I know that Stifle is still a card). So while you are paying ultimately 1 additional mana, you get to test the waters a little bit. And in that light, the difference is a single mana. Dark Petition is a bit different, but again the ability to get anything is super strong. Not to mention that when getting then playing an Isochron Scepter , there is no cost difference between it and D Tutor. But on the flipside, I'm not going to be cramming Diabolic Tutor into my deck anytime soon just to increase the tutor density.

As for the whole fast v slow matchups, again, I agree and I don't. sure, expensive spells are generally bad against lightning fast decks, but that also comes down to what else is going on in my hand. Generally the faster a deck, the more glass cannon-y it is, so in those games I'm focused more on a counterspell or two anyway - I'm playing the slower game. But that doesn't always mean I'm going to generate value with Tymna. A common table for me is Kess storm, OG Sisay combo/beats hybrid and Tasigur control (I appreicate this may not be toppest of top shelf cEDH but they're still not casual, pub-stomp games). Kess will be about on par with me speed wise, but all of the other decks outcreature me. At this point, I don't mind paying a bit more for a value tutor - especially since most tutors I'm interested in do more than just putting a card in my hand.

On the topic of your Tymna/Thrasios deck, I had a look and it looks really cool. It's interesting to see the amount of proactive hate the deck runs, which is not as common to see these days compared to just packing a deck full of counterspells (which is I guess what you're going for). That being said, in my playgroup and for my playstyle, it's not the deck for me. If all I was versing was fast combo it would be much more appealing. But as it stands, I'm happier with the direction the deck is currently taking and given my group, I think the list has more potency for what I'm up against (not to mention it seems like it would be a lot more stressful to pilot :P).

Flagellum: I don't mind Merchant Scroll , but for the 1 extra mana that is Spellseeker , I think I would much prefer her in the deck, especially given the synergy of it.

The transmute cards are interesting. I think that Muddle the Mixture is by far the strongest of the three (which is why I re-included it). Shred Memory is nice GY hate, but feels like it's just a tutor and at that poing costs the same as Grim Tutor . And Dimir Infiltrator is cool (especially with Tymna) but you want ot cast it as soon as possible for CA, which tehn means it's no longer a tutor.

I hand thought about Tribute Mage but he just feels too narrow.

I don't like Reshape here - I'm basically eating mana rocks to get the thing which combos with mana rocks.

Long-Term Plans is a cool card, but yeah, it feels a bit weak here. Good in Melek though.

StopShot: I had thought about Diabolic Intent before and the benefit that worst case scenario you just eat your commander. I'm still on the fence about it though. Again, I don't want to eat a thing to fetch a thing which combos with what I just ate.

I completely forgot about Wargate though and I have to say I'm very intrigued by it. The fact that it can fetch a part of any combo (except Dramatic Reversal and even then it can get Spellseeker assuming I make space for her) is very nice and the fact you don't sacrifice the end goal card if gate is couterspelled is really cool. The mana coast is a bit tricky but I think it could be a strong contender.

Scroll Rack is nice, but potentially a bit slow and can feel really empty if you're stuck topdecking for whatever reason. It's good wheel insurance though. I'll have a bit more of a think about this one.

I had thought about Tainted Pact , however the mana base will cause issues since I run 4 Island s for High Tide (which is surprisingly good). If I cut this down to 2 I could do the whole land/snowland trick, but I'm not sold on it.

Again, thank you all for your comments - there is a lot to digest here but I very much appreciate people's thoughts on it. Also, I think I really overthink card swaps :P

StopShot on Combo Tutors

5 days ago

Diabolic Intent , because sometimes another Demonic Tutor is better than a mana-dork.

Wargate , most opponents would rather use counter-magic on what you tutor up rather than the tutor itself. With this your opponents have to guess what you might tutor up otherwise it gets put on the field un-countered.

Scroll Rack , really goes well with decks with lots of shuffle effects like Bloodstained Mire and Demonic Tutor . Always gets you new cards to pull from the top of your deck on.

Tainted Pact , gets you whatever card you need so long as you're willing to dig for it.

Last_Laugh on Atraxa V2 *COMPLEATED*

6 days ago

Ok, I finally have a day off.

Fellwar Stone and Talismans (i.e. Talisman of Dominance ) over Signets. Bloom Tender is the best mana dork you're missing here.

Diabolic Intent for another tutor.

Grateful Apparition over Thrummingbird. Proliferates off hitting walkers too.

Teferi's Protection and Heroic Intervention for wrath/key piece protection.

KibaAlpha on Shadow dies twice

1 week ago

You do what you can with what you have and plan for the future.

Massacre Wurm I tried out in my build, I found it didn't offer enough value for the slot it was taking as my meta doesn't play the most creature heavy builds. If your meta doesn't play heavy creature decks you'll probably find it under performs.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded you have to ask yourself and honestly, do you really need all that tutoring or would Demonic Tutor , Diabolic Intent , Vampiric Tutor and Enlightened Tutor be enough. He costs 8 mana, requires life and creature sacrifice. Do you have enough life gain and creature recursion to justify him?

My own opinion is not worth it at all.

Please do not take my suggestions for adds and removals as the end all. Your meta may vary greatly or not to much from my own.

All I will ever offer is the straight up truth as I see it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ahdor on Edgar Markov - Blood on the Table [EDH]

1 week ago

Change Notes:

Out: Exquisite Blood
In: Cruel Celebrant
I want to increase my vampire count. Exquisite Blood is really strong, but it's a 5 mana enchantment which does nothing when it hits the board. There are other cards in this deck with the same flaw. But I felt like choosing to cut this one for Cruel Celebrant is the best way to go, since the main purpose of Cruel Celebrant is to drain some life.

Out: Diabolic Intent
In: Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Tutors are huge and powerful. But I want to tune this deck a bit down for now. The abilitys of Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord are really strong too, even though it's not tutoring, it helps to pump your vampires and cheat mana.

Out: Oversold Cemetery
In: Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord
I liked Oversold Cemetery 's effect, but it was really situational. Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord can bring creatures back and buff your vampires. That's why I switched them out, since Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord is increasing the value of our vampires.

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Diabolic Intent occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.09%

Black: 0.48%

Golgari: 0.54%

WB (Orzhov): 0.69%

Rakdos: 0.21%