Darksteel Plate


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Rare

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Darksteel Plate

Artifact — Equipment

Darksteel Plate is indestructible. Equipped creature is indestructible. Equip 2

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Darksteel Plate Discussion

MagicalHacker on Mono-White is Too Broken (Nahiri Primer)

50 minutes ago

YuriBittencourt, in my playgroup, there aren't that many decks that run a ton of flying. Most decks have a couple of fliers, but a deck themed around fliers shows up once in a blue moon when somebody plays sphinx tribal or dragon tribal. In those situations, I typically employ good use of politics to support my life total until I can use my tutors and draw packages to draw into any of my cards that can spot removal them or board wipes. On the whole, flying is no big deal. However, if you would like to build this and your playgroup has a lot of fliers, then feel free to add in Moonsilver Spear and Luminarch Ascension to give you plenty of resilience against them.

Capsize-again, before I added Hammer of Nazahn, I had both Darksteel Plate and Shield of Kaldra which combo with it. Without any of those equipments or a way to tutor them up, Worldslayer is a card that makes me people spend resources to find and answer while causing players to not attack as freely since they want a blocker. It's a good political card if you can talk your way through it, but since I have so much tutor effects and draw effects in the deck, getting the combo has never been that tough for me. Thank you for the kind words!

Erosca, Sculpting Steel would pretty much be a worse version of Masterwork of Ingenuity, which is not in the deck for the reasons listed under the point entitled "Notable Exclusions".

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 day ago

Penguin_Gamer_1, You are completely correct.

All the other 2017 pre-cons had only 3 legends, and he was the only mono-color, so I guess he just slipped my mind.

I wouldn't say he's completely comboless, since I think he's probably the best commander for the old Darksteel Plate + Worldslayer lock. However that's not really cEDH worthy, so T4 is correct as well. I'll add him in.

Lilbrudder, We've listed enough reasons for demoting Prossh and enough people have agreed that I'm comfortable demoting him to T1.5. I'll put up that Blood Pod deck as well.

Gates88, If you're going to write us what is essentially a small essay, can you at least do us the courtesy of fact checking it like it's one?

  • Mairsil, the Pretender, The combo for Mairsil has already been figured out. Simply get Mirror-Mad Phantasm (or Razaketh) caged and you have an "I win" button for 5 mana or less. Since you're already running LabMan and cantrips Doomsday makes a fine plan B. Tier 2 is accurate for that strategy.

  • Razaketh, the Foulblooded, The deck I made for him goes off on turn 3 or 4 every game, and I haven't even improved it in over a month. If you think that Sidisi is going off 2 turns earlier than that you're insane.

  • Teferi, Temporal Archmage, I think a deck who's main combo wants you to run as many 2+ rocks as possible can get away with having a 6 mana commander, especially when that commander is going to refund you that mana the turn you play him. If anything, Teferi's gotten an upgrade recently, because Paradox Engine and Dramatic Scepter can be run excellently alongside his main strategy (so can HT+Candelabra, for that matter). The decklist we have up doesn't reflect this, while somehow having time for trash like Manifold Insights, so maybe it's time for us to get a new one. If the meta really has been stacked against Teferi strategically recently then we can consider demoting him, but I'm not demoting him just because he's unpopular right now, and I don't think he should be dropped below T1.5 if we do.

  • Karador, Ghost Chieftain, This is a 3 color, commander tax resistant commander, that turns your graveyard into your hand, generates value with any creature that puts itself in the graveyard, and has multiple win-on-the-spot combos that can be kicked off for as little as 3 mana. I'M NOT PUTTING HIM IN TIER 3.

Aside from all that, could you also try not to make statements don't bring anything new to the discussion?

"General Tazri - Fast, consistent, resilient - everything you'd want in a combo deck. Obviously tier 1."

Ok, sure, but no one has even been contesting that, so why did you need to bring it up? Almost half of your comments in that post are to say that a commander should stay right where it is, when there hasn't even been any talk of moving it down. Why bother telling us? It just distracts from anything interesting you might be saying.

I don't take an issue with you making a very long post, or with you sharing your opinion, but in the future, please try your best to make sure that everything you're saying is really worth saying, and that the comment you make is the best one you're able to make, before hitting send. Because reading all that as it was was annoying.

You did make some good points in all that, so let me give you a response to them:

  • Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder, There's been some talk of moving him down. I will consider it. But after all the talk about sticking him and swinging the next turn in the KessVsJeleva discussion, I can't help feeling like we're missing an easier way to go off with him on the same turn. Adding Concordant Crossroads and Need for Speed to the deck might be worthwhile. JimWolfie's deck also doesn't run Hurkyl's Recall or Retract, both of which seem really good with the cascade trigger. Another solid plan might be to cut Lotus Bloom. Since mana is usually easier to generate than cards, you'd be certain without it in there that your first cascade trigger would give you gas, which makes trying to storm into a hasty Yidris much more reliable.

  • Brago, King Eternal & Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, You had pretty solid reasoning for moving these guys down. A new deck like Blood Pod being a tough match-up is a good meta reason for demoting a commander. (For anyone wondering, "X new commander in Y color identity plays Z strategy better!" is a BAD meta reason, because it doesn't actually make the old commander any worse.) I would be willing to move them down to T2, but I'd like to get a consensus before doing so.

  • Sidisi, Brood Tyrant & The Gitrog Monster, I could see these two moving up as well, but I'm a bit more hesitant about The Gitrog Monster. The reliability of the combo can't be denied, but like Sidisi, Undead Vizier, it's a bit difficult for it to play through counterspells. There are only like 3 or 4 effective ways to stop people from messing with your spells, and a lot of Gitrog lines rely on specific cards, so it's easy to know what to counter.

  • Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Finally, a demotion I can get behind. I feel like the only reason she was placed so high to begin with was people sort of expected proliferate.dec to have better synergies come out of it. At this point all we really need to do is figure out how low she should actually get dropped and what strategy is really best for her.

  • Oona, Queen of the Fae & Dralnu, Lich Lord, You're saying these should stay, and my opinion on Dralnu is already out there, so I'm not going to get too into this, but as a general statement I'd just like to say that it's worthwhile to think of the .5 tiers as a section for commanders that are around the same power level as the tier above them, but have weakness or drawbacks in their strategy compared to those commanders. Dralnu is about the same power level as many T2 commanders, but has an obvious drawback that weighs him down a little. Same could be said for most of T1.5 and T2.5. However, all of that was a tangent, because what I started writing this to say was I disagree with your estimation of their color identity as "restricted." Dimir is actually one of the best color pairs right now for infinite combo decks, since it has Dramatic Scepter, PE, HT, the best control cards, great draw, all the general tutors, AND all the artifact tutors. Losing green hurts your ramp a little bit, but all the extra rocks you're including for your combos go a long way towards making it up, and creature tutors are all but unnecessary. Blue/Black is just awesome right now, all I'm saying.

  • Baral, Chief of Compliance, This is interesting. Has he not been as effective as people were thinking, or did HT just fall out of favor? I'm open to the idea. What does everybody else think of demoting him?

  • I'll swap to your Johnny, Combo Player list. I didn't really bother checking the last one that thoroughly since it's Un-set. Your's seems better.

To everybody else, I'm reviewing the decks that have been posted. I'll put up the ones that look good, and comment if I think something needs to be changed. Stay posted.

Lionsheart on Dakkon, the Impaler

2 days ago

Thanks Calyptic!

I thought about Darksteel Plate as well. It's just sometimes expensive to acquire. I have some cards I can going to trade in to my local store for some store credit, so hopefully I can get one.

Thanks again!

Calyptic on Dakkon, the Impaler

2 days ago

Really great deck, and fairly cheap as well, which I'm definitely down for.

I've always loved Dakkon's colors and way of getting power. And the White/Blue addition (my favorite colors in MTG), make him more flavorful, than his successor Korlash, Heir to Blackblade.

The only real card I'd see myself using in this deck that isn't here is Darksteel Plate to give the commander Indestructible. Deathtouch can be a real clencher, but of course there's also the countering for that and all.

elitestgen on Neheb, the Eternal - (Burn Deck Wins)

2 days ago

Price of Progress and Comet Storm are some of the best burn cards in EDH. Stuffy Doll is great with most all types of red Blasphemous Act style removal. Speaking of removal: Spine of Ish Sah, Chain Reaction, Pyrohemia, Caldera Hellion are all absent at the moment. Solemn Simulacrum because red ramp. Maybe some doublers Gauntlet of Might, Gauntlet of Power, Caged Sun. Is Whispersilk Cloak more valuable than Darksteel Plate in your meta? Lastly since red draw is minimal you might want to consider Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth.

DrukenReaps on Licia, sanguine tribune lifegain deck

3 days ago

1) You are in Mardu colors, you literally have the best removal in the game with these colors.

2) Best options are equipment like Darksteel Plate, Lightning Greaves, or Swiftfoot Boots. Many others exist too. You may want to do a equipment/aura theme with things like Sigarda's Aid. White really is the best equip color so you have that going for you.

3) The signets are solid choices and sol ring... Mardu doesn't have many good options for excel. Black Market is ok but only black. The up coming red curse has some potential. Oath of Lieges has despite being huggy really helped my marchesa deck.

4) Stick to what actually helps your deck. Vandalblast, Blasphemous Act, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Rakdos Charm are all good. Gisela really amps up your gain from lifelink.

I would get the vampire and cat deck so that you can steal the equip support from the cats. That should get you a really good starting point and some of the areas you feel lacking will be covered.

DrukenReaps on Balancing Fun & Competitiveness

4 days ago

I'm a Johnny, Combo Player but I've run into the same issue because I had one play group where I didn't really care if they whined about my combos. I moved onto a play group where I like everyone and now it isn't as fun if I pull out a silly combo early in the game. I much prefer for the games to go long so I can actually have fun with my friends. It has been interesting finding combos that take longer while still being decent enough to win once in awhile.

Profet93 I found pillow fort decks can be powerful while not giving your opponents much to whine about. You can play stupid stuff like Palisade Giant + Darksteel Plate and then go about your business of setting things up. No one really seems to complain even though it is effectively the same as a proactive control strategy. Why counter things when they cant hurt you anyways? A more competitive version of the same idea is aikido where you use funny things like Comeuppance.

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

6 days ago

Do we really need a new Kess build? It's likely going to look almost exactly the same as reversemermaid's list with a couple more instants and sorceries...

The only things I can even think to change are maybe adding Bubbling Muck and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to have another High Tide to flashback.

thegigibeast, I agree with all of those placements, except maybe Taigam, Sidisi's Hand. I'd put him in T3 until someone makes a deck that's good for T2.5. He's a 5 mana commander that doesn't combo with anything or generate card advantage really, so I don't think he should start out high before someone proves he's worth it.

A couple notes:

Waitora can combo with Breath of Fury on a token and a haste granter to give you infinite attack steps so long as your opponents have no creatures. Token/Stax is probably a viable archetype for her, with that as a wincon.

I don't think it's fair to evaluate Nazahn without posting his hammer:

enter image description here

Since he puts it onto the battlefield, and it attaches itself to something, having him as a commander is essentially like having a 6 mana Sigarda's Aid plus Darksteel Plate in the command zone. Still T3 I think, but pretty good for a "equipments matter" gameplan.

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