Darksteel Plate


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Rare

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Darksteel Plate

Artifact — Equipment

Darksteel Plate is indestructible. Equipped creature is indestructible. Equip 2

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Darksteel Plate Discussion

Darkmagi1131 on Wrath.Deck

16 hours ago

Darksteel Plate could be interesting. Though 2 of my 12 creatures are indistructable already. Will consider it. Thanks!

WhiteWeasel on Building my first Voltron!

1 day ago

Given that I'm very fond of my newest commander Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker, and how quickly they can get out of control, I was brainstorming an idea to do a deck that revolves around him involving some of the cards I already own and the stuff I can order (on a roughly $30 budget).

So far this is what I have came up with: Ishai Voltron Prototype. And I'd like to know what you think, or rather if this particular setup works/gets the job done. Since....

Sadly, If I do order the cards I need to complete this deck, I will be maxed on my spending for my hobby for the next few weeks. So unfortunately, that means any suggestions are going to have to cost about as much as whatever it replaces. I'd even argue I'm slightly over budget, so no exceptions, even for genuine goodies like Darksteel Plate or Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

ZtheGreat on Wrath.Deck

1 day ago

Darksteel Plate seems important here.

Icbrgr on Building a budget Voltron

2 days ago

Im very very new to EDH and just made a Tromokratis Voltron deck... these are the equipments im currently running

some stuff i wish i had was Darksteel Plate/Infiltration Lens/Strata Scythe and Argentum Armor

maybe some of those could do you some good?

ZtheGreat on Tromokratis is CRACKIN' Skulls!

2 days ago

Perhaps Rhystic Study or Mystic Remora can replace Tapestry of the Ages?

Infiltration Lens is hugely synergistic when Tromo swings in.

Darksteel Plate makes being blocked by tons of stuff negligible.

Strata Scythe is a go to in mono colored Voltron.

Rhystic Deluge seems crazy good for this deck. It effectively says "tap all your opponents mana"

Trophy Mage finds equipment, as does Fabricate.

Freed from the Real is basically vigilance.

A few more ways to get vigilance would help.

hwagner on rockleemyhero

5 days ago

I sent the Nahiri, the Harbinger off in another-larger scale trade that got me a lot of my wants. However I still have the Darksteel Plate, Preyseizer Dragon, Thromok the Insatiable and Verduran Enchantress.

The Darksteel Plate is MP. I can provide pictures at your request. I would value it at an even $5.

In that case I could do the Darksteel Plate, Preyseizer Dragon, Thromok the Insatiable and Verduran Enchantress for your Voidslime, Inkwell Leviathan, Jarad's Orders and a Beast Within

hwagner on pskinn01

1 week ago

Thanks for checking in with me! It sounds like you've had your hands full! I don't have the Vedalken Orrery anymore. I thought i removed it from my inventory but i guess not! Also my Darksteel Plate is MP. I can provide pictures if you would like to see it. Just let me know

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