Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Rare

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Creature — Vampire Spirit

Bloodghast can't block.

Bloodghast has haste as long as an opponent has 10 or less life.

Landfall - Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may return Bloodghast from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Bloodghast Discussion

Moonbar on BELCHING ZOMBIES (opinions please)

4 days ago

Hey, I have built a zombie deck. I played it at a GP, so I have some experience. Bloodghast is not as good as many zombies simply because it doesn't have a tribal bonus. Aether Vial will be better than Liliana of the Veil since zombies want to be more aggressive. Plague Belcher seems really really sweet, I would run 4. I would take out Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and some number of Inquisition of Kozileks and removal spells for Death Baron as a 4-of. The new Amonkhet lord, Lord of the Accursed, seems really good also. I would also bring Collective Brutality into the main. From my experience, Diregraf Colossus is way too slow, and when you win with it, you were already winning anyways. I would use Marsh Flats instead of Bloodstained Mire for a white splash, getting you some really awesome sideboard tech along with Path to Exile and Wayward Servant in the main. A word of warning: DO NOT run Prized Amalgam in this list. It doesn't trigger often and is in most cases straight worse than a Death Baron or Lord of the Accursed.

Zombies are quite powerful, so keep with it. It definitely can keep up in the meta right now, and can do some hilarious things with Aether Vial in play.

LordSnow on Aristocrats of Esper Bones

6 days ago

@shelldell Oh, very interesting. I always forget Bloodghast is a spirit. That could be an good option. I would be interested in testing it and seeing how it could fit.

Darth_Savage on Maniac Dredge 1.0 modern

1 week ago

Cut your land down to 21, at least 2 of your lands should be Dakmor Salvage.

Depending on your budget you want either Bloodghast, Nether Traitor or Bloodsoaked Champion, basically you need a creature you can play from the graveyard to the battlefield. Veilborn Ghoul isn't a good choice, even Haunted Dead is better...

Golgari Thug, rarely is there a dredge deck without him, replace Corpse Churn.

Cut Explore too, for Conflagrate again, it is an ideal card for a graveyard strategy.

Other cards to consider Hedron Crab and Simian Spirit Guide, hope that helps.

ehawkins11 on Mono-Black

1 week ago

Definitely add Collective Brutality. It's one card that gives you so many options. Plus, Bloodghast is friendly to discard and Liliana, the Last Hope can bring back other creatures you discarded.

StopShot on Size doesn't matter, it's how you abuse it~ Alesha

1 week ago

My first best draw engine in my Alesha deck is Skullclamp paired with Bloodghast and Bitterblossom. Since recursion and production is free I end up drawing for Skullclamp's equip cost.

My second best draw engine is Land Tax and Scroll Rack. Land Tax puts three basic's in my hand and Scroll Rack replaces them along with excess lands for more cards drawn. Then on my next turn Land Tax shuffles my deck, so I don't redraw the lands I tucked on top of my deck. Basically let's you Ancestral Recall every turn.

My third best engine is simply Mask of Memory, which draws two with a cheap casting and equip cost and let's you put something really good into your graveyard to reanimate for next turn, so it's almost like a bonus.

Perfect_Phyrexia on Building Perfection (EDH Stax Primer)

1 week ago

Bloodghast cannot block sadly, I prefer having something, anything, that can block in a game. I use Bloodghast as a set of 4 in a suicide black devotion deck and they work amazingly there when comboed with Buried Alive. The haste really comes in handy during a 1 v 1 and with more powerful equipment to slap on the endless swarms of Bloodghasts I keep reviving per land. Reassembling Skeleton can also be revived at instant speed so I can bring it back at my opponents end-steps for example, making it untap on my turn. I hope that cleared things up a bit metalevolence

metalevolence on Building Perfection (EDH Stax Primer)

1 week ago

You play reassembling skeleton but not Bloodghast?

TheDuggernaught on zombies in modern!

1 week ago

Bloodghast is a lot like Nether Traitor and Gravecrawler. I have also found Viscera Seer useful in trying to dig for Bridge from Below when you do not have an opening hand with it.

Path to Exile > Fatal Push for this deck as path exiles rather than kills -- allowing you to keep bridges in your graveyard.

Rotting Rats has also been an mvp for me. Allowing you some interaction with your opponent, giving a discard outlet for bridge, being a zombie, and being able to unearth to restart your combos.

Insolent Neonate can also make for some nasty turn 1 plays if you have it in your hand with Bridge from Below. Due to how it is worded, you discard before you sacrifice him, giving you a 2/2 zombie to swing with on turn 2.

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