Cryptic Command


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations Common
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Modern Masters Rare
Lorwyn Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Cryptic Command


Choose two - Counter target spell; or return target permanent to its owner's hand; or tap all creatures your opponents control; or draw a card.

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Cryptic Command Discussion

DivineInanael on Aluren Atraxa

10 hours ago

Academy Rector + Sidisi, Undead Vizier = GG if you have Omniscience and Enter the Infinite in your deck. I personally don't use enter the infinite. I like to be extra af, but it also let's me use the card slot for better synergy while still enabilng instawin. Alternatively, there are many more ways to win immediately off of this combo. Academy Rector + Diabolic Intent = free omniscience, tutor for wincon.Defense of the Heart / Tooth and Nail / Spelltwine I don't use these three either but they enable it too.

What I do use is a deck full of black tutors including Demonic Collusion. I also run Regrowth and Eternal Witness. Cryptic Command already seemed like an auto include. Return Eternal Witness to hand and draw. Play Eternal Witness, get Cryptic Command back. Play Cryptic Command..... over and over until you have like 9 or 10 cards. Finally, instead of using Eternal Witness to get Cryptic Command, use it to get Demonic Collusion back. Eternal Witness Paradoxical Outcome + Omniscience = infinite etb/ltb, planeswalker activations, draw, storm. The rest is up to your imagination.

PTsmitty on Big-Foot

1 day ago

Would the Cryptic Command be available?

frusciante7 on I'm tired of playing other ...

1 day ago

Ok. Do you want it to be more aggro or more control? What budget do you have? Do you currently own all of the cards in that list?

We need more info to properly help you out.

2 things here :

  • If you want to play control on a budget, go UW as it's the most affordable. If you want to play UR then you need Snapcaster Mage to recur those Bolts/Electrolyzes and Blood Moon and Cryptic Command for an efficient lock. WR can be cool too but you lack deck manipulation... which is really important in a control shell. You wanna make sure you draw lots of cards and you want to be able to choose them too.

  • If you wan to go aggro, I don't think UR is the best way to go right now. You get outclassed by Zoo and Eldrazis. UR prowess is just a weaker version of Infect.

Polupus on This Little Light of Mine (monoU lantern)

3 days ago

@AtomicEmpire : Thanks! I appreciate that. I've been a fan of your esper for awhile. Cryptic Command would be great. My only hesitation is that it's 4mana and I'm running only 20 lands. I do like the bounce for extra tutors of Trinket Mage. I'd have to cut 2-3 cards for some extra islands to fit cryptic in there. Any suggestions for the cut?

@ Xica: Metallic Rebuke lets me drop artifacts in the first 2 turns and still hold an island up for counter mana. Dissolve isn't very good in here because the artifacts already give the deck free card filtering, so it's pretty much just a Cancel in most cases.

the.beanpole on mono blue delver

3 days ago

Deprive is so, so good in Delver. I'd want at least 3, maybe even 4. Peek and Sleight of Hand seem like your weakest 2 cards; I'd cut some of those to add Thought Scour (Instant speed and synergizes with Snapcaster Mage to sometimes "draw an extra card") and maybe more land. With only 17 land, finding enough to cast Cryptic Command seems very hard. On a normal draw, you only have about at 46% chance to draw into your 4th land by turn 5, which is already later than you want it to be. What are the shocks for? Fetches make sense with Delver of Secrets  Flip, but I can't think of an advantage to using off-color shocks.

AtomicEmpire7 on This Little Light of Mine (monoU lantern)

3 days ago

I actually love this deck. Cryptic Command?

ej133 on Serpent in the ice

4 days ago

Hm, I don't know, man... but, the mix of creatures you're running seems really sloppy. I mean, what is the Isamaru, Hound of Konda good for? And the 4 copies of Cryptic Serpent and Delver of Secrets  Flip being bounced back to your hand due to the effect of Awoken Horror  Flip look a little out of place.

I love UW Control, and I play it myself as TrUWe Control. I know some cards are hella expensive, like Snapcaster Mage, Celestial Colonnade and Cryptic Command, but you have a lot of cheap options that are nearly auto-include in any azorius build:

  • Serum Visions - our one and only cantrip in modern.
  • Blessed Alliance - although this is not necessarily a 4-of, is aggro kryptonite and you need some.
  • Path to Exile - THE Removal for modern. Just had its third or fourth reprint, so it's time to get yours.
  • Detention Sphere - doesn't really seems like mainboard material, right? haha But, I've been using two and they're extremely useful.
  • Aaaand lands. You run so few lands. You'd might want to use some more, since you can't afford losing land drops.

But then you might ask yourself: "How the fuck will I win if I just take out all of my creatures?". Yes, that's though. Awoken Horror  Flip by itself is a solid wincon, but he gets Fatal Pushed very easily, so you can't relay solely on him to win. I'd recommend some planeswalker, like Gideon Jura (who is having a recent price spike) and Elspeth, Sun's Champion and even Narset Transcendent, but I don't know about your budget.

Anyhow, I hope my tips helped anything about your list.See ya!

Bossblob_ on Release the Krakens!

4 days ago

Froglift The card is amazing and fits into the deck really well, it just has an $8 price tag attached. This is really just a fun deck for me so I'm trying to keep it in a budget. I have Caged Sun and a few other $5 cards because the deck is so much better with them, so I think that it is worth it. If I werent on a budget I'd run Rhystic Study and Cryptic Command for starters.

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