Cryptic Command


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Modern Masters Rare
Lorwyn Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Cryptic Command


Choose two - Counter target spell; or return target permanent to its owner's hand; or tap all creatures your opponents control; or draw a card.

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Cryptic Command Discussion

Pieguy396 on Elder Deep-Fiend in Modern.

8 hours ago

So I've been trying to brew a deck around Elder Deep-Fiend in Modern, and I've come up with three main ideas. Which do you think would be the best / most fun?

I'm not looking for or expecting a competitive deck, and yes, I know that Bant Eldrazi is a thing in Modern, but for some reason, it's just not a deck I want to build. In any case, here goes!

Option 1

Eldrazi Affinity. Turn 2 Frogmite into turn 3 Elder Deep-Fiend seems strong. The main issue of this version is that running the Fiend would take away from the "main" strategy of a typical Affinity deck.

Option 2

Graveyard. Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Hooting Mandrills both allow you to cast Elder Deep-Fiend for just . The main problem with this deck is that T3 Elder Deep-Fiend is significantly less likely.

Option 3

U/W Control. Just playing Elder Deep-Fiend on curve T4 can be good, sacrificing something like Blade Splicer. The main drawback of this version is that the deck already has great 4-CMC cards in Restoration Angel and Cryptic Command.

So, that's what I've got. Any suggestions or other ideas for decks?

AtomicEmpire on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

10 hours ago


I have turned to the Jeskai Nahiri shell as a variation of Jeskai Draw-Go, but more competitive and with a proactive win condition.

I have put a couple copies of Cryptic Command in the deck after a day of playtesting. I was experimenting with Ancestral Vision and really cheap spells, but I like the version with Cryptic Command (and I have no money for Ancestral Vision)

Third, I'd just like to say thanks again for helping me out with this.


Thanks. I have removed Desolate Lighthouse and added a third Island. Thanks you for the input, I hadn't realized that :)

I wish you both the best top-decks. Cheers!

CinnaToastKrunch on Sultai Control

20 hours ago

I agree with the Liliana of the Veil pick But idk who is a good replacement. Maybe Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip?. Lili seems off with this type of style. As for Maelstrom Pulse and Damnation those are usually situational cards and usually have 1. Damnation usually is in sideboard but I feel it fits in main here. In replace of these I would grab a 4th Fatal Push and a 4th Inquisition of Kozilek. When it comes to your lands I think running 4x Blooming Marsh. These benefit you because they are immediately playable if you have them in starting hand. I personally love cards like Thragtusk and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet for life gain but with Kalitas you get tokens and pump him up, Especially since you have kills spells! As for Cryptic Command I feel it costs too much but I'm not an expert on blue lol. hope this may be a bit helpful as well! I run a Jund modern and am still slightly new to modern but I love it so far! I also enjoy this style because it's different.

AtomicEmpire on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

20 hours ago

@ ZackBinks

In answer to your fist question, it is a bit of me trying out all the Jeskai variants, but I also love Jeskai Control and was experimenting with a new variant with a better win condition.

No Cryptic Command has been interesting. I'm not gonna write it all out here, but check out the "Draw" tab and it has my reasoning.

ZackBinks on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

1 day ago

First, out of curiosity, what brought you to the Nahiri shell of Jeskai? Are you trying out all of the various forms of the color combination and seeing which one you like the most or is there something about this version of Jeskai that you especially like?

Second, Cryptic Command is generally pretty standard in all forms of Jeskai, and I feel it should be in your deck somewhere, though I will admit I do not know quite where.

Finally, on a personal note, I am glad that I have been on this journey with you and look forward to helping you however I can from here on!

QuantumSkies on The Illusion of Control

1 day ago

Cards to consider:

Illusionary Servant

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

Phantasmal Bear

Phantasmal Dragon

Cryptic Command

Serum Visions

Why do you have mill cards when that is not your win condition?

Relic of Progenitus is better than Tormod's Crypt because there is recursion and you can draw one.

Firebones675 on White Blue Control - Low Budget

1 day ago

I think it's looking better. Also if you can get your hands on some, Reflector Mage is both extremely cheap and great for slowing your opponents down. (I had so much fun abusing them in standard before it got banned there) I could see them working out here.

Looking at your curve about half of your deck has a converted mana cost of two. Might be better to cut a few of them and spread out a bit more. Even something like replacing Cleric of the Forward Order for the mages could work.

Might also be nice to see if there is anything else for 4 mana to try to bridge the gap to your high end spells. Cryptic Command is strong but it isn't exactly budget. Into the Roil or Glimmer of Genius are both super cheap, maybe taking out a couple Palace Familiars for them? They don't necessarily be the specific cards i'm suggesting (just wanted to mention a couple that i've found pull their own weight), but by spreading out your mana you can better ensure you will have relevant cards at each stage of the game. You still need chep things for the early game, but these are ones that are better later.

Subtlety on Grixis Cruel Control

2 days ago

you are right about jace but the flash of snapy saved me many times. I tried a Kalitas list before and it was pretty good. I didn't keep it because i wanted more classic control spells on the deck. My idea was to play T4 spells on T3 beacause casting a Kalitas on T4 against fast aggro decks maybe could save the match. So i made a list with Talisman of Dominance Talisman of Indulgence Dimir Signet and Izzet Signet. With that combination i was able to cast Damnation Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Cryptic Command on T3 saving the day against heavy creature decks and burn. If any1 interested i could post the list here.

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