Cryptic Command


Choose two — - Counter target spell. - Return target permanent to its owner's hand. - Tap all creatures your opponents control. - Draw a card.

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Cryptic Command Discussion

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 day ago

I was able to play Stolen Strategy today. I played in a 3 player pod against Karlov Extort and Rashmi Elves Control. I did mostly nothing threatening for the first half of the game, stabilizing myself at 20 life, and Karlov and Rashmi went back and forth taking the lead. Eventually, I resolved Stolen Strategy. This put me in a position to use the Stolen Strategy theft cards for extra gas and advantage, and stole several extort creatures to go on the offensive, and then some counterspells to keep Rashmi off of my own deck's strategy. I exiled several useless lands, but the number of useful cards I got out of it was pretty impressive, especially when I flipped a Cryptic Command to the dismay of Rashmi. I won the game off of extort and accumulated advantage. Stolen Strategy is a truly impressive card, and I think it will remain a part of my list. It provides card advantage and excellent disruption, and by itself can shift a late game in your advantage.

UnnacountedFor on Lost in the Nimbus Maze

1 day ago

I faced a brutal version of this that included Cryptic Command, if you don't mind the price, it only ran two

Catpocolypse on WUBeR

4 days ago

Maybe Nihil Spellbomb to bring in some graveyard hate. It is in your curve too. I was also think about Hero's Downfall. 3 mana straight kill spell with no downsides that can also target planeswalkers? Thats pretty good and only 1 mana above your given curve. Cryptic Command might work as it actually counters the spell and draw you a card. The only think with that is that you only play 20 land which is fine with this curve, but if you miss a couple land drops you could find that you simply don't have the mana to cast Cryptic Command. Also, what about elves? I'm pretty sure that they are still a thing. You can cast 1 spell on turn 1, 2 spells on turn 2 etc. They can cast 1 spell on turn 1, 3 spells on turn 2, and six spell on turn 3, given that all the spells are mana dorks. That just does seem like something you can keep up with. You can't flip Thing in the Ice  Flip until turn 4(I think). Elves could easily have killed you by then, overloading the baord with just too much to counter or kill.

BMHKain on Change of Direction for Jodah ...

1 week ago

Jodah, The Walker that Never Was Returning Alive

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


This deck is made with walkers in mind, though it does need support in addition. Please give me some feedback for ideas please, if you wish...

Ral Zarek (Taps & Untaps permanents at one time, burns, & can net a lot of turns via Oath of Teferi & Rings of Brighthearth.)

Samut, the Tested (Gives a token Double Strike, Deals Damage (Good with Humility.), & can search for 2 walkers. Works good with Doubling Season & Deepglow Skate.)

Ajani, Wise Counselor (Gains life, Buffs, & Uber Buffs a creature of your choice.)

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast (Creates Tokens & replicates Artifacts, even from the grave.)

Jace, Architect of Thought (Can halt an opponent alongside Humility.)

Jace, Memory Adept (Can draw, Mill, & draw a lot.)

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar (Creates Tokens, Buffs them, & allows mass Life Gain & Card Draw equal to the number of lands you control.)

Ob Nixilis Reignited (Can do a Phyrexian Arena, Murder, and forces an Opponent to lose life when anyone draws.)

Sarkhan Unbroken (Draws while giving you mana, & can give you a Dragon Token.)

Phyrexian Arena (Superfriends staple. No other reason to put it in needed.)

Rhystic Study (See Phyrexian Arena.)

Counterflux (Can't be Countered, & can be Overloaded for an additional generous colorless mana.)

Cryptic Command (Multi Mode Counterspell that Multi Taps, does Card Draw & can even bounce an opponent to its owners hand.

There are several others, but they have yet to get past TappedOut's security or whatnot.


  1. Add basic lands to counter land destruction.

  2. Update Walkerbase

  3. Wait For Core 2019's Pre Orders

  4. Find a better 5 color Legendary tailor made for walkers.

I hope these ideas are of some help for what I want to see for my deck, as I'm revising it. Any suggestions I missed out? What to replace for even some of these? Let me know, as I am taking this deck to a new direction; using walkers as the base strategy. Hope this helps! ^-^

Maybe you guys have ideas? Thanks so much for this. 0-^

kjofficemagic on Jeskai VS U/W Decisions Decisions...

1 week ago

I know how amazing all of the Gideons do in the deck, I was just really curious with the usage of Dovin Baan in modern. I really appreciate the input. I know how meta reliant the deck is and would like to know your inputs in running 4 offs in the deck like Cryptic Command I noticed some of the decks don't run 4 offs and other counter spells like snare are also meta reliant. For a more elv-ish, toolbox, combo, burn, affinity, kind of meta will the default list (im not even sure what counter spells are auto include or default counters aside from Cryptic yet) of counter spells do? Or is it really meta reliant on which counter spell is best to have on the main? Or just completely run a (whichever are) the default list of counter spells and rely more on the sideboarding part?

kjofficemagic on Jeskai VS U/W Decisions Decisions...

1 week ago

Same thoughts. I currently have enough cards to go either way. I forgot to include one reason why I'm contemplating. Which is Celestial Colonnade I was actually thinking of going Jeskai and leaving out Colonade as the last card that I'll get from the deck. However, if I go UW control first, I'll be forced to get all 3 Top dollar cards from the deck which includes Snapcaster Mage and Cryptic Command.
I'd like to get these 2 first before getting the colonade. Since if ever I have a change of hart and switch to a different control direction, I can still use them. But my love for white just doesn't go away hehe.

MxStoneheart on Mother of Dragons

1 week ago

Still a little bit short on mana ramp, but doing a lot better! I actually managed to win a game, though barely... got lucky with a Cryptic Command cast for free via Intet, the Dreamer taking out blockers so I could smash face with commander damage.

RedmundR2 on Fun Police

1 week ago

I actually like the all-around control style of this deck. Personally I would consider adding in Remand over Mana Leak just to have some card draw, plus mana leak gets pretty bad later in the game. Cryptic Command is a fantastic card, and I would probably try to keep it in. I personally would remove Creeping Tar Pit for either basics or maybe some board wipes like Supreme Verdict.

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