Mind Grind

Mind Grind


Each opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals X land cards, then puts all cards revealed in this way into his or her graveyard. X can't be 0.

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Mind Grind Discussion

Megalomania on What Library?

4 days ago

32 lands seems a bit too low considering the cost of your creatures and other spells. Some fetches, Watery Grave and maybe Chromatic Lantern can help prevent you from getting mana screwed. I'd also get rid of the utility lands you currently have. In multiplayer games, they are just not efficient enough.

Also, the combos seem to be a bit weird in a Phenax deck. They are fun for sure but streamlining your deck to make it either more Phenax-based or combo based will help it run smoothly.

You have Eater of the Dead so i'm assuming you have a good budget. Why not get better lands and tutors?

Lastly, get Mind Grind. It is one of the best mill spells available, especially in multiplayer.

buttergolem on Milling defense

4 days ago

run 4x Villainous Wealth, Genesis Hydra, and Mind Grind to mill/damage ex-friends for infinite.

ecmmyers on That's a nice creature you have there.

6 days ago

I would cut Cellar Door for something cheaper in the long run, and probably more effective. Undead Alchemist allows you to get more than token per turn. Also, look into the interaction between the Alchemist and the Altar of the Brood

Mesmeric Orb over Millstone, and Memory Erosion over Evanescent Intellect. If the enchanted creature gets killed, then you lose to cards at once.

More good lands for you to run are Tainted Isle, Temple of the False God, Rogue's Passage

Shred Memory over Cremate

Visions of Beyond over Tome Scour

Guiltfeeder over the random wall

Mind Grind over Mind Sculpt

Mindshrieker over Crosstown Courier

Maybe Lord of the Void or Memory Plunder over Ink-Eyes?

Hope this helps. Have fun, +1, and happy milling! See my deck if you maybe want some ideas on how to implement these suggestions.

TheFoilAjani on *Super Budget* Mono-Black devotion

6 days ago

While Unlikely, I think another threat to this deck is, wait for it, mill. Yes, I said mill. While I suspect I am one of the few trying to make mill competitive, and one of the few actually running mill, cards like Mind Grind, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, consuming abberation, and Mind Funeral are busted against land light decks like yours. I actually beat my friend's tier-1/1.5 8-rack with those cards. So much gloats. Anyway, not much you can do about it, but I would recommend watching out for sneaky little Dimir Agents such as myself. But I think the deck is as optimal as it is going to get with a $50 budget. Cheers!

pryoplasm on tiny mill

1 week ago

I'm working on something similar, but dimir instead of esper Grease the Tiny Mill with Blood

as for some playtesting, you need a plan against aggro, which is popular in the format, also after testing Increasing Confusionisn't as good as Mind Grind for late game, and Jace Beleren is kind of hit or miss.

InDirectX on Milling in Commander?!

1 week ago

Replaced Mind Grind with Mind Funeral, since mana effectiveness = good.

cmskinny on Dressed by the Night

2 weeks ago

You should throw in some X cost cards to feed the infinite mana combo you've got. Mind Grind is really good and Increasing Confusion or Consume Spirit there's probably many others.

Thrackerzod on Lazav, always changing

2 weeks ago

I'm sort of hoping I cause a few people at my shop to by one of the big 3, haha. Anyhow, I like the idea of either the sacrament or the grasp, I'll figure out which to use.

In regards to mana rocks, you are right about getting Lazav out on turn 4, but I also want to be able to play a huge Mind Grind or somesuch X spell on a late turn as a blowout. Is there anything in blue or black that could give me a huge amount of mana to work with quickly?

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