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Mind Grind

Mind Grind


Each opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals X land cards, then puts all cards revealed in this way into his or her graveyard. X can't be 0.

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Mind Grind Discussion

MagnusMTG on Mill of the Dead

1 hour ago

You're right about Archive Trap being situational - that's why I recommend it for the sideboard; however, I put together a similar deck and tested it with Archive Trap in the mainboard and it always had a use. Everyone who plays Modern uses fetchlands or some other tutors to pull out their combo cards. Library searching is very common.

Jace is only a 5-mana Glimpse if you use him once, which might win you the game. Again, I can only speak from my experience. I won a game because I milled the opponent down with Archive Trap, Hedron Crab, Mind Funeral, and all the rest, and when I played Jace, my opponent only had 9 cards left. The point is that if you've gone long enough into the game to have 5 mana available, having a permanent Glimpse in planeswalker form that you can use each turn is valuable.

To me, Thought Scour , Mind Grind , and Psychic Drain are more expensive mana-wise than they are worth.

Other sideboard options I've found useful are Crypt Incursion and Damnation against creature-heavy aggro decks.

Psychic Strike is also a must for me, since I know I'll need to counter some spells. (Remand and Mana Leak are good options too)

TelleoStar on Zombie Library bury

8 hours ago

Hedron Crab belongs in every mill deck. Consuming Aberration does too. Psychic Strike and Mind Funeral are both pretty awesome spells for you as well. Mind Grind can also be devastating in the late game.

swingstyle on Mind Tricks

1 day ago

remove Asphyxiate and replace with Hero's Downfall not as situational with the untapped, also hits plainswalkers. also consider with all the walls to add in 1 more Phenax, God of Deception Also in my experiance Mind Grind never seems to work as well as you want it to so add Breaking / Entering instead a 2 drop to mill 8 never bad ;). If your not on a budget then drop the Duress to sideboard and add Thoughtseize <------very pricey card though. Possibly add in Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Psychic Strike , Dissolve , or Dissipate rather then Cancel all the cards same mana cost just get something out of them other then just the counter. finally drop the 4 Dimir Guildgate for 4 Temple of Deceit ........ Doom Blade a situational card as well maybe replace with one of the above removals and put it sideboard. or maybe Devour Flesh since as a mill deck we dont really care about life totals...... also with devour flesh since you target player instead of creature you can get rid of the pesky hexproof stuff.

piggybanks112 on dimir mill

4 days ago

If you have the budget, I personally find Mind Funeral to be much more useful than Mind Grind . However, Mind Grind is nice because it mills all your opponents, not just one; but I only use mill decks for 1v1, so yeah.

denijsx90 on Aberrational Mill Budget

4 days ago

Now I feel bad, I meant Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank = and infinite damage/mill combo... Which = win. Mind Grind is still pretty cool though.

caliburdeath on Destruction of the Mind

4 days ago

As he said, you could do either 2x Mind Rot or 2x Wall of Frost, or 1x each.

I think Mind Grind is an underwhelming card. it's safe to assume that the majority of decks have at least 20 lands. That's 1/3 of their cards. So, you should multiply mind grind's X by 3, roughly. If you cast it for 4, that's 6 cards, worse than a 2-drop mind sculpt. If you cast it for 5, that's 9 cards, worse than a second traumatize. Even if you could cast it for 7, that's only 15 cards. You could get that for 3 mana with 3x tome scour. I think, at best, you would sideboard it in against fast decks with few lands. But, even then, there are more important things to sideboard in. I'd suggest replacing it with whichever you didn't choose as a traumatize replacement and 2x Doom Blade . Or, 4x doom blade. You need removal. Wall of frost & nighthowler can't be the only thing keeping you alive.

Also, consider changing 3 islands and a swamp for 4x Temple of Deceit if you've got the money.

imunky on Aberrational Mill Budget

4 days ago

Okay so i updated the Deck like this: i took out Haunting Echoes since i figured that its manacost was to high and the value compared to other cards to low. Instead i added one Mind Grind for some more effective early game milling to feed Wight of Precinct Six . Also i moved Jace's Phantasm into the Sideboard since i wanted to make some room for the Guildmage.Last but not least i added Jace, Memory Adept . Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is still in the deck because i don't want to spend money on another Jace right now. If im able to get one, i will switch him out.

Thanks for the suggestions so far! This is really helping me a lot! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.73 $1.9 $3.0 $3.31
Color(s) B, U
Cost XUB
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 5.91
Avg. cube pick 3.37


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare