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Mind Grind

Mind Grind


Each opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals X land cards, then puts all cards revealed in this way into his or her graveyard. X can't be 0.

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Mind Grind Discussion

the.beanpole on Grixis Mana Bomb

1 day ago

I like Magma Jet , but I just don't think its quite high enough impact in this deck after the first few turns. Mind Grind doesn't seem like a win-con: in a deck with 24 lands, they would likely still have more lands in their deck than mana I can produce until extremely late, at which point I would be much more likely to have drawn red lands. A secondary win condition is definitely a good idea. AEtherling maybe?

Pepperfish on Where's Your Library?

1 day ago

Be careful running Mind Grind if you also run Sphinx's Revelation , since you pay a lot for both. I'd run Syncopate instead since it's another protection for your win cons.

byepolarbear on Where's Your Library?

1 day ago

I don't think Breaking / Entering really fits here. I'd suggest trying out Jace, Architect of Thought in stead of them and maybe the AEtherling as well since you already have 4 solid win cons in Mind Grind and Jace, Memory Adept (and Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver can do the job as well).

I might have to try out a build like this for FNM lol I love milling and Esper Control shell might be the right place for it =-)

TheHroth on Death and Control

1 day ago

If you're running Liliana, you might want some big X spells. Mind Grind immediately comes to mind, as does Syncopate , which you already have.

TheHroth on Mill on mine mill on yours

1 day ago

If you already have green splashed here, Kiora's Follower and Illusionist's Bracers are an incredible combo. 2 Followers, and one equipped with the Bracers creates an infinite untap loop, to either mill them out in one turn, or cast your whole hand if you so wish. Its a great combo that can go off as soon as T5 (which isnt fast but playing control you'll be fine). This same untap loop can be used for infinite mana, so you may want to consider Mind Grind , in case you don't draw into Phenax, God of Deception .

I'd take out 4x Sylvan Caryatid (they seem highly unnecessary, and you're running 25 lands anyway, though 3 toughness for Phenax is nice) for 4x Kiora's Follower and 3x Nightveil Specter , which you say you want to drop anyway, for 3x Illusionist's Bracers .

I really like Tower Defense here. I saw it and thought, "Why does he need reach when he plays black kill spells?", then I remembered the +5 toughness. If anything, +1 just for that, though I like the whole build here!

bluecurtains on Super- Cheap Mill

2 days ago

Mill decks run Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver typically for her first two abilities, but if your opponent is playing either a dredge or flashback deck, you would consider using her last ability. Since this is modern, why not take a look at Mind Grind , Whispering Madness , Lazav, Dimir Mastermind , or Grisly Spectacle . Definitely consider those for your sideboard as well. I personally would play 4x Psychic Strike so maybe sideboard a few of those in. I personally would go down to two Wight of Precinct Six in lieu of either two Mind Funeral or two more Psychic Strike , but that is my opinion. Overall though, good-looking deck. Nice pun. :)

Seandor on Kiora's Infinite Mana

3 days ago

@thisKid619 For the combo, you need two Kiora's Follower on the field, one equipped with Illusionist's Bracers . For the sake of keeping our sanity, I'll refer to the Kiorra's follower with the bracers equipped as K1 and the normal one as K2. Basically, you tap K2 to untap a land, at which point you tap said land to create floating mana. Then, you tap K1 to untap both K2 and the land and once again tap that land for floating mana. Then, you use K2 to untap K1 and repeat the process for an infinitely big Mistcutter Hydra , an infinite mill (courtesy of Mind Grind , Codex Shredder or Dakra Mystic ), and basically the ability to play everything in your hand at once.

piggybanks112 on Dimir Agrro-Control

3 days ago

Maybe replace Doom Blade with Grisly Spectacle or Murder incase your opponents have black creatures. Mind Sculpt and Tome Scour may be helpful for the early game. Chronic Flooding and Curse of the Bloody Tome might be helpful, but not sure. Also, Mind Grind and Phenax, God of Deception could come in handy for later on in the game. Overall, this is a very nice deck. I have my own Budget Dimir Deck as well if you want to check it out for any cards you might like or help me improve my own deck. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.75 $2.43 $3.99 $3.5
Color(s) B, U
Cost XUB
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 5.91
Avg. cube pick 3.36


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare