Mind Grind


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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Mind Grind


Each opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals X land cards, then puts all cards revealed in this way into his or her graveyard. X can't be 0.

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Mind Grind Discussion

tschiller on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

5 days ago

Hi TheSurgeon, first of all ty for your input, always appreciate it. So let me share my thoughts to it:

  • I'll keep Mind Grind at this point until I find time to really test this deck in different games. Sure it is a costly card, but playable from turn 3 on. I just like the idea that the card grows on potential as the game goes on. Had a blue deck with Mind Sculpt, Hedron Crab and aaaall the other usual suspects, truth is: these cards just bore me out atm, so I'm eager to try a different approach.
  • Consuming Aberration will be cut for some other creatures you pointed out
  • Considering Undercity Informer you just missed the synergy with Bitterblossom, I guess? :D But Wight of Precinct Six sure will make its way in, Jace's Phantasm too. I think this will be the new creature base I'm going with.

Looking forward to your opinion after some adaptions ;)

TheSurgeon on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

5 days ago

Mind Grind and Consuming Aberration are.. How do I put this.. FUCKING TERRIBLE CARDS. Gettem out of here.

Why: You should never use an mill spell. The U/B mana that the spell actually costs could do 8 cards with Breaking and leave you mana open so you don't get face-raped next turn. Or Mind Sculpt, which does 7 cards for a less picky mana cost. Mathematically speaking, Grind is clearly a poor choice in mill cards.

As for Aberration, the card costs 5 to even play! Then you have to wait a turn to use him? If you're still alive with a mill deck come turn 5, you better use the turn to clean up quick! Spending 5 mana.that could be used for 2 Glimpse and still hold a mana open for a Fatal Push, or Visions, is foolish.

Let's talk about Undercity Informer. This guy costs 3, and the only other 6(!) creatures to sac cost >3. At this point of the game, you either have to mill or play creatures? Uh, This shouldn't be a hard decision for a "Mill.Deck. " Manic Scribe at least does something when he ETB. He costs less, can chump block better than Informer, and will do more milling over the course of the game. Or even Wight of Precinct Six if you're looking for an alt-wincon.

I like Circu for casual, but he is just too slow for Modern. Try some creatures that synergies with your archetype a little better. Jace's Phantasm, is a great alt-wincon. A turn 2 5/5 flyer is dangerous!

Hedron Crab- because, duh.
Running 22 lands in a deck with a cmc of (what should be) ~1.5 makes drawing another land worth it. And with 4x Deltas in here, there's no argument against this pretty little one-drop.

This deck has potential and looks good; but could be sped up and tougher where it counts.

Hope this helps!

Skryv on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

2 weeks ago

Hey there! If you'd like to check our my mill deck, it can be found on my profile.

Similar to what was said above, I believe Consuming Aberration and Quicken aren't exactly the most useful cards for your build. Similarly, from my experience with the main mill sources in your deck, those that require "X" mana to do anything are way more costly than you can afford in Modern. You can even see in your own deck, Mind Funeral does for 3 mana what Mind Grind requires 6 mana to do. Instead, I recommend cards like Breaking and Archive Trap for maximum efficiency.

In contrast, your combo is really fun and I would definitely keep that.

Best of luck!

Cadoiz on Force of Mill

2 weeks ago

Yea, against hand disruption, Shelldock Isle is great, that's true.

Oh sorry, I meant Mind Funeral. Mind Grind is too mana-expensive as you have to at least play it for 7 to make it better than Mind Funeral.

Surgical Extraction would be a definite pick for a SB-card, but I didn't meet a Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre yet.

I guess, very few people get that it would be better not looking for a basic, even more if they haven't seen an Archive Trap so far.

You can almost feel the passion, that's really great. Thanks again for all.

TheGodofNight on Force of Mill

2 weeks ago


Shelldock Isle is one of those "win more" cards, if you have them at 20 cards or less in their library, the card underneath can just seal the deal for 2 mana, which is nice. "Hideaway Cards" are unique in that they aren't widely popular, so folks tend not take advantage of them, so they don't cost a bunch, but they can at least clear some dead weight from the top of your library, protect a card from hand disruption (like Thoughtseize and that ilk), and it gives you an opportunity to combo out in an explosive finish.

As for Mind Grind, I thought you referenced Mind Funeral. I prefer the Mind Funeral to the Mind Grind as I am less upset if they counter it, having not spent more than 3 mana on the effect. This is really a matter of meta and preference of course.

Milling an Eldrazi like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre just means that they get to undo all of your mill work, and cards like Surgical Extraction can pluck those Eldrazi. Sure they get to put their graveyard back into their library, but without a win condition, your victory is inevitable.

Archive Trap specifically needs your opponent to search their library. Since many high end modern decks run fetches for consistency and thinning, Archive Trap does a lot of work for you. Even if they aren't running fetches, Ghost Quarter can force them into searching their library. I realize that Ghost Quarter says "they may search", meaning that they don't have to, but if you lost a land, especially a non-basic, you are most likely going to replace it if you have the option. If not, you cost them a land drop and and slowed them down, so either way, you are coming out on top.

I know my replies are long and detailed, but as you can tell, I have a deep passion for modern mill, and I always enjoy the exchange of ideals and concepts. I left some suggestions and a post on your mill deck for your review. I look forward to that exchange, and I hope that we can bring your deck into the top tier of your local meta.

Cadoiz on Force of Mill

2 weeks ago

@TheGodofNight: That's one extensive reply, thx.

I was aware, that it says any library. But still, it could be possible to lose a game not having used the Shelldock Isle. I'm not saying, it's a bad card and will probably give it a try too :)

Hm, you're right, 4 for 13 mill isn't that great, I still don't know, how good that recursion is.

Of course, you don't have a guarantee on hitting more than 4, but I rarely only mill 8 with Mind Grind, I love that card. Good point with Surgical Extraction.

Probably I'm just lacking a few fetches for that last bit of consistency with Archive Trap in my list.

TheSurgeon on Esper Salt Mill

3 weeks ago

Kezvin- While I enjoy cool combos, this deck is competitive. It is considered a Turbo Mill deck. It uses the most cost efficient spells to take everything from the opponent and as little as possible from yourself. Targeting myself with a Scour is counter productive, regardless of what move I have next turn.

Furthermore, my creature base is to small to have any creature exist beyond one or two turns, then chump block (this is best case scenario). Scribe would be a turn wasted I could have cast a Glimpse, Breaking; or save mana for a Remand or Path.

Consuming Aberration, Mind Grind, Increasing Confusion, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker and Manic Scribe all have their place and are fun in competitive casual play, I agree; but all, for one reason or another have no place in Modern competitive decks.

thanks for the input!
Go forth, and conquer!

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