Mind Grind

Mind Grind


Each opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals X land cards, then puts all cards revealed in this way into his or her graveyard. X can't be 0.

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Mind Grind Discussion

JDogish on UB Sygg Mill

1 day ago

Mind Grind would be pretty good I think.

Seraphicate on Måsstaden

2 days ago

Oakenwind take out the Mind Grinds, they're nowhere near as efficient as Mind Funeral, and you already have 4. Casting a Consuming Aberration is slightly slower, but will be the better finisher, I'd say, and is much better than casting a Mind Grind for 3.

My suggestion is, take out the Dismal Backwater and put in some fetches (Polluted Delta). If you can't afford those, try using the other ones like Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds. That way, you can still trigger your crabs more than once per turn. Fetching also means 1 less land in the deck, so you're less likely to topdeck lands later on.

I would suggest Phantasmal Image as another 4 crabs, but this is budget, so maybe obtain those when this deck becomes less budget.

Would also go with Visions of Beyond over Pilfered Plans; 1 mana to draw 3 is better than 3 mana to draw and mill for 2.

djlindyswag on Måsstaden

2 days ago

-2 Mind Grind.

Oakenwind on Mill-Efficeny

2 days ago

Hey! I've recently realized that playing Mill actually is a lot of fun to me. Now, I'm always on a budget and I'm only slowly upgrading my deck to the best available cards.
My deck, Måsstaden, does currently not contain Glimpse of the Unthinkable, but I will starting getting the Glimpses piece by piece.
Now, I'm actually wondering: Which are the best mill cards, and which are not so good? Now, first of all, my deck is U/B and it will stay like that. Which cards to remove for Glimpse?
Cards in question:
Strict Mill:
Tome Scour This spell mills the fewest cards. It is, however, the only turn-one mill I have, and two of them mill more than any other CMC 2 card I currently have.
Mind Sculpt Is my currently second-most-hard-hitting card, assuming that thegrinds are unstable, but also more expensive.
Breaking is obviously very good and close to Glimpse. It is, however, the only strict mill that requires Black mana, which has annoyed me once or twice.

Mind Funeral The actual number this card throws away is hard to compute, but going simple, assuming that a 60 card deck contains, on average, 20 lands, that means every third card is a land. That would imply that this card mills 12 cards on average. Very strong for that matter, but also the most expensive card.
Mind Grind It's a over-expensive Mind Funeral. Usually not worth the mana, but when played with 8 mana, it can really, really hurt. I enjoyed this card in longer games.

Now any four of these could go for the Glimpse. All four are currently in the deck four times. Which one would you replace? Is there another card I'm missing? Are Traumatize and Psychic Drain cards to consider, or are they too slow?

Continued, creatures: I currently do have neither Consuming Aberration, nor Nighthowler. I am wondering whether I should drop the ones I use, particularly Jace's Phantasm and Wight of Precinct Six? How good is Phenax, God of Deception, respectively?

Currently my picks would be:
- Remove 4x Mind Grind
- Add 4x Glimpse of the Unthinkable
- Remove 2x Wight of Precinct Six
- Remove 2x Jace's Phantasm
- Add 2x Nighthowler
- Add 2x Phenax, God of Deception
- Fix the mana base accordingly
- Swap out the Pilfered Plans for Visions of Beyond

I could ask a million questions more, but won't right now. Thanks in advance for all ideas, opinions, thoughts and calculations!

Epidilius on Mill and Kill

3 days ago

Psychic Strike? It mills AND counters! Also, I agree that one or two Traumatize should be here. Maybe a Trepanation Blade to both mill and hurt? Mind Grind as a late game finisher? Mind Funeral to get them to late game faster?

Increasing Confusion is useful because it can be played twice

Psychic Spiral refreshes your deck while milling

Archive Trap can be a useful sideboard card

Consuming Aberration (especially with an unblockable effect or Phenax, God of Deception) can be a killer

Geth, Lord of the Vault gives you things while milling

Nemesis of Reason is a milling flyer

Oona, Queen of the Fae makes creatures while exile-milling

Dreamborn Muse and Riddlekeeper both just sit there milling

Sewer Nemesis can hurt decks that like to cast a lot of spells (it's still a sideboard card at best) as can Memory Erosion (which is better)

Szadek, Lord of Secrets has potential to mill a lot (but only if he can swing a couple of times, works best if you buff him)

Jace, Memory Adept is a solid mill at least ten

Jace's Erasure is a solid card that sits there (it works best if you have crazy card draw, or if your opponent has draw and you have Notion Thief

Telemin Performance can do some damage in the right situation (again, a sideboard card)

Visions of Beyond can easily be a draw three

Echo Mage (works best with Illusionist's Bracers equipped) can copy your mill spells multiple times (which will almost always win you the game)

Spelltwine can be useful to play a mill spell again, and one of your opponent's spells too

I kind of like mill too

ecmmyers on UB Graveyard Hijinks

3 days ago

Hey there! I saw that you are a newish/returning player who's experimenting with mill, based on your post to reddit/r/EDH. I run a similar mill/flavor list myself with Dimir Mastermind, if you want any ideas. But for now, let's focus on your deck!

I noticed that you lacked the oomph to push through your beaters like Consuming Aberration. Things that may help this is a Rogue's Passage or a Thassa, God of the Sea or an Artful Dodge. I would cut an island for the passage and cut Dralnu for Thassa. Unless you want him in there for flavor reasons, you are giving an opponent a very tempting offer to basically board-wipe you. He's good when built around (e.g. preventing or redirecting damage, or with hexproof), but the downside will outweigh the good in this deck, I think. Someday, when you buy an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and turn your opponents' lands into swamps, you will know the joy of Wrexial's innate swampwalk.

Sands of Delirium is a bit slow, good for dumping excess mana - when you don't want to save for counters. Try a Whispersilk Cloak instead for extra protection and unblockability.

Consume the Meek won't help you much except vs unbuffed token swarms and in the early game (where you wouldn't likely want to cast it) so maybe try and increase the number of creatures in the deck, especially at the lower end of the curve. I suggest Nighthowler or Sewer Nemesis or an Undead Alchemist (Which you should already be running because of it's ridiculous interaction with Altar of the Brood :p)

There's something better than Sinister possession (2 life is paltry in a 40 life game, i wouldn't think twice of swinging at you unless it was my last two. There's a saying in Magic that goes "The only life that matters is the last point". I digress.). Look into a Phyrexian Reclamation to raise some dudes from the dead and back into your hand for some decent recursion/ card advantage. Again don't worry about the two life - a card in hand is often worth more.

Pearl Lake Ancient is good in Standard, but in this deck he is a super costly beater with no built in advantage except that you can set yourself back three turns in land drops to dodge a spell. Instead of PLA, look into a Nemesis of Reason for repeatable good mill.

Profane Memento doesn't further your board or gameplan very much. Where are you dumping the life you earn? Many times in EDH a player will swing out all at once, or use a combo that doesn't care about life totals. Instead, here's Mesmeric Orb (admittedly not very budget friendly but very effective) equally useful is Cyclonic Rift or Swiftfoot Boots

Rather than Shriekmaw, consider Royal Assassin since he has a repeatable effect and he can kill any tapped creature. You won't be targeted with as many attacks early game if he's out.

Rather than Kraken of the Straits, which will usually be no better than any other vanilla beater for 7 mana, Look into a Phenax, God of Deception to put some of the fat butts you got in this deck to work! Look what he can do with a Consuming Aberration or a Wight of Precinct 6! If that doesn't do it for you, maybe a Lord of the Void and Exile-Mill seven cards while keeping a creature. Another good alternative is Sepulchral Primordial or Diluvian Primordial so you get 3 spells or creatures at once!

For mill, you want global effects. Hitting multiple players. In a four player game, a mill deck is looking at taking care of 276 cards. Extract from Darkness hits everyone and you get a warm body out of the deal. Mind Grind is an effective finisher if your opponents don't have legendary Eldrazi. For those you should use Praetor's Grasp .

As a word of caution, I've tried Forced Fruition and it is pretty funny to get out, but it helps your opponents more than it hurts them most of the time. They will combo out very fast or overrun you with threats faster than you can deal with them. It works best when you can punish drawing.

Drawing - Replace Jace's Ingenuity with Rhystic Study. You will draw a buttload of cards. Otherwise, think of Minds Aglow to draw another player out.

For mana:

Basalt Monolith is good in a few infinite combos, but I would recommend Armillary Sphere as a way of getting more colored mana in your pool because your general is color intensive.

Another good, cheap dual land is Tainted Isle.

Very nice Wrexial list. Be sure to keep in a few of your favorite cards. Don't let players like me push you around. Make it personal. Here's a +1 to get you started.

This is a lot at once, so I will let you ask any questions you may have. As promised, my multiplayer mill/ graveyard deck Welcome to the Undercity.

cleinen561 on King of the mill

5 days ago

You should add Mind Grind or Mind Funeral

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